Academic Program for New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master - Architect of New Civilization

How to grow from a 3d Planetary Human into a Galactic Multidimensional Human?



It can be done exclusively by “polishing” consciousness and purifying the body. Everyone can do this thanks to four main points:





AUTONOMY - This is the evolution of a true master, the ability to evolve independently, without being dependent on external sources. This is the development of inner integrity and inner power. Accept and do not reject everything that comes to you, as well as do not hold on to everything that leaves you. Then you will conquer the peak of your mountain as quickly as possible. Even all the masters taken together are not able to raise your level of vibration for you. A person can be helped to fill up with vital energy from the outside, which will give him/her the ability to rely on his/her actions from a higher point of awareness. But raising the vibrations of one’s vital energy and consciousness is everyone’s effort. A person achieves exactly as much as the effort he/she puts in. Nothing in the Universe impedes our development, except for ourselves.

INTEGRITY - this is the raising of all three foundations at once, the so-called trinity of body, soul, and spirit. The expansion of consciousness is based on the volume of vital energy. The accumulation of vital energy is based on the purity of the physical body and vice versa: in a healthy body - a healthy mind. If you develop holistically, in a trinity, then the evolution of the transformation is as effective as possible. Otherwise, the development will not be harmonious and some of the foundations may go out of resonance.

PURITY - This is the constant maintenance of purity of the body, soul and consciousness. Watch your diet, because "We are what we eat." What is food - such is consciousness, what is consciousness - such is mind, what is mind - such are desires, what are desires - such are actions, and what are actions - such is fate. Human nutrition depends on the level of evolutionary development. And vice versa, by changing our nutrition, we contribute to our development. Here, the direct and inverse relationship of the development of the body, soul and consciousness through nutrition is hidden. Arrange yourself at least once a week, a day without food. It promotes cleaning and further development.

LIVE "HERE AND NOW" - means not to rush and not fuss. The quality of the future is built from a multitude of “now” moments. Many are in a hurry to achieve something or to master something, thinking that after acquiring what they want, they will be happy and wealthy. For example, they are in a hurry to build a house, to reach a certain level in development or career, to achieve the same nutrition with prana or some other super-abilities, or just to save money. People spend their health and nerves to earn money, and then spend it on restoring their lost health, while often, in this pursuit, people lose their moral integrity and conscience.

Life is not a goal, it is every moment, every second on the way to the goal. At whatever level of evolutionary development, we are, there will always be a step higher. The path is like climbing stairs. Rise while maintaining Conscious Will and Love. And if each step is completed in joy, then the whole path will be overcome in harmony and happiness!

Maintain constant purity and trinity! Do not expect happiness in the future, be happy here and now, and then your path will be glorious, successful and harmonious!

A Brief Overview of Syllabus Outline:

Starting Your Journey - Become Superhuman.

The Real History of the Creation and Earth, including many Suppressed Topics, Advanced Technology and what to Expect in the Future.

Achieving Optimum Health.

The Immortal Path: Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Tantra, Pranayama, Ecstatic Dance and much more.

The Foundation for Ascension. Secrets of the Crystal Light Body Activation.

Reconnecting with Gaia Consciousness. Healing Power of Nature: Herbal Medicine & Shamanism.

Body Nourishment and Raw for Life.

Buddhist Wisdom and Heritage. Meditation RETREATS on Shamatha, Vipashyana, Mahamudra, Dzogchen and Dream Yoga.

Reawakening the New Multidimensional Human. Creating a New Relationship with Your Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Dive into the Infinite Intelligence within You to Awaken Your Inner Power, Wisdom, and Emotional Courage.

Initiation to Become the Creator of Your Own Reality. Destiny Retrieval Journey.

Living an Awakened Life: Love, Purpose and Ascension. Re-establishing Connection with the Heart.

Ancient Mystery teachings. Getting Beyond Yourself.

The Power of the Present Moment.

The Awakened Soul for Ultimate Result: Happiness, Enlightenment and Ascension.

Breatharianism. The Alchemy of Pranic Nourishment.

Ascended Master - Goddess Initiation.

