New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master - Architect of Shambala

In these times of change, when humanity is on the brink of an abyss, as evidenced by global crises such as: loss of biodiversity, climate change, decline of civilization and different pandemics, there is a way to maintain excellent mental and physical health, youth and prosperity without any drugs or vaccines as well as to restore the health of the Earth.

To implement this, it is essential to know that our planet, is now going through global energy shifts that induce the separation of the Earth into two realities. You have probably heard about the Old Earth and the New Earth and about the transition from the third to the fifth dimension ...

Simply speaking about spiritual realities, the time has come for Gaia, Mother Earth, to get a higher education and take her best students with her, leaving behind destruction, chaos, suffering and all negativity on the Old Earth. You can imagine it as if the Earth is divided, turning into two: the Old Earth and the New Earth - Shambala Kingdom. Consequently, those who are evolving in their self-development, successfully raise high vibrations to resonate with the energies of the New Earth, thanks to which the Shambala is achieved.




This whole process is not accidental and corresponds to the great design of the Creators, the Council of Nine. Everything unfolds according to the Divine plan.

The New Earth – the Shambala Kingdom is a place of abundant Paradise, but it is available only to the elect ones, those who have chosen themselves to ascend in harmony with the Earth. It is crucial to have sufficient willpower, patience and passion to gather the right knowledge to take the leap called Ascension.

To support humanity in making the jump as easy, fast and enjoyable as possible, an innovative Ascension Program has been developed, which is guided by world-class scientists, spiritual leaders and shamans.

Thanks to the wisdom of the ages and combining science, metaphysics with spirituality, the holistic educational program was born to initiate and embody:



New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master - Architect of Shambala & New Civilization

a Game-Changing Leader in the World



The Second Coming of Jesus Christ - an event expected in many religions, foretold in the “New Testament”, is happening now. The Christ Consciousness, his unconditionally loving heart and divine abilities awakens within us if we diligently work on self-perfection toward ascension!

The Shambala Academy presents the holistic program, which is equivalent to a Master’s Degree qualification in Holistic Health, Leadership, Regenerative Design, Spirituality and Ascension. This sacred journey of intense training and practices is intended for 1-3 years, it all depends on your progress.

This multi-course program is divided into 4 levels:

1st – Welcome & Pre-academic training – available for free

2nd - Becoming the New Multidimensional Human

3rd - Becoming the Ascended Master / God – Goddess

4rt - Becoming the Architect of Shambala / New Civilization



After graduation, the Shambala Academy will issue you these Diplomas:


Who has played enough with worldly things, outgrew the role of Ego personality and now searches for something more?

Who has a dream about transformation, a new rebirth, to start a new life and to realize life’s purpose?

Who dreams to activate and develop the divine abilities of the Pristine Human?

Once an enlightened consciousness and heart are activated, the New Multidimensional Human will be able to understand Nature, know the laws of the Universe and be a co-creator with the Prime Creator in order to bring about the revival of the environment and to inspire others by such glorious example.

Hence, who has the courage to jump over the chasm between the Old and New Earths? … to jump over the Ego-identity to feel absolute happiness with everything.

The Shambala Academy invites you to come on a journey to discover the secrets to living a happy and purposeful life. Here you will learn from the world’s best spiritual leaders on how you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, using what you already have.

You will attain uplifting knowledge and get the tools to transcend your limitations, unlock your personal power and achieve elevated states of consciousness to manifest the life you truly desire.


Evolve into the best you possible by developing and strengthening your psychic, intuitive abilities, and physical capacity to fulfill your life’s purpose and to become:


Ascended Master - Architect of Shambala

to successfully reach the New Earth! 

The Aim of this Holistic Program


The aim of this multi-course spiritual program is to end negative experiences, to turn life into what it was always intended to be: a bliss expression of true self-realization from a place of deep inner peace, love and harmony thanks to a richer understanding of life's purpose and process.

