The New Earth

Imagine a world where people owned rich and abundant Spaces of Love. A Space of Love is a novel regenerative environment that is part of a larger ecosystem and based on a circular flow of matter, energy and information. It is able to imitate natural processes, function like an ecosystem in its life cycle and generate new resources for every family’s needs. The Space of Love environment has the potential to go beyond sustainability and become regenerative that enables natural and human environments to recover and thrive again. If this can be done on a large scale the world would be a different place. A place that might look close to its original pristine creation…. the Earth Garden of Paradise!

Problem Statements

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Right now, the old system of civilization is falling apart. It is time for the world to learn about the opportunity to live outside of the system and rejoice freedom, health and unlimited spiritual growth by enjoying life in a Space of Love. Right here on Earth.

This is a large-scale movement, in which thousands of people, not only in Russia, but also all over the world are uniting to create their Spaces of Love and we would like to create a documentary about this wonderful movement.

Many documentaries focus on global problems such as economic crises, poverty, resource depletion, ecosystem degradation, etc. However, why aren’t there any documentaries that would inspire a new dream of life, shifting “consumer society”, based on a survival mentality to a new culture in which spiritually evolving humans live in union with nature?

There have been numerous attempts in finding solutions to global problems. For instance, sustainability has been proposed, however, it provides only short-term solutions which are based on mitigation and aims to minimize pollution rather than achieving clean air, soil and water. It reduces energy use, rather than using energy from non-damaging renewable sources and also minimizes waste rather than eliminating it altogether by creating positive cycles of resource use. Instead of having a less negative affect, current human environments have an opportunity to create a positive environmental impact, by contributing more than it consumes and focusing on the remediation of current environmental damage.



Picture yourself being on an alternate Earth, where people are self-governing, sovereign, live in abundance and focused on creating what they love.

Imagine that instead of living in polluted cities run by a system based on survival mode, you would have the leisure to focus on connecting with the higher consciousness, enjoying life with your family and closest friends, take delight in nature’s bounty by growing your own food and as a result, building a harmonic system that serves everyone in it. Such a movement already exists.

It began in 1996, when a Russian entrepreneur by the name of Vladimir Megré published his first book “Anastasia” as part of a Ringing Cedars of Russia series. These books propose a return to the land and natural living that is consistent with ancient Vedic lifestyle and the cultural, social and spiritual needs of human nature. These books encourage greater universal awareness and regenerative transformation through self-sufficient settlements called Spaces of Love (also known as Kin Domains)

Statistics show that approximately 35 million Russian families, both city dwellers and rural citizens, own small gardens for subsistence farming and for the domestic market. The country produces over 50% of Russia’s total agricultural output, so it is obvious that these gardeners understand many of the benefits that come from small-scale food production. Vladimir Megré came to the conclusion that if small gardeners are so productive working only part-time on their garden-plots, then full-time cultivation of larger plots of land using permaculture techniques could turn household agriculture into the backbone of the national economy.

The Ringing Cedars series promotes a holistic philosophy of a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature and proposes a model of a regenerative lifestyle in rural settlements that are in turn composed of individual family-owned Spaces of Love.

The series, officially reported to have sold over 10 million copies in Russia and have been translated in over 21 languages received a powerful response from the public that sparked a fast-growing eco-village movement in Russia and later on, worldwide. Prior to the publication of the first book in 1996, there were virtually no settlements of Spaces of Love. While in 20 years, over 400 settlements have already been formed in various regions of Russia. The number continues to increase and 37000 family residents to date live in their Spaces of Love (Statistics from,

Vladimir Megré proposes an off-grid Kin Domain at a minimum of 1 hectare / 2,5 acres in size owned by an individual or a family who would like to live their lives in the natural environment. He believes that 1 hectare is a sufficient amount of land enough to sustain the basic life-long needs of each family and its future generations. This land can be stewarded sustainably by the efforts of an individual or a family, without the need for harmful chemicals from fertilizers or pesticides and heavy agricultural machinery, which would require the need of fossils fuels. The size of 1 hectare is enough for a human habitat to be created as an agroforest, by growing a wide variety of crops and trees, providing not only food, but also timber, firewood, medicinal plants and other necessities. Vladimir Megré used the example of a “garden for eternity” to illustrate his ideas that agricultural productivity depends more on a gardener’s creativity and understanding of Nature rather than on the amount of input. He proposes that keeping contact with one’s own piece of land and creating a circular flow of resources, energy and information between each family and their Space of Love is essential for both physical and psychological well-being.

