The Hyperboreans, Nordic Pleiadeans and Siberian Shamans

There were three groups of extraterrestrials that started colonies in what is today Scandinavia, as well as Greenland and parts of northern Russia.
1) a group of Pleiadeans from one of the star systems in the seven sisters, called the “Nordics,” who were tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes; 2) another group of Pleiadeans from a different star system outside the seven sisters, who have come to be called “Hyperboreans” who had similar features but were not as tall; and 3) a group of beings from Antares, a red giant star in the constellation Scorpio, which were tall and red-skinned. They are the Red Giant race spoken of in the Bible and other early writings. Their descendents were known as the “Vikings,” and are obviously not as tall.
All of these groups came to the Earth during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, but did not fancy the tropical climate of these civilizations due to their fair skin and complexion, opting instead for a colder and cloudier part of the Earth.
The Nordic Pleiadeans are still in contact with humanity. One of their more famous interactions was in the Billy Meier story.




The groups known as “Hyperboreans” actually started in three places. One of these were a group of Pleiadeans that began in northern Scandinavia and far northwest Russia, near Sweden and north of the modern-day city of St. Petersburg, Russia. They gradually migrated farther south in search of plentiful wildlife and a slightly longer growing season.
At the same time, another group of Nordic Pleiadeans began in northern Siberia and gradually spread down through the Ural Mountains and eventually into the Caucasus range.
Concurrently, the Far East Asian blend of Andromedan and Pleiadean cultures slowly spread westward until they reached the eastern boundaries of the Urals. Some of them made it all the way to the Black and Caspian seas and eventually interbred with the Middle Eastern tribes, who were primarily Sirian and Orion.

A few managed to migrate even farther westward into what today is Bulgaria and Romania, becoming the forerunners of the Thracian races.

Today, some of the descendents of the Hyperboreans are practicing shamans living in the Lake Baikal region of southern Siberia. Groups of Pleiadean and Andromedan hybrids living in Mongolia moved northward into the lower elevations of the Baikal region where the growing season was a bit longer.

Although the Baikal region was, in essence, the “banana belt” of southern Siberia, it was far from being capable of supporting crops such as bananas, or even the plants of a more temperate climate. Most tribes lived on local edible plants. Those living along the shores of Lake Baikal had an abundance of fish found in the world’s deepest lake.

Today, these tribes still practice forms of shamanism, which in essence means having a conscious relationship with the spirits of the plants and animals. Medicine men and women receive guidance from the elemental and nature spirits as well, and they are instructed in how to formulate herbs and potions for the healing of almost every malady.

Exempt from the book of Sal Rachele “The Real History of Earth”


Everyone wants to live a meaningful life, to reach a certain level of consciousness and master it, to enter where no one has entered before.

The inscription "Know yourself" on a temple in Delphi is considered the key to life. Self-knowledge includes the concept of immersing oneself in one’s own consciousness and exploring the various facets of one’s Self in a variety of dimensions. In this way, it is possible to find questions and answers that would bring the consciousness to other worlds.

Inside of consciousness there is a certain matrix with an archive of all the necessary knowledge, a database, where upon activation, you can access your highest Path. After all, you are on the planet in order to create a new matrix of consciousness for the entire human race as a whole and this adventure begins inside. You can activate this information through clear intent and synchronization with the living library of the Earth.

The Earth contains all the knowledge you seek and your consciousness influences what the Earth can reveal to you. How to get access to knowledge? Where are the keys to discovering information so that this knowledge can be yours? Information is stored in power places and sacred stones.

The ancient inhabitants of the Earth created libraries, radically different from the libraries of today. Before building library temples, shamans of the tribe and leaders of certain cultures made trip to a certain place where a special stone was kept. This stone was cleansed in a certain way and prepared to ensure that it was embedded in information. Then, using telepathy, information was transmitted from the consciousness of people to the structure of the stone. After that, the geometric shape of the library temple was developed, and the builders used the natural shape of the Earth’s surface and the terrain’s energy flows in a way so that all knowledge could be fully preserved in sacred geometry shapes, colours and in a cohesive stone structure. In this way, the stones are the "skeleton", the osseous system of the Earth.

The ancients built temples and megalithic structures composed of knowledge-infused stones in certain geographical points of the planet to accumulate the vortex energy of the portals of various star systems such as Sirius, Pleiades and Arcturus and use them as a window to other dimensions. Thus, information exchange between star systems was possible which passed through the chain "Man-Earth-Star System". When you visit these places, which are also called the power points of the Earth, you allow these energies to penetrate into your physical body and activate the matrix of your own spiritual development to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Such places and temples as transmitting stations allow the activation of knowledge and using creative energy for self-empowerment, as well as benefits humanity with calendars or oracles, serving as a trigger factor for the expansion of consciousness.

Every time when you enter the energy space of the Sacred place and deliberately imagine the opening of your chakras, the energy associated with your individual memory begins to flow into them, and the energy space around you is activated. Imagination is the most powerful of all forces available to humanity. The ancients had the ability to feel an excess of imaginative energy in such places. They learned to enter and use the energy of certain locations where energies of one kind merged with energies of another, creating an energy vortex. They learned to participate in the process of merging several dimensions and worlds.

Every time you visit such a place, you contribute to the acceleration of your spiritual development, activate the matrix of your consciousness and get new insights and ideas. At the same time, you are helping to launch events that help the people of Earth recognize their value as spiritual beings and choose the right path of development.

Visiting sacred places, you open temporary locks with the keys of your consciousness, you launch various energy combinations that hold the bright memory of past events. When you absorb this energy and devote yourself to the cause of the Light, you work with a clear intention, opening energy and temporary locks with the spirit of Love which sends a ripple effect of change and rebirth all over the planet.

These sacred spaces built on the principle of Sacred Geometry, applying mathematics and geometry together with the knowledge of the planets and stars, is the basis for building inputs and outputs between realities. The Pyramids of Egypt, Delphi, Machu Picchu, Elbrus, Belukha Mountain, Kailas and many other geographic points serve as portals in other dimensions. For instance, on Elbrus there is a door, a huge energy funnel, a portal consisting of time corridors. There are also huge caves with an extensive library and objects of ancient cultures, indicating the antiquity of human civilization.

However, to gain knowledge and activate multidimensional memory, there is no need to penetrate inside the mountain, because the whole space is filled with prana, containing everything necessary to merge with this energy funnel. When you meditate on the frequencies of Love, in the presence of knowledge-infused stones, the electromagnetic radiation that you emit is the driving force for the manifestation of information stored in stones… and bones. Stones perfectly resonate with bone tissue and stones nourish bones. In this way, information is exchanged and physical healing occurs. When you share what you know, you contribute to the development of all mankind by spreading knowledge across the globe, which fosters the successful transition of humanity into the higher dimensions of the Earth.

It's time to feel the inspiration that comes from the depths of your being. The time for realizing your goal has already arrived, and as representatives of the family of light, you bring to Earth an era of light, the united transition of consciousness toward planetary ascension.

Summarisation from the book “Earth. Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library" by Barbara Marciniak