Story of Elbrus


Mount Elbrus is one of the seven summits, the highest mountain on the European continent. Its West summit is 5642 m (18510.5 feet) high, while the East one is 21 m shorter at 5621 m (18441.6 feet). The power of volcano Elbrus, with its majestic snow-capped peaks, is incredibly energetic, scientists consider it to be a kind of "cosmic antenna" connecting our planet with the entire Universe. Even a short stay on the slopes of the mountain allows people to absorb powerful energy, giving them mental clarity, spiritual awakening, and a physical charge. This happens because places of power have a strong effect on subtle bodies, especially the crown and heart chakras, which are a kind of link between the human body and the energy structures of the Universe.

Thus, in the high energy spots of Elbrus, re-connection with Mother Earth and the Universe takes place, the subtle bodies and the chakra system of the human body are activated, the physical body is recharged, intuition is enhanced, and supernatural abilities are activated. Once a raised vibration and expanded consciousness are experienced, they create endless positive ripples throughout a lifetime.

From generation to generation, the legends of Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism convey that there is a mysterious Kingdom of Shambala, an ascended land with divine energy, which is the focus of knowledge and wisdom, intimate power, and untold wealth. According to ancient legends, Shambala is located in the depths of the Earth as well as above the Earth, and several entrances to Shambala are located on the highest mountain peaks. As claimed by these ancient tales, the main entrance is located on the sacred mountain peak of Tibet called Kailash, and another entrance is located in Russia on Mount Elbrus.

The Mount Elbrus entrance to the underground system of Shambala was sought after by the Nazis in 1942, when a German expedition sent a special occult department of the SS called Ahnenerbe to the Elbrus region at the height of the war (Ahnenerbe means "ancestral heritage" in German). Ahnenerbe scientists arrived on the northern slopes of Elbrus along with dozens of Tibetan lamas, believing that the portal to the highest parallel worlds is located near Elbrus. They knew that in ancient times the Aryan nation lived in the Caucasus near Elbrus and was a descendant of an ancient, powerful civilization that possessed sacred knowledge and the ability to control Nature itself.

Russian legends also affirm that near Mount Elbrus there was a huge temple built by a great tribe - the Antes. The Antes were giants, grandchildren of the Hyperboreans (children of the Polar Star and Sirius). The Antes were the custodians of one of the crystals of Alatyr (a magical sacred stone with high consciousness), and they were guardians of one of the great portals to Shambala. However, they protected the portal in such a way that, to this day, only pure souls on a divine mission, who are in resonance with the frequencies of the Shambala energies can enter it. While souls who approach the portal, are not in tune with the high energies and pure intentions, they would not be able to get access, and they risk burning their bodies.

In ancient times, near Elbrus, the Antes built the sacred temple of the great creative power of Yara, which is the main energy in the Universe. It is Yara who drives the Creation. The ancient temple was built of giant stones and went into the earth for many kilometres. Its deep halls led directly to the Caucasian gates of Shambala, to the living library, and to the halls of powerful knowledge, where books on gold plates made in Lemuria, Hyperborea, and Atlantis are stored. They are written in ancient languages, and this knowledge is given to those who need it to improve and save the lives of people and Mother Earth. However, they are not available to those who want to enslave the world, this is why the Ahnenerbe scientists, sent by the Nazis, were unsuccessful in their attempts to break into the portal.

The Antes had the ability to carry heavy stones by force of thought and sound. When they took a stone from the ground, they temporarily changed its energy fields to make it light and plastic like clay, so they could give it any shape. Afterwards, they returned the energy fields to their normal state, and the stones became solid after they were positioned in place to create the temple. However, the temple, which was placed near portals in other dimensions, is not a place to worship, but to show gratitude to higher powers and for interdimensional communication with other worlds of the cosmos. This ancient temple near Elbrus was called Kiyar. Kiyar means the road or path to Yara, more precisely, it was a place that opened the way to the great creative power of Yara.

Later in time, near the Kiyar temple, the settlement of the guardians of Yara was built. It was called the city of Kiyar, and there lived the priests and priestesses of Yara. The ancient temple of Kiyar became the temple of the Sun for those who did not know its true purpose. This great temple of the Sun kept the secrets of the volcano Elbrus for many millennia, and dedicated people were priests there. The priests were giants, and then after the Earth descended from the 4th dimension to the 3rd dimension, they could no longer live in physical bodies on Earth and left through the quantum portal to the Kingdom of Shambala and other worlds.

