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"In Search of Shambala" Educational Documentary Series


Over the past decades, many of the world's life-supporting ecosystems have undergone dramatic functional changes due to excessive consumption of Natural resources and environmental pollution.

Therefore, today we live in times of global crises such as biodiversity loss, climate change, pandemics, and the decline of the economy and society, all of which are interconnected and reflect the devastating consequences that human activity has had on the Planet.

Regardless of popular sustainable approaches in business, planning, and design aimed at mitigating the consequences and causing less damage, a regenerative human environment based on the Vedic heritage, namely the harmonious relationship between humans and Nature, is capable of transforming waste into renewable flows, allowing the holistic regeneration of Natural ecosystems and the human environment.

By understanding the environment as a whole system of mutually beneficial relationships, the potential for regenerative development, design, and lifestyle goes beyond short-sighted technological solutions towards solutions based on engaging humans and biotic systems in harmonic relationships and cooperation.

The health of the Planet depends on ambitious initiatives to support endangered species and restore Nature. Restoring ecological integrity includes reviving the symbiotic relationship between people and the Natural world, as well as saving and restoring the spiritual and cultural values of indigenous peoples, local communities, and their galactic heritage, which has been preserved for centuries high in the mountains and among ancient monastery walls.

Therefore, in these delicate times of renewal and change, it is necessary to create a series of educational documentaries called “In Search of Shambala”, the purpose of which is to promote a Renaissance movement for the healing and evolution of humanity and the Earth. This movement is established on regenerative design, spiritual gardening, and living in harmony with Nature, co-creating a New Multidimensional Reality.

This New Reality, based on Spaces of Love or also called Family Estates mains, harmoniously integrates social, spiritual, and environmental processes and provides opportunities for the development of enlightened Shambala communities, whose residents are united by the goal of evolution and Ascension, thus, the human environment becomes a vital component in integration and in the restoration of the Natural environment.



It is clear that the indigenous tribes of America, Asia, and Russia, as well as Tibetan Buddhism, especially the teachings of Padmasambava and Dzogchen, hold within themselves the sacred and unique wisdom of antiquity, gifted to them by galactic friends and previous civilizations, for the evolution of both the indigenous tribes and humanity to achieve the highest perfection and Natural state of primordial pure consciousness and luminous physicality.

Consequently, it becomes obvious that the optimal path to the New Reality and to the New Earth is achieved through the co-creation of a series of educational films, “In Search of Shambala”, based on in-depth interviews with indigenous elders, Buddhists, ascended masters, goddesses, alchemists, and crystal children who inspire the population of the Planet to rethink existing destructive lifestyles and excessive consumption of resources in order to achieve a more harmonious, enlightened, and regenerative life in the New Multidimensional Reality.

Therefore, through the co-creation of documentary films, the ancient sacred wisdom of indigenous tribes and Buddhist monasteries, which has not been influenced by the modern world, will be preserved and disseminated.

Moreover, thanks to these films, the beauty of fragrant gardens, the secrets of design solutions for creating life-giving landscapes, as well as architectural ensembles that are made in harmony with the Natural environment, will be captured, and all this will serve as excellent educational material for all ages and nationalities.

These educational series emphasise the wisdom of ancestors, co-creative relationships with plants, animals, Natural spirits, and Mother Earth, as well as the effective management of the environment in which indigenous tribes live, namely ancient sacred buildings and houses made of Natural ecological materials, along with the spiritual practices and ceremonies they perform.


Thanks to the creation of documentary series and visits to the indigenous tribes of America, Family Estates of Russia, and sacred monasteries of Asia:


*The sacred ancient wisdom will be collected and preserved for education at the Shambala Academy, whose fundamental purpose is the healing, evolution, and Ascension of humanity to live freely on the New Earth.

*The presenters / hosts of the educational series “In Search of Shambala” are enlightened teachers of humanity, ascended masters, goddesses, magicians and masters of art. They act as a collective force to promote enlightenment of consciousness, the unfolding of divine multidimensional potential, and alchemical transformation that reconnects Human with Nature, and inspires to become spiritual gardeners, to rise above the old version of themselves and the consumerist lifestyle.

*In the process of visiting the indigenous tribes, sages and ascended masters will be called to teach and share knowledge at the Shambala Academy, and orphans will be invited to study to become Ascended Masters, Architects of Shambala, Architects of the New Reality and the New Earth. For this reason, the Academy provides holistic education on themes such as:

Conservation of Plant Genetic Heritage;

Botany; Apiculture; Mycology; Herbalism;

Nutritious Forest and Ecosystem Design;

Organic Gardening Methods;

Self-Realisation and Holistic Living;

Sacred and Medicinal Plants;

Spiritual Permaculture as Conscious Ecological Design;

Local Energy Collection;

Natural Construction of Ecological Houses;

Ascension Secrets to Become the New Multidimensional Human;

Shamanism; Reconnecting with the Higher Self and Gaia Consciousness;

Sacred Ancient Teachings;

Metaphysics and the Quantum Revolution;

... and many other necessary topics that are fundamental to an autonomous lifestyle in the New Multidimensional Reality and on the New Earth.