The Ringing Cedars movement fully integrates economic, agricultural, social and spiritual needs into an agroforest design of human settlements, based on cultural values of ancient Vedic heritage.

The goals shared by eco-village settlers also include responsibilities over the local environment and an involvement into creating a social organization that promotes independent, socially enriched and spiritually supportive lifestyles.

Ringing Cedars followers of different backgrounds settled on previously abandoned agricultural lands and proposed to the Russian government that the Kin Domain lifestyle described in the book series would be capable of rescuing the country from economic crisis and eliminating unemployment.

In response to active public demand in 2016, the Russian president Vladimir Putin, approved the idea to offer large-scale plots of land for free in the Russian Far East for citizens who want to start living in a Kin Domain.

The approved program turned out to be very successful that president Vladimir Putin considered expanding into other areas of the country. In 2017 and 2018 the program was extended to the Kostromskoy, Leningradskiy and Vologodskiy regions and families were given unused land for free under certain terms and conditions. (See the map below)

For further information and inspiration, a presentation of a concept and design of Space of Love was created, which is based on the ideas from the Ringing Cedars of Russia series written by Vladimir Megré, available to you on our website.


Human Environment as Part of a Larger Ecosystem


The Universe, Nature and everything in this world, from cells to organs of a living being, is involved in a single process of giving without expecting anything in return. Thanks to the principle of generosity there is life on Earth.

Earth is a complex interacting whole, a single organism and certainly a global ecosystem. The canvas for creating regenerative systems incorporates the whole Earth.

Creating a Space of Love is a regenerative solution, which is based on living systems approach and biomimicry principles that are holistic in Nature, where mimicking organisms and ecosystems is an important part of design.



- evolve and develop spiritually and physically

- create their eternal Spaces of Love in harmonic cooperation with Nature

- promote independent and healthy family lifestyle

- cultivate food and natural resources, while enriching biodiversity health

- raises a happy and environmentally responsible generation to live in prosperity

In a symbiotic relationship with Nature, the creation of Spaces of Love, will restore the capacity of ecosystems to function at optimal health for the mutual benefit of both human and non-human life.


- it would help to populate undesirable and neglected areas, for example, abandoned agricultural areas and rural villages

- it would provide important wildlife conservation benefits

- it would promote an alternative lifestyle that involves:

reconnecting to nature, spiritual growth and development; creating a self-sufficient residence; improving the quality of life; Healing the human spirit and body

Effective regeneration of humanity and nature can be reached through the creation of a Space of Love, which requires that we engage in what makes a place healthy: the core interrelationship between Earth systems, humans and the consciousness or spirit that connects us. This integration is what makes possible complex and mutually beneficial interactions between human inhabitants and the living world to occur.



- the Space of Love is inspired by the Vedic culture, that is rooted in co-creation with the intelligence of nature

- the Space of Love uses a living systems approach, which is based on spirituality and aims to restore balance by improving energy flow, natural resources, waste processing, healthy specie populations, social relations and quality of life to be successfully continued into the indefinite future

- the Space of Love represents the new reality of healthy living in unison with the land. It materialises dynamic equilibrium among humans and biotic systems that contributes to ecosystem recovery and regeneration of human environments

- the Space of Love is a human-made version of novel regenerative environments, that restores degraded landscapes and provides humans with alternative environments to sustain life and overcome ecosystem degradation and resource depletion

Figure: From Blooming settlements of Spaces of Love toward a Society of Social Harmony and Justice (Source:

The Space of Love is a small homeland that will last for many centuries, where people could breathe fresh air, drink clean water and grow the freshest fruits, vegetables and berries on their land.

