The Transformation of the Human Body

The Transformation of the Human Body

A chapter from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Convoluted Universe – Book 1”.

When my subjects are in the deepest level of trance we can access the subconscious directly in a variety of ways. I have discovered that all knowledge is available once you tap into the wisdom of the subconscious mind. Often the person is given the information directly through past lives, and other times they are taken to places where they can access the information and interpret it for themselves. This is often done by visiting the Library on the spirit side.

I met John, an older man, on a tour with a group on the beautiful island of Bali in the summer of 2000. In addition to visiting the temples and taking part in the various ceremonies, he wished to have a private session with me. He had been involved with metaphysics for many years, and had already learned details about many of his past lives through personal meditation. He was more interested in discovering any alien associations. He had no conscious memories of any involvement with them, but because of many unusual events throughout his life he suspected there might be a connection. I told him that when I am doing a regression I do not lead the person or try to influence them, thus he would go where he was supposed to go.

The session was held in a beautiful luxurious hotel on the beach. The perfume of flowers and the lilting singing of birds filled the air, and filtered in through the open windows as we began. I used the technique designed to put the subject into an appropriate past-life. Because he had no conscious memories of extra-terrestrial interactions, it seemed best to begin in my normal fashion by taking him to a past-life first. But that did not happen.

When John entered the scene he saw himself standing in his backyard dressed in his pajamas staring at a strange-looking object. It was a shiny silver convex- shaped disk supported on legs. He exclaimed, “lt’s maybe twenty, thirty feet long. I’m surprised, because it’s so narrow, so slim. I think somebody would have to lie down in it in order to fit. It’s not what I thought it should look like.”

Trying to find a time reference, I asked what he looked He said he had his beard, but it was dark (it is now grey). He has had a beard for about fifteen years and his body felt younger. That gave us an appropriate time frame. He stood watching the shining disk until he noticed another source of light to his left. It was a much larger ship with multiple layers. “It has a general luminescent quality that seems to be lighting up the area. Its metallic, but unlike the silver disk which is thin, it’s so big I can’t see all of it at one time. They’re very different from each other.”

When I asked him why he was standing in the yard he related a story that has become very familiar in my investigations of this type of phenomenon. “Somebody brought me so I could see it. I was just going to bed when I saw something flitting around the comer of the room. They took me up through the ceiling. I can’t remember that part. Everything blacked out when I got up to the ceiling. On the outside, this being had one arm under my butt and one arm behind my back. We were floating up to a … it appears to be a beam of light. Up into a bay of some sort, and coming into an area that is white, sparkly clean and very modem-looking.”

There he was greeted by several beings who seemed to know him. They escorted him into a room. “There is a medical examining table with some type of metal-like stirrups at the end for the feet. The table is similar to what’s at a doctor’s office on Earth, except for these metal extensions. It’s a padded surface, very light grey colour. I’m asked to lay down on this. I don’t seem to be frightened. I’m sort of used to their- what I call – funny faces. It’s like I’ve done it before, and here I am again for my annual check-up or something similar.”

The figures were standing beside the table leaning over him. “l’m not conscious of them doing anything other than just looking at me. I guess maybe scanning me with their minds, their eyes or something.” There wasn’t any kind of equipment or instruments. The beings were rather small, but there was one taller being that projected a feminine feeling of kindliness toward him. It was not participating, but stood behind the others merely observing.

He then got up from the table and walked with the others into another part of the ship. They went through an opening into a large round domed area with stepped-up layers around the sides. A bright light was emanating from a large glowing crystal in the centre of the room. John thought this might be the power source for the ship. They walked around the perimeter of the domed room and turned down a narrow hallway into another room. There he was put into a strange device that stood against a wall.

J: I’m standing up in this … I’m being strapped in … It’s sort of glass … all transparent It’s a little deeper than I am. It’s not a tube, it’s an oblong thing with a flat back. I’m standing in this transparent thing, and now there’s light coming down from above. I guess I’m being infused with light energy of some sort. – It’s like I’m standing outside watching myself.

I reassured him that he was safe. This sounded similar to Phil (Keepers of the Garden book) watching what was being done to him, because his personality was removed and separated from his body. He also became the observer.

J: It’s just this light coming from the top. It’s illuminating my head, and I guess the light is going down through my body. It feels like an infusion of energy, altering my molecular structure. I guess it’s transforming it more and more into a light body or something, even though I still feel very heavy inside. But I guess that’s what it’s about. It seems to be just a tinkling sensation. I’m getting now something about altering the DNA strands, increasing the DNA strands.

