Dolmens - Portals - Wise People from Hyperborea


The sage Margelan from the Dolmen emphasises: "Dolmen are the radiance of the ancient world to present and future generations of the Earth. The dolmen can be destroyed, but the sage remains at the place where the dolmen were and awaits to be discovered.”


The dolmens of the Western Caucasus are extraordinary and mysterious structures that amaze the imagination of many. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these ancient monuments and ask, “Who created these megaliths?” “How did they build them and why?”

The largest accumulation of dolmens on Earth lies along the Black Sea coast from Taman to Abkhazia and on the northern side of the foothills of the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea. Currently, about 2,300 dolmens are described in the Western Caucasus. According to the estimates of researchers, initially there were more than 30,000 dolmens.

On average, the weight of the composite dolmen (some dolmens consist of 6 plates—4 sides, heel stone, and cover plate) is 15–30 tons. Although there are also dolmens, with only one cover plate that weighs about 20 tonnes, and the dolmen itself is monolithic and carved in stone.

In Russia, lots of research has been done, and as a result, scientists have made many assumptions about the purpose of the dolmen. Some of these beliefs are that dolmens are ancient observatories, energy sources, launch pads, teleportation points, sources and repositories of information, high energetic spots, etc. However, some of the dolmens are truly aligned with the solstices, equinoxes, and many other celestial objectives.



In actuality, dolmens are sacred structures built on a place of power, high-energy geological fault sites, by advanced Hyperborean ancestors around 10,000 years ago who had multidimensional abilities and unique and powerful knowledge of the Primary Origins. To build a dolmen, Hyperboreans did not use cranes and all sorts of machinery. The construction was carried out with the thoughts and energies that a person radiated.

People who entered dolmens were pure and perfect; they knew that everything they do on Earth, as within the family, in the surrounding environment, and even outside the planet, should be only positive and done with love, because it all comes back as a boomerang. Hyperboreans understood all the laws of the universe, so only pure thoughts were in their wishes, in words, and in deeds.

These people were able to observe the past and the future of all mankind. They lived in a symbiotic relationship with Nature and freely communicated with the spirits of nature, including plants, animals, microbes, earth elements, etc. They lived in complete harmony with the microcosm and the macrocosm, communicated with the stars, planets, and universe, and were able to see and hear all embracing creation.

Quite sadly, with time, humanity has been so dramatically changed that many people now do not feel intuition, cannot use telepathy, and out of 300 sense organs, which were originally embedded in humans, only 5–7 are available now. Also,  scientific research declares that only 4–5% of the brain’s capabilities are used.

Therefore, for modern people, this evolution and reactivation of multidimensional abilities have just started to unfold.

Ten thousand years ago, people of the Primary Origins began to notice a gradual decline of inherent human abilities and foresaw the consequences associated with this deterioration. Therefore, with the loss of inherent abilities and knowledge that they had, they began to use devices, which is now considered "scientific progress."

Therefore, the hyperborean sages voluntarily decided to enter dolmens in order to preserve and bring the knowledge of the Primary Origins to future generations, even though they would be forever chained to their dolmens and no longer be able to reincarnate on Earth.

After entering the dolmens, sages went into a deep meditation in which they dissolved their physical bodies into the light and stayed in the etheric body, retaining all the accumulated wisdom; they did not die.

As for ordinary death, usually the soul of a dead person passes into a newly born body, while these sages are in their subtle bodies, and their soul and spirit are always with them.

The round window in the dolmens was created for air circulation, and after the sage's transition into the etheric light body, it was closed with a stopper, which kept the preservation of the dolmen.

All this was done by the sages in order to transfer to the humanity of the future the knowledge, wisdom, spiritual power, abilities, attitudes, and skills that people of the Primary Origins possessed.