It is multi-purpose in that it functions as a residence, an office, a farm and the place where families are always together. The house is built using natural materials such as stone, wood, clay and local resources while it gets energy inputs from hydropower and solar power. Each Space of Love should be surrounded by a multi-species windbreak and represent a multi-layer perennial polyculture system with a wide variety of plants, both herbaceous and woody.

Agroforestry and permaculture gardening methods that are applied in Spaces of Love could double global food production and empower small farmers to harvest and utilize biodiversity, maintain ecosystems and local economies, while multiplying and strengthening meaningful work opportunities and social cohesion in rural areas.

According to the one-hectare proposal on the Space of Love, it is estimated that humans would only need 6.7% of the total land surface of Earth for family domains. For instance, 10 million km2 would be sufficient for approximately 2 billion people, meanwhile 138 million km2 remains for wilderness and urban areas with their infrastructure to those who do not want to abandon city life. This means that there is no spatial limitation.

If everyone on Earth would live in their Space of Love, then it will take approximately 26% of total land area on Earth, which is less than what is being allocated for agriculture.


Space of Love Design for Rejuvenation and Spiritual Ascension

Through scientific research, it was determined that a Space of Love is a design for life-enhancing human habitats where spiritual ascension occurs resulting in human regeneration, as well as enabling ecosystems to recover, solving multiple environmental issues.

It is important that on a Space of Love the vegetation is planted by the family who owns the hectare of land. Each plant and tree loves the owner and collects all the best energies of the Universe to be gifted to the owner. Every plant knows and feels only its owners and helps them to heal and prolong life.

As a result of this gift, a person will feel right away even the slightest change in healing and the speed of thought will naturally be accelerated. The speed of thinking is a very important factor in the development of man and humanity. Humans will begin to see, hear and feel all Nature, the elements, and the entire Universe.

It was known to both Egyptian priests and Roman senators that food grown with one’s own bare hands and loving intention were of much higher quality than that grown for profit. In today’s society, typically food is old, dead and energy-less as its been grown to be sold and shipped thousands of kilometres away. This food cannot feed the human soul and may cause sickness. There is a large difference in taste, nutrition and energy content between food that had been grown on a family domain and that which is produced commercially; not to mention GMO food which is mutating human cellular structure and causing diseases. Meanwhile, products such as meat have a “death program” in it, because of the way animals are treated and killed.

A human deserves quality food to nurture the body and soul but without the hectare of land there is no access to it. Food created on a Space of Love by human hands and soul can cure any disease and regenerate the body.


Flora and fauna, air and all Nature around humans is the Cosmic Prime Source creation, because all together it is nothing else, but materialization of eternal spirit. Humans should realize the true beauty of Nature and the Universe. It is essential for everyone to understand the anthropogenic damage that has been done to this planet. If humans wake up and acquire a little piece of land, manifest all their love and intelligence towards creating their own vision of paradise on that land, then collectively, there would be a blooming garden covering the entire Earth. If millions of people from different countries were to participate, then the Earth would become a marvellous paradise and there will be no conflicts or wars because everyone will be involved in a united co-creation.

Fortunately, the new millennium is giving way for an astonishing change on Earth and thousands of people from all nations are already claiming their rights to land to create their own Spaces of Love for themselves and new generations to come.

A hectare is a tiny spot on Earth, but millions of these spots will turn the whole planet into a wonderful living oasis, which will materialize the New Earth.

Help us to create a new informative documentary about this wonderful transformation.

In order to materialise this dream of covering the whole planet with a marvellous living oasis, we would like to inform and inspire as much people as possible for co-creation.

We believe that in order to create the New Earth, every soul on this planet should be informed. This is why we call upon you, to invest into yourself and your prosperous future.

You will come to see that a new reality is possible and that movement has already emerged and is in action, committed to creating a new story for humanity.



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- Post-production services

- Professional fees for essential legal services and insurance coverage

With your support, we can produce a world-class documentary that will take you on an ascending adventure to explore ancient archaeological sites that give insight into the spiritual significance of human-nature relationships from Vedic times and the Spaces of Love settlements of today, which set the example to this amazing transformation towards the New Earth.

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