The ReCreating Shambala project and the Shambala Academy are designed to harmonise science and spirituality through an educational research platform aimed at improving human health and the entire ecosphere in all its beauty and complexity, including the natural processes that create and shape life's diversity.” © Dr. Inglia Amora, Master of Alchemy and Ascension, Founder of Shambala Academy and ReCreating Shambala Project, Architect of Educational Programmes:

New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master - God / Goddess

The Architect of Shambala = the Architect of a New Reality and a New Civilization


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Harmonisation of science and spirituality is defined by the idea that the basis of all materialisation comes from spiritual ground and awareness of Oneness. It has to do with the harmonious function of the whole system and the awareness of every cell in the body to serve the well-being of the whole organism. On this principle, all of creation is built, and it is the reason for the existence of Nature and society as a single spiritual whole. Oneness is the purest energy of infinite intelligence, a single field encompassing the very essence of the Universe. The consciousness of Oneness is what we embrace and live through, and this is what we see in the world around us. The purer the consciousness, the more holistic is our understanding of truth, which we discover first in ourselves before receiving confirmation from the outside. We perceive truth through the heart, thanks to all-encompassing love and pure thinking, which open doors for acquiring new knowledge and universal wisdom.


Our realisation of affinity to everyone and everything that exists, in other words, the realisation of our God-likeness, makes it possible to acquire a special harmony with everything around us and to learn about life rhythms in order to live in unison… in one current. Ultimately, this is the ability to live in love and harmony with Nature, in peace with oneself, and in balanced relationships with others. Union and tuning into all living things are key elements for us to acquire new knowledge, wisdom, and enthusiasm for co-creation.

THE MISSION OF THE WEBSITE is to inspire and guide people towards enlightenment who, by means of personal awareness of Oneness and attunement with the Higher Self, will lead a conscious spiritual evolution. This makes way for a global social transformation, a shift in consciousness, and planetary ascension.

OUR MAIN GOAL resides in spreading and cultivating awareness of the spiritual foundation of the Universe and the energy-informational process of the cosmic vastness that we know and have experienced throughout our entire ancestral lives.

Through our educational research platform, we offer mind-uplifting spiritual wisdom and scientific discoveries. This holistic education contributes to self-empowerment and ascension, namely, through works of art, lectures, mystery teachings, documentaries, online courses, workshops, conferences, books, channelings, and high-level energy transmissions. This information intends to have a healing effect and opens access to a multidimensional world where we live in a natural state of Oneness, love, harmony, happiness, and freedom.

Thanks to the educational programmes of the Shambala Academy, you can make a cosmic leap in your evolution, reactivate parapsychological abilities and fully functional DNA, reach a multiplicity of dimensions, and awaken memory of who you are on the planetary, solar, stellar, and universal levels at the same time.

We want to ignite the flame of meditative consciousness within you so that it illuminates every aspect of your life.

We are convinced that the truth of universal knowledge favours ease of being, helps a person get rid of the chains imposed by the system, and, as a result, stimulates and develops a new way of thinking in unison with Nature. We believe that the realisation of love and compassion within, divine self-awareness, and unity are fundamental to social evolution and drive forward a prosperous life for all.


THE MOTIVE OF OUR ACTIVITIES is to accelerate regeneration and ascension not just in ourselves but in our tribes collectively, and through that, we serve all humans and the entire Universe.


OUR TASK IS TO INSPIRE people to remember and realise their multidimensional selves and the purpose of their lives. We are all instruments of the Universal Orchestra, which gives us the understanding that for the performance of a chosen piece, we first have to awaken to our essence, perfect our musical skill, and then begin to play in unison with other instruments in the orchestra. We can then perform a special sound within infinity in this current time to find ways to manifest this infinity today and for eternity.

This ReCreating Shambala project and the Shambala Academy were established to revitalise the lost Garden of Eden, where human actions are based on the principle of goodwill, in which, through self-perfection and dedication, everything is gained within, which serves the development of personal and social transformation, resulting in vast opportunities to improve human lives and the health of Nature.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL SUPPORT US in driving forward a New Golden Age of the Earth through increasing awareness, providing guidance, and educational opportunities to assist with the transition to higher consciousness and ascension, which inspire human interconnected relationships with Nature and raise planetary awareness.

We are on a journey to create a New Golden Age, a New Earth, where a sense of inspiration, freedom, harmony, cooperation, and unity will flourish, resulting in optimal conditions for the evolution of each individual and a prosperous future for new generations to come.

We wish you love, harmony, happiness, prosperity, and success in your rebirth and ascension!