Therefore, through millennia, ascended masters remained alive in their etheric bodies; they stayed invisible and inaccessible to all kinds of changes that have occurred on Earth over the past ten thousand years, patiently waiting when people would awaken and visit dolmens to gain holistic ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Many millennia have passed, but no one has come to the sages. Without knowing the purpose of the dolmens and assuming that inside these structures one can find some kind of treasure or jewellery, many dolmens have been destroyed. People also supposed that dolmens interfered with their settlements and inadvertently demolished them. Over time, these places were covered with forests, but where the dolmen stood before it was demolished, the ascended master remained in the same place.

Having waited for all this time, the sages are now rejoicing that the people of the present day have begun to awaken, hear, and some see them. These ascended masters are generously sharing their accumulated knowledge, unique specialisation, and mission with everyone who, with full awareness, approaches the dolmen’s location.

These ascended masters teach us how to change ourselves in order to awaken in the physical body everything that was conceived by the Creator but is still asleep. They also bring a feeling of peace and joy, help to restore harmony within, charge with energy of healing and rejuvenation, cleanse cells of the body from toxic substances and viruses, as well as purify physical and thin bodies from negative energies and entities. They educate how to restore the original blueprint of the human physical vessel, share the accumulated knowledge from previous advanced civilizations, and much more.

All the wise sages from Dolmens, are working to clean every person from the destructive burden of their current and past lives, everything that has been accumulated over the past several hundreds or even thousands of years. Thanks to that, every person now has an opportunity to cleanse and free himself from all the hardships and weights of the past and present. All the negativity that destroys the body could be removed.

The reactivated energies and abilities of the Prime Origins allow people to better feel and communicate with their soul, recall their life purpose, find harmony with their surroundings, and gradually return the physical vessel and consciousness to their original pristine capacity. Having received from the sages these gifts and upgrades, a person gradually changes his worldview, perception, living space, and life’s direction.

On the territory of the Western Caucasus, there were discovered completely intact dolmens as well as destroyed fragments. However, the sages themselves have not gone anywhere; they see, hear, and know all the problems of modern man, and they brighten and purify the feelings, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions of those who come.

Many claim that after visiting dolmens, they have come to resolution of their problems, received healing, and have noticed an increase in happiness, joy, and love in life. They now live without tensions and fears.

To conclude, these ascended masters are waiting for conscious people who approach dolmens to become acquainted with ancient knowledge, Vedic wisdom, and avenues of regeneration for themselves and the entire planet.

Sages are working on the restoration of harmony and grace, and they are healing the spirits of all living things, as well as improving the gene pool of humanity, plants, animals, the microworld, and all of Nature.

They are patiently waiting for humanity to rediscover the whole multidimensional world around them, the way it was created by the Source.

The stones around dolmens, a.k.a. stone temples, are the repositories of the light of a dolmen. They carry information and help the sage convey his thoughts and vision to every person touching the stones. Approaching the stones, each person receives what he or she needs at the present moment.


How do I see and hear these Ascended Masters?

For communication with the sage, it is recommended to relax, free yourself from thoughts, and then direct the flow of love energy to the sage.

Imagine that your soul is like a prism that refracts a beam of light from your head to the sage’s head to ask a question, and in return, the sage will answer you in the same way. Try to feel the answer. This technique helps you to be more receptive to the answer, and it is easier to separate your own thoughts from those that came from the ascended master in order to receive a clear response.

Every person has an opportunity to hear and see sages, especially if they have developed these abilities in their past lives.

In communication with the ascended masters, there is no need to pray and worship them; it is best to approach them with love and gratitude.

If you would like to have this connection with the ascended masters, please let us know, and we will design an exclusive and unforgettable adventure for you. As a result, you will expand your consciousness, discover new opportunities, get rid of limiting beliefs, attachments, and addictions, and enrich yourself with the Vedic wisdom and high-frequency energy of love and grace that foster the flow of creativity and a new perception of reality.

You will experience these unique, full of mysteries, alchemical adventures, and hyperborean knowledge that reawaken authentic, divine nature and heritage within to become the New Multidimensional Human and to claim your special role and place on the New Earth.


Author – Dr. Inglia Amora