D: What do you mean?

J: That the light energy coming into the body is altering and increasing the … you know the DNA strands are really like strands of light in a sense. And they’re being altered and expanded, increased. That means it increases their capacity to hold more and more light, with each infusion. That doesn’t last very long; they’re opening the door and I’m stepping out.

D: And the light process is changing the DNA in some way?

J: That’s the understanding I have.

D: What is the purpose of changing the DNA?

J: To hold more and more light, and to transform the body into more and more of a light body. Less dense. Being able to hold more and more celestial light. And the purpose is to reach a state of Christ consciousness.

D: Do you know how the DNA is being changed? Can you ask anyone there? May be they can explain it to you.

This has worked in the past. When we have a question that the subject does not know the answer to, I have them ask one of the beings to supply the information.

J: Yes, I’ll ask how the DNA is being changed. (Pause) Well, they show me … I see a visualization of these strands, coils being all sort of lit up or sparkly with light or something. And apparently they give birth to … split off and make other strands, through this fusion of light.

D: How many strands are they splitting off into?

J: I’m hearing “six”, but I don’t see six.

D: And this has to be done every so often?

J: I guess it’s an ongoing procedure – more and more frequently at this time. Sometimes more than once during a twenty-four hour period. When I take a nap and then during the sleep state at night. That’s why I’m being encouraged to take frequent meditation breaks. Every hour at least, to maintain this certain level of vibration.

D: Why does it have to be repeated? Doesn’t the DNA remain like that whenever it’s expanded?

J: It stays like that, but in order to maintain itself at a high level of light course it depends also on the in between infusions, and on my mental ability to access my own God-force, the light within, so to speak. It keeps those strands activated, so they can become more and more permanent. And that’s preparing for the next step. But it has to be sort of consolidated or solidified.

D: Before they go on to the next step?

J: The next, yes. And a lot of that depends on my willingness and my ability to constantly tune into the Christ consciousness, my higher self.

D: Is this something that’s been going on for many years?

J: Yes, but it’s accelerating now that I’ve proven to them that I’m dedicated to fulfilling my divine purpose, so to speak, and caring to stay on the spiritual path. I have proven that I truly want to be of service to humankind. And so I have reached a certain point of passing tests and challenges, and staying the course. Then this acceleration process is being stepped up.

D: But it has to be done at an increasing rate to make it a permanent change in the body?

J: Continue to increase it to the eventual twelve strands. That is the eventual goal of reaching the exalted fifth dimensional state of being.

D: But it would not become solid if this was not repeated on a regular basis?

J: It’s like it could ossify or become stagnant or … I’m seeing this… exactly like muscles in the body. If they’re not used they become.

D: Atrophied?

J: It’s the same thing. And so I have to do my part with meditation and tuning in and affirming my intentions. Then they will aid in their technological process, going in and accelerating the whole thing. It would take many, many years to accomplish through strictly meditation.

D: But if this process was stopped at any time, then it would atrophy. lt wouldn’t  continue?

J: It would be higher than my state used to be, but would fall short of what it is intended and can be. The Ultimate Goal: the fifth dimensional state of vibration and consciousness.

D: Ask them, when they do this, are they activating something with the light, or are they creating something in the body, new DNA, that was not there before?

J: Oh, no. They have started with the two strands and as I said – somehow through this process – they kept giving birth to other strands, increasing the number of cells or whatever.

D: Almost the way cells divide?

J: Hmmm, I guess that’s what they’re trying to say.

D: Is this being done to everyone?

J: It’s being done primarily to those who incarnated specifically to help humankind during this evolved greater state of consciousness. It will happen to a lesser degree to those who are not presently conscious of their spiritual selves, who do not know they are spiritual. So primarily they are still mired in the density of consciousness.

D: The others who are having it done, do they all ha~·e to go on-board crafts like this to have it activated?

J: The answer is yes.

D: It is? You said a while ago that they could do it when you’re meditating or sleeping?

J: I guess I’m taken during those times for another process that is less intense, but let’s see. (Pause) There is something that can be conducted when I am out of body. There are technological surgeons, they are saying, who are able to remove your etheric body and fuse it with the greater light quotient. (Confused) As I understand it. And then return it to my physical body without going all the way up to the mother ship. They have smaller laboratory ships where this is done.

D: So it doesn’t always have to be done with the machine then.