Many centuries passed, and the temple as well as the entrance to the halls of great knowledge were overgrown with forest and hidden. Then in 2011, the ventilation shafts of these underground structures were discovered near Elbrus, but as already mentioned, when building the temple, all the entrances and vaults were protected by special electromagnetic fields that can destroy anyone who tries to overcome them by force. Also, it makes no sense to penetrate these underground vaults because, on the surface near Elbrus and on its slops, a living library of Shambala broadcasts multidimensional information through the very air, water, and stones around the mountain. All you need is to go into deep meditation and tune into higher frequencies to be in resonance with ancient records. The living library purifies the mind, teaches sacred wisdom, and reveals the great secrets of the past and the future.

Consciously connecting with Nature and the energetic forces of this power place, a person becomes more harmonious, activates innate knowledge, obtains mental clarity and wider perspectives, and is freed from fears, distorted ideas, and attachments. A person can also align with the information field of their own kin and revitalise mental and physical well-being. When awareness of the true cosmic laws of the universe is experienced, a reboot in the perception of modern life occurs, and the gap between Nature and humans is restored.

On this journey, there is an opportunity to establish deep contact with the Higher Self and to discover your true origins, roots, soul mission, and purpose of reincarnation. A new awareness of oneself is awakened, filled with a feeling of lightness, grace, prosperity, and happiness, which makes it much easier to live fully in the modern world.

Thanks to meditations, energetic practises, and shamanic journeys near Elbrus, you will have the opportunity to:

*Reconnect with your intuition, the Divine One Within, your soul purpose, life force energy, inspiration, and creativity.

*Bring the unconscious into consciousness to have epigenetics clearing. Release unhealthy parental and ancestral imprints within your DNA and cells structure.

*Purify, embrace, and integrate the shadow and fragmented parts in loving compassion.

*Initiate graceful living from the heart, make choices that are in alignment with your joy, passion, and soul's purpose.

*Establish a sovereign state of being, that supports you in being deeply anchored in your authentic expression and your gifts that are meant to be shared with the world.

*Inner Child Work: access the root cause of the patterns, triggers, emotions, and belief systems that get in the way of your true, authentic being expressing itself.

*Plant medicine: work with herbs in a deep ceremonial way, that will bring synergy into your well being, support misalignments, and help improve the energy and functioning of your body as well as your connection with Nature, the Divine One Within, and the Universe.



Dzhily-Su, the country of healing mineral waters

If you want to take a break from society and are ready for an ascetic journey, welcome to the Dzhily-Su mountain area. Here you will find the untouched Nature of the Caucasus Nature Reserve and its stunning valleys and ravines.

The Dzhily-Su tract is the pearl of the northern Elbrus region. The lunar like landscapes of this place, soft lines of green hills, quaint stones resembling huge mushrooms and castles, and the cleanest mountain rivers and waterfalls are waiting for you. And above all this magnificence, the snow caps of the two-headed Elbrus majestically rises. There are no cable lifts, no hotels (only tents), no cafes, and not even an asphalt road. In Dzhily-Su, a person finds himself alone with untouched Nature and feels with every cell of his body the powerful, indescribable energy of Elbrus. This energy and strength hidden in the depths of a sleeping volcano are rich with healing properties from numerous sources of water. The use of carbonated water with low mineralization contributes to the cleansing of the body from toxins and excess salts. Each water source is different in taste and mineral composition and has been proven to heal many diseases and prolong life. The mineral baths of the sources of Dzhily-Su tone up the body, calm the nervous system, and stimulate heart activity and blood circulation.

Kalinov Bridge is a stone bridge that was not man-made that crosses over the majestic Sultan Waterfall. In front of the bridge is one of the strongest power places of silence, - "The Tree of Life". In this place, it is good to conduct meditation. It is best to make a trip to these places on the first day for adaptation and gentle inclusion in the processes of release and healing.

Mother Stone is the place of the mother. In this place, the soul remembers its tasks, all the beliefs imposed by society disappear, and the original and authentic goals of the soul are recalled. Through the process of deep relaxation, one can see a summary of life’s events, and the connection with the purpose of the soul is restored for the development of this reincarnation.

