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Dr. Inglia Amora has devoted her life to uplifting the collective consciousness, healing humanity and the environment by broadcasting multidimensional wisdom, alchemical practises, and powerful keys to initiate Ascension.

Inglia is an architect of a new reality—the New Earth, a healer, a facilitator of ecstatic dances and shamanic adventures, as well as a master of Ascension. Walking through the path of Ascension, she has become an expert in holistic purification, herbal medicine, and energetic Pranic Nourishment, also called Living on Light.

Thanks to her creative and passionate work, Inglia facilitates the enlightenment of the planetary consciousness and awakens the Christ consciousness, divine potential, and brilliance of human pristine origins for a happy, graceful life in harmony and love. In this way, Inglia Amora awakens and educates leaders of the light, architects of the New Earth, and guides them to be a pure, multi-dimensional channel of crystalline light in which the holy spirit flows freely, healing and transforming their magic into abundance and generous gifts for regenerative services on Earth.

Being the Shambala ambassador, Inglia cooperates with the Galactic Council and continues the sacred mission of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti, who honoured the Earth and all humanity as United One Soul and created projects based on a Holistic Symbiotic relationship with all Life. As a result of their governance, they created the "Egyptian School of Mysteries—the Law of One," and thanks to spiritual education, led to the Ascension and eternal youth of 300 women, affirming that the breath of life comes from the Sun. Along with that, they built a village of enlightenment and education for the Ascended Masters and their students.

Whereas Inglia recommends a harmonious connection with Mother Earth for the preservation and expansion of natural heritage and biodiversity. She created the Shambala Academy to uplift humanity and conducts educational and alchemical Retreats with Shambala Expeditions to places of power and Nature reserves, where she teaches meditations, the art of breathing, transition to liquid nutrition, and Autonomy (freedom from food and other dependencies while getting nourishment from the Sun, Holy Spirit).

Inglia practises Yoga, Taoist Qigong, and Cossack Spas and conducts alchemical practises from ancient traditions along with integrative shamanic adventures and dynamic meditations, which expand consciousness, heal the heart, and awaken to the Divine One Within. These practises reveal new perspectives on manifesting the best future in accordance with the mission of your Soul.

All these methods of self-perfection and Ascension (rising above the old version of yourself), are united in a comprehensive, holistic way, aimed at the healing, evolution, and well-being of humans, society, and Nature. As a world traveller who has visited many different cultures, Inglia lives in a consciousness of Oneness, feeling that humanity and Nature are One family.

Walking the path of beauty, self-empowerment, and regeneration, she believes that holistic purification, spiritual (non-religious) education, and love can heal the world, and our connection to Nature and her rhythms plays an important factor in reconnection with the Higher Self Within.

Called to be in service to the One, the Earth, and the Whole Universe, Inglia Amora conducts group and private Ascension-Goddess Initiation Retreats, as well as consultations and online training around the world for those who are ready to become leaders of a new regenerative civilization and architects of Shambala, the New Earth.

Inglia Amora created the ReCreating Shambala project, which integrates social, metaphysical, spiritual, and ecological processes and provides insights into novel strategies in Nature restoration, design planning, and construction in order for human environments to become a vital component in the integration with and regeneration of the natural environments.

Dr. Inglia Amora is also the ideologist and founder of the Shambala Academy, which provides innovative multidimensional education as a unique magical journey that initiates spiritual and physical evolution, enlightenment, healing, and Ascension. It includes the activation of superior Pranic nourishment that significantly upgrades the cellular restoration of the organism, activates high-grade DNA to unlock supernatural abilities, have an ideal body, mind clarity, and freedom from food for harmonious Ascension.

This novel education also aims to contribute to the advancement of current restorative environmental development and regenerative design practises thanks to a holistic living systems approach through a symbiotic relationship with all Life.

At the moment, the Shambala Academy includes these multi-course educational programmes:

"New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master - God / Goddess"

"Architect of Shambala - Architect of the New Regenerative Civilization - Architect of the New Earth".

Skilfully combining the latest achievements of science and ancient sacred wisdom, Inglia is also a modern alchemist. She applies spiritual, cosmic, and natural energies to initiate mental and physical purification, holistic healing, rejuvenation, and rebirth that favour a prosperous Ascension. Having opened the flow of clairvoyance, Inglia awakens the innate multidimensional potential and helps to reveal wider perspectives of reality and the mission of the Soul in order to create the life of your dreams.