*Having trained to become Ascended Masters and Universal Architects of Shambala, orphans and other international students will return to their tribe to share their acquired skills and wisdom and perhaps gracefully travel the world, teaching a harmonious, enlightened way of life and spreading knowledge about the holistic regeneration of people and the most effective and vital restoration of degraded landscapes.

In this way, thanks to their educational activities, gardens of paradise and the New Multidimensional Reality, will be created throughout the world, fostering healing, expansion, and Ascension.

Following this vision, all participants will be involved in an inspiring and enriching process of co-creating botanical and healing gardens, food forests, educational institutions, Natural homes, and many other magnificent projects around the world.

In the Settlements of Shambala, botanical and healing gardens will function as educational research centres and sacred spaces supporting evolution and Ascension. These rich gardens will showcase the Earth's living library, where unique trees, shrubs, and sacred plants from different countries will be collected for their conservation, reproduction, and seed storage.


To Summarise:


Thanks to the creation of the educational series “In Search of Shambala” and due to enigmatic travels through indigenous tribes, Family Homestead communities, and Ancient Monasteries:

Gardens of Eden, food forests, high-energy oases of Love and ecological houses made from Natural materials will be created in the international settlements of Shambala and around the world.

These educational series will inspire many followers to create their own gardens of favourite berries, vegetables, and fruit trees on their mowed lawns, which will be done consciously through a spiritual connection and symbiotic relationship with Nature.

One of the goals of the Shambala projects is to inspire humanity to cleanse and restore its environment and not to flee into the forests, because without changing themselves within, another deforestation and waste will occur in pristine Nature.



We would like to emphasise that humanity still has a chance for salvation through awakening, healing, enlightenment, and the restoration of supportive relationships with each other, with Nature, with cosmic processes, and with All Life.

Rethinking the life style, deep care, and affinity of people with Mother Earth, will change the meaning of human presence and the destructive impact on the Earth.

The people of Earth are a unique expression of the Universal and Planetary processes; then, all developments, businesses, economies and projects have to be in harmony with All Life in existence.

We are all creators and manifest our future potential through feelings, thoughts, attention, and intention in the present moment.

Therefore, once the work of personal healing, integration, and transformation is initiated, we transform not only ourselves, but the entire world and create the New Multidimensional Reality, the New Earth, which consists of caring and loving people, where evolution and endless creativity flourish in a harmonious, free, healthy and supportive environment.

Now is the time for a great evolutionary leap to become healers rather than destroyers and to have a regenerative rather than degenerative impact on each other, on society, and on Nature.


We Are the Part of Consciousness of the Planet Earth


In these times of change, many are awakening to a new level of respect and love for our Earthly Home. It is very important to find inner strength and expand perception because we are part of the consciousness of the Earth, which stores the knowledge and information of the Universe. Therefore, when humanity awakens, it finds strength within and goes beyond its limitations, but it does not build kingdoms, instead a dynamic, enriching network, as in the harmonious beehive model. This ever-evolving network of human hives, namely the Gardens of Eden, will be the model for the creation of the new regenerative civilization united with the Planet.

These documentary series, “In Search of Shambala,” will serve as excellent innovative education and inspiration for the creation of the New Multidimensional Reality of existence that originates from the Spaces of Love, which will gradually cover the entire Planet with paradise oases.

The next step will be to observe if this New Multidimensional Reality resonates with the heart of the Planet, and if so, then the entire network of the Universe will be in a harmonious and successful Ascension process.


Life is About Cooperative Abundance Rather than Competitive Scarcity


Therefore, a prosperous and free life will be achieved in a community that is created through symbiosis, evolution, and cooperation, which establish abundance, opportunities and partnerships conducive to a harmonious Life for All.

The New Age of humanity is defined by a spiritual and regenerative transformation that changes values, goals, and collective behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes to the ground of global civilization to transform it from a civilization based on excessive consumption and accumulation of capital into a civilization of co-creation that improves the quality of Life for All.

The result will be the New Earth, established in a comprehensive synergy between the human environment and the Natural world. And human activity and life-style will be in harmony with the living Earth.

Being free from the daily need to sell your labour for survival, you can devote time to your own development, evolution, and self-realization, as well as in your home and blooming garden, in joy, creativity, and ingenious activities toward restoring and strengthening the health of the Natural environment.