There are pivotal moments in our lives when we realize that we’ve been traveling on our path of growth toward happiness and fulfilment, but simply put, we’re ready for more. We know we’re being called to live a life that’s more fulfilling and expanded. At these times, what’s needed is not simply more changes or adjustments in our outer world but profound inner transformation. We don’t just want to rearrange the pieces of ourselves, so they look better temporarily. We want and deserve nothing less than rebirth.

This comprehensive program offers a unique opportunity to take an accelerated journey for rebirth and ascension. You will discover how to easily tap into your own source of wisdom and clarity, and deepen your connection to the most enlightened, loving part of you so you can live to your highest potential according to your soul’s mission and divine plan.

The New Multidimensional Human – Ascended Master program explores the evolution of consciousness and the ultimate potential of humanity. It showcases a diverse range of vehicles for enlightenment such as the pranayama, meditations, yoga, qigong, shamanic dances and more, all with a gentle narration that can be understood by a novice.

To enter the Tao (the flow of the Universe, the highest state of being in its transcendental function) and experience enlightenment is to answer the question: What are my origins? Is there proof that immortality is real? What secrets are hidden in spiritual traditions about life after death?

For thousands of years, the spiritual quest of the human race has been to discover the true self – the eternal light of the kundalini. At last, from the wisdom of enlightened teachers, you can discover your true nature, which is far more powerful than you have ever imagined. You can achieve the ultimate dream. You can unlock the secret to who you really are. You can open the hidden door to discover the genius within you. You can achieve enlightenment and realize your ultimate potential in this life.




Program Description


The Shambala Academy presents the holistic pragmatic manual that is designed to bring all students into a state of both personal bliss and global paradise.

This sacred journey of intense training and practices that explores the science, metaphysics, spirituality and psychology of energy and creation offers solutions to internal problems along with the problems of today's world.

This program gives you access to a magical multidimensional portal of reality and awakens innate knowledge, talents and wisdom. Developing a multidimensional awareness, across parallel realities, will help you to begin the process of alchemically transmuting blockages and unlock your full potential to harmonically reunite with the Universe. You will explore the inner potential that reveals the unity consciousness, new perspective and inspirations in creating the best future to successfully fulfil your mission on Earth. You will also learn about enlightenment, the nature of the soul, soul fragmentation, twin flames and soul mates, ascension as well as how to create your eternal crystal light body and much more.

What is ascension and why is now the time for humanity, as a collective, to make this great leap? Over the millennia, mystery schools have collected knowledge and practiced the art and science of ascension in hopes that one day, all of humanity will consciously evolve to new heights and this time is now. Therefore, it is much more than transformation and transmuting the physical body into an immortal crystal body of light. It is about reaching a coherent state of being by activating the secret fire within and drawing in the celestial fire from the infinite cosmic consciousness, the Prime Source. This requires us to reach a balance between the expansion of consciousness, spiritual wisdom and physical purification that can help us progress into fifth-dimensional consciousness and beyond.

Therefore, this ascension program is a holistic transformative journey that will reveal all the facets of your divine nature and initiate enlightenment, superior energetic nourishment and harmonic ascension process.

You will not find this material in your college or university history classes. In fact, the so-called “powers that be” who control the educational process on this planet definitely DO NOT want you to have this information.

It is said that knowledge is power. Therefore, the purpose of this education is to empower you to live an awakened life, full of creativity, compassion, happiness and love. Knowing how and why things are the way they are on Earth gives each of us clarity about future prospects that help to get rid of fear and anxiety in a hectic, collapsing society. With the accumulation of uplifting knowledge and experience, we gain the power to make effective changes, both within ourselves and the world.

Therefore, this education will challenge your deepest and most cherished ideas of reality.