Inglia works with yogis, spiritual teachers, musicians, indigenous sages, healers, mystics, channellers, alchemists, breatharians, spiritual architects, indigo, crystalline children, and other enlightened beings who are ready to cultivate the Kingdom of Shambala within and manifest it outwardly, creating a Space of Love both for themselves and for their kind, as well as illuminating the world, to produce a magnificent regenerative impact on the Earth and for the whole of humanity.

"Live a creative life from your heart centre, from Love, from Oneness, recognise that you are the whole Universe and have everything within yourself. Therefore, once the Oneness and the Kingdom of Shambala are discovered within, they can be manifested outwardly." © Dr. Inglia Amora



Currently, Dr. Inglia Amora offers:


Private sessions and support for educational programmes:



Many people dream about pure unconditional love, harmony, joy, perfect health, and active longevity. We naturally gain this when we tune our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to higher frequencies. This alignment is like tuning a stringed musical instrument to its perfect sound. The higher the frequencies we radiate, the more sublime and magical life we live, in accordance with the universal law of resonance. Thus, walking the path of Ascension beyond the old version of ourselves, we purify our physical and thin bodies, gain mental clarity, reconnect with the Divine One Within, experience our multidimensionality, and as a result, begin to sound harmoniously, becoming part of the universal Orchestra. Aligning our will in harmony with the Universal will, the doors we need are open for us, and we successfully fulfil the goal for which we came to Earth at this uprising time of global changes.

Therefore, the most important project of your life that you will ever work on is you!


With these private sessions and education, you will:


* Reawaken within your divine potential and pristine origins.

* Activate multidimensional abilities and unleash the flow of Christ's consciousness.

* Experience more freedom, greater power, and enthusiasm to create a new reality.

* Improve the inner and outer worlds.

* Change eating habits and switch to liquid nutrition and energetic pranic nourishment.

* Get practical experience of fresh, natural days (no food and no water).

* Heal diseases and addictions to be healthy and energetic.

* Clear and activate your divine Pillar of light—a pure channel to the Higher Self.

* Ignite the crystal of your heart, expand the gates of the heart centre, and discover your heritage, talents from previous / parallel incarnations.

* Connect with your Galactic Origins and Family of Light.

* Harmonise with your multidimensionality and the true reality of being in order to initiate the destiny of the Soul, your role and service on the New Earth.

To find out
more information about these programmes as well as new perspectives and opportunities, please follow these links:


"New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master – God / Goddess"

"Architect of Shambala - Architect of the New Civilization - Architect of the New Earth".


Ascension - Goddess Initiation Retreats (Private and Group)


Change your life by taking a step towards your Soul's purpose to live a rich, melodic life in complete freedom and autonomy.

Thanks to this Ascension Retreat, you will be able to look at life from a more enlightened perspective and access your subconscious to reprogram unwanted emotional responses, mind, and body patterns, and free yourself from limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, as well as feelings of hopelessness, aimlessness, stagnation, and imbalance.

The Retreat programme is built to go beyond the usual perception of reality to reveal new opportunities for manifesting dreams and the highest future in accordance with your Soul’s mission and an octave of spiritual service on the New Earth.

Through self-discovery and self-perfection, you will be able to live a magical and creative life in complete freedom and Autonomy. The primordial approach for the Goddess Initiation consists of inspirational lectures, transformative energetic practises, creative visualisations, Yoga, Qigong, ecstatic dances, swimming, and pranayama, along with holistic purification of body, mind, and emotions.

The Retreat is designed exclusively for women who are ready for deep transformation and rebirth. This Retreat is planned for those who want to touch the peak of human potential to reach infinite abilities and harmoniously merge with the Higher Self, the Goddess within, to feel happier, more empowered, and fulfilled in all aspects of life.

More information about the “Ascension – Goddess Initiation” Retreat can be found here.


Alchemical journeys through sacred Power Places and Nature Reserves (Private and Group)


During the course of visiting Nature reserves and sacred places of power, you may experience a significant expansion of your worldview, reconnect with the all-embracing wisdom of Earth and the Universe, recharge with high-frequency energy, improve your physical well-being and mental clarity.

