Mexican Pyramids and Moorea Island : Gateways to the Stars

Maya temple sites are multi-layered matrices of star maps that the ancient Maya built on Earth.

Each one of the astounding Mexican pyramids was built in a specific geographic location in order to represent and channel the energy of the land.

The energy of each of these specific temples represents a chakra energy of the human body.

1.Uxmal (Mexico): the base chakra of a new cycle

2.Labna: the sexual chakra, union of opposites

3.Kaba: the third chakra, willpower

4.Chichen Itza: the heart chakra, unconditional love

5.Tulum: the throat chakra, sound currents and manifestation

6.Kohunlich: the third-eye chakra, the pituitary gland-psychic abilities

7.Palenque: the pineal chakra, preparing for the next world

8.Tikal (Guatemala): the base chakra of a new Cycle

The Maya knew this long ago. They also knew a lot more, as the world is about to find out what this female part of the Unity Consciousness Grid is connected to is many more spirals of female energy.

Tikal is connected to the beginning of another octave of temples that are directed south. It also is connected to a different octave of temples headed north, which eventually reconnects and forms an enormous circle coming from the south.

To understand this better, just imagine how the eight primary chakras in the human body are arranged. Then look at the temple complexes, and you’ll realize their energies are connected together in exactly the same manner. Each temple holds the energy of a specific chakra. For example, just as the fourth chakra in the human body is the heart chakra, so would the fourth temple hold the same heart energy.

There is more esoteric information concerning purpose, which has to do with the Unity Consciousness Grid around the Earth. It is these temples, and other sacred sites, that actually create the impetus to form the Unity Consciousness Grid around the Earth. Without them, we would be unable to move into the higher levels of consciousness.

So, these spirals of temple energy keep reversing direction each time an octave-of-eight temples is reached. They move south from Guatemala into Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and then Peru. In Peru, at Lake Titicaca between the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon, there is a ninety-degree turn of the energy, which then heads out toward the Pacific Ocean by passing through Chile. In the Pacific Ocean this female energy continues along the ocean floor until it reaches Easter Island, where it continues until it reaches an incredible island called Moorea. The center of the axis of the Unity Consciousness Grid is in the middle of the island of Moorea.

If you continue through the Earth with this axis, you come out of the surface of the Earth in Egypt, about one and a half miles / 0.8 kilometers from the Great Pyramid. This spot in ancient Egypt was clearly marked.

Moorea holds a vast significance for humanity. She focuses the entire energy of the Unity Consciousness Grid through the center of her heart-shaped island landmass. Moorea is the most female location in the world.

From Tikal in Guatemala the energy also heads north, moving through more Mayan temples and then into Aztec temples, continuing through Mexico until it reaches the U.S. border. Just over the border in New Mexico, according to the Apache tribe, this female energy continues to move through three physical pyramids that were built by Native Americans long ago. These pyramids were needed to bridge this energy further north, as no natural energy field existed there. As it reaches the Taos Pueblo and Taos Mountain, it continues to Blue Lake, the most sacred lake of the Taos Pueblo, where there is a 90-degree turn, just like at Lake Titicaca only in the opposite direction. Blue Lake, though it is much smaller in size than Lake Titicaca, channels this female energy in exactly the same manner and with the same power.

From Blue Lake, the energy moves to Ute Mountain. It continues west at this point, moving from sacred site to mountain top, to sacred site, until it reaches Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake, and Pyramid Lake in California and Nevada. It then moves rapidly into the Pacific Ocean, continuing along underwater mountains and energy points until it reaches the island of Maui and the Haleakala Crater. From there it begins to head south, following the chain of islands that long ago used to be ancient Lemuria. Its final destination is again the island of Moorea, competing the circle.

This female energy of the Unity Consciousness Grid more or less makes an enormous circle in two parts, both meeting in Moorea. Moorea is an interesting and awesomely beautiful island. It is formed in the perfect shape of a heart and has a coral reef surrounding it that is also in the shape of a heart. Each house on the island has a heart shape somewhere on it facing the street. There your body can feel the love.

This Unity Consciousness Grid was started over 13,000 years ago and is just now being completed.

What we have just spoken of is but a small portion of the entire web of pyramids, temples, churches, monasteries, synagogues, ashrams, sacred buildings, mosques, stone circles, et cetera, along with natural phenomena such as mountains, valleys, springs, rivers, lakes, bodies of water, and most importantly, vortexes, et cetera, that have been consciously altered through geomancy and function as a single unit that truly creates the Unity Consciousness Grid that surrounds the planet.

If you really knew the interconnected relationships between all of these sacred sites that are represented by over 83,000 worldwide sacred sites alone, not to mention all the rest that are natural, you would be in awe. Especially when you realize that it was a single consciousness that conceived, organized, and created this astounding Web of Life that the world calls the ‘grids.’

This Unity Consciousness Grid is the only thing between human extinction and human ascension.

The female aspect of the Unity Consciousness Grid needs to be balanced to make the geometrical changes in the grid that allow the possibility for the new sacred female consciousness to become a living reality. So that women everywhere will remember their intimate connection with God and thereby know exactly what to do to bring balance in this world, and further.

Now the female is about to be given the power to decide the direction in which the Earth moves.

Excerpt from the book «Serpent of Light» by Drunvalo Melchizedek