Shambala Expedition

The Shambala Expedition consist of the Ascension - Goddess Initiation Retreat with journeys to sacred power places. Sacred places are primordial sources of divine energy, wisdom and knowledge about the creation, the world and its essence. Each place has its own characteristics, an amazing story and spiritual guardians. The multidimensional spiritual world, which includes the spiritual guardians of the sacred places as well as its high energetic vibrations have a beneficial effect on the soul and body, purifying and transforming the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical systems of your body. Pure intention with the use of creative visualizations and meditations will enhance research of the inner worlds, open heart, refresh thinking and reactivate your pranic engine in the body and connection with your Higher Self. Сonsequently Shambala Expedition initiates spiritual enlightenment and cellular restoration of the organism, body rejuvenation and longevity, and if you want to go even further you will have an opportunity to activate an ascension template for the harmonious creation of the crystalline body of light.

During the course of visiting nature reserves and sacred places of power, you may experience an expansion of а worldview, reconnection with the all-embracing wisdom of Earth and the Universe, boost in energy, a significant improvement of physical well-being and a mental clarity.

We invite you to take part in our unique ascension adventures, full of mysteries, esoteric knowledge and discoveries that would initiate awakening of your divine nature. Thanks to the Expedition, your life will be enriched with new perceptions and feelings, you will come closer to your true divine essence and become more harmonious, full of joy, grace, creativity and unconditional love.

Why Shambala Expedition?

Human life is comparable to the flow of mountain streams. Some rush headlong, crashing against the stones, losing the best part of their amazing splashes. Others flow wisely and harmoniously following the course, enjoying life in the present moment, reaching the same ocean, where both streams disappear and connect with what they came out of. It is there in the ocean that fast streams often recall the time when they were ice on the tops of the mountains after this short rush from the mountains to the ocean, which ended so quickly that there is nothing to remember. Whereas those streams who were not in a hurry, found the kingdom of Shambala within and saw more, felt more, evolved more and realized many things on their way. Is it not so with our free will? The beginning cannot be changed, nor the stream’s course, nor the ocean, however, we can choose the manner of the flow and the length and depth of the stream.

Thus, the main purpose of Shambala Expeditions is to bring self-awareness of the lost connection with our original divine nature, to reunite separated soul fragments and to heal all separations from Oneness. It is an opportunity to free oneself from worldly vanity, to be alone with oneself, to experience lightness and the ecstatic state of a divine union which comes from the process of evolution and to feel a spiritual connection with the whole universe.

If we imagine a ladder, where we all go up the steps to the Source, we can say that each place of power is an individual step on a road of life.

Since the quantum shift of 2012 and the subsequent birth of new energies on the planet, a rise in collective human consciousness increased vibration of Gaia – recalibration of everything took place. With the possibility of a planetary ascension in unison with the Earth, many people are now making the choice of enlightenment and ascension.

The Shambala Expedition is intended to enrich, heal and activate ascension for those who want to successfully move to the next step of their evolution on this ladder toward the Prime Origins.



Embrace the Vedic culture and traditions of the Russian people and receive Russian kindness and hospitality. Familiarize yourself with local organic nutrition and healing waters. Hike and ride horses to tune and explore the stunning scenery that Mt. Elbrus, Sochi National Park, Caucasus and Teberda Nature Reserve have to offer. You may also have jeep, ATV or helicopter journeys through Krasnodar Krai, Adygea, Karachay-Cherkess Republic and other spectacular locations.

Thanks to the Shambala Expedition,  you will be able to develop a clear inner guidance within, take the first step in ascension journey into a new life filled with unconditional love, freedom and happiness, embodying the best version of yourself.


Mystical Alchemy

In order to get out of the familiar perception, sometimes it is necessary to change conditions or surroundings. Just as flowers bloom at the right conditions, we also can bloom by awakening and acquiring new qualities of ourselves thanks to retreats and esoteric journeys to sacred places of power. These transformational experiences are catalysts for exploring your vast multi-dimensional nature and the expansion of perception.

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” - Dr. Bruce H.Lipton

As the consciousness ascends the biology and the environment will follow. This art of transformation is easy to learn and once the basics are acquired, everyone who is open and ready to reach the heights of the divine spirit within can live in permanent harmony, peace and joy.

During the Shambala Expedition, by tuning with higher frequencies, there is an opportunity to deeply explore the inner world, expand perception and perhaps completely start a new life from scratch. This is a unique experience of disclosure, reboot and rebirth, which will remain with you forever.

Feel free to fill out the following pre-registration for the Shambala Expedition and we will get in touch with you.


Mexican Pyramids and Moorea Island: Gateways to the Stars

Maya temple sites are multi-layered matrices of star maps that the ancient Maya built on Earth.

Each one of the astounding Mexican pyramids was built in a specific geographic location in order to represent and channel the energy of the land.

The energy of each of these specific temples represents a chakra energy of the human body.

