Most of the prophets, researchers, ascended masters, and indigenous peoples predicted that there is “the great shift” that is coming to humanity and the Earth. […]

The Union of Two People: The Wedding

The wedding rite a bonding of two hearts – took place with the participation of the whole village, sometimes several neighbouring (or even distant) villages […]

The best place in Paradise

Four brothers came to a grave site to honour the memory of their father who had died many years before. The brothers wanted to know […]

Ancient Vedic lifestyle – Vedism

People have been living on the Earth for billions of years. Everything on the Earth was created perfect right from the start. Trees, blades of […]

The Human Smart Body

THE HUMAN SMART BODY Have you ever heard about kinesiology? What about Body Talk or tapping? If not, perhaps you are aware of acupuncture? These […]