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Remember that the most important and magnificent project you would ever work on is you!

An investment in education is an investment into a new version of yourself to reveal new perspectives,

produce the expression of Divinity,

fulfill the dream of the Creator, and live to the highest calling that you have come here to do.


The New Earth Documentary

By pre-ordering, you are supporting the development of this documentary, which aims to restore ancient wisdom and the primary human abilities for recreating paradise on Earth

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Architect of Shambala & New Civilization

Ascension is the fulfillment of why we are here, so we have to learn how to achieve it. To help unveil these mysteries, the holistic program “Architect of Shambala and New Civilization” lays the foundation of the art of ascension for the coming Golden Age. This education will reveal all the facets of your divine nature and initiate enlightenment to achieve the highest dreams, creating a life of greatness. You will discover the nature of reality, the truth of your existence, and who you truly are: the infinite potential of the entire universe. This program also integrates spiritual, social, economic, and ecological processes and provides insights into novel strategies in government, nature restoration, regenerative design planning, and construction in order for human environments to become a vital component in the integration with and regeneration of natural environments.

Open yourself a lifetime access to a unique experience of expansion in creating a new future toward a thriving, just, and regenerative way of life for all. Learn and experience the benefits of the program at your own pace.

Living Library of Shambala

The Living Library of Shambala gives you access to a magical portal of multidimensional reality and awakens knowledge and wisdom. Explore the inner worlds that reveal the unity consciousness, new perspectives and inspirations in creating the best future to successfully fulfil your mission on Earth.

Lifetime access to ever-expanding library, a holistic system of knowledge that enriches your consciousness.


Many people think that the most beautiful moments of their lives are when they fall in love with someone.

For us, the most beautiful thing in life is having complete freedom to be ourselves - to be the heart

and mind of the Creative Power of the Universe at magnificent work in our world at this time -

healing humans, restoring Nature, and forming the regenerative, wise civilization.


Support the ReCreating Shambala educational research platform and the Shambala Academy, which have been dedicated for restoring sacred knowledge and the primary human abilities to recreate paradise on Earth.




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