There are three waterfalls: Sultan, Spiral, and Female. They give a tremendous charge of energy, purification and zeroing of unnecessary information, worries, and a complete renewal of the body and mind. Achieving a state of enlightenment and a fuller sense of its existence.

The women's temple is one of the most ancient temples where an altar remains. This place very deeply and gently reveals that which is connected with the feminine energies of the earth, awakens a lot of power. Here creative ideas and revelations can be found to understand how to work in relationships, how to hear different aspects of feminine power, and how to feel and support women.

The Meadow of Masters - a place where people gathered to share experiences and celebrate festivals. Place of activating social abilities and opportunities.

Stone pulp, a labyrinth, and a city of stones are places with high energy, for meditations and the acceleration of spiritual growth on the way to revealing one’s multidimensionality. Here you can tune and purify the body and transform the frequencies of energy to more harmonious heights to enrich the experience, quality, and duration of life.

The top of the Middle Sirch is the site of the most ancient temples, which have powerful positive energy and contain evolutionary memories. The site activates wisdom and skills that have been developed in previous reincarnations.

The top of the Big Sirch is a place for men’s initiation. Here is the activation of male power and collective male energy, a magnificent mobilisation and connection of male forces of different generations.

Mountain Tuzluk (2585 m), also known as the Treasury of the Sun, is the connection of all places to the power of Dzhily-Su. It is a man-made pyramidal temple that was built twenty-four thousand years ago to unite all the power points in proximity and was used by priests for solitude, self-knowledge, and ascension. This high-energy place was also used as an oracle, where predictions were made. In the present day, a person can see visions of previous incarnations and activate their galactic heritage.

Mushroom Stones are located in a place that provides powerful integration, clears the mind, and reveals a deep, transparent, and quiet state. Stone mushrooms are remnants of an ancient receiver-emitter of energy-information flows installed at the intersections of the crystalline grid of the planet. Such a kind of cosmic "radio receiver" captures not only energy flows, but also universal information.

The frequencies and vibrations detected in different places on the plateau of Mushroom Stones correspond in their level to the human chakras. Being on a plateau, it is recommended to pay attention to your deep inner self and listen to your feelings. Here one can experience a cleansing, energising, and healing of the four body energy systems (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

The Peak Kalitsky is one of the most powerful and active places.

Under the eastern dome of Elbrus, at an altitude of 3300–3400 m (10827–11155 ft) above sea level, there is an ice lake called Jikulgenkoz (translated as an eye). The lake is almost perfectly round shape with a diameter of about 4 km (2.48 miles). In its centre is the pyramid-shaped Kalitsky peak, consisting of light granite and diabase rocks that do not appear to have come from the surroundings. Its height is 3581 m (11747 ft) above sea level, or about 200 m (656 ft) above glacier level.

The top of the peak functions like a satellite communications antenna, and by its outline, the peak looks like a castle-island with towers emerging from the bottom of a high-mountain reservoir. The energy of the ice lake, measured using biolocation technology, shows the presence of a strong, negative stream of wave energy directed from space into the depths of the lake and further into the Earth. Whereas at the very peak, the flow of positive energy is even more powerful and is directed upward into the Cosmos. Thus, the ice lake and the mountain peak operate as receiving and transmitting antennas for communications.

Three kilometres from Peak Kalitsky to the north is a purification place with sources of healing dead water, which can heal various diseases. An equal distance from this place to the west, beyond the Kalinov bridge, is Iriy (also known as Paradise), a place with living water (a place that increases energy and the functional activity of the whole body).

Among the scree of the northern ridge of Kalitsky, there are carefully cleared sites of a sanctuary, a temple, and megaliths with man-made installations. Nearby is a large circular display of boulders, which is the favourite place of modern-day mystics and esotericists.

On the southern slope of Peak Kalitsky, a cave was found with hollow cavities filled with volcanic gas. Gas emissions have a psychotropic effect on a person.

There are other beautiful, strong, and peculiar places with high energy near Elbrus. Each of them conveys something very special, and every day spent here gives a new sense of self-awareness, self-reflection, and enlightenment that may take place along with inspiration for a new life.

Volcano Elbrus is full of secrets and riddles, the key to which many researchers dream of finding out. We invite you to this great secret of the highest and most mystical mountain in the Caucasus and Europe.