The Sacred Gaia. Magnetic Portals to the Gods, Linking the Earth to the Sun.

Vedic Heritage, the Shambala Matrix, and the New Earth.

Moving toward Wholeness. Evolution through Biological Change.

The future of humanity - the Shambala Kingdom and the New Civilization.

Becoming a Cosmic Co-Creator, Spiritual Evolutionary Leader, and Social Innovator.

Game Changer Symposium.

Becoming the Architect of Shambala and New Civilization.

What You Will Learn:




This course brings together many years of research into the brain and human biology to present the latest findings on what is humanly possible for creating massive transformation in our lives. In fact, you have a supernatural ability to create a new future, in your own image. We are not hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of our lives, nor are we doomed by our genes. You will experience the power to shift your life by shifting your thoughts. With information on the structure and function of the brain and the energy centres of the body, you will be ready to get started on your journey into the quantum realm. You will also learn critical practices that are fundamental to the rest of the program, such as breathing techniques to open up your heart and uplift your mind. Finally, using the breath, you walk through powerful exercises to bless your energy centres, creating more balance and wholeness. You have the capability of becoming supernatural, which means being able to change your body and your world by thought alone.




This course explores the miracle of our existence by meandering through the wonderland of geometry, science, ancient history and recent discoveries. This knowledge leads to ascension and the New Earth.

From the pyramids and mysteries of Egypt to the new race of Indigo children, teachings present the sacred geometries of reality and the subtle energies that shape our world. We are led through a divinely inspired labyrinth of science and stories, logic, and coincidence, on a path of remembering where we come from and the wonder and magic of who we are.

This teaching is one of those windows, which illuminate the mysteries of how we came to be, why the world is the way it is and the subtle energies that allow our awareness’s to blossom into its true beauty.




The processes of cleansing and detoxification are intricate and important to understand in relation to your body. In these lectures we learn why we cleanse, who should cleanse, and how to execute it effectively. We also learn ways that you can be an active part of optimizing your health and ultimately improving your quality of life.

These lectures will educate on:

The role of hormones and their relation to energy levels

Ways to improve metabolism with the goal of healing and rejuvenation. Learn how to listen to your body and choose the right foods to keep your metabolism moving and find your healthy weight, to enhance the body’s ability to deal with stress and reduce anxiety.

You will also learn about how diet, digestion, and organ function can all influence the pH levels of various fluids within our body.

This is an important nutritional education for those interested in pursuing a plant-based or raw food diet and achieving optimum health.





This course takes you on a journey through mystical landscapes and never-before-seen ashrams.

We explore several schools of qigong, tai chi and yoga to uncover the secrets of tapping into our potential and to reach the goal of Taoist practice - to ascend and become immortal.

We also explore one of the most influential, diverse, and misunderstood spiritual traditions: tantra.

As you dive into this exciting course you will make distinctions between traditional tantric practices and the sexual practices associated with today's Neo-Tantra interpretation. You will learn about the use of mantras, yantras, and mudras, understand the importance and practice of pujas, and discover the ancient traditions and ceremonies of the yoginis that are all facets of the tantric path.

Siddhis, or yogic superpowers, are said to be cultivated through an exceptional mind and body connection, derived through meditation with a specific intention. Powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, the ability to heal, levitation, flight and others are possible siddhis.

You will discover a whole new way to experience yourself and your life in order to succeed in your self-perfection and ascension journey.





This course specializes in history, principles, benefits of ascension and introduces you to the core exercises, knowledge and practices, which you need to raise your vibration, purify your mind, and body in order to reach the fifth dimension and the New Earth. 

Throughout the ages, the ancient wisdom schools have taught that our true potential and our highest purpose involve Transfiguring or Metamorphosing into the next level of human evolution as divine light beings. The light form is composed of finer vibrations than our physical body and it gives form to our physical body. It has been termed the immortal crystal light body, the rainbow body, the Christ body, and the Etheric body, among other names.

