The Mystery of the Pyramids

A chapter from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Convoluted Universe – Book 1”.

When my subjects are in the deepest level of trance we can access the subconscious directly in a variety of ways. I have discovered that all knowledge is available once you tap into the wisdom of the subconscious mind. Often the person is given the information directly through past lives, and other times they are taken to places where they can access the information and interpret it for themselves. This is often done by visiting the Library on the spirit side.
Every time I have a subject in the deepest possible level of trance I have many, many questions. When I was made aware that I had access to an unlimited source of information my reporter’s insatiable curiosity took over and I wanted to know everything I could about every conceivable topic.

Dolores: There have been many different theories as to how the ancient pyramids in Egypt were built. Could we have some information on that subject, please?
P: These structures were built with the aid of levitation, which is being rediscovered in some areas on Earth today. The act of moving these stones was accomplished with pure mental energy. This is as possible today, at this hour, as it was at that lime. It requires total focus and concentration. There were a group of five to seven of the priests who were schooled in this science and many other sciences. This was merely one aspect of their training. The knowledge was transferred from Atlantis. The pyramids were a gift of the knowledge from Atlantis.
D: Was levitation the only method by which these stones were raised?
P: There was singing of tones that accompanied this. It was a religious experience as well.
D: I’ve also heard that maybe some pyramids were constructed in a different way.
P: There is much speculation in the world. Always when the knowledge does not exist on how something was constructed, it is theorized that it was constructed in a manner, theoretically which is common to the civilization at that time. It would not be natural to suppose a construction method which would be unknown at that time. There are many ways of building pyramids. Some are more relevant than others.
D: Another person told me, she saw them being poured, as we would pour concrete today.
P: We see they were quarried and cut and then levitated. However, we will not discredit that information for we are not in complete control of all information. And this may be entirely accurate. From what we see however, the stones that we are familiar with were cut and quarried in distant locations and then transported by telepathy. The priest would accompany the stones on the transport and then levitate them to that point from which they were erected. The work was more mental than physical.
D: Then they were transported by levitation also? I was referring to the transportation of the stones, but Phil thought I mean the priests were levitated also.
P: The priests were transported in more conventional manners, as in chariots, but would accompany the stones and keep the stones in their sight, so as to firmly keep the stones in their concentration.
The stones were transported from the quarries to the site by levitation and were then moved into place with levitation. The entire raising was done with levitation. The energies used and extended in those stones during their levitation was stored. Each stone stored a small part, and so the pyramid as a whole contained much energy. The stones act as crystals in that they can store human energy as well as many other energies.
D: You mentioned singing, music. What part did that play?
P: This is a physical manifestation of that energy which is being focused.

When I was working on my book, Jesus and the Essenes, it was difficult to obtain information about certain subjects, because of the extreme secrecy code that the Essenes lived under. I was trying to find out if they had any methods of protecting themselves from their enemies. The most I was able to learn was that it had something to do with sound and there were no weapons, per se, because they were not needed. I also asked about the building of the pyramids, but I was only told the stories and legends they had in their culture.
Years after I had worked on this material, another woman in another part of the United States supplied some of the missing pieces that the original subject could not because of his mental restrictions.
This woman had also been a member of the Essene community in a past life, involved with the teaching of the mysteries, and also fell the extreme requirement for secrecy. Because she did not go into the complete somnambulist trance she was able to retain memories of scenes when she regained consciousness.
She reported the information that remained in her conscious mind, “I saw this valley where as many as a hundred or two hundred people were sitting in rows. They were using sound to levitate a huge stone creation and move it where they wanted it to be. The sound was mystical, holy, and yet at the same time it was earthy. It was all the things of the universe combined. The sound was not only created by the voice, but was accompanied by certain types of horns. (She was not sure what to call the instruments because they did not resemble anything she had seen in this lifetime.) They were very long, some were curved and some were straight. They produced sustained clear notes, and this was done in unison. The combined sound never stopped until whatever they were doing was completed. In other words no one breathed at the same time, so the sounds could be kept constant. The number of people participating depended on the job. The more difficult or grander the scale, the more people would be involved.”
“Levitation was not the only use. Sound could be used for many different things. There were different tones or pitches that would render people powerless by causing unconsciousness, or cause them to behave in a crazy, angry or agitated manner. It was also possible to kill with sound. although the Essenes never went that far, since rendering people unconscious would serve the same purpose. They could also use sound to make themselves invisible. It had to do with harmonics, the natural method of finding the mathematical equation that makes any one object tick. This could be done by one person, but if there were an advancing army, it would take several people to deal with it.”
