Restoring Sacred Knowledge and the Original Pristine Creation
of Humans and Mother Nature

The ReCreating Shambala project is devoted to the harmonious creation of the New Golden Age, New Earth - the time of the great awakening, in which humanity is gradually releasing itself from duality and the captivity of its illusions into awareness of its original divine nature at first individually and then collectively.

This project was established in order to provide holistic education through practical methods, techniques and meditations for individual self-discovery and development of divine abilities. It is intended to help anyone who is open to learn their highest goal and master the art of governing themselves and their destiny.

The goal of the ReCreating Shambala project is to bring awareness of planetary ascension and to unite in creating a new thriving world that is enriched by unconditional love, spiritual and physical evolution, divine self-realization and co-nurturing symbiotic relationships between humans and the natural environment. This lay down the foundation of a great transformation towards a healthy and prosperous future, fostering the transition to the New Earth! 


Shambala Academy

The Shambala Academy is a creative revolutionary school, which works with the universal energy of life force, connecting the physical and the etheric worlds that underlie spirituality and science of East and West.


- integration of soul, heart, mind and body
- reawakening intuitive connection to Mother Earth and strengthen mutually beneficial human-nature relationships
- activation of the Divine Blueprint and Ascension Template to reach highest potential and performance
- the awakening and attaining of higher consciousness of multidimensionality and rediscovery of the galactic heritage
- full-body enlightenment, reorganization of the molecular structure of the body for better health, longevity and rejuvenation
- physical ascension and conscious body transformation into crystalline form of light to gain immortality and much more


- to enlighten and uplift the three-dimensional reality by fully aligning with the divine truth and love in all dimensions
- to broaden participants’ horizons of consciousness through spiritual education and inspirational ideas, which favor new opportunities for growth in awareness of Oneness
- to promote and materialize co-evolutionary human-nature relationships, creating conditions conducive to life in abundance

New Earth