This course offers practical spiritual facts about the eternal crystal light body and real secrets with keys to awaken and empower it. You will feel the energy in your body come alive as you learn: What is the eternal crystal light body? What is it made of? How does it function? What are its powers? What does it take to develop its powers?

Additionally, in order to become fifth-dimensional, you have to activate all 13 of your powerful energy centres to create a column connecting you from the Earth to the Prime Source, rather than just the seven chakras available to you at a third-dimensional level. Each chakra holds the symbols, lessons and challenges you have to learn for your ascension. Also, you will learn how to purify, expand and strengthen your aura, anchor and light up fifth-dimensional chakras, enabling you to unlock the magnificent spiritual gifts, galactic heritage and talents that have been dormant within.

This course also shares powerful tools for spiritual and physical ascension. It provides meditations and energy transmissions so that you can use these resources to bathe in new uplifting energies that will assist you in activating your full potential, explaining the crystallization process of cellular structuring and DNA upgrades to become the Ascended Master.




Much of our modern-day pain, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma comes from a disconnection from each other and the natural world. However, the careful use of herbal medicine could help to get back to Gaia consciousness and alleviate many of these painful symptoms.

Contemporary institutions are rediscovering what ancient keepers of plant medicines already knew about the importance of our connection with the natural world. They are reviving that every ecosystem holds a plethora of neurotransmitters naturally produced by the flourishing fauna. In the soil below, we find a network connecting all of these plants enabling them to communicate with each other.  Therefore, this course explores how plant medicines could give us the means to reconnect and heal in our most needed ways.

Sacred plants, as stewards of the Earth, may have the capability to help us usher in a positive, regenerative future where spirituality and supernatural abilities have returned as an important part of the human experience. What we can learn from indigenous shamanic cultures, that have these medicines integrated into their psycho-spiritual-social cultures, may help heal humanity and re-establish a harmonic human relationship with Nature.




The pursuit of ultimate perfection requires energy potential, but slagged body does not have it. For example, if we take the energy potential for 100%, then 10% of the person spends on mental activity, 10% on physical activity, and 80% on the digestion process. We do not just waste too much energy idle, but also acidify the body with dead, unhealthy food. Nutrition is the foundation for spiritual and physical development. A person should not only care about the purity of consciousness and the improvement of energy potential, but also cleanse the body and mind.

A change in nutritional pattern is inextricably linked to changes in thinking. Thinking is also a consequence of world perception, and world perception is a consequence of a change in the power of consciousness. The power of consciousness is a consequence of the frequency of vibrations, and you can increase the frequency of vibrations by changing your diet.

This course would help to be stronger, reverse the aging process, prolong life, improve body performance, maintain optimal weight, and establish nutrition on the right path.

Raw for Life course inspires with the raw food philosophy, the wisdom of eating a raw food diet, important medical facts and nutritional information. You will learn about the different kinds of plants and herbs, how to prepare them and what you need in order to transition to a healthier and more energetic state of being.





These Meditation retreats focus on three of the six transitional processes, namely:

-the Transitional Process of Living, with teachings on Shamatha, Vipashyana,

-the Transitional Process of Dreaming, with teachings on dream yoga, and

-the Transitional Process of Meditation with teachings on Dzogchen meditation.

These teachings are based on the text the Profound Dharma of the Natural Emergence of the Peaceful and Wrathful from Enlightened Awareness Stage of Completion Instructions on the Six Transitional Processes, an “Earth terma” of teachings by Guru Padmasambhava, revealed by Karma Lingpa in the fourteen century.

Here you may allow yourself to be transformed by Buddhist wisdom focusing on acting as an instrument of love and the interconnection of all sentient beings. You will learn how to connect with an unbounded openness of mind and bring peace that leads to illumination, rejuvenation and longevity. You will have the opportunity to realize the transformative practice of stepping into timelessness, infinity, and enlightenment thanks to ancient wisdom and techniques.







In this magnificent course, you will learn how to create a new, enlightened, dynamic relationship with the most powerful force in your life—the field of love that dwells within you, and how to bring that energy out into every aspect of your life. You will learn about:

-That your true source and power is in your Sacred Space of the Heart.

