Most of the prophets, researchers, ascended masters, and indigenous peoples predicted that there is “the great shift” that is coming to humanity and the Earth. Their predictions were also based on knowledge of what happened in ancient times. The man-made structures, from artificial materials created by previous civilizations did not pass through the last dimensional shift thirteen thousand years ago. Every time the transition to the next dimension occurs, the Earth cleans up the environment of the previous reality.

This great change has come now, and it is a planetary dimensional shift that is transforming Earth and humanity into a new level of existence. It is also connected with the uplifting of human consciousness towards universal and galactic intelligence.

The following information further elaborates on the details of the dimensional shift to 5D in order to develop a special design for this physical ascension, which will help humanity make the coming changes easier, more harmonious, and to avoid fear, shock, and death. Understanding the dimensional shift helps accelerate spiritual growth, use time on this planet more efficiently, and successfully ascend.

The dimensional shift takes place when a planet or another cosmic body passes from one dimension to another. In Earth’s case, this will be a transition from the fourth to the fifth dimension. The entire planet as a whole and everyone living on it will move to a higher level.


On many planets in this Galaxy, everything usually begins with a weakening phase of the geomagnetic fields and the destruction of civilization. In this phase, it becomes extremely dangerous to inhabit cities. All the systems that support the existence of civilization and the world ruled by chaos will eventually disintegrate. This is the period when we are still on Earth in the fourth dimension, just before the transition to the fifth dimension.

Then follows a five- or six-hour transitional period immediately before the dimensional shift begins. At this very challenging time, great changes are about to occur once the fifth dimension begins to merge with the fourth-dimensional Earth.

When the dimensional shift begins, then doubts will disappear. Reality will seem abnormal due to changes in the surroundings in colour and form that do not fit into most human consciousness.

Usually, at this time, there is a shift in the axis of the planet, and humanity will find itself in a new dimension of space and time.

Passing through the shift, people will enter the Earth’s fifth dimension. Life will be changed dramatically, as it will be a birth into a new world that originates from a pure state.

In the scenario below, a general description is provided of the Earth’s transition into another dimension, this description is based on previous shifts and illustrates what usually happens during the transition.


The first sign of the beginning of the dimensional shift of the planet is a sharp weakening of the geomagnetic field. It has been known to science that it has been decreasing for the last two thousand years. In the past 500 years, the Earth’s geomagnetic field has been weakening more intensely. As we approach the time of the dimensional shift, the geomagnetic field will start to go more erratic, which would have already been noticed all over the world.

The world’s airports have had to adjust the position of the northern geomagnetic pole on their maps in order to be able to use aero technology. Also, during the last forty years, characteristic changes in the structure of the magnetic field have been observed. Birds have abandoned their usual migration places because of the changes in the location of the guiding magnetic lines of the Earth.

This is what causes the whales and dolphins to be thrown ashore, as they also use the magnetic lines of the Earth’s field during migration (Lee, 2013). Many of the lines that used to go along the coast now lead to land. As the whales swim strictly along these guiding lines, they run into land and are beached. Eventually, the geomagnetic field will probably collapse, which has happened many times in the history of the Earth.

Events can develop in several scenarios. The magnetic field could reverse, and the poles would change places. The field might restore the same configuration of poles but would have a completely different axis.

In addition, before going into another dimension, there have been other, subtler energetic effects, such as the change in the Schumann frequency (the main resonant frequency of the Earth), but the most pronounced will be geomagnetic changes.

The geomagnetic field has a direct effect on the human brain when the field strength drops to zero (Lee, 2013). According to Russian research, when astronauts were outside the geomagnetic field of the Earth for more than two weeks, they literally lost their minds. The same thing happened after the Fall of Atlantis, when this civilization sank into the ocean. While those who survived, lost their memory and experienced psychological disturbances. Apparently, the magnetism of Earth holds memory in tact in a holistic state. In Russia, for example, small devices were invented to be attached to belts, which established a normal electromagnetic field around the body when the astronaut was in space. After that, NASA also did the same.

At first glance, it seems strange that the geomagnetic field would affect our emotions, but this is usually what happens during the full moon. The full moon only slightly changes the geomagnetic parameters, but the effect is more than obvious. In any major city in the world, the police report more murders and crimes committed during these three days of the full moon than at any other time. However, the problem becomes much more serious when the geomagnetic field is reduced to zero. The strong fluctuations in the geomagnetic field can cause instability in society and a huge panic around the world.