Perhaps you have heard about the New Golden Age on Earth and about the Shambala Kingdom. However, this does not just happen. It is up to each one of us to make it happen, by healing and transforming our lives through body purification and soul integration. Soul integration is about aligning all parts of ourselves into a cohesive whole. We then become all-powerful, all-wise and all-loving to fulfil the promises of the mystics and seers of all ages. This holistic program will educate you to step by step how to access this divine, powerful self and will show you tangible, practical ways of manifesting the Shambala that has been promised since time began. This New Earth is destined to be a part of your lifetime, this lifetime, here and now.


When you are living as the New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master, you will be able to:


Discover the zenith of your brilliance and learn about the nature of your existence. You will awaken to your infinite potential and realize your life’s purpose

Open, activate and anchor your 13 fifth-dimensional chakras to accelerate your spiritual development, and access the knowledge and lessons each chakra holds at a more profound level

Unlock innate wisdom, ancient knowledge, gifts and talents that have rested dormant within you to contribute to a life of joy, peace, love and fulfilling service

See things from a different and enlightened perspective so you can clearly know how to move forward in any situation

Work toward your spiritual potential and fulfil your soul’s mission

Master the present moment to feel more energetic and vital

Access your subconscious mind to change your brain wave patterns

Gain strategies for reprogramming your mind and body to change yourself and your life


The New Multidimensional Human program is for you if you would like to:

Feel happier, more empowered and fulfilled in all aspects of your life

Embody ascension qualities of unconditional love, kindness, generosity, honesty, integrity and compassion

Develop intuitive senses, connection with the Divine One Within to establish inner guidance

Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns, release limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, overcome feelings of directionless, stagnation or imbalance

Feel harmony and truly at home, calm and aligned in yourself and confident in your direction

Access guidance, wisdom, lessons and answers from your past lives and universal origins

Discover the divine magical roots of ancient practices including various energetic practices, meditations, ecstatic dancing, pranayama, Taoist Qigong, Yoga, Japanese Zen Art, Tibetan Dzogchen and others to create magical shifts in every part of your life. You will get powerful practices that help connect you with the heart and soul

Gain a new, regenerative world view to build a bridge to a new humanity

Connect with your Higher Self, the Universe within and align your life with your own compass of love and joy, which will reveal your deepest heart’s desire, guiding you to realize your own unique genius to apply it to create the best world for all

Learn how to create a new regenerative civilization from current chaos

This Program Includes:

E-MEDIA: stream e-books, audio books, ancient mystery teachings, documentary films, educational & spiritual series, lectures, and meditations

ONLINE LEARNING: workshops, online courses and symposiums from today’s foremost teachers to awaken your inner God-Goddess and harness the magic within you

ONLINE RETREATS on Shamatha, Vipashyana, Mahamudra, Tibetan Dzogchen, Dream Yoga and more

ECSTATIC DANCE & ENERGETIC PRACTICES from different ancient traditions, including Taoist Qigong, Zen, Yoga, T‘ai chi and others

ACADEMIC MATERIALS on human and environmental restoration, regenerative design and development, innovative ecovillages, permaculture, herbalism, organic gardening, landscape design and much more ... to co-create the New Earth!

Practical techniques and shamanic practices for healing and expanding your emotional and spiritual heart so you can experience an effortless connection with your own Source, Divine One Within

Precise instructions on how to do breathing techniques that will take your meditations to the next level

Powerful techniques to let go of the past, defrost the walls around your heart, and experience genuine love and compassion for yourself and others

Step-by-step instruction on God - Goddess initiation, including energetic nourishment and sacred dances

Insights into the history of the Earth and how to use ancient practices for modern-day empowerment, healing, rejuvenation and ascension

Downloadable guided meditations, activations and exercises to supercharge and reconnect your heart, mind and body to assist you in cultivating your Divine magic for rebirth and ascension



At these grandiose times of change, your best step toward an energetic renaissance, self-perfection and ascension could be achieved thanks to this holistic multi-course program, so you will successfully reach the Shambala kingdom and the New Earth.


Here you can learn more about the ACADEMIC PROGRAM

To enroll into this program, please contact us.


For outstanding students the Shambala Academy offers scholarships and wonderful opportunities.