J: tm trying to see if it’s a technological device, or whether the technological surgeons are doing it with their mind. I think that’s what it is. Their mind power also can aid and abet this process, but not to the same degree as the mind and the technology device on the larger ship. But both are effective and both are being done on a regular basis now.

D: How does this process affect the body?

J: The body becomes lighter, and the cellular structure, the membranes become thinner and thinner, and lighter and lighter. We desire lighter and lighter foods. The body has more and more difficulty digesting and processing the heavy dense foods. That’s why I guess I’ve had a desire for more and more liquids. And I very seldom, when I am at home eat anything other than a fruit smoothie. I dump it all in and make a thick liquid breakfast and lunch. And several times a week I have a liquid lunch of just carrots and tomato juice and celery and fresh vegetables.

D: So it makes you not want the heavier foods?

J: Right. More and more I have been feeling that for quite a while now.

D: How do these changes affect the health of the body?

J: It would be a healthier body as it changes more and more into a light body.

D: The body becomes healthier to where there is no illness, you mean?

J: No, there will be continued illness, but after the process is complete, the body will be much more immune to most diseases, but not completely free. It has increased my mental powers, and when the transformation is complete I will have much more control over my body than I do now. And I will be able to correct it and rebalance it much at will, so to speak.

D: So even the changing of just a few strands can make a difference in the body, before it gets to the completed state?

J: It makes some differences, but in the transition process there is a tendency for more imbalances to take place, because the old is being replaced by the new. And the old wants to hang on to itself to maintain a status quo, until a certain point where the new is solid and the new strands are the majority. It’s almost like a democratic process then the new will be dominant. And the acceleration process will again speed up, as more and more of the old is replaced with the new.

D: So during that time that the body is undergoing changes, it is still more resistant to disease and illness?

J: Not necessarily.

D: I was wondering how the body was affected, and how it felt.

Up to this point John’s voice was soft, sleepy and often difficult to transcribe as the words slurred together. Now the voice became louder and more distinct, easier to understand and transcribe. This was a sure clue to me that the other entity had finally begun to answer for John Instead of him hearing the answers. It also could indicate that the subconscious had entered into the conversation. Either way the answers were knowing much easier, which I always like. Then I know I am in touch with the true information, and I can obtain more accurate answers without the interference of the sceptical and critical conscious mind.

D: Will doing this increase the life span of the individual?

J: Greatly.

D: By the time it is completed, or while the entire process is going on?

J: The human being during this transition process is still susceptible to many adverse effects that exist on the planet at this particular time. However, there are other factors of a protective nature that are aiding and abetting human beings who are going through this process, plus as much added protection as possible. And during the shipboard visitations scanning devices are utilized that can often reduce any intrusive bacteria or Infectious particles. But it is not a perfect procedure at this point in time. There is a great deal of experimentation and scientific observation as to the most dramatic transformation of the human body into a considerably different body, a light body.

D: So you’re not really sure how it’s going to end up, because you’re still experimenting?

J: We certainly will receive the final tactile product, so to speak, but the process of the transition still consists of many mysteries.

D: But when you’re giving this protection to make someone more resistant to bacteria and such, is this done with machines? Or how is that process done?

J: When one is in the glass chamber and being infused with the light, it destroys a number of the interesting things that can permeate the human body.

D: What was the purpose of the scanning in the beginning, on the table?

J: In general just to determine his general physical, mental, emotional welfare. To see to what degree he is balanced, to see to what degree his various bodies: physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies, are in or out of alignment. And just a visual examination of physical conditions and so forth, that should be observed and recorded and compared to previous visits and eхaminations and….

D: It’s just like a check-up to see if everything is going the way it should? (Yes) And if it was not, would you make adjustments?

J: Yes. Adjustments would partly be technological and partly increased instructions through the meditation process, as to what the – using the term – “chosen beingness” can do in terms of overcoming current issues, judgmental behaviour or feelings of lack. The feeling of not trusting in the universe to always provide everything that is needed at any given time, no matter what the circumstances are. To eventually let go of all feelings of the material world as a source of security and counting on the spiritual and metaphysical world, so to speak, as the source of security.

D: That’s difficult. But you said, if adjustments were to be made that was done with technological devices. Would that be these machines with the light?

J: Probably, but the human person must do his or her part. We cannot superimpose our technological expertise beyond what the human person is willing to do on their own on the physical plane. It must be a perfect harmony between the willingness to progress spiritually, so as to work in tandem together. If one takes the steps necessary on the mental plane, those steps will be rewarded by our increased participation to help that individual. If the individual stops, unwilling to go ahead on its preselected chosen path – which each person chooses before incarnation – then the process will come to a standstill. Free will is very important for every one of the Earth. They must see through and transcend the illusion that exists in present mass consciousness. And trust in the higher spiritual laws and processes.

D: Is this being done on several people who are spiritually at the right point?

J: Tens of thousands of people at this time. It’s when humankind reaches the critical mass, those who have increased their vibration rates and their ability to hold ever increasing amounts of light – celestial light, we must say – then the “Hundredth Monkey Syndrome” will become a reality and this Earth will have achieved a state of higher consciousness, and it will affect others on the planet. And this higher consciousness welfare will spread from the relatively few into greater and greater numbers, simply because of the oneness of all creation. Simply because everyone exists within the one line, the one love of God.

D: What will happen to those who don’t participate? Those that are still in the denser mind-set, in the physical sense.

J: Every soul will make its own choice, to participate or not to participate in this process. And many will not participate. Many will hang onto their old value systems. Many will hold onto the illusion of what they have come to believe in during their incarnation on Earth, and will not see beyond this illusion. And therefore they will leave their bodies and be reassigned to another planet whose lessons are a continuation of those on the planet Earth at this particular time. The planet Earth will become another school, a higher school on which the fifth dimensional vibration will determine the new curriculum, the new lessons available for those souls to participate in on a higher level than that which is now available in the three dimensional consciousness.

D: I have been told that those people would be left behind. That’s what it means?

J: They will be left behind in terms of their own growth. They will not move with and continue to step and grow with the others who are dedicated, and have practiced the mental and physical disciplines necessary to involve themselves spiritually.

D: So when they leave their bodies, they will not come back here. This will be in an entirely different place then. (Yes) And this is happening with tens of thousands of people, and they don’t know it consciously, do they? Just as John didn’t know it consciously.

J: John knows a lot because of his direct teachings. And there are many on Earth today who are in direct contact with their guides from many planetary systems. who are here to assist humankind to move up to the higher levels of vibration and consciousness. And more and more are being awakened every day because of their particular preselected time table when they came into the body on Earth. Your soul comes in with a preselected agenda which includes a time table for awakening, so to speak. That awakening will be triggered by certain events that happen on the planet. These events can be simply contact with other people, spiritual teachers who will tell them something that will awaken and start their process. Some will be awakened by geophysical calamities, so to speak, that will happen in their vicinity be it a hurricane or a tornado or an earthquake. So there are many different devices or processes for triggering the awakening of souls coming onto the planet at this particular lime. Some will be suddenly and dramatically awakened, as John was, by their preselected, pre-appointed guides. While others will come to the self-realization process more gradually, through different experiences and so forth. There are catalysts as this process is being “rolled-out”.

D: All over the world then.

J: Yes. Although America is, at this time, the primary area for receiving and disseminating information, by people in the books they write movies they make. And other forms of communication that will be disseminated throughout the world. That is not to say other people in other countries are not receiving information too, but the U.S. A. is the publishing centre, so to speak, of spiritual information at this particular time.

D: It spreads outward from America and affects a lot more people that way. (Yes) Is this another reason why the lifespan is being increased?

J: As the new Earth unfolds the state of being will be dramatically different from the current reality, because when one reaches the higher state of consciousness, fifth dimensional consciousness, there is no longer ignorance of the cosmic process. There is no longer an ignorance of God permeating all life everywhere. Therefore one is free of the limitations of birth and maturation and death in a relatively short period of time. One in the fifth dimensional consciousness realizes that they can have a much greater control over – not only how long they live, which can be hundreds of years – but the whole process of creation. Because the creation of realities will occur very, very quickly when one reaches that state of fifth dimensional consciousness. So control over the body or multiple bodies and the ability to travel freely out of the body throughout the universe will be commonplace.

D: I was told that I would be around to see all these things, because age would not be the same. Is that what you mean?

J: Yes. The old paradigm that exists on Earth now of a relatively short lifespan will be a distant memory.

D: But only for those who are preparing for this.

J : Those who achieve the state of fifth dimensional consciousness will move ahead and participate in the new Earth, and will be able to do these things.

D: I have also been told that the extra-terrestrials have been checking human bodies trying to find cures for diseases so the body can live longer. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

D: That one of the purposes for the physical examinations was to try to stop some of these progressive diseases that are in the world.

J: As the physical body goes through its transformation process it will become more immune. The humans or the new humans, or the hybrids coming that will participate in the new Earth, will bring greater awareness, greater knowledge to cure the old diseases. So it’s not only a current ongoing process, but one that will continue into the higher states of consciousness. And in the higher states of consciousness the elimination of these things will be accelerated, because of the vastly increased intelligence, utilization of the mind, greater access to very advanced technology. Many things that do not exist on the planet at this particular time – or if they do exist, are being suppressed or not utilized or held in secret for one motivation or another.

D: I was told that the people who are on-board these crafts have already mustered this. They can live as long as they want, are free of disease, and they don’t die until they are ready to die.

J: That is correct.

D: And that they’re trying to get the humans to the similar state?

J: Yes, or at least a state that is considerably beyond where current humankind is.

D: We probably always will have some limitations then.

J: Yes. Always a work in progress, so to speak, is a constantly evolving series of challenges, or overcoming those challenges.

D: Because this is a planet of learning lessons, as well as having free will.

J: All planets have their lessons, so to speak. Even those lessons that are beyond your wildest imagination on Earth in the current state of three dimensional limitations. But the universe is, and always will be, a process of growth and expansion, and challenges. No matter how high the vibration rate, no matter what level civilizations and beings have attained, with each level of spiralling upward, new challenges are encountered for continued growth.

D: So the Earth can never become a truly perfect place, because of free will, and the lessons here. (Yes) I have one more question.

These things you were talking about, about the changing of the DNA. Does the United States government know these things? Have you shared these concepts with them?

J: There are several scientists within the USA and other countries who are aware of the mutation process, so to speak. They are somewhat puzzled and amazed at the process now unfolding on the planet. And they look at it as a rather sudden and dramatic mutational process. But many are aware.

D: You mean they can scientifically see these changes that are occurring?

J: Many are aware. Many are also afraid to disclose this information for fear of ridicule by their scientific peers, who have not had direct experience and observation of this process.

D: So they can, with their scientific instruments, see that these changes are taking place in the human body.

J: That is correct.

Other investigators and writers have discovered information about the activation and progress to twelve strand DNA, but they assume it will happen spontaneously. It appears that it will be a gradual process to activate the DNA to produce (or give birth to) more strands. If these new strands can solidify and become permanent then they will produce more strands. Thus it will not happen quickly, but is definitely being triggered within the bodies of tens of thousands of people worldwide. It is all part of a divine plan that we only have a faint glimpse of at the present time.

Before the session I had listed questions that John wanted to find the answers to. One involved an unusual dream that had remained in his memory.

D: John said he had a very, very real dream one night of seeing a spaceship out the window. He felt the need to scream, but he couldn’t. Was that just a dream, or was it an experience, or what?

J: That was more than a dream. That was an encounter in another dimension. And the presence of our ship brought back some traumatic memories stemming primarily from his childhood experiences when the current soul was not developed to the current maturity that exists within John at this particular time. When he was a child our strange, non-human appearance unfortunately frightened him, and left certain traumatic scars, so to speak, emotional scars.

D: Because children often don’t understand.

J: Yes. And we deeply regret that this happened, and that the scars still remain. So for John the appearance of the snip was two-fold. It did trigger that memory, and sense of terror. Also it served the purpose however of making John aware that he had inner work to do to overcome this past experience. And he has made much progress in that respect since that time.

D: Is this one of the reasons why these memories are clouded over or removed, because it’s harder for a child to understand what’s happening? Would that be a reason for not allowing the person to remember?

J: Very definitely. Also as one evolves spiritually and raises their vibration rate to a point of truly feeling one with all creation, and maintaining a state of loving consciousness, then there is nothing to fear. Because the universal fact of life, so to speak, of being one with all life, becomes not only accepted intellectually, but a deep-felt knowing. Therefore the oneness of all creation is accepted, no matter what the appearances of the lifeforms are. Each lifeform, no matter how bizarre the form may be compared to current Earthly awareness when one reaches that state of universal oneness and unconditional love for all, then the fear dissipates. It is no longer a reality for that particular person.

I have been told by the extra-terrestrials that fear is the strongest emotion that humans have. If they cannot understand something they colour it with fear to make it fit into their mind’s framework. With understanding of the experience fear vanishes. This has been the platform of my work with people who think they have had so-called “unpleasant experiences.” When they can understand what has occurred they can integrate it into their present life and live with it, rather than fear and retreat from it…

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