In this period, which lasts from three months to two years, people start behaving abnormally due to changes in the geomagnetic field. This is what causes the collapse of social, financial, and banking systems and the incapacitation of governments. A shortage of food and other vital resources is experienced, as is terror that drives most people to rely on weapons for protection (Melkezedek, 1990). In this case, refuge can only be found in rural areas and villages if people live in harmony with each other, regardless of the collapsing system of the world.


For humans without spiritual awareness and a fully functioning Mer-Ka-Ba, this is a dangerous stage because strange phenomena occur as a result of the overlapping of the two dimensions. At this point, there are rituals that can be performed to make the process easier. For example, the North American Indian tribe called Taos Pueblo teaches that at the time of the dimensional shift, one must enter the dwelling (pueblo), pull the curtains, avoid looking outside, and meditate.


The other phenomenon that is likely to happen is related to the nature of the reality in which we live. Synthetic materials—those that have been created—can pose a danger. These materials are not contained in Nature so they cannot pass into the fifth dimension, and they will return to the state of the individual elements from which they were made (Melkezedek, 1990).

Moreover, all synthetic materials have a certain degree of stability. For example, glass is just melted sand, whereas, plastic is a combination of chemicals that go through several stages of heat processing, making it much more unstable. During the shift, there is a five- to six-hour period where some synthetic objects, depending on their stability, will melt or decay faster than others. Therefore, apartment buildings, machines, and household appliances, made of artificial materials will also degrade. Similarly, houses and other buildings constructed from various unstable, non-natural materials, like those of most modern houses, will be deemed unsafe because a complete or partial collapse will occur.

Knowing that this time would come and what would happen, the Indians of the Taos Pueblo banned the use of modern building materials inside their settlements. In the past, they inserted windows without glass into the pueblo, but now, with the installation of glass, even if the window collapses, it will not be a great loss. The pueblos are built only of clay, straw, stone, and wood, so the Taos Pueblo tribe will not have any difficulty transitioning into a new dimension.

The Pueblos, New Mexico, USA (Source: Wikipedia)

During the dimensional shift, the safest choice is to be in a house built of natural building materials in a natural environment, outside of a city. In order to avoid the breakdown of a city’s infrastructure, city dwellers fear and panic.


A strange phenomenon begins at this stage. The two dimensions begin to overlap. You may be sitting in your room when suddenly something appears out of nowhere that will not be explainable to your mind. It will be a fifth dimensional object that will not fit into your understanding of reality. You will see colours that you have never seen before in your life. These colours will be exceedingly bright, and they’ll seem to have their own light source. The colour will seem to be emitted rather than reflected. And they have a shape that your mind will not be able to explain. These objects will be the strangest things you have ever seen.

My strong suggestion to you is: don’t touch one of these objects. If you do, it will instantly pull you into another dimension at an accelerated rate.

Esoteric researcher, Drunvalo Melchizedek says:

I’ll tell you exactly what normally happens in a dimensional shift. I will give this description from my direct experience, but what really comes to pass may be slightly different, for the universe is always experimenting.

Some of you would probably prefer that I tell this in story form, but I feel that a straight shot may be more appropriate.


Remember that what I am about to say is what a galactic textbook would reveal. It is just the normal scenario. There can be many different details, because life is flexible, but by knowing the norm, you can imagine the differences.

It is now believed that the period before the shift will probably be very short, with almost no disruption. They expect little or no warning except for the five- or six-hour shift.

More than likely, you will wake up one morning, and, before sunset, find yourself a child in a brand-new world.


Let’s begin six hours before the shift. You wake up on a clear, cool morning, feeling great. As you stand up, you realise that you are feeling very light and a little strange. You decide to take a bath. As you’re watching the water, you sense something behind you. You turn and see a large, brightly glowing object of strange colours floating about three feet off the floor next to the wall. As you try to figure out what this is, a smaller one appears out of nowhere a few feet away. They begin to float around the room.

You jump up and run into the bedroom, only to see the whole room filled with these strange, unimaginable things. You might think you are having a mental breakdown or that maybe a brain tumour is affecting your perception, but neither is the case. Suddenly, the floor begins to break apart, and the whole house begins to distort. You run outside into Nature, where everything seems normal except that there are many of these strange things everywhere. You decide to sit down and not move. You remember your Mer-Ka-Ba and begin to breathe with awareness. You relax into the prana flow that moves through your body. The great spinning Mer-Ka-Ba has enclosed you in its warmth and safety. You become centred and wait, because what’s about to happen is God’s grace. There really is nowhere to go. It’s the greatest ride you can imagine. It is ancient, yet it is brand new. It is beautiful, and you feel fantastic. You feel more alive than you ever did when you were in normal Earth reality. Each breath seems to be exciting.