-Tantra of the Heart

-How to create Alpha and Heart Orgasm

-How to program your Merkaba

-How to activate your Divine Beams of Light

With these profound lectures and deep, effective meditations to help you connect with the love inside, as well as clear techniques for finding your way beyond your personality back to your divine essence, you will begin to experience more love, happiness, and peace. That will help you to re-activate your Original Pristine Template to sussed in your ascension.




You will have the opportunity to reconnect with the divine intelligence that resides within you and surrounds you all the time. By tapping into a space of silence you will be able to make conscious contact with this divine intelligence, the creative source of everything. Now is the right time to reconnect with the ultimate power inside you, tap into your own source of wisdom, and deepen your connection to your most authentic self. You will learn how to tune with an astounding capacity to experience that source of energy in the form of love, creativity, and inner knowing. You will learn how to recalibrate your energetic vibration, so you stop sabotaging your success and happiness.





Every person on Earth has a divine destiny that was decided before they were born. This destiny is a unique gift and a purpose each of us can fulfil, but to do so most successfully, we have to consciously connect to what is divinely planned for us.

Intuitive exercises, practical advice and enlightened guidance will lead you to rediscover who you truly are and to your highest calling.

In this course, we also gain a unique understanding of the Akashic Records, which contain all information from every dimension of reality to truly understand who we are and our place in the universe. In addition, we also learn about, what it means to transcend the body, and the third dimension, for that we need to understand the four pillars of reality. These can be perceived as four stages in the circle of life: birth, growth, reproduction, and death. As we cycle through the four pillars of reality, we gain the experiences needed to ultimately transcend the third-dimension physicality and continue our existence into higher dimensions of being. We progress through the conscious evolution needed to transcend the third dimension and piece together our connection with the Universe.

To sum up, you will have a deeper understanding of how your unique soul journey, talents and Universal support network can be united to let your light shine through, so your true mission emerges.





In this course, you will receive knowledge and practices that prepare you to live in love all the time. You will learn how your heart is a unique electromagnetic power source that influences the hearts of everyone around you, whether or not you interact with them directly. What this means is that you have the power to change the world by healing and opening yourself. You will experience sublime meditations for calling forth love and uplifting practices for sacred living, so you can become a blessing to everyone.

Thanks to this course you may reveal your heart’s natural intuitive guidance to better manage stressful emotions, eliminate negativity and increase resilience. You will have the opportunity to experience scientifically validated techniques for activating your heart power and intelligence. Learn to move from depletion to renewal and from stress to ease to reawaken your innate potential.

Your choice for love will have profound consequences, it will show up in how you live, work, and relate to everyone. You will become a powerful force of light that will transform and regenerate the world around you.




Revelations from quantum science reaffirm ancient mystery school teachings.

Therefore, in this mystical course you will:

Study complex concepts from ancient teachings and quantum physics to bring up real-world ways to deepen spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life.

Discover how you can change the way you live and think, to paradigm shift into a new reality.

Explore the mysteries of human potential. By combining science with metaphysics, we gain a balance between spiritual wisdom and physical practicality to become fully awakened galactic beings.

Get the alchemical tools you need to make real changes and transmute your reality into a higher state of being. Then you can begin healing every part of yourself and the world around you

Dive into the concept of shifting your awareness from matter to energy in order to bring the desired future into the now.

Learn the vast differences between the realm of materialism and the realm of energy so that you can clearly understand why keeping your focus on the material world interferes with the creation of the life you desire.

Thanks to meditations on getting beyond yourself, you may connect with the Divine One Within and experience greater degrees of wholeness, oneness, and unity. You will understand how you can shift your life and create the future you most desire by tuning into the Divine.




Where do you tend to spend most of your time: the past, the present, or the future? We will dive into why we get caught up in thoughts of the past or the future and shed new light on why

the present moment is our greatest source of power: because in every moment, we are given a new fresh start, the past is forgiven, and the future has infinite potential.

“The awakening of human consciousness is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity for the survival of our species. It is up to each of us as individuals to embody the state of aware presence and thus rise above the egoic mind and its dysfunction.

When a sufficient number of humans undergo this transformation, this will bring healing and sanity to our planet.” —Eckhart Tolle

These profound, yet simple teachings will help to experience a state of vibrantly alive inner peace in daily life. These ideas focus on the significance and power of Presence, the awakened state of consciousness, which transcends ego and discursive thinking. This awakening is the essential next step in human evolution.




Our world is going through a powerful and wonderful transition, as the collective soul of humanity is awakening. To help us better understand this transformation, we go on a cosmic soul quest, to discover the secrets and science of ascension. Through this journey, you will learn how to develop a plan which will enable you to live with more joy, focus, and purpose than ever before.

The Awakened Soul is a search for our origins and a revelation of the newest scientific breakthroughs in our quest to find answers to the questions all of us have: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How do we get there?

With the excitement of a detective story, The Awakened Soul is packed with informative historical facts, meditative imagery, metaphysical questions, philosophical insights and practical actions presented energetically. It offers a fascinating look at what is possible for all of us.

While great works of art have been admired and studied for centuries, only a few individuals know the secrets that they conceal. This course goes beyond the composition of these works to discover their hidden mysteries and esoteric secrets about human potential and modern sciences.

You will also learn how to manifest spectacular changes in your life by learning exactly what to focus on first — love, peace, and happiness. You will experience how to uncover joy at the moment, while at the same time bringing about change in your life. It is important to learn to be happy even though you feel incomplete and have yet to overcome all of your challenges or to reach your highest goals. This is life’s ultimate polarity, yet through mastering it, all else shall be added unto you.




A person cannot live without nutrition, but what is nutrition? Some saturate the body with physical food, while others – energetically by prana, mana, ether, qi - in different traditions, the naming of one's vital energy. Shi Qigong, Bi Gu Shi Qi, sun science, Chudlen ... All these systems have one goal - to nourish the body with energy.

The intestinal micro-flora is able to synthesize all the necessary elements from plant fiber, which is found in any food. However, when moving to a different level, the body can synthesize fiber from smaller “bricks” of energy. For example, a person drinks cow's milk, a cow eats grass, grass eats the sun. That is, drinking milk ultimately receives the energy of the sun. A person, who feeds on prana, however, removes all unnecessary from this chain and “eats” the energy of the sun directly, because our body is able to synthesize all elements on its own. At the level of quantum physics, all chemical elements are a field that vibrates at a certain frequency. All chemical elements have different vibration frequencies of the same field, changing the vibration frequency, you rebuild the body and synthesize those elements that it needs.

Pranic Nourishment, also called Living on Light, touches on physical immortality, spirituality, new millennium relationships and mind mastery.

Pioneering new, yet ancient pathways, many are now exploring the option of neither being a meat-eater, a vegetarian, a vegan, a fruitarian but rather a “liquidarian” or an individual sustained and nourished purely by the Light of their own Divine nature.

The process described in this course offers a practical and spiritual alternative for those wishing to practically begin to embrace physical immortality, cease or reverse the aging process or simply live on Divine Light.

Pranic Living is not a diet - it is an ascension into more refined evolutionary paths on both individual than global levels. As vast multi-dimensional beings, we have limitless access to a source of internal nourishment (prana-chi) that constantly flows throughout the matrix of life. This pranic stream acts as a type of glue to bind our creations and help with our manifestations to bring more grace and joy into our lives.




This course offers a complete guide to understanding and embracing ancient Goddess wisdom in everyday life.

The term “Goddess” is often misused in contemporary society. What does it really mean to be a Goddess? A Goddess is the feminine expression of the divine, which is Mother Nature and the elements of creation. When a woman connects with the Goddess within, she learns how to be confident in her body, understand her unique strengths and become in tune with her heart and emotions. She has strong powers of intuition and lives in communion with the cycles of Nature and in a harmonious symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.

The energetic practices, ecstatic dances and meditations will help you to get in touch with all the different sides of your feminine psyche, transforming how you see yourself and others and helping you to understand and truly love who you are.

The Goddess path involves developing your inner mystic and intuitive abilities which we all hold but have likely been suppressed.

The female deity has been absent for hundreds of years and her return, along with the rising popularity of soul integration and ascension, signifies a return to balance and wholeness. These teachings instruct how you can embody and experience the Goddess within yourself, others and in the world around you.






Ancient temples and power places are star-gates connected by electromagnetic umbilical cords to distant parts of the cosmos.

This course takes us on a tour of sacred and magical places on Earth which were built with the primary intention of inducing otherworldly experiences. These are places where one may enter as an ordinary human but exit with the likeness of a God-Goddess totally aligned with the laws of the universe.

This course also reveals the secrets to the construction and placement of thousands ancient temples across the face of the planet. Ages ago, after a worldwide cataclysm, an advanced civilization came forth to rebuild the former world of the Gods. They built sacred temples, which encoded their knowledge of mathematics and the geometry of the heavens, to create places of power that could transform people’s lives. These sacred spaces connect us with subtle levels of consciousness so we would be able for speaking with the Gods. These extraordinary temples were designed to take your consciousness on a shamanic ride to places you never thought possible to initiate spiritual transfiguration through self-realization.




The Vedic wisdom takes us on an adventure through the vast expanses of space, time and spirit from the Paradise-like glade in the Siberian taiga to the rough urban depths of Russia's capital city, from the ancient mysteries of our forebears to a vision of humanity's radiant future. This course paints a dramatic living image of the creation of the Universe and humanity's place in this creation, making this primordial mystery relevant to our everyday living today.

This heart-felt education helps us uncover answers to the most significant questions about the essence and meaning of the Universe and the nature and purpose of our existence. It also shows how and why the knowledge of these answers, innate in every human being, has become obscured and forgotten, and points the way toward reclaiming this wisdom and in partnership with Nature manifesting the energy of Love through our lives. It ignites a new way of living in co-operation with the Earth and each other and highlights the role of children in making us aware of the precariousness of the present situation and in leading the global transition toward a happy, violence-free society.

This course contrasts today's mainstream attitudes with our forebears' deep spiritual understanding of conception, pregnancy, home birth and upbringing of children in an atmosphere of love. Vedic wisdom presented through the ancient way of life, grounded in love and non-violence, illustrates the potential for this same approach to life today.

This course sheds further light on humanity’s forgotten history, religion, the roots of inter-racial and inter-religious conflict, as well as ideal nutrition and natural healing. You will also learn how a new way of thinking and a lifestyle in true harmony with Nature can lead to happiness and solve our personal and societal problems.

Through parables and revelatory dialogues and stories, Vedic wisdom leads to a shocking re-discovery of the pages of humanity's real history that have been distorted or kept secret for thousands of years. This knowledge sheds light on the causes of war, oppression, and violence in the modern world and guides in preserving the wisdom of ancestors, passing it over to future generations as well as revealing secrets on how to regenerate human and natural environments.




In this ground-breaking course, you will come to recognize that you are not your genes. Your genetic expression is directly determined by your environment and, more importantly, your perception of that environment.

What you will discover, is a scientific approach to understanding the spiritual connection that affects every part of the body. This will empower you to take back control over your genetic blueprint, the way your body responds to the environment, and achieve an inner evolution through biological change.

Furthermore, if today’s headlines make you wonder about the fate of our planet, here is some news that may surprise you: from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. Advances in epigenetics, quantum biophysics, and fractal geometry reveal civilization is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event – Conscious Evolution.

A scientific renaissance has shattered old myths and created a new philosophy of health and spirituality. This course unveils revolutionary research on the nature of molecular master switches through which thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create both the conditions of our body and our life experiences. This knowledge, and the self-empowerment it provides, offer an opportunity to thrive through this turbulent period in our planet’s history. The dynamic multimedia presentation offers a bold and hopeful vision of the next regenerative phase of human civilization, and how each of us can fully participate as co-creators of the new world to come.




In this course, we learn about the architects of reality who know how to build entire universes, as they are free from the limits of time and space.

