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The Shambala Academy

The Shambala Academy is a non-religious centre, a mystery school, based on the universal teachings of the ancient mystery schools of Lemuria, Hyperborea, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.

“A true mystery school is a spiritual system that can take an individual, wherever he/she is in present, through all of the steps to enlightenment and ascension. The word mystery does not mean elitism or secrecy. It means that the higher learnings and initiations are not revealed until the individual is properly prepared. It also means that the final stages of every path are truly a mystery that only the seeker can discover for him/herself, once the initiating preparations have been completed. In other words, the final stage of awakening on everyone’s path comes through self-discovery.” © Amorah Quan Yin

The educational program at the Academy is designed for self-improvement, accelerating the development of your spiritual growth and integrating multidimensionality in the path of mastering your galactic heritage. It is open to all of us who seek to live in harmony with our Higher Selves and to be in the consciousness of Oneness (the natural state of spiritual connectedness of all things in existence).

Theosophists call the Higher Self, our soul and the link between God I AM within each of us. I AM, or Monad, is the pure hypostasis of a human being and the spark of God in it. Therefore, conscious alignment with this pure energy gives us the possibility of spiritualizing and filling ourselves with divinity. Our life becomes more harmonious, full of joy, love, creativity and pure happiness. This process can be compared to how a lost child, tired, hungry and completely unhappy, suddenly finds his home. Returning, he regains all the love and care. It is the true and full state of being, filled with the joy of the Great Return.

The Shambala Academy will support you to reveal your Higher Self, super soul consciousness on this physical plane by returning the energetic body to its original state. Consciousness is physical, and therefore with expanding awareness, it perfects the biological formation of the body.  How, you may ask? Through an internal journey initiated by the Academy’s deep meditative practices that you may find in the program. As a result, you are guided to achieve the full enlightenment, Buddha / Christ consciousness, the creation of a crystalline body of light and ascension. At this stage, you will become a conscious creator and creation. You are One with your individual essence and all that exists.

Welcome home!

Program Stages

1. Learning different techniques of meditation; Purifying karma and eradicating the ego-identity

2. Healing the body through cleansing cell structures, mutations and energy blocks. Central nervous system and trauma healing

3. The awakening of the Divine Ka and the embodiment of Higher Self

4. Soul fragment retrieval and recalibration. Healing, integration and development of the Soul to a perfect state of greatness, glory, innocence, love and connection with the Source

5. DNA cleansing, getting rid of genetic mutations and activating the DNA of the Higher Self

6. Kundalini Channel Clearing. Healing the split on the male and female principle and the improvement of sexual energy with the help of meditations and tantra

7. Anchoring the Pillar of Light from the Great Central Sun

8. Activating the Ascension Template. Conscious transformation of the 3rd dimensional body to an eternal, crystal 5th dimensional body of light

9. Activation of Mer-Ka-Ba in all dimensions in the sacred geometry of Light

10. Return to Oneness and aligning with Earth's divine plan



• Achieve greater clarity of thinking and creativity

• Open the flow of healing energies and release energy blockages

• Strengthen the sense of inner harmony

• Develop full sensory perceptions of intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance and telepathy

• Realize life goals by taking internal guidance

• Strengthen vitality and overall health

• Improve relationships with others

• Achieve abundance and purpose in life

• Master the art of living endlessly and creatively

• Find infinite joy, bliss and fulfilment of desires


Skills and Achievements

• Acquisition of powerful ancient and modern techniques of relaxation and meditation, through colour, sound and other creative visualizations

• Master pranic nourishment and living on light

• Integration of body, mind and soul. Control negative emotions and program mental, emotional and physical bodies

• Learn ways of reaching into a sacred space in the heart where all creation happens

• Understand the highest science of light, universal laws of energy and metaphysics

• Open, clear and align with your Higher Self

• Access Akashic Records

• Re-connect with Mother Earth and the Universe

Meditation and time spent in silence is the most powerful way to reconfigure our frequencies to high octaves of light. In new Earth energies, it is no longer necessary for us to sit in a cave for 50 years and meditate on the achievement of perfection, as yogis did high up in the mountains. As the vibrational frequencies of the planet and humanity rises, the acquisition of supernatural powers and abilities becomes available for everyone!

All that was mentioned above, you can activate and achieve through the Shambala Academy.

In order to start this program, you have to be ready to take responsibility for all actions in your life - past, present, and future. To be a true living Ascended Master, the Shambala Academy will provide you with the resources which will help you to first master yourself, rather than follow someone else or to make that person your guru teacher.

Participants completing the educational program will receive a diploma that celebrates the completion of the requirements for the course of the Shambala Academy, and it will confirm them as a lifelong member of the Shambala.



Learning Resources