You look across the meadow, where a red, glowing fog begins to slide into the space all around you. Soon you are surrounded by this red fog, which seems to have its own source of light. It’s a fog, but it doesn’t actually look like any fog you have ever seen before. It seems to be everywhere now. You are even breathing it.

An odd feeling comes over your body. It isn’t really bad, just unusual. You notice that the red fog is slowly changing to orange. You no sooner see it as orange than it turns yellow. The yellow quickly changes into green, then blue, then purple, then violet, then ultraviolet. Then a powerful flash of pure white light explodes into your consciousness. You are not only surrounded by this white light, but it seems that you are this light. For you, there is nothing else in existence.

This last feeling seems to have continued for a long time. Slowly, very slowly, the white light changes into clear light, and the place where you are sitting becomes visible again. Only it looks like everything is metallic and made of pure gold—the trees, the clouds, the animals, the houses, and other people—except your body, which may or may not appear like gold. Almost imperceptibly, the gold, metallic reality becomes transparent.

Slowly, everything begins to look like golden glass. You’ll be able to see right through walls, you can even see people walking behind them.


Finally, the gold-metal reality begins to dim and fade away. The bright gold becomes dull and keeps losing its light until your entire world is dark and black. A blackness engulfs you, and your old world is gone forever.

You can’t see anything now, not even your body. You realise that you are stable, but at the same time, you seem to be floating. Your familiar world is gone. Do not feel afraid here. There is nothing to be afraid of. It is completely natural. You have entered the Void between the third and fourth dimensions, the Void that all things came from and must always pass back into. You have entered the doorway between the worlds. There’s no sound and no light. It’s total sensory deprivation in every imaginable way.

There is nothing to do but wait and feel gratitude for your connection with the Universe within. You will probably dream at this point. It is okay. If you don’t dream, it will seem like a long, long time is passing. In truth, it will only be about three days.

To be concise, this period may last from two and a quarter days (the shortest ever known) to about four days (the longest ever experienced).

Normally, it is between three and three and a half days. These days are Earth days, of course, and this time is experiential, not real, because time as we know it does not exist. You have now reached the “end of time” that the Maya and other religions and spiritual people have spoken of.


The next experience is rather shocking. After floating in nothingness and blackness for three days or so, on one level of your being, it may seem like a thousand years have gone by. Then, totally unexpectedly and in an instant,your entire world will explode with a brilliant white light. It will be blinding. It will be the brightest light you have ever known, and it will take a long time before your eyes can adjust and handle the intensity of this new light.

More than likely, the experience will seem brand new, and what you have just become is a baby in a new reality. Just like when you were born here on Earth, you came from a very dark place into a very light place, you were somewhat blinded and didn’t know what the heck was going on. The experience is similar in many ways. Congratulations!

You were just born into a brilliant new world!

When you start adjusting to this intensity of light, which might take awhile, you’ll begin to see colours you’ve never seen before and never knew existed. Everything—the whole configuration, the whole experience of reality—will be bizarre and unknown to you except for the short time with the floating objects right before the shift.

In truth, it is more of a second birth. On Earth, when you are born, you begin small and continue to grow until you are an adult. We usually think of human adulthood as the end of growth. What may sound strange until you see it is that a human adult body in the next world is a baby. Exactly as happens here, you begin to grow and get taller until you reach adulthood in this new world. Adulthood in this new fifth dimensional world is surprisingly taller than here. An adult male is about 4.27–5 metres (14–16 feet) tall, and an adult female is about 3–3.7 metres (10–12 feet).

Your body will seem solid, just as on Earth, but compared to third dimensional Earth, it isn’t. In fact, if you were to go back to Earth, no one could see you. You still have an atomic structure, but the atoms will have mostly converted into energy. You have become a great deal of energy with very little matter. You can walk right through a solid wall on Earth, but here you are solid.

Time is extremely different in the fifth dimension. A few minutes on Earth are several hours in 5D, so in what will seem like about two years, you will reach adulthood. But simply growing up is not what life is all about, just as here on Earth. There are levels of knowledge and existence that would be hard to imagine from where you will be when you first enter the fourth dimension, just as a baby here on Earth could not comprehend astrophysics.


Here you are, a child in a new world. Yet in this new world, you are far from helpless. You are a powerful spirit that can control the entire reality with your thoughts. Whatever you think, it happens instantly! Yet at first, you normally don’t recognise this connection. Most people don’t put the two together for several days, and those few days are crucial. They could keep you from surviving in this new world if you don’t understand.

Here you are, only a few minutes old, and the first big test in life begins.

When the fifth-dimensional window is opened, anyone can go through, but generally not everyone can stay. What we have found is that there are three types of people at this stage.