This, of course, immediately brought to mind the Bible story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, where sound caused the walls of the city to collapse. It is known that sound is capable of these things, such as a certain note can shatter a crystal glass. And the vibration of a marching group of soldiers can collapse a bridge if they do not break step.
I wondered why this powerful weapon was not used in later times when the Romans attacked and destroyed Qumran, and captured and tortured the Essenes. This was the time when the Dead Sea scrolls were hidden in the caves for safe-keeping. Maybe they knew it was time for the ending of an era? Maybe they had forgotten how to use this method, or had not been taught it? We shall probably never know. In all respects, it appeared that the ancients had the knowledge of levitation through sound, which has been lost to succeeding generations.
Dolores: Were all of them built in the same manner?
P: The construction of the pyramids increased in complexity and – the meaning is hard to translate – but the evolution was from crude to more refined, concurrently with the attunement of the priests in their religion. There was more accomplished, more possible with the higher attunement of these priests. This was not something the average lay-citizen could do. It took many years of study and concentrated effort in order to accomplish this. This was something only a select few could accomplish through years of studying.
D: Would it be possible for people today to learn how to levitate?
P: The answer is yes. There are no restraints, physical, mental or emotional, as to who may receive this knowledge. The deciding factor is in the person himself, whether they wish to pursue this and exert the effort necessary to learn this.
D: What about the strange energy in the pyramids that people say can preserve things?
P: The energy is simply an energy which is able to focus through the human body. There are those energies which the human body cannot focus, which would be out of tune with the human experience. So these pyramids do not hold this type of energy as the humans who stored the energy in these pyramids were unable to channel this energy into them. Thus these pyramids contain energy which is peculiar to the human experience. The material can be charged by any human who focuses his energies into it, as those who work with crystals know very well. The same principle applies here.
D: I have read there are curses that kill people who break into the pyramids or violate their burial places. Is this true or is it just people’s imagination?
P: This is not what one would call a curse, in that there are avenging entities at work here. This is not correct. The pyramids are full of human energy, more so than any other object or device currently on Earth. When one enters into these pyramids, they enter into this field of concentrated human energy. They are immersed and bathed in the energy that is part of the personalities of those who charged these stones. The curse the bad luck you speak of, is merely manifestations of imbalance in these people who cannot deal with this energy. And so cause these tragedies to happen to themselves. One who is trained and aware and open can enter into these pyramids, and receive from them much knowledge which is stored in the pyramid itself. If one would be open and agreeable, these are very psychic areas. A psychic building, if you would.
D: What about the pyramids in South America? Were they built in the same manner as those in Egypt?
P: These pyramids are from the same stock of people who migrated from Atlantis during the time of the destruction. The method used is identical, for this was common knowledge on Atlantis. These temples were used in order to worship. Many, many years transpired from the original Atlantean experience until these pyramids in the east and west were built, and many ideas had evolved in different directions as well.
D: But it was the same principle though. What about the pyramids in Mexico, were they also built by levitation?
P: There was a gradual loss of this art, and many civilizations attempted to copy this building technique in more conventional manners. We are searching for this knowledge, which seems to indicate that these were built in the conventional manner of bridgework and physical labour.
D: Was that because the knowledge was being lost by that time?
P: It was because this generation had never received the knowledge and wished to copy those structures which they had heard about or seen. There were pyramids on the continent of Atlantis. They, however, are submerged at this time. These pyramids are destined to rise once again, after the cataclysm. The knowledge stored in these pyramids is to be released to the foundation generation, the new awareness of which Earth is now integrating. This knowledge will assist in man’s evolution at that time.
D: Could you tell me who built the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and why? And how they built them?
P: This has been given in many previous channellings. This is a monument to the accomplishments or pinnacle, of success of the previous civilization to the succeeding generations a mile marker to their achievement, a symbol of their success. The epitome of their understanding of the nature of reality. The fact that this monument remains a mystery indicates to the successive generations their lack of understanding. At such time as this pinnacle is understood, then the technology of that generation will have achieved a sufficient level of awareness to be given the succeeding information, of which the pyramid speaks very little of. It is a litmus test for that generation. Such that the higher energies in charge of the dissemination of energies can perceive that the generation current on the planet at that time has reached a sufficient level of understanding, that they be given the remainder of the information available. Until the complete understanding of the pyramid has been reached, it would be premature to allow the dissemination of the information which has been held.
D: I was interested in how these pyramids were built. Can you see that?
P: Can you see that? (Laugh) It has been already surmised through levitational means and electro-magnetic propulsion of many different sorts, including the use of tones and mental resonance.
