The Human Smart Body

THE HUMAN SMART BODY Have you ever heard about kinesiology? What about Body Talk or tapping? If not, perhaps you are aware of acupuncture? These […]

The next Great Ability of the Human

IT’S IN THE DNA!   This Kryon live channelling was Given in Kelowna, BC, Canada June 28, 2008   Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon […]

The Quantum You

Early physicists divided the world into matter and thought, and later, matter and energy. Each member of those pairs was considered to be entirely separate […]

The Nature and the Process of Enlightenment

BLISS AND ECSTASY & BECOMING ONE WITH GOD.   Levels of Enlightenment Self-Awareness Total Acceptance Becoming One with God True Detachment Timelessness Desirelessness Going into […]


  “The Consciousness of Ascension is a total joy, total unconditional love and the complete, full recognition that you are God and everyone else you […]

The Transformation of the Human Body

The Transformation of the Human Body A chapter from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Convoluted Universe – Book 1”. When my subjects are in […]