Join ascending Inglia to experience the seductive presence of Nature's richness and to turn life into what it was always intended to be: a blissful expression of true self-realisation from a place of deep inner peace, love, and harmony thanks to a richer understanding of life's purpose.


Professional Biography of Dr. Inglia Amora


Dr. Inglia Amora was born in the Ural Mountains, in a family of healers who live in harmony with Nature through ancient Vedic traditions. From childhood, with a strong curiosity for all esoteric things, Inglia began her journey into spiritual development, while working in her grandmother’s garden and studying in Art school.

At the age of 15, she enrolled at the Construction College of Perm and, at the same time, began working as an architect in the field of interior and landscape design and later in architectural development of residential buildings and complexes in order to provide herself with financial support. At the age of 20, Inglia continued her studies at the Ural Academy of Architecture and Arts, where she acquired a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and Landscape Design and a Master's degree in Urban Planning and Architectural and Conceptual Organisations of Settlements.

At 24, after graduating from the Academy, she moved to Moscow, where she worked in various international architectural companies as the head architect.

Fifteen years of professional experience led her to the conclusion that for the future prosperity of humanity and Mother Earth, much more attention should be paid to the Natural environment in planning, landscape design, and construction. Thus, to solve the problems associated with pollution and the loss of biodiversity, she began researching solutions to create environmentally friendly designs and constructions that will regeneratively affect people and Nature.

Thanks to her excellence, diligent work, and passion for ecological design, she received a Fulbright grant and relocated to the United States to research sustainable and ecological design based on ecosystem-thinking and the principles of biomimicry, which mimic the natural processes of ecosystems in design. Her research touches on the topics of creating efficient closed-loop urban systems, water management, and building more environmentally friendly human environments that would facilitate the transition from the industrial to the ecological age.

After receiving the Master of Science in Ecological and Sustainable Design, a road trip through the USA uncovered the consumption-driven materialistic society in which humanity has come to a critical point in everything, in terms of ecology, relationships, energy, resources, economy, and design. She concluded that deterioration would continue if a collective change in uplifting consciousness and spiritual awakening do not occur.

Such an awkward truth motivated Inglia to continue her research in Italy, at the Sapienza University of Rome. She was granted a Ph.D. fellowship, and this opportunity helped her to expand the research topic, which went beyond sustainability to more resilient and thriving ecosystems, going from ecological design to a holistic regeneration of the environment and humans, which facilitates the transition from an ecological society into a new - wise, and regenerative civilization based on ancient Vedic wisdom. Thanks to her research on "Regeneration through a holistic living systems approach towards a new civilization", a project called "ReCreating Shambala" was born with the purpose of restoring sacred knowledge and the original pristine creation of humans and Mother Nature. Shambala means the true source of everlasting love, happiness, and a Paradise on Earth.

Currently, Inglia is working on the creation of the innovative Shambala Village and the Ascension Retreat Centre for spiritual teachers, sages, healers, goddesses, alchemists, ascended masters, and their students who are on the path of self-empowerment, holistic purification, and Ascension. Moreover, she is simultaneously further developing her online educational platform, ReCreating Shambala, which promotes the universal alchemical journey to initiate spiritual and physical evolution, body rejuvenation, longevity, and harmonious cooperation between humans and Nature, which restores degraded landscapes and preserves vital ecosystems. Thanks to her projects, Inglia takes an active role in uplifting planetary consciousness, reviving an original autonomous lifestyle that reawakens humanity’s supreme origins and regenerates the Earth towards the quality of life of its pristine creation, ensuring a thriving future for generations to come.






If you have a resonance to support Dr. Inglia Amora and the Shambala Academy, which is dedicated to the revival of sacred knowledge, the multidimensional abilities of the original pristine humans, and the blooming of Mother Earth, please feel free to make a financial contribution.

Your donation will support the Shambala Academy Charitable Scholarship Fund. It is an opportunity to contribute to the development of another person's expansion to higher consciousness. By helping others become healthy, happy, and go through spiritual awakening and ascension, we nurture the good karmic seeds of opening up and sustaining the best version of our own path. You can deposit any amount, according to your heart's response. The funds raised will be used as scholarships to study at the Shambala Academy courses for people who currently have limited financial resources but have a strong desire to evolve, ascend, and acquire a new path of life and work. Become a source of magic in the lives of others, and let there be more love, light, and miracles in the world!




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