Ascension Retreat

The Ascension Retreat is an adventure to mystical alchemy, favouring internal enrichment and merging of the body with the Soul and the Higher Self into a single spiritualized image of the Universe, transforming the inner and outer space into a united field of consciousness.

The Ascension Retreat consist of uplifting meditational practices with journeys to sacred power places guided by Shambala Ambassador, Architect of a New Reality and Ascension - Dr. Inglia Amora: “I am here to inspire people for spiritual and physical evolution, to awaken consciousness of Oneness and to assist in planetary ascension, uniting multidimensional worlds for the sake of freedom, love and happiness of all beings”.

Sacred places of power are primordial sources of divine energy, wisdom and knowledge about the creation, the world and its essence. Thanks to the high-frequency energies of these places, you can activate the areas of your subconscious that are responsible for revealing the qualities, abilities and wisdom acquired in previous lives, creating new opportunities for growth and successful fulfilment of your mission on Earth. Your subconscious contains a multifaceted and rich experience of past lives, invaluable to your development, but all this wisdom is not active. It is inert and needs to be awakened. Imagine that the subconscious mind looks like a huge number of locked drawers and in order to open any drawer you need a key. Keys are information codes spread by the energies of high vibrations, the flow of which passes through a place of power. These information codes are recorded in the information layers of the sacred places of power themselves and are transmitted to you by their custodians. Thus, having visited a place of power and having performed certain energy practices, you will receive an access to areas of your subconscious, which are necessary for awakening the unlimited power of soul, realization of your purpose in this life that would boost your further development according to the divine plane.

During the course of visiting nature reserves and sacred places of power, you may experience an expansion of а worldview, reconnection with the all-embracing wisdom of Earth and the Universe, boost in energy, a significant improvement of mental clarity and physical well-being.

We invite you to take part in our unique ascension adventures, full of mysteries, esoteric knowledge and discoveries that would initiate awakening of your divine nature. Thanks to the Ascension Retreat, you will come closer to your true divine essence and become more harmonious, full of joy, grace, creativity and unconditional love. Your life will be enriched with new perceptions, feelings and regain rich heritage of your previous reincarnations.



The Ascension Retreat opens the way for multidimensional evolution and self-mastery, providing participants with the keys and tools for self-development and empowerment. The Retreat is based on a unique healing system, which consists in intensive cleansing, rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level and harmonious creation of the crystalline body of light that allows to experience the absence of aging and longevity.

This retreat is a space of high vibration frequency, where energy practices are conducted for developing subtle bodies and chakras. This space is created for the purpose of working on oneself by liberating old patterns and personality-conditioning programs, to reveal your essence as a divine multidimensional being and regard others the same.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to initiate ascension and the pranic satiation of the body. Prana, Chi – is a cosmic energy, the very substance of life and is present in everything that exists. It is a universal energy of infinite power, which was used by our ancestors as nutrition. Usually, in its natural state, each cell of the body takes everything it needs from the vital cosmic force to be in perfect health and harmony. This cosmic energy is within us and all around us, which could be used for unlimited nourishment as well as to heal ourselves and others.

Also, you may uncover the inner teacher and discover the hidden reserves of self-healing. Healing is more dependent on your intention, openness, strong desire, faith in yourself and in the power of energy practices.

In any case, a retreat is not a magic wand that solves all problems or requests without your participation. In order to achieve the best result, after the retreat you need to continue to work on yourself, taking upon yourself the responsibility of your healing and further ascension.

The carbon-based body that you have now will evolve into a crystalline body of light, with less and less need for physical food to sustain you. Your energy will come directly from the Source light and love and thanks to the Retreat, you would have the ability to tune into this energy and initiate the ascension process.

We do not conduct this Retreat according to any established scheme. Each Retreat program is designed correspondingly to the needs and demands of the participants.


Retreat Content

- Practices of various techniques of meditations, Qigong movements, breathing exercises and ecstatic dances...

- Periods of silence, solitude, self-observation, Samādhi, Vipassanā and attention training to calm the mind and stop the inner monologue.

- Energy practices to harmonize the hemispheres of the brain, activate the pineal gland, improve intuition, intelligence and memory, as well as to saturate the entire body with cosmic energy.

- Lubrication of the body. Our body needs oils because the structure of cells consists of oils. If a person disrupts the balance of oils, then there is an imbalance of elements and the internal environment of the person.

- Environmentally friendly means of cleansing, herbal medicine and herbal nutrition include ancient practices of cleansing and regenerating the body with herbal infusions and balms that will help you get rid of accumulated toxins.

- Juice therapy. The body nourishes not what it eats, but what it absorbs and only that brought to the state of fluid is absorbed in the small intestine. Prior to the dry fast in the course of cleansing the body and the gastrointestinal tract, juice therapy actively nourishes the body and allows you to deeply clean the body.

- Bathing and swimming therapies

- Fasting (dry and on water). For complete cleansing of the body, consciousness, as well as for the healing of the mental, emotional and physical body and activation of the pranic engine, it is recommended to undergo a dry fast for at least 72 hours.

A dry fast actively extracts wastes and body toxins from the depths at the cellular level up to the bone level for their withdrawal and purification, produces mental cleansing at the subconscious level, as well as purification from negative emotions. Since water is a conductor of information, old water in the body, where dependencies to old eating habits are preserved, is burned. Thus, thanks to dry fasting, the old emotions, attitudes, attachments to harmful products and their egregors also disappear with old water.

After dry fast, fasting on water actively removes wastes and toxins raised to the surface from the body, resulting in healing and rejuvenation.

The Ascension Retreat is designed for intensive studies with transforming energy practices and meditations for 21 - 40 days. This time required for rebooting, reprogramming the mind and body in order to enter a new dimension and begin life in accordance with your divine destiny.

The retreat is intended for a small group of women who are ready for a deep transformation of the body and soul and can also be organized exclusively for VIP.


Benefits and Achievements

1. Practice pranayama, Samādhi, Vipassanā, creative visualization and meditation in the field of high frequencies of love to harmonize the brain hemispheres, activate the pineal gland, improve concentration, depth of perception, awareness and intuition. You will discover new states of consciousness, and perhaps take a shamanic journey to strengthen the harmonization of the soul and mind, clarify thoughts and boost intuition, self-improvement and the blossoming of divinity.

2. Cleansing from negative thoughts, emotions and stress. Filling your chakras, aura and whole body with a powerful charge of cosmic energy to enhance the flow through the body. Creating an electromagnetic force field of light around the body for protection. Re-activate the process of rejuvenation and cell renewal for overall healing, health and longevity.

3. Align your body system to breatharian energy level of breathing and nutrition to increase immunity and discover in yourself the hidden reserves of self-healing. Detoxification of your body with the 1 to 7 days of dry fast to reset your body’s ability to use prana, a clean energy directly from the Source to nourish the body with more high-energy nutrition. As a result, you will experience lightness as well as increased level of energy and vitality.

4. Heal the body by cleansing the cellular structures from negative energies and the burden of negative emotions, toxins, mutations and energy blocks. Genetic, multidimensional clearing and activation of high-grade DNA, to become lighter, more connected to your authentic essence, which will create conditions for increasing light in your energy field, the development of new capabilities and abilities of the Prime Origins.

5. Realign and awaken a deeper connection with your origins, the sacredness of creation and the ancient energies of a power place in order to make a quantum leap in development and gain a greater picture of wisdom. Open a new world of unity consciousness and your way to ascension.

6. Transform alchemically. Reawaken the higher chakras and activate the ascension template to ignite and empower your inner goddess, reveal the depth of female magic and achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability and bliss.

7. Go beyond the usual perception of reality, open up new perspectives in manifesting your highest future. Rebirth and alignment of body, mind and spirit with the Higher Self to deepen the inner spiritual journey for creation of your life in the divine flow.

8. Embrace highly vibrational energy flows through the power of conscious breathing, dynamic meditation and ecstatic dance, to open yourself to an infinite source of inspiration, creativity, transformation and healing. In the process of dancing, you can get in touch with the information that was hidden in the subconscious and look at things from another point of view. Like a computer, which you periodically clean or defragment your hard disc, in the ecstatic dance you can clean your system at the cellular level and holistically optimize the body with a new charge of energy.