First, there are people who pass over who are ready. They have prepared themselves for this life through the conscious life they lived. Then there are people who aren’t ready, who are filled with so much fear that they cannot allow themselves to leave these third and fourth dimensions past the Void, and they immediately return to old Earth. Finally, there’s a third group that passes over but isn’t really quite ready for this experience.

They were ready enough to transition into the fifth dimension, but they weren’t really prepared to stay there. Jesus spoke of these people when he said at the end of a parable that “many are called, but few are chosen.”

There was another parable about a wheat farmer whose servants reported that many weeds were growing in his wheat fields and asked what to do. The farmer told them to let the weeds grow with the wheat, and when it was harvest time, to gather them both up and then separate the chaff from the wheat. A farmer would normally attempt to get rid of the weeds before they got big, but that’s not what he said to do. What Jesus was referring to are these two different kinds of people—the ones who are ready and the ones who aren’t.

When people are not quite ready, it means they are bringing all their fears and hatred with them. When they find themselves in this very bizarre world, all their fears and anger arise. Because they don’t know that whatever they think will take shape around them, their fears begin to manifest.

Because they don’t understand what is happening, in the beginning most people reproduce familiar images of their old world, things they can recognise. They do this to make sense of what is happening. They are not doing this consciously, but from their survival instinct. They start creating the old images and emotional patterns. But this new world is so bizarre that all their fears come up. They say, “Holy cow, what’s going on? This is crazy, insane!” They see people who had died long ago. They might begin to see scenes from their past, even their childhood. Nothing makes sense. The mind searches for some way to create order. They think they’re hallucinating, and this brings up more fear.

Thinking in their Earthly way, they might feel that someone is doing this to them, so they need to protect themselves. The ego thinks it needs a gun. Manifestation follows thought, and when they look down, there’s a rifle with a scope—just what they wanted. They pick up the gun and think, “I need ammunition.” They look to their left, and there are huge boxes of it. They load up and begin looking for bad guys who they think are trying to kill them. So who instantly appears? The bad guys, fully armed. Now their worst fears start manifesting, whatever they are, so they start shooting. Everywhere they turn, other people are trying to kill them. Finally, their biggest fear manifests, and they are fatally shot.

A scenario of some sort will happen that will remove them from this higher world back to the world from which they came. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” But Jesus also said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth,” which means that if you’re sitting in this new world thinking simple thoughts of love, harmony, and peace, trusting in God and yourself, then that is exactly what will manifest in your world. You will manifest a harmonious, beautiful world. If you are “meek,” you allow yourself to remain in this higher world through your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You survive.

That’s just the beginning, of course. So you are born into a new world, and you survive. From this point on, there are various possibilities. One that will invariably occur is that after a while you’ll start to explore this reality, and at some point you will realise that whatever you think – happens.

At this point, people often look down at their bodies and say, “Wow,” and, with their thoughts, perfect their bodies and physically become what they always wanted to be. They will heal everything, grow back their arms and legs. Why not? It’s like a toy for a child. Because ego often still functions a little bit at this stage, you might make yourself really beautiful or handsome, or taller.

But you will soon get bored with perfecting your body. You will begin to explore the rest of your new reality.

You may realise that you’ve just won the big game of life. All the pain and suffering you have experienced in life is over, and another beautiful and sacred level of life is emerging. Now the purpose and meaning of life begin to return consciously. You begin to experience another ancient yet new way of being, and it’s yours. It has always been yours, but you gave it up. So now you are returning to the state of awareness where God is apparent in all of life. He is apparent with every breath that enters your shining body of light.


You ask, what can we do here on Earth that will prepare us for this experience of the higher worlds?

It’s definitely not collecting food, cars, technology, and making a house out of artificial materials or anything else like that. Not that this is a wrong action, only that physical preparation has its limits. In heaven, in the higher worlds, you are what you create. It is true here too, but most of us don’t know it. From the fifth dimension on, it becomes obvious.

Since we are what we create, then it becomes important and necessary that our emissions are in harmony with all life everywhere. We come to understand that everything we think, feel, and do creates the world we live in. Therefore, ordinary life here on Earth can be seen as a school, a place where each moment of life gives us lessons that can be directly translated into the next world. No wonder Egypt and most of the ancient civilizations regarded death with such reverence. Death, no matter how it comes, is the doorway of darkness into the Void that leads into the brilliant light of the higher worlds of life. If mastered, it leads directly into a conscious connection with ALL LIFE everywhere—eternal life!

