“The Consciousness of Ascension is a total joy, total unconditional love and the complete, full recognition that you are God and everyone else you meet is God walking on Earth”.

Dr. Joshua David Stone


Ascension is simply a name given to building the light quotient within – merging with our true nature. There are no rules, only guidance from the Inner Teacher as to what is right for us alone. It is our journey, in which no one knows the way like we do.

Ascension can also be described as raising the vibrational frequencies of our energy fields to the highest octaves of light in perfect resonance with our Higher Self, God essence or the pure energy source that sustains us. In Eastern philosophy it is described as the state of ‘soruba samadhi’ where divinity descends and transforms the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies into perfection – where we can enter and leave the body at will and control the ageing/youthing process as well as rearrange our molecular structure via dematerialization etc. The beings that choose this state of ascension and subsequent immortality do so in order to be of continual service to humanity – as they have escaped the cycle of life and death and have gained ‘supernatural’ powers.

The Siddhas (holy immortal men) used the science of Kriya Yoga to rejuvenate the physical body and gain self-mastery. They slowed down the ageing process through the use of mineral, herb and salt formulas. They also practiced Kriya Yoga and specific breathing techniques, which maximized the intake of prana and aided in the control of longevity.

When their ‘role’ was complete they would leave the physical body at will and move on to serve in other planes, – this relates to a Spiritual Ascension or take their physical body up into light, this is a Physical Ascension.

No longer are these things available to just the select few. Nor are we required to sit in a cave for 50 years and meditate to achieve this state of perfection. As both the vibrational frequencies of the planet and humanity are raised, these ‘supernatural’ powers will become commonplace.

Сonsciously raising our vibrational frequencies allows us to attract – via the Universal Law of Resonance, where like attracts like – the finer things that we desire such as joy, balance, harmony and unconditional love. If we feel the need for more of these experiences on a consistent basis, we can do practical things to attain them.

Here are suggestions on what we can do in order to consciously and practically raise our vibrational frequencies:

On the physical, practical level

Eat light and live food – fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes. Unless we have developed the power of conscious transmutation, it is said that sugar, alcohol and red meat keep our vibrational frequencies dense. If we wish to tune the physical vehicle to a higher resonance, it is recommended we eliminate these from our diet. As we fine-tune our frequencies, we can actually attain a point where we no longer need to eat or drink and can be sustained by light (prana) alone.

Drink lots of water. Water is a wonderful conductor of energy and is the basis of our physical composition. It also flushes out toxins from the cells and organs and helps keep the physical system pure. Eventually, as our bodies become light-based rather than water-based, we will need to drink very little fluid.

Partake of gentle, stress-free exercise. This oxygenates the blood and also allows for the free flow of energy. Yoga, tai chi, swimming, walking – combined with deep, connected breathing – are most beneficial. Highly recommended is dancing, especially with our eyes shut and blocking out external stimulus, as this allows the energy to flow more freely throughout the body and helps us to generally let go and loosen up. Dancing in this manner allows us to feel as though we can move beyond the limitations of our form.

On the emotional level

Dr Deepak Chopra says that cells are just memories that have clothed themselves in matter. We are the sum total of everything that has gone before us, this life, previous life experiences, genetic encoding, environmental influences – all these are held in cellular memory. As we relate in a linear timeframe, we tend to view events as being sequential.

When we move our awareness beyond linear time we realize that everything occurs simultaneously – past, present and future co-exist in what are termed ‘parallel realities’ that constantly feed into each other.

Energy blockages occur in the body’s electrical circuitry from many different influences and directly affect our resonance or vibrational frequency. These blockages occur because of poor diet, lack of exercise, toxins, pollutants, unresolved negative emotions, negative beliefs and limiting thought patterns. Cellular cleansing can be achieved through a suitable diet as well as through various alternative therapies such as kinesiology and homeopathy.

More importantly, we can use specific meditation, breathing and creative visualization techniques to realign our energies to light and cleanse the cells with light daily.

Self-healing is the most valuable tool of all, and we can also ask for our Higher Self and/or guides to cleanse the emotional body in our dream state by working through our subconscious mind – all cellular memory is held within the subconscious mind.

On the mental level

By understanding that our thoughts create our reality and being vigilant with our thinking patterns, we learn to attract the experience we desire by monitoring the energy of our thought-forms. Energy follows thought.

On the spiritual level

Meditation and spending time in the Great Silence with the Inner Teacher is the most powerful way to realign our frequencies to the higher octaves of light. Meditation can be split into seven specific categories that we can work with or tune to.

As we exist within the energy fields of a living being – Planet Earth – we will find that our own energy fields and vibrational frequency will automatically change in accordance with the planet as she undergoes her own ascension into higher vibrational fields.

Planetary ascension is a natural phenomenon that occurs to all planets at a certain stage within their evolution where their base changes from carbon to silicon. Also as their frequency is refined, or evolves to higher octaves, the beings within and on its surface also change. So personal ascension is a natural consequence of planetary ascension.

Personal ascension is something that will be undertaken either with full conscious awareness and participation of an individual, or not. It is happening regardless. However, it is as if a grand ball were taking place. Some of us have our invitations in the mail or are shopping for appropriate attire. Others are on their way via car or carriage or have already arrived and are dancing and having a wonderful time. The planet is awakening and so are her inhabitants as an increasing number of people seek the answers to the purpose and meaning of existence and sense that there must be something more to life.

As we align the frequencies of the lower bodies (the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) in perfect harmony to the higher octaves of light, abilities such as telepathic communication (clairaudience), healing by touch, clairvoyance, physical immortality, and bi-location (the ability to be in two places at once) become completely natural and accessible. Inner guidance becomes a strong and clear force and reveals our destined role and purpose.

There may be a variety of reasons for choosing the path of ascension at this time.

They may vary from the desire to experience more joy and purpose in life, to wanting to serve Divine Will and improve the quality of life for all beings on this planet.

To me, ascension is also descension – the descent of spirit into physicality. When we access our Divine Blueprint, discover our life purpose and fulfill that purpose, we realize that ascension is the act of tuning the vibrational frequencies of the four-body system to resonate in complete harmony with the I AM within so that the light and the I AM may fully express themselves through us. In the descent of the light we are fulfilling our divine purpose as we anchor and ground the energies of light to manifest through our being for the good of the whole, and not just the good of an individual.

Ascension is the natural consequence of bringing our energy fields into complete and perfect alignment. The more intense and pure the alignment, the more intense and pure will be the energies that move through us while on this plane. As we then emit these pure energies, so we attract pure and perfect life experiences back to ourselves. We then find that we are literally existing in a state of Heaven here on Earth. The general commitment for those on the ascension path is to be the purest vessel for divine expression that they can.

Their recognition is that as they serve Divine Will, they are in turn serving humanity and the good of the whole.

We are here for a purpose: at this moment in time, to make manifest the Golden Age.

Ascension is not about being carried away in a spacecraft and escaping this ‘crazy 3D world’. Craft visitation is a reality for those who choose it to be, and at some point in the acceleration of our frequencies, regular communication with beings of light (e.g. the

Intergalactic Federation, the Great White Brotherhood etc.) is a natural occurrence. These beings of light are simply here to serve humanity since in the greater universe it is well understood that the most powerful tool of spiritual evolution is service to the First Cause.

– “The Ascended Masters’ way of life is to give, give, give; first Love and Adoration to His own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ and then expand Love and Perfection by pouring It out to everybody and everything. To send out Divine Love without limit all the time, is the whole of the law applied.

– If mankind could only understand this, the individual would realize that he must pour out this

– Flame of Divine Love, before the Perfection he desires can flow into his world, and release things into his use.

– Divine Love is a feeling, an actual Ray of Light, which flows out from the Flame within the Heart.

– It can be sent forth so powerfully, that this Ray of Light substance is both visible and tangible.

– It is the most Invincible Power of the Universe.

– Use It Beloved Ones, without limit, and nothing is impossible to you.”

– St Germain.




Excerpt from the book Conversations With Reac by Eltrayan

Eltrayan: How does the self come into physical incarnation?

Reac: The Self creates 12 souls as extensions of itself, to better know itself. Each soul incarnates 12 personalities or soul extensions, all in simultaneous time, not in sequential time. That is, some of the personalities may be spread over linear time, in the Lemurian, Atlantean, in the present, or in a culture yet to occur, but co-existing from the soul’s higher view. This provides multiple opportunities for each soul to work out particular problems.

The soul acquires through its 12 extensions the knowledge of itself that it is seeking.

Individual personalities succeed in merging with the soul, accepting its full expression, when they effectively instruct their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to rotate synchronistically. The nature of the soul is then demonstrated, being: will, love/wisdom, and intelligence.

Eltrayan: Could you explain the various levels of evolvement?

Reac: First degree initiates have control on the physical plane. Second degree initiates have control on the emotional plane. Third degree initiates have control on the mental plane.

Only third degree initiates have the possibility of correctly demonstrating the soul, that is, the personality is at one with, and is totally infused by, its soul. When an individual passes the third initiation, the soul begins to call back its soul extensions to the spiritual realm and focuses on the more advanced soul extensions.

Fourth degree initiates in incarnation have achieved self-realization. The fourth initiation is when the soul merges with the Self. At the fifth initiation, the soul, the intermediary between the Self, and the personality is no longer needed, and the causal body, which is the body of the soul, is destroyed. A new, direct relationship between the Self and the individual is established, and the person is described as an adept.

Eltrayan: Can you expand on the nature of the soul?

Reac: The soul exists at the causal level, vibrating at a very high rate. Its nature is fire. The personality is the reflection of the soul on the physical level. The physical, emotional, and mental bodies are the vehicles which the soul uses to experience its becoming in time and space. The goal of the soul is to create vehicles through which it can act without any kind of limitation, without blockages, or any lessening of its spiritual energies.

Eltrayan: What counsel can you provide for advancement?

Reac: Service and detachment are the prime attributes to develop, and meditation and dreaming provide the detailed guidance.

Eltrayan: Many people are working on esoteric matters in groups. I understand that group initiation is possible. Could you comment on this?

Reac: Initiation through a group means the individual becomes so fused and blended with the consciousness of the group that they do not see themselves as separate. It is experienced as a group expansion of consciousness, which is a gradual process in which the consciousness expands progressively.

Group initiation is achieved by creating and sustaining spiritual tension, which is generated by an impersonal focus on the work to be done.

Eltrayan: Can you advise how this should be conducted?

Reac: For advancement using a group structure, certain procedures should be followed:

  • Impersonal, detached, non-sentimental relationships must apply.
  • Individual ambition and personal ties must be obliterated to ensure the necessary detachment.
  • The strength and ability of individuals must be recognized and utilized, retaining unity through recognizing diversity, and
  • Occult silence must be observed, effectively controlling and directing streams of thought by limiting speech.

Eltrayan: So co-ordinating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies is essential?

Reac: The Lemurian race focused on physical development, the Atlantean on emotional, and the current Aryan race on mental. Advanced humanity is now working on its spiritual body. Advancement involves correct balancing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, without excessive emphasis on one in particular. All are of equal importance as a vehicle for the Self to express itself and to better know itself. The four bodies are like musical instruments, which are being played together by the Self, and need to be maintained and tuned to produce quality music. One of the bodies may require more attention for a period, but balance and co-ordination are essential.

Eltrayan: How are individuals who are said to be ‘twin flames’ related?

Reac: Twin flames is a description of the relationship of two soul extensions from the same soul. This meeting is very rare, but does happen infrequently. Monadic mates is a term used to describe the relationship of an individual with another of the 144 extensions of the same Self. Twin flames or monadic mates may be different ages, gender, culture, and may not be personally compatible, but will have a powerful connection. A search for this elusive person is a waste of time and energy, since success is an extremely unlikely possibility, and synchronicity will provide the connection if it is required.


Excerpt from the book “IN RESONANCE” by Jasmuheen