«Any accumulation of experience and knowledge means another step in the development of the worldview. By creating an image of the world, the thinking person changes himself at the same time.»

© Karl Gustav Jung

We came to the planet to remove restrictions and create access to information as well as introduce the highest frequencies of love, light and knowledge. Since information is light, the more we open ourselves to the universal knowledge of creation, the higher the frequency of our vibrations and the more happiness, love and serenity in our life. Therefore, we heartily share with you our Living Library of Shambala, that would help you to reveal the multidimensional territories of awareness, your connection with the expanses of space and explore the history and secrets of the Earth. Light informs and raises you because when you are informed and have knowledge you feel internal strength in yourself.

The best works have been collected in the Living Library of Shambala from a variety of sources. A new cycle of knowledge awaits you to increase the information capacity. Discover a new expanded state of consciousness for a happy life in these times of tremendous changes on Earth.

The purpose of creating a Living Library is to help you enrich yourself with knowledge, to gain a state of unlimited freedom, master the valleys of eternal youth, vital energy, expression of creativity and the knowledge that each thought determines your reality.

When you begin to learn vital information about the nature of reality and the science of new opportunities, you create a new connection in your brain. Reflecting and pondering everything that you have learned, you force your brain to activate in a new way, so you change your own mind and then new thoughts lead you to new perspectives of consciousness and options. New options direct you to new actions, creating new experiences which generate new emotions and sensations that evoke new thoughts. All this is called EVOLUTION to consciously shape your new reality. By collecting information bit by bit, you add new stitches in the weaving of the tapestry of a successful life.

Going deep into reading the literature of the Living Library of Shambala, you can expand the boundaries of your consciousness, which means the boundaries of reality and open the door to an amazing new world, the New Earth filled with divine love and light.

Also, thanks to reading, activation of knowledge that is stored in your subconscious helps to awaken to your inner guidance and become a well-defined and powerful force with an opportunity to realize your purpose and fill your life with joy, abundance, creativity and freedom.

Having discovered for yourself new sources of information you will learn to control the energies of your internal Universe and take the path of unity for the experience of Оneness with All that Is. This is a great return to the Truth that the soul longs for. This is a feeling of perfect love and our Living Library of Shambala will help you achieve it as well as recreate the kingdom of Shambala, both within and outside of yourself.