To Conclude


The continuing existence of human civilization in its current form is in danger, and it is extremely important to actively act for the purposes of global awakening, revival and Ascension now!

We are all united by the fundamental mission of being a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Therefore, we can change everything if we change the way we think and perceive reality.

However, the window of opportunity to avoid the catastrophic collapse of ecosystems is quickly closing. We have to act now to prevent irreversible damage to the Natural environment.

This documentary series, “In Search of Shambala," provides an effective way to address many of the problems we face in modern society. The main advantage of this educational project is that it approaches and resolves the root causes of current problems.

Also, renewing the existing educational structure along with healing and strengthening humans' relationships with themselves and Nature will lay the foundation of the new civilization, which is a necessary step in human evolution and the greatest work of our time.

This new regenerative civilization, the New Multidimensional Reality, will arise on your land, in your high-energy Space of Love, and the documentary series “In Search of Shambala” will serve as a key concept for improving the quality of health and life throughout the world.

We need bold steps taken by every individual to support holistic ideas and all-embracing solutions that have a long-term healing and regenerative impact on the entire international community.

We invite you to support this holistic education that will broadcast documentaries that integrate regenerative development with ecological function, reconnect world cultures and activities in accordance with Natural processes, and promote regeneration in ecology, society, spirituality, and other areas.

Dear friends, if your hearts resonate with this proposal for the healing of humanity and the Earth through holistic education and the co-creation of Gardens of Eden, we invite you to support and make your financial contribution to the production of educational documentaries “In Search of Shambala” and, as a result, the New Reality of Existence.

We sincerely believe that we will prosper through mutually beneficial cooperation, powerful enough to co-create the New Reality - New Earth and the New Multidimensional Humanity—which will ensure an endless and prosperous future for generations to come!

Thank you!

With love and pure thinking,

Dr. Inglia Amora, a universal architect and founder of Shambala Projects and Academy.



Ways to Support and Join this Educational Project


Thanks to your support, we will be able to make into reality our cherished Dreams - the healing and ascension of Humanity and the Earth and we believe that these documentaries will inspire the international community to co-create the New Multidimensional Reality and the New Earth.

Therefore, we encourage you to contribute to the film's production; in this way, you actively support the development and healing of the population and the Planet, and also take part in creating a new regenerative story for humanity that promotes a happy, free, and abundant future for All.


Equipment for filming.

Production support staff.

Travelling, permits from national parks and Nature reserves, and accommodation during filming.

Post-production (including editor, colorist, and sound editor)

Music licencing (or creation of original compositions if funds are available).

Cast of presenters and other professional fees.

Animation and original artwork.


💎 In the spirit of building relationships between artists and those who contribute to their creativity, we would like to collaborate with those who generously contribute to this film's creation.

There are wonderful benefits and blessings you can have in exchange for your financial contribution, and we greatly appreciate any support you can provide!

Сonsidering that we do not promote the accumulation of material things, as a gesture of gratitude and reward for your support, we offer to you:


💎 Support in spiritual evolution, healing, rejuvenation, in the transition to juices and Prana nourishment, and also in the holistic purification of the body, emotions, and consciousness. Assistance is also provided in revealing the Soul purpose and initiating the multidimensional abilities of the Prime Creators

💎 A subscription to the Living Library of Shambala provides support with books, meditations, online courses, symposiums, online retreats, audiobooks, alchemical practices, academic material, master classes, and many other educational guides

💎 Individual and Group “Ascension – Goddess Initiation” Retreat. The programme is designed for women and lasts for 15 days. This Retreat can also be done online.

💎 Individual and Group magical-transformational journeys to sacred Places of Power and Natural Reserves

🌸 The Mystical Caucasus” is a consciousness-expanding, enigmatic adventure through the North Caucasus: Arkhyz, Dombay, Teberda Nature Reserve, and Elbrus

🌸 A unique expedition through the Nature reserves of the Caucasus and Sochi National Park with a visit to Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, and the Dolmens

🌸 Dormant volcano Elbrus - City of Light, Caucasian Shambala

🌸 Dolmens - Mysterious Portals - Sages of the Primary Origins - Ascended Masters of Ancient Hyperborea

🌸 The Hyperboreans, Nordic Pleiadeans and Siberian Shamans

🌸 Mexican Pyramids, French Polynesia and sacred Moorea Island

💎 The Shambala Academy provides unique multi-dimensional educational programmes equivalent to a Master's degree in Leadership, Spirituality, Ascension, Regenerative Design and Architecture

☀️ New Multidimensional Human – Ascended Master – God / Goddess”

☀️ "The Architect of Shambala - Architect of the New Reality - Architect of the New Earth."

💎 A great collection of the best and most effective books for awakening, expanding consciousness, activating the multidimensional abilities of the Prime Origins, and Ascension is also offered.

You are welcome to join us!

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