1.Uxmal: the base chakra of a new cycle

2.Labna: the sexual chakra, union of opposites

3.Kaba: the third chakra, willpower

4.Chichen Itza: the heart chakra, unconditional love

5.Tulum: the throat chakra, sound currents and manifestation

6.Kohunlich: the third-eye chakra, the pituitary gland-psychic abilities

7.Palenque: the pineal chakra, preparing for the next world

8.Tikal (Guatemala): the chakra of a new Cycle

The Hyperboreans, Nordic Pleiadeans and Siberian Shamans

There were three groups of extraterrestrials that started colonies in what is today Scandinavia, as well as Greenland and parts of northern Russia.
1) a group of Pleiadeans from one of the star systems in the seven sisters, called the “Nordics,” who were tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes; 2) another group of Pleiadeans from a different star system outside the seven sisters, who have come to be called “Hyperboreans” who had similar features but were not as tall; and 3) a group of beings from Antares, a red giant star in the constellation Scorpio, which were tall and red-skinned. They are the Red Giant race spoken of in the Bible and other early writings. Their descendents were known as the “Vikings,” and are obviously not as tall.
All of these groups came to the Earth during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, but did not fancy the tropical climate of these civilizations due to their fair skin and complexion, opting instead for a colder and cloudier part of the Earth.
The Nordic Pleiadeans are still in contact with humanity. One of their more famous interactions was in the Billy Meier story.

Caucasus Natural Reserve – Krasnaya Polyana Resort – Sochi National Park

The Caucasus is an amazing region with mild climate and have majestic peaks covered with ice caps, picturesque gorges, numerous waterfalls, clean mountain air and living water. In 1999, the territory of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve (280335 hectares / 692722 acres) was included in the World Heritage List. The protected zone of the Caucasus is a real treasure, personifying the natural diversity. Since ancient times, the mountain ranges of the Caucasus have amazed travellers with its grandeur, pristine beauty of nature and the diversity of landscapes. For centuries seekers come here hoping to find among the mysterious mountains the answers to questions, to discover their way and their purpose in this incarnation. Legends says that gods reside in this mystical place but are invisible to the human eyes. Their sacred knowledge is preserved in the stones, mountains and rocks of the Earth’s crust of the Caucasus, while the guardians of the information are creatures of different races living in a reality, which is parallel to ours.

Dolmens – Portals – Sages

The dolmens of the Western Caucasus are extraordinary and mysterious structures that amazes the imagination of many. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these ancient monuments and ask, “Who created these megaliths?” “How did they build them and why?”

The largest accumulation of dolmens on Earth lies along the Black Sea coast from Taman to Abkhazia and on the northern side of the foothills of the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea. Currently, about 2,300 dolmens are described in the Western Caucasus. According to the estimates of researchers, initially there were more than 30,000 dolmens.

On average, the weight of the composite dolmen (some dolmens consists of 6 plates – 4 sides, heel stone and cover plate) is 15-30 tons. Although there are also dolmens, in which only one cover plate weighs about 20 tons and the dolmen itself is monolithic and carved in stone.

Teberda Nature Reserve – The Karachay-Cherkessia Republic

In the small territory of the the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic, as in some kind of fairy-tale lies a treasure of pristine nature with the purest healing waters, freshest mountain air, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, meadows – what else could you ask for?

The pristine wilderness and ancient history of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic is amazing and inspiring. Canyons, tracts, springs and baths of mineral waters, ancient forests, caves with stalagtites, ancient settlements and mountain villages, towers and bridges, dolmens and ruins of fortresses, reserves and wildlife sanctuaries – isn’t this a wonderland? Karachay-Cherkessia is a genuine, real, tangible place of miracles.

Elbrus - Caucasian Shambala

Mount Elbrus is one of the seven summits, the highest mountain on the European continent. Its West summit is 5642 m (18510.5 feet) high, while the East one is 21 m shorter at 5621 m (18441.6 feet). The power of volcano Elbrus, with its majestic snow-capped peaks, is incredibly energetic, scientists consider it to be a kind of "cosmic antenna" connecting our planet with the entire Universe. Even a short stay on the slopes of the mountain allows people to absorb powerful energy, giving them mental clarity, spiritual awakening, and a physical charge. This happens because places of power have a strong effect on subtle bodies, especially the crown and heart chakras, which are a kind of link between the human body and the energy structures of the Universe.

Thus, in the high energy spots of Elbrus, re-connection with Mother Earth and the Universe takes place, the subtle bodies and the chakra system of the human body are activated, the physical body is recharged, intuition is enhanced, and supernatural abilities are activated. Once a raised vibration and expanded consciousness are experienced, they create endless positive ripples throughout a lifetime.

Synchronization with the living library of Earth

Everyone wants to live a meaningful life, to reach a certain level of consciousness and master it, to enter where no one has entered before.

The inscription "Know yourself" on a temple in Delphi is considered the key to life. Self-knowledge includes the concept of immersing oneself in one’s own consciousness and exploring the various facets of one’s Self in a variety of dimensions. In this way, it is possible to find questions and answers that would bring the consciousness to other worlds.

Inside of consciousness there is a certain matrix with an archive of all the necessary knowledge, a database, where upon activation, you can access your highest Path. After all, you are on the planet in order to create a new matrix of consciousness for the entire human race as a whole and this adventure begins inside. You can activate this information through clear intent and synchronization with the living library of the Earth.

The Earth contains all the knowledge you seek and your consciousness influences what the Earth can reveal to you. How to get access to knowledge? Where are the keys to discovering information so that this knowledge can be yours? Information is stored in power places and sacred stones.

The ancient inhabitants of the Earth created libraries, radically different from the libraries of today. Before building library temples, shamans of the tribe and leaders of certain cultures made trip to a certain place where a special stone was kept. This stone was cleansed in a certain way and prepared to ensure that it was embedded in information. Then, using telepathy, information was transmitted from the consciousness of people to the structure of the stone. After that, the geometric shape of the library temple was developed, and the builders used the natural shape of the Earth’s surface and the terrain’s energy flows in a way so that all knowledge could be fully preserved in sacred geometry shapes, colors and in a cohesive stone structure. In this way, the stones are the "skeleton", the osseous system of the Earth.