To further elaborate would be useless, as your level of understanding has not been raised to the point that you could comprehend that which we would give you. Therefore when you through your own attempts at understanding, have pulled yourself up to that level, such that you can understand these higher order realities, then you shall be given a more complete understanding. You must build your foundation before you can build your house.
D: That makes sense. I’ve heard it was done by music. Would that be going along with what you said about tones?
P: Music in the sense of tones, not in the sense of song.
D: Are these tones becoming more feasible with our synthesizers existing today? They are capable of generating tones we could not generate before.
P: Not so in the sense of simple sonic or vibrational realities. However conceptual realities, the tone of mental energies. Your mental energy resonating at a single particular tone – the concept of a tone – being that your mental energy is not random noise, as many now operate on. But that your mental energy could be focused such that it is resonating at a particular tone. Not noise or even harmony. Although many chords of mental energy are possible with the further realization of the concept of mental tones. Such that these mental tones in unison generate a tremendous powerful energy which is capable of literally splitting your Earth in two, were a sufficient number of beings to join in a common effort. It would be as the destruction of Atlantis again.
D: Would this go along with what we have been told of how the extra-terrestrials are able to propel their craft? Through mental concentration.
P: That is accurate.
D: It’s the same energy?
P: Not the same energy. The same concept, however, practiced in a different form.
D: Do the pyramids act only as monuments, or do they fit a useful need in the energy in nature?
P: They are a psycho-reactive element of the energy on your planet. Somewhat of a stimulus to those on your planet, who through their own actions attempt to raise their level of awareness to that level of which the pyramid resonates. It was a stimulus, not simply in conceptual terms, but in reactive terms. The energy on your planet is somewhat amplified by tuning in to and trying to understand the conceptual realities of these pyramids.
D: Is it true that the pyramids are also an energy transmitter to other planets, or even other galaxies?
P: That is accurate. The energy streaming on to your planet is focused by this geometric design, far more than the concept of “perfect” can even approach. However, the square, or even cube of the concept of perfect or perfection, such that the resonance of this perfection reaches beyond three dimensional realities. The most absolute truth that could possibly be attained on your lower realities, stretching beyond simply your three dimensional realities. This truth then is sensed in other areas of your galaxy. The energies streaming to and from your planet are directed or homogenized by this truth. Truth being somewhat like a polarizing filter. These conceptual analogies are inaccurate in the sense that, in your understanding, they have no basis for common denominators. However we are simply trying to allow you to understand in terms that you can perceive, the fact that truth is not simply an abstraction. It is a reality. Truth is far more real than abstract, and can be utilized. The concept of truth, on your terms, is simply abstract. In reality there is a true cause and effect of that which you call “truth”. This truth then becomes somewhat like a filter, or perhaps even a reflector. Much as you might reflect perhaps a laser beam. That laser being the coherent light of one particular wave length or spectrum even, reflecting off perhaps a mirror or seismic device on your moon. The analogy here being the reflecting device on your moon would equate to this pyramid.
And the concept or conceptual stream of truth, universal truth, reflects off this pyramid. On your planet there is this reflector of higher truths, higher knowledge. Such that those who would tum their gaze toward your planet, can see this reflection of truth. Therefore someone on your planet had at some point been on this higher level of truth, your planet then or thus has a reflector of higher levels of truth. Again, truth being far more than simple abstraction.
D: I think I got more of an answer than I planned for. (Laugh)
P: The pyramids were used as observation points. For the alignment of the stars could be calculated by the proximity of the apex of the triangle to the nearest marker star or mark star. Certain stars were assigned the status of “mark star”, and so by positioning oneself specifically at one point on the pyramid and looking up to the apex and thence outward to the heavens, one could find the mark star, or where the apex was in relation to the mark star.
D: What did they use this information for?
P: It was to allow for charting of the heavens as well as to map time. And so be able to tell exactly where one was in the Earth’s revolution around the Sun.


Dolores: I’m thinking of the pyramids, and those in Peru, and in Mexico. The monuments that are made of the large stones. Did they have abilities to erect these stones that we don’t have today in the 20th century?
Clara: No. You have it. You don’t use it.
D: (Chuclcle) I’ve been told that. It’s the powers of the mind that we no longer utilize then.
C: That is correct.
D: How were they able to erect these large stone monuments?
C: Let me ask you a question. Is that stone native to that place?
D: I think in some cases it is, but in other cases, they said it had to be transported a long distance.
C: On many stars and on many planets we simply create something into being just by energy. And simply, the stones are created. It can be created from the area. But if we have the ability to create telepathically, or to just simply materialize by pure energy, we can transport it from any place to any place. But the great pyramids were created mostly from that which was native for that particular area. So it could confuse a lot of people, as it has over the centuries. It simply came into being by using the mind, that which we do not use today. Simply by creating, cutting that stone in the manner In which you want it, cut to fit the pattern according to the architectural structure that was chosen for that particular pyramid.
D: I’ve seen some where the stones fit together absolutely perfectly with no type of mortar or cement. And they are even curved so they will all fit together.
C: Yes. It is done telepathically, simply by using thought. Thought is the creation of everything. First becomes a thought. And in the thought of those that were creating the structure they unified that thought in such a way that every comer would fit perfectly. Because every thought fit perfectly with every other thought. And so when every thought meshes and moulds itself one to the other, it becomes the other, so that it fits perfectly in a pattern or a design which one chooses it to be.
D: Some people think it might have been done with machinery like laser beams.
C: Thought is the fastest laser known. Each block is a thought. So a thought can be the foundation. One block at a time is one thought at a time. And all the thoughts together, and you might say a telepathic stone is a thought. And so, every thought being a telepathic stone, or a physical stone – because thought can become physical – and each one is then placed one on top of the other. One beside each other. However the pattern fits to create.
D: How were they transported or placed on top of each other?
C: By thought. So my thought is to create this stone. I might say, “I will bring this stone from here and place it here.” It was a collective construction of many people with their thoughts. So my thought is, that I have this stone to put here, and this one here. The thought becomes a reality. A living being. A stone is a being. It’s just a different mass of energy. As you see it, it’s a mass that doesn’t move. But it is all space. I mean, it’s all space, and it’s all energy. So therefore, this collective group, with one mind and one unity and one goal and one construct to create, brings these thoughts together. And creates a physical construct.
D: Then the group mind was more powerful than the individual.
C: Much more. It always is, when there is one thought or one goal, that wants to be achieved.
D: I’ve always thought it might have been achieved by levitation.
C: You could call that levitation. By your thoughts levitating, or saying, “Okay, I go over here and my thought chisels out this stone. So I will create it. I will bring this over. It is a good analogy. You could say, in your linear way of thinking, that it in fact could be levitation.
D: I was also told it could be levitated through sound.
C: That is a possibility. Thought is much faster than sound. Thought is faster than light.
D: Do you think people used sound at a later time because they forgot how to use the minds.
C: Yes, yes. People became so involved in their personalities, and their day-to-day living and goings-in and goings-out, that they began to pull away from the collective. Pull away from the source. Pull away from that which is. To become separate from All That Is, and to become individualized. And so as an individual person or being, they chose separation from source. And with the separation from source, then they began to forget to use the thought. And so then they began to find other ways.
D: So it was possible at later times they did use sound.
C: Oh, yes.
D: Were the original group, that used group thought to build the pyramids, human beings?
C: Oh, yes. Highly evolved human beings.
D: Were these the ones you said were the survivors of Atlantis?
C: Brought back to Earth from the stars.
D: And they just lived in these centralized areas, Egypt and Peru and Mexico?
C: Yes, to begin with. And then humans wandered off to discover new universes, to discover new planets, to discover new lands. And so, as they wandered over the land, they created more communities. And generally it was more than one person that would go, because they wanted companionship, or they wanted protection from the wilds or from the dangers that might be out there in the unknown lands over the hills or the waters.
D: And at first they carried this knowledge with them. (Yes) But they, more or less, needed the group mind to create these big monuments. (Yes) Can you tell me the purpose of the great pyramid?
C: It is a storehouse for knowledge, of all that the Earth is. The mystery of the Earth, and the creation of the Earth is in the great pyramid.
D: It is trying to tum it into a storehouse that would be similar to the one of the three spires?
C: It is a similar storehouse. Not going to be turned into.
D: Many people think the measurements and the orientation of the way it sits could provide solutions to the mystery.
C: That is true, but there is more. Man has lost the capacity to use his mind to the fullest. He uses only a small portion of that which is available to him. He needs to open up and accept that there are no limitations, and without limitations you can go beyond time and space. And you can know the mystery of all there is to know. You will be given more information at a future time, because the energy of the pyramids are being reactivated, and new changes will be taking place in that area.
D: How can people tap into the knowledge that is contained in the pyramids?
C: Man is not ready for that at this time. He’s not open enough. He’s going in a direction that it is a tomb. He is not willing to accept that it really carries the mystery of the creation of the universe, and all the knowledge of what the universe is. The Earth and the universe, and of the stars…

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