9. Establish your Pillar of Light from the Great Central Sun. Reunite with Mother Earth and the Universe to harmonize with the highest plan of the Earth. You will learn to manage all spheres of life, as well as easily and consciously create the desired reality and manifest your dreams in the material world.

10. Harmonize the feminine and masculine divine aspects of your nature to achieve integrity and return to Oneness, to heal relationships and acquire a feeling of deep inner peace, serenity and joy.

11. Launch the ascension of the body at the cellular level. Initiate conscious transformation of a 3D body into an eternal, crystalline 5D body of light. Like crystals, the crystalline cell structure is capable of high vibration which can be used in healing, channelling and realizing full sensory perceptions of telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

12. Awaken your heritage accumulated in previous lives through the activation of multi-dimensional transmission in places of power. You will have the opportunity to gain enlightenment and more knowledge from the Higher Self, ascended masters and your galactic teams, to clarify the direction and optimize the development of your true mission in this life.

You will get maximum results with the independent, regular practice of the Ascension Program, which will be available to you online and assist in achieving complete healing, rejuvenation and discovery of the new secrets of life and the facets of oneself.

You are the Universe

There are many dimensions and fields of reality. Since a human is like a radio receiver - translator, then the question arises, at what frequency are we tuned to? Although a person is fixed at one frequency and carries it everywhere, this fixation can be changed by tuning the channel of perception into another reality. Sometimes a traumatic event, a disease, an inspiring seminar or even a teacher could be a tool for this. Whereas in contrast, a spiritual journey and retreat can be more pleasant and effective for expansion, activation and alignment to the divine frequencies of being within the universal field where the consistent experience of love, health, happiness and harmony can be real.

The Ascension Retreat welcomes women with a strong will power who are sincerely determined to evolve and are truly longing for recharging and recalibration to start a new chapter in life. The Ascension Retreat is created with love and aims to help those who are awakened and would like to tune into the consciousness of Oneness and ride high energetic waves of ascension. It is intended for those who sincerely want to develop their potential as vast multidimensional beings, to unleash the Universe within and to become real masters, creating a bright world of paradise for all.

By helping the new Golden Age manifest itself in the planetary consciousness of the Earth, you will know yourself as part of the Prime Creator and the Prime Creator gains life experience through you.

Feel free to fill out the following pre-registration for the Ascension Retreat and we will get in touch with you.


Sacred Places for Retreat Locations

The Hyperboreans, Nordic Pleiadeans and Siberian Shamans

There were three groups of extraterrestrials that started colonies in what is today Scandinavia, as well as Greenland and parts of northern Russia.
1) a group of Pleiadeans from one of the star systems in the seven sisters, called the “Nordics,” who were tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes; 2) another group of Pleiadeans from a different star system outside the seven sisters, who have come to be called “Hyperboreans” who had similar features but were not as tall; and 3) a group of beings from Antares, a red giant star in the constellation Scorpio, which were tall and red-skinned. They are the Red Giant race spoken of in the Bible and other early writings. Their descendents were known as the “Vikings,” and are obviously not as tall.
All of these groups came to the Earth during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, but did not fancy the tropical climate of these civilizations due to their fair skin and complexion, opting instead for a colder and cloudier part of the Earth.
The Nordic Pleiadeans are still in contact with humanity. One of their more famous interactions was in the Billy Meier story.

Caucasus Natural Reserve – Krasnaya Polyana Resort – Sochi National Park

The Caucasus is an amazing region with mild climate and have majestic peaks covered with ice caps, picturesque gorges, numerous waterfalls, clean mountain air and living water. In 1999, the territory of the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve (280335 hectares / 692722 acres) was included in the World Heritage List. The protected zone of the Caucasus is a real treasure, personifying the natural diversity. Since ancient times, the mountain ranges of the Caucasus have amazed travellers with its grandeur, pristine beauty of nature and the diversity of landscapes. For centuries seekers come here hoping to find among the mysterious mountains the answers to questions, to discover their way and their purpose in this incarnation. Legends says that gods reside in this mystical place but are invisible to the human eyes. Their sacred knowledge is preserved in the stones, mountains and rocks of the Earth’s crust of the Caucasus, while the guardians of the information are creatures of different races living in a reality, which is parallel to ours.