To understand the future of humanity, we need to explore the beginnings of civilization on our planet. Therefore, we delve into the advanced civilizations that came to our world, eons ago to initiate the evolution of consciousness at the collective level. To aid us in this growth, they brought all the knowledge of the universe, infused it into our water, and began a millennia-long process of human ascension. In addition, they used pyramids, aligned to specific constellations, as storage centers for great universal wisdom.

In this course we:

Research the origins of life in the universe that influenced the creation of Atlantis as the mother civilization and promoted evolution throughout the cosmos.

Go through our forgotten history of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt to help us engage with our spiritual potential for the future as we rediscover the ancient technology of these lands.

Discover chakras along the Nile River and the ancient Atlantean temples that were built to emulate the structure of the universe to create a path of initiation.

It is always good to remember that humanity is the consciousness of Earth, as we act as neurons for the planet. Therefore, by receiving and translating the energy of will, wisdom, and love, we raise the planet’s consciousness, enabling her to become aware of who she is and her place in the universe.




This course will help you to unlock your heart’s deepest desires to reveal your life’s purpose by embracing the unique genius code within. You have far more genius than you know, but you have to say “yes” to your inner evolutionary impulse if you want to achieve an increase in consciousness, freedom, and divine order in your life. These teachings trace the trajectory of human evolution, from single-celled organisms to where we are now, and extrapolate what is to come for humanity. Before we can engage in this growth, we have to be willing to embrace the crisis of our times to transcend beyond it. This comes as a spiritual impulse, from within, calling you to become who you really are.

Embedded within your consciousness is the genius code needed to manifest it into your life. These teachings offer techniques that you can use to unlock this hidden potential within so that your life resounds with a kind of music that acts as a cosmic lullaby. This nurtures the awakening of a new species whose vocation is turned on and helps to pave the way to a planetary awakening for everyone. As we imagine it together, we become participants in our own conscious evolution, which will take us to the stars, and beyond.




This Game Changer Symposium will help you to wake up to your role in creating a new future. The new perspective of the current state of our planet features top scientific, indigenous, and activist minds from around the world.

The symposium was created to educate and inspire a shift in humanity from a dream rooted in consumption and competition to one of sustainability and mutuality. This Symposium empowers participants to respond to the urgency and the opportunity of our times with action and informed grounded optimism. Taped live, the Symposium features leading-edge information, inspiring multimedia, and transformative exercises for an experience like none other. Therefore, we believe that together, we can change the world.




This course will prepare you to engage in effective individual and collective action toward a peaceful and regenerative future.

This is a powerful training program where you will:

Discover that it is possible to reverse global pollution and explore over 100 scalable solutions to climate change.

Explore how human beings can take responsibility for the role we play in shaping the evolution of life on Earth.

Take a hard look at systems and structures of injustice that exist throughout our society, and find out how we are all, in one way or another, caught up in a rigged game.

Turn your despair into optimism. Discover the evidence that a great, glorious future is possible and illuminate the critical role of your perspective and stand in the matter.

Identify actions you can take now to make a difference in our future. Reflect on the possibilities of our personal and collective impact.

Learn about the awesome power of actions to unrig the old system and bring forth restorative principles and practices. Explore inspiring alternative methods for creating a regenerative, fulfilling, and peaceful world.

Examine what taking regenerative action to address pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate change, and global crises look like, with an emphasis on the connection between climate and justice.

Doing so, the next step for the future good of humanity with a new declaration of independence, individual and global health, happiness, harmony, and regeneration that reflects our creative potential.


Do not miss your chance to take part in this amazing holistic multidimensional program.

Explore carefully curated resources: videos, audios, readings, retreats and energetic practices—delivered on a platform that allows you to explore courses content on your own schedule.

Grant yourself this magical journey toward the NEW EARTH and NEW YOU!

You are more ready than you think, and the sooner you act on your soul’s whispers, the sooner you will look back around and realize that this moment, right here, you’ve made the right choice.

The keys within the New Multidimensional Human - Ascended Master - Architect of Shambala & New Civilization  can be applied to your life today.

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