So what about these Earthly lessons? The truth is that the Source of all life is in the eyes of every person created, so even here on Earth, great intelligence and wisdom and love are present in every moment inside each person. Once this is seen, then it becomes clear that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are the key. You know exactly what to do. In simple words, it’s perfecting your character. The shining diamonds in your character become the survival tools of ascension.

Buddha, Mother Mary, Lao-tsu, Mohammed, Jesus, Abraham, Krishna, Babaji, Sister Teresa, and about 8000 other great masters of the eternal light—these are your schoolteachers and the heroes of life. By their examples they show you how to build your character. All of them feel that loving your neighbor is the primary key. It brings harmony and bliss into the world you create.

It gives you eternal life. Do you see?

In the Melchizedek transition, as you pass through what are called stargates and go from one area of existence into another, the only way you can get through is by thinking, feeling, and being very specific in your emotional and mental patterns. These patterns generally come in sets of five or six. The pattern I used to enter this dimension was Love, Truth and Beauty, Trust, Harmony and Peace. There are many others.

They are like codes or keys that allow you to pass the guardians. If the guardians sense that you are ready for the world they guard, they will let you through. If they do not, they will chase you back to the world from which you came. It’s just their job—and you set it up that way.

If you can just sit there and keep chanting and vibrating those patterns of love, truth and beauty, trust, harmony and peace, you don’t have to worry about a thing. That’s the female pattern. There are other patterns.

There’s a male pattern, which is Compassim, Humility and Wisdom, Unity, Love and Truth. All stargate patterns have love and truth.

Wherever there is compassion and humility, there is wisdom; that’s the male component. And wherever there is love and truth, there is unity; that’s the female component. On the first stargate pattern, which is arranged differently, wherever there is love and truth, there is beauty, which is the male component. And wherever there is trust and harmony, there is peace, the female component.

So these mental/emotional states, or stargate patterns, become the most important possessions you could have when you enter the higher worlds. They’ll become even more essential each time you pass higher. Where does this process lead?

When you reach the fifth dimension and see and understand your situation, and begin to demonstrate your ability to control events, a funny thing begins to happen. You will begin to go through a metamorphosis. Like the butterfly, your body will rapidly change into something similar but uniquely different.

For instance, “Pharaoh” means “that which you will become.” The first king given the name pharaoh was Akhenaten, with his lovely wife Nefertiti. If you want to know what you will become, there they are to see. The race they came from, the Sirians, are our father, and we carry the genes they have given us. At the right moment, we will change into their race. It is a race designed for the fifth dimension. When it happens, you will say to yourself, “Of course, I remember.” The changes taking place in your body will feel so natural that you won’t even think about them.

The eyes of the universe are upon us, and the great souls of the universe are following us closely. We are the children of God who offer the possibility of the new life to life.


We have told you what normally happens when a planet transitions into the fifth dimension. Now we will propose a new theory of what may be happening now. Occasionally, a planet may enter into an anomaly in order to make the transition easier. It transits into the next dimension, but it recreates the old dimension in such a way as to complete the old karma and make a smoother transition into the next world. It is rare on a planetary basis, but possible. It usually requires a very high level of consciousness to initiate it, though, and this is almost always lacking.

Edgar Cayce said that the axis of the Earth would change in the “winter of 1998,” but it did not. Other predictions suggested that by August 11, 1999, we would have entered a higher dimension or destroyed ourselves, and it seems that we have not done that, either. Could it be that we’ve already transitioned into the fourth dimension and don’t know it? It is possible.

This is a subject so vast that I can hardly contain it. Perhaps the best way is to discuss where this higher level of consciousness could be coming from and why it would be making this kind of change. It just may be that the new children of Earth, the leading edge of consciousness, are here just for this reason. Vast numbers of our children today are high spiritual beings who have come to Earth to help us with this transition into a new world. These new children have the ability to initiate the transition of this world into a new world through extraordinary means. We may be witnessing this miracle at this very moment in history. With their high level of universal understanding, they could recreate this world in the next world in such a way as to not lose a single soul—which is their desire, I believe. We would have to change Jesus’ saying into “Many are called, and all are chosen.” I believe he would be overjoyed. It has been the dream of the universe to transition every last soul, but it has never been possible before.

How could children save a planet in such an extraordinary way? A child’s pure innocence and love in the higher worlds are the source of harmonic creation itself. If these children are real, and they appear to be, then anything whatsoever is possible now. God may have just blessed us with his perfect grace.


“They built a world on Earth which was like a mirror where the cosmic dance could reflect itself and resonate, and where all beings could receive the nourishment of this vibration.”

Arkan Lushwala

Many researchers, such as Edgar Cayce, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Dolores Cannon, and other extrasensory and past-life regression specialