Divine Nutrition Gifts, Brain Wave Patterns & Our Paranormal Powers

In order to understand ‘The Food of Gods’ with its gift of Divine Nutrition, we need to examine our brain wave pattern range as after a decade of experiential research I have found that there are literally two secrets to the successful access of this realm. The first is our personal frequency which is determined by our lifestyle and the second – which also influences our personal frequency – is the field of our brain wave patterns. The rate, or cycles per second that our brain wave patterns operate in, and also their amplitude, can determine how well we are being nourished in life and, if tuned in a certain manner, can also reveal another source of nourishment as yet relatively unexplored by the western world.


During a visit to India in 2002 and a meeting with Dr Sudhir Shah and his research team, I was given what I feel to be an important link in understanding the Divine Nutrition journey. I had already been guided to write this book with the focus on future research that I felt still needed to be done in the ‘Divine nourishment field’, when Dr Shah’s personal research into brain wave patterns triggered me into a new level of understanding. In order to accept the food of Gods as a source of pure nutrition, we need to understand more of how the body and our brain works and we will address the area of Brain Wave pattern research in more detail later.




Briefly, there are four main brain wave patterns which are:

-the Beta brain wave pattern at 14 to 30 cycles per second – level 1

-the Alpha brain wave pattern at 8 to 13 cycles per second – level 2 & 3

-the Theta brain wave pattern at 4 to 7 cycles per second – level 2 & 3

-the Delta brain wave pattern at .5 to 3 cycles per second – level 3.


Although research on the differing type of brain wave patterns that occur between yogis and someone untrained in working with consciously altering their brain wave patterns, is now being done; what has not yet been explored is:

What can happen within a human system when the slower in frequency, but higher in amplitude, brain wave patterns are sustained for long periods of time; in other words what happens to a person’s life when they choose to anchor themselves in the Theta brain wave field? And … How is this anchoring done?




Research has found that when the Theta – Delta frequency pattern is held, the following attributes are evident in a person’s life. These attributes are sometimes classified as paranormal powers that can be seen as:

-Pre-cognition – the ability to sense what is about to occur;

-Telepathy – the ability to pick up unspoken mental-plane communications;

-Bi-location – the ability to be in two places at once or to send a holographic projection of oneself somewhere else;

-Clairsentience and empathy – the ability to sense or feel what others are feeling;

-Clairvoyance – the ability to see between the worlds with our third eye;

-The ability to heal through touch or over distances plus much more.


The Theta – Delta pattern is the home of our latent paranormal abilities and when accessed allows our inner resources of Divine Nutrition to flow. In the metaphysical world, which powers a person has often depends on the role they have agreed to play in the cycles of human evolution.


When the Theta and the Delta brain wave patterns are sustained not only does the veil go down between the conscious and subconscious mind allowing reprogramming of the whole bio-system in a more effective way, but we also begin to tap into other realms of reality, where issues like the following become more real for us:

-Divine radiance – where we can increase or decrease our auric emanations so that our presence nourishes others in a healthy way.

-Divine intentions – where we understand the power of our intentions and will in co-creation and use them with wisdom for the good of all and are hence supported by powerful and nourishing universal forces.

-Divine guidance – access to an inner plane system of reliable help.

-Divine prosperity – access to all the abundance we need to be fulfilled on all levels.

-Divine transmissions – the ability to enjoy two-way communications with beings who are permanently anchored in the Theta – Delta field and to do so via empathic or telepathic means.

-Divine co-creation – the ability to, and action of, creating in a way that stimulates and releases the highest potentialities into manifestation.

-Divine Grace is an inexplicable energy that is incredible to experience, Grace is the oil that smoothest the way in life.

-Divine communication – communion with the God within and the inner plane Holy Ones

-Divine manifestation – the ability to recognize the will of the Creator and to manifest according to the Divine Plan’s current agenda which is our conscious cocreation of paradise on earth.

-Divine bliss – true emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment.

-Divine nutrition as in pranic feeding and the freedom it brings.

-Divine revelation – the zone of true knowing beyond limited perceptions and realities.


The above are some of the benefits that come from accessing the Divine Nutrition channel.

I call these gifts that we receive when we are in tune with the Madonna Frequency. The Madonna Frequency is the frequency of Divine Love and Divine compassion. The Madonna Frequency is the deliverer of the true food of the Gods, because (although this is totally unscientific in explanation) the metaphysical fact is that what allows us to be nourished – and maintain pure health without the need of taking physical food or vitamin supplements if this be our life choice – is an energy which can only be described as pure Divine Love and I believe that this energy of Divine Love is triggered automatically when a person maintains the Theta – Delta brain wave patterns.


I once met a man who said to me: “Why do you speak so much of the Divine? It’s always ‘Divine this’ and ‘Divine that’. And you say that we are Divine beings and maybe that is true for you, but I certainly am not Divine.”


