Architect of Shambala


Do you feel a huge sense of accomplishment in your soul, as if you are successfully fulfilling the purpose for which you came to Earth? or… do you feel that there’s something more you would like to be offering to the world, something you love doing so much you would never call it work… yet you have no idea of what that might be?

The kind of conviction that comes from a profound understanding that what we do actually matters and has a significant, positive impact on the world is what our society needs most right now.

In actuality, your purpose in life does not have a limit, but you have to be diligent, creative, and bold enough to find your unique calling.

Once you broaden your horizons, improve your physical well-being, mental clarity, fully open your heart, and initiate the awakening of your Divine pristine origins, talents, and galactic heritage thanks to the "New Human – Ascended Master – God / Goddess" multi-course programme, you may take an active part in creating the best future for yourself and humanity. Wherever you are in your own soul journey, we believe that this unique programme, "Architect of a New Reality / New Civilization and Shambala," will provide a lifeline to the world of Shambala (Shambala – the true source of everlasting love, happiness, and a paradise on Earth). Therefore, this multidimensional education will provide you with a live connection, a conduit for you, and open the way to the Garden of Eden and the New Earth.



In these times of global crises, pandemics, a collapsing world, and ineffective systems and paradigms, how do we live a happy, healthy, harmonious, and successful life in joy and harmony?

To change the external state of this collapsing world, everyone has to be responsible for their internal state. Despite any negativity, it is necessary to be in a harmonious state based on unconditional love, integrity, and harmony with Nature, which favours the creation of the Garden of Eden and the New Earth. Consequently, your happiness, elevated energies, all-encompassing love, and living in attunement with Nature are necessary for the healing and revitalization of the inner and outer worlds. That emanates frequencies of harmony and joyfulness, which are needed for this world to heal, regenerate, and co-create the New Earth.



In this comprehensive and innovative programme, The Architect of Shambala and New Civilization, you will discover the unlimited opportunities, new perspectives, and regenerative potential for yourself and for the future of humanity as we stand on the precipice of a global awakening, new conscious evolution, and enlightenment.

Nowadays, in these times of change, we have an opportunity to revive the abilities of the prime-origin population, so our duty is to rebirth ourselves again through the reactivation of the talents and wisdom accumulated in previous reincarnations in order to succeed in soul integration, self-healing, and ascension.

Through the transition to higher consciousness that occurs thanks to this education, you will also be enriched with sacred knowledge and will be able to take an active part in the revival of a new way of life that reawakens humanity’s pristine origins and lays down the foundation of the new civilization, which is the necessary step for human evolution and the greatest work of our time.


Ultimately, now you have the opportunity to fulfil your dreams, to create a life of greatness, and to become:

The Architect of Shambala = Architect of a New Reality, a New Civilization, and a New Earth

The most important duty we have is to lead the industrial civilization away from its current destructive impact on the planet and towards a wiser civilization that will choose a peaceful and regenerative way of existence. We are here because a supernatural power has selected us to carry out this important mission.



Programme Description:


We have entered a new era of understanding in science and technology, synthesising information at an unprecedented rate. Yet we are currently experiencing a worldwide crisis, which compels us to make a significant evolutionary leap.


Global Crises and a Paradigm Shift

Over the past centuries, many of the world’s life-supporting ecosystems have undergone dramatic functional changes due to inefficient human development and a negative impact on the natural environment. Therefore, today we face such crises as biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution of Nature, pandemic diseases, and the economic crisis, which are all interrelated and reflect the appallingly destructive toll that human activity has taken on this planet. In conjunction with global challenges such as population growth, growing unemployment rates, and overconsumption of natural resources, government authorities and corporations continue using conventional approaches, which exacerbate already existing problems. Regardless of popular sustainable approaches in development and design that aim towards mitigation and doing less damage, current human environments have the potential to turn waste into renewable streams, allowing for remediation and regeneration to take place. By understanding the environment as a whole system of mutually beneficial relationships, the potential for development, design, and lifestyle goes beyond short-sighted technological solutions towards solutions based on engaging humans and biotic systems in healthy relationships through harmonic co-existence that leads to ecosystem recovery.

What we are experiencing now is the chaos of unsustainable systems breaking down and giving way for coherence and a new, wiser order to be built—the New Civilization. To transform our consciousness and become free, genius co-creators of the new world, we have to unplug from the programming of the old one.

All of this is being validated by the science of the 21st century, which supports notions of cooperation in Nature, our energetic connections through the field, and our profound ability to create with enlightened consciousness. This science proves that our consciousness creates everything that we experience in life, which means we all have the power to create heaven on Earth!





The Shambala Academy has produced a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and multi-dimensional education that is based on science and spirituality (outside of any religion) with the aim of educating and nurturing the Architects of Shambala and the New Civilization. This multi-stage training aims to contribute to the advancement of current restorative environmental development and design practises. It integrates social, spiritual, economic, and ecological processes and provides insight into novel strategies in government, Nature restoration, design planning, and construction in order for human environments to become a vital component in the integration with and regeneration of the natural environments.


From the Spiritual Point of View

Humans in the industrial age have hostile and combative interactions with Nature and consider Nature as a resource to be used and plundered at will.

The New Multidimensional Human sees Nature as sacred and respects the original purpose of the Earth as a fertile garden of Eden for enjoyment, self-development, and nourishment. The New Multidimensional People are the creators and keepers of the reserved and fertile planetary garden, as well as Galactic Shamans, Architects of Shambala, and the New Civilization. They work with the elementals and the Nature spirits to create a paradise home for all living beings sent here by the Prime Creator.

The Architect of Shambala loves and respects Nature and works with Nature, at the same time knowing and feeling his or her solar and galactic connections and responsibilities.

Therefore, thanks to the inspiring and enriching resources of this educational programme, many of you who were previously feeling stuck, uncertain, or unmotivated will step up to your new regenerative activities on the planet.

You will become Ascended Masters, Architects of the New Civilization, to implement crucial and regenerative services and grandiose projects that contribute to the manifestation of the New Earth and the New Humanity. You will become spiritual leaders who will gently guide and support your communities through the Earth's changes and transitions towards higher consciousness on the New Earth.

Advanced spiritual masters and scientists are collaborating in union to co-create the most wonderful, magical, rejuvenating, and permanent Golden Age of enlightenment, wisdom, peace, and abundance you could ever imagine. We build communities of love and light without interference from the negative forces that have permeated this planet for so long. The long, dark night that has endured on the planet is almost over. We are now experiencing the last hours of darkness as the dawn peeks through. Very soon, the light will shine brighter than it ever has. The times of rebirth and prosperity are near, and it is very important that you stay cantered in your glorious Divine Self Within and keep the work of self-perfection and ascension going.

No matter what you see and experience around you, do not allow yourself to go into fear, depression, or anxiety. Accept all changes and shifts that present themselves, embrace them all as the hand of God creating a new world for you. Help is available to you from all directions, and the Shambala Academy offers essential educational support to you, which increases your potential and opens up new opportunities.

By participating in this co-creation to manifest a new, brilliant self, as well as the Garden of Eden and the New Earth, you are doing a major service to the planet and yourself. It is a magical, heart-expanding, and mind-reviving experience!



In this Holistic Programme, Architect of Shambala and New Civilization, you will:


*Discover the true Nature of reality and the purpose of your existence, why you are here, and who you truly are—the infinite potential of the entire universe.

*Explore and release your limiting beliefs about life, purpose, career, relationships, and your destiny, and as a natural-born creator, you will build the limitless life you desire. You have the power to shift your life by shifting your thoughts and perceptions into crafting a life that is creative, fulfilling, and joyful.

*Learn that staying in a conscious, uplifted mind allows you to experience Heaven and Shambala on Earth, which in turn determines happiness and health. Controlling our mental and physical well-being allows us to materialise our best experiences in the outside world.

*Acknowledge your role in creating a new future towards a thriving, just, and regenerative way of life for all.

*Refine your most ambitious life vision by cultivating trust in the universe.

*Trace the root causes that led to the world’s current imbalance in local and global communities.

*Harness the power of creative visualisation to heal and bring your greatest desires into reality.

*Discover how to understand your world like never before, how to align your true purpose with the purest goal of the universe, and how to be the change that you want to see in the world.

*Explore the true history of humanity and know why we are on the cusp of a new civilization. Invest your wisdom and talents in creating a new way of living that brings paradise to Earth.

*Learn what it would take to seamlessly connect with Mother Earth and create a thriving society that enables us to live in homeostasis with the natural environment around us.

*Immerse yourself in inspiring and practical educational resources that will help you to go forth freely, without fear, and to succeed in your endeavours.

This Programme Includes:

*Masterful, scientifically-based experiential programmes for authentic, lasting transformation are designed to heal your life and the world around you.

*Many enjoyable hours of invaluable life-changing courses and workshops, curated by the world's leading masters, will help you reconnect to the unlimited power within you and heal the world around you.

*Practical techniques, powerful meditations, and energy transmissions, which stretch you beyond the parameters of time and space and connect you to the Divine One Within, open your own wisdom, insights, and revelations.

*Effective and simple practises you can use in your relationships, career, and everywhere else to stay clear, conscious, happy, whole, and a successful creator of your reality

*New insights and stories that make healing personal space and transforming the world possible.

*Innovative design approaches that utilise sustainable and regenerative technologies to restore human environments and degraded landscapes

*Practical, spiritual tips and universal rules of success will help you build a fulfilling, prosperous life to reach Shambala and the New Civilization.


The Purpose of this Exclusive Multidimensional Programme is:

The Architect of Shambala and New Civilization programme’s purpose is to inspire and educate individuals to become compassionate, spiritual leaders and successful masters in ecological restoration, regenerative development, and the design of innovative human communities that shape a new society towards the New Earth.

On a personal level, it aims to stimulate the harmonious formation of the Ascended Masters, God - Goddess, and the ability to live in love and harmony with Nature. Attunement to everything is the main condition of creative work, along with acquiring new knowledge and sacred ancient wisdom, as well as amicable cooperation and leadership skills.

With this unique multidimensional education, participants become living examples of brilliant, gifted people, galactic shamans, and New Multidimensional Humans living in abundance, creating Heaven on Earth. The knowledge acquired from this programme could be used to educate others about the revival of spiritually conscious life on Earth for the creation of novel human environments, which will become a vital component in the regeneration of natural environments. The possibility exists that human environments, as part of a larger ecosystem, are able to imitate natural processes and function like an ecosystem in its life cycle to remediate the consequences of previous constructions and generate new resources. This built human environment has the potential to go beyond sustainability and become regenerative, leading the evolution of design where flora, fauna, and entire ecosystems are emulated as a basis for widespread, practical application of regenerative design that enables natural and human environments to recover and thrive again.

In this way, the Shambala Academy initiates the birth of the New Golden Age, the Shambala paradigm, where people flourish, living in love, happiness, and harmony. We believe that this transformation starts with the development of New Multidimensional Humans, Ascended Masters who foster the creation of new, harmonious, and regenerative human environments, and Spaces of Love communities to establish harmonic cooperation between humans and Nature.

Once you enrol at the Shambala Academy, you get access to:


E-MEDIA: stream e-books, audiobooks, mystery teachings, documentary films, educational & spiritual series, lectures, channelings, meditations, and high-level energy transmissions. 

ONLINE LEARNING: workshops, online courses, symposiums, and spiritual retreats 


Living Systems Thinking and a Holistic Approach

Theories of Regenerative Development and Design

Concepts, principles, and methods of regeneration based on the ecosystems and design of Nature, as well as the wisdom of indigenous peoples and other time-tested practises

Autonomy and enrichment of the inner and outer worlds

Self-sufficiency and Holistic living

Leadership and awakening to the mission of this life

Escape the Matrix to enter the New Earth—Shambala.

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Art of Ascension and Ancient Teachings

Mystical, sacred knowledge of the Shambala Kingdom

Concepts of innovative ecovillages, where humans and the environment are part of a larger Ecosystem

Ecological Restoration of Degraded Lands and Ecosystems

The Sacred Gaia, portals, places of power, and ancient building technologies

Landscape and spiritual design of Spaces of Love

Biomimetic and Biophilic design (the abstraction of design from Nature)

Water Science (sacredness of water; water harvesting; minimising water loss; water storage)

Improvement of Social & Economic Performances

Cradle to Cradle Design (creating zero-waste systems where materials are used in cycles, thus eliminating waste and pollution)

Edible Ecosystem Design, Food Forestry, and Organic Gardening Techniques

Conservation of the Vegetal Genetic Inheritance

Botany, Apiculture, Mycology, Herbalism, Sacred and Medicinal Plants

Spiritual Permaculture as a Consciously Environmental Design

Collecting energy (small-scale energy harvesting and management for off-grid locations)

Affordable, low-tech, natural building methods (long-term durability, no-cost or cost-efficient building materials depending on available resources, etc.)


You can explore these carefully curated resources and many others not published concepts, which are delivered on a platform that allows you to study the programme content on your own schedule and without examination.

This holistic education is available from any part of the world and is designed as a multidimensional alchemical journey to expand consciousness and gain crucial, transformative theory and practises that will give you deep feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment, along with new knowledge and tools to fulfil your purpose and have a powerful and magnificent walk of life.


To Summarise



Our world is going through a period of great transformation, and so many people have to reinvent themselves and their lives right now. The Shambala Academy supports you in this creative process of transformation so that you can be clear about what you want to do to live a meaningful, glorious life as a creator.

If you’re seeking personal growth, considering a new career path, or wanting to deepen your current practises, this holistic programme is designed to help you ascend and improve the world within and around you.

You are now part of a growing movement of people on this Earth who are already awake to the urgency and opportunity of this amazing time in history. And like you, they are committed to bringing forth an environmentally regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet. What an extraordinary time to be alive!

Of all the lifetimes you have ever lived on this planet, this is the one that will make the difference. Your time has come, paid for by millennia of reincarnations and efforts, so do not miss your chance to take part in this magnificent multidimensional programme, where you will discover the awesome power of enlightenment and transformation that unrig the old system and bring forth regenerative principles and practises for Paradise creation.

Explore inspiring alternative methods for creating abundant opportunities and life-enhancing human habitats that ensure an infinite and prosperous future for generations to come.



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For outstanding students, Shambala Academy offers scholarships and uplifting opportunities.

After graduation, the Shambala Academy will issue you this Diploma:


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