I could have responded and quoted John 14.2 and said as Jesus did: “I shall go to the house of my Father to prepare for you an abode. The house of my Father has many abodes. On that day you shall know that I am with the Father, the Father in me and I in you. You are God”. But that only impresses those of the Christian faith. What about the Buddhist who believes in a Supreme Intelligence rather than a God as we know it and what has this to do with the science of measuring brain wave patterns and Divine Nutrition?


When the abode is well prepared or tuned, then Divine Nutrition flows and is physically released within us especially when we consciously tune our brain wave patterns into the Theta – Delta fields. And Divinity?


Divinity is a state, an experience, a feeling of awe and recognition and wonder and appreciation when we find our self in the Presence of something that truly is sublime. Does it exist? Can we all experience this? This depends on our desire and also our capacity to perceive it yet most amazingly, if we believe in the Divine and ask it to reveal itself to us, it does particularly when we meet it half way by consciously tuning ourselves into the Theta field where it expresses itself more freely.


I like the game of logic, I like the game of trust and faith, I like the quantum game that says we can alter events just by the viewing of them and I like the fact that we can test the idea that we are Gods in form and that what we focus on comes into being if we all believe in it enough and do what is required to retune the fields. I like the idea that this means that if we unify and focus collectively then we can co-create anything on this earth. I also like the experience of the vastness of creation, the knowing that God is everywhere and that this includes within us and as such all is naturally Divine. The role of the modern-day metaphysician is now only to absorb the proper nourishment to support us as we act as if we are Divine. I also like the fact that with proper nourishment, enjoying our paranormal powers will become a common aspect of all our lives.


It’s interesting to look at the idea of ‘normal’ or what is considered acceptable to the status quo. In our modern-day world, it is normal to suffer disease and bio-system breakdown and decay. It is normal to die at around age 70 and to experience emotional highs and lows. Violence is tolerated as an everyday fact as is the suffering of our children.


Personally, I would like to think that as we learn how to stop blocking our inner nourishment flow, that these things become abnormal rather than every day. All it takes is education to inspire us to understand and make more supportive choices which are easier to make when we understand the natural cycles of human awareness.




Like many metaphysicians in this world, I was born with an inbuilt hunger to be in the Theta field of life even though many in my personal field were oblivious to such drives. However, in the metaphysical world there are reasons and also natural cycles to our hungers that are outlined in diagram 1. These can also be seen as stages in our lives and when these are understood our drives are easier to explain and handle.





This is the state of the mass of human consciousness. It is the ‘I need to survive here’ stage of ‘looking out for number one’. In the Western world where we have more choices, our pre-occupations here are ‘where will I work’, ‘where will I live’, ‘who will I marry’, ‘should I have children’, ‘how many’ etc. Then we may enter into the stage of the doing of this which is followed by the looking after our self and our family as well as we can. Here we may be struggling to survive – as per the 3 billion or more people in our world who often exist on less than $1 USD per day – or we may be surviving quite nicely thank you yet something within us somehow still feels a little empty.


In this first stage our brain wave patterns are resonating at the Beta frequency of 14 – 30 cycles per second and our focus is generally consumed by a ‘me, me and mine’ mentality. When we are in this frequency field the idea of Divine Nutrition and living by its Light usually seems ridiculous, unfeasible or something that belongs to some future dream world that is maybe populated by yogis and enlightened beings. Essentially it is unimaginable as a choice for us and just not part of our personal reality.




Once our hunger for survival has been met, and even sometimes while we are still striving to survive, a human being may begin to seek to thrive rather than just survive. This next stage often occurs due to lack of emotional, mental and/or spiritual nourishment or sometimes due to a near death type experience. Here we may ask questions like “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, or “Surely there is more to life than just paying the bills and raising a family?”


These types of questions are prompted by that part of us that is limitless, all knowing and who is here as a Divine being who is having a human experience and who wishes us to wake-up and become more aware. When we think like this we stimulate our brain wave patterns into the Alpha zone of a more reflective, meditative consciousness which often opens the door for higher knowing to flow through.


In this stage we also move into the ‘me and them’ awareness of yogic duality where we realize we are not the centre of the universe and that others exist and have needs as well and that we can co-exist with these others either in harmony or disharmony. In this field of awareness our choices become apparent and we may start to glimpse the fact that we are not victims but are the master of our own destiny. In Stage 2 our brain wave patterns are firmly anchored in the Alpha zone of 8 to 13 cycles per second although we may dip into the Beta zone when we allow ourselves to be stressed from time to time. This stress becomes greater when we are pulled back into the Beta field.


In this stage we know by experience, that when we meditate, and take time out and make different choices that the ‘feel good’ Alpha vibes return. In this stage we are usually aware of the benefits of a healthy, fresh food, and maybe even a meat free diet; of the benefits of treating the body as a temple and exercising it and also the benefits of yoga and regular meditation, and time spent in solitude and contemplation; and perhaps we are even aware of the nourishment we receive when we are kind and compassionate to others and to ourselves.


In this stage we are beginning to understand that life mirrors our own consciousness and that we can control the journey of our awareness as personal growth issues become important. Here honesty and self-assessment and questions like “Am I really happy?” and “If not, why not?” and “What can I do to change this?” may consume us. As mentioned, entering the Alpha field can even be triggered by a ‘mid-life crisis’. In this stage we have usually had some sort of feeling or experience of being guided by a higher power in our life, or we have been involved in ‘co-incidences’ and synchronicities that we cannot explain.




The more time we spend with our brain wave patterns anchored in the Alpha zone, aware that we can co-exist compassionately and be in harmony with others, the more at peace and fulfilled we become – particularly if we have learnt to listen to and trust our inner voice or 6th sense of intuition, which is the guidance of our authentic self – our Divine One Within.


In this stage we have moved into the field of unified consciousness where we may even feel ‘at one’ with everything as if we are just one small cell in the body of some Divine organism that seems to pulsate with a compassionate, intelligent and loving awareness. In this stage we have realized that how we spend our time, and what we pay attention to, will directly influence the type of experiences that we attract in life. By this stage we have become aware of the power of our thoughts to create reality and hence we now choose thoughts that create the type of life where we feel as if we are thriving and in tune with a greater game. In stage 3 we have trained ourselves to see the God in all life and to recognize the perfection of creation and the natural cycles of all life, as we feel the tantra of life and duality and feelings of separation disappear and we realize that our Divine One Within is eternal, and that death is just an illusion.


In this stage our brain wave patterns are firmly anchored in the Theta zone of 4 to 7 cycles per second. In this field Divine Revelations and Holy Visions are more common as are visitations with Holy Beings that reside on the Inner realms and who are accessible when our 6th sense of intuition and our 7th sense of knowing are activated and tuned to their channels. We tune to them via the power of programming, and the conscious direction of our will and intention, and our success at connecting with them is determined by the purity of our heart levels which then magnetize the pure of heart to us. The more we spend time in this field, the more we wish to ‘give something back’, to serve and be of use to others and to have our presence contribute positively in this world.


It is in the Theta field where the Shaman as a master of ecstasy, or the yogi as a student of the Divine, comes into his or her true power. Simultaneously as we begin to witness the vastness of creation we realize that the more we think we know, the more we see just how little we know.




In this stage all our questions disappear as our inner being has been flooded with such powerful nutrition that we hunger no more. Our physical body has been flooded by so much light, love, joy and Divine ecstasy that every cell is vibrating at the frequency of a true God in form; in this stage our emotional body has been flooded with such an unconditionally loving Presence that we find ourselves experiencing a deep knowingness and awe of the beauty, perfection and immensity of creation. Our mental being may or may not retain conscious awareness in this field as this depends on how deep we dive into the Delta zone, however bathing in this field changes us permanently and on such deep levels that we cannot explain our experience there and often lose our words when we try.


In this stage we often oscillate between the Theta and Delta fields as it is difficult to retain the desire to function in, or partake of, the physical world when we are immersed in the Delta zone – in fact our awareness of the physical world usually disappears when we bathe in this frequency field. This is the realm of the ‘All That Is’ and of perfection consciousness, for it is the home of the Gods where pure nourishment and creative possibilities flow endlessly.


The Food of Gods is a timeless mystery that is delivered throughout our system when our brain wave patterns are resonating from deep within the Delta Field. As already mentioned, it is a quality form of nourishment that feeds our human soul and also our cells. In spiritual terms this energy from the Delta Field, in its purest essence, is love. In Dimensional Biofield terms it is simply a brain wave pattern that can unlock inner doors that when opened, and programmed, have the ability to flood our atoms with a supreme type of nourishment that we call Divine Nutrition.


Known as Manna and Prana and Chi and the Universal Life Force, on an alchemical level this Delta field essence also expresses itself via a wave of Grace, where magic and coincidence rule via a synchronistic and harmonious flow. Able to be aligned with and experienced, the wave of Grace of the Delta Field adds a level to life that provides us with the purest nourishment we need.


Stage 5: FREEDOM


I would like to add another stage here which is the stage of true freedom. When we have explored and experienced the benefits of stages 1 to 4, one of three things occur:


First we have learnt to be free from the things that block the Divine Nutrition flow.


Next, if we haven’t completed our work here, we are intuitively guided to anchor ourselves firmly in the Theta field and to be a radiant example of impeccable mastery in a way that nurtures the world and from this centre of focus we learn again how to compassionately serve. The ‘I’ disappears and is replaced by the ‘we’.


Lastly, if we have completed the work we agreed to do on this plane, when we find ourselves anchored in the Theta – Delta wave, we may be given the opportunity to leave. I used to joke that when this time came that God would send a cosmic limousine to collect us and until that happened we needed to relax and have some fun and get on with fulfilling the things we had come to do. What instead occurs is that we become so filled with the love and light, that is the true food of the Gods, so that we are overwhelmed by, and merge into, a band of pure magnetic love that seduces us from our body. In other words, we ascend and are given the opportunity to ascend into a realm of pure light and leave our physical form.


Excerpt from the book “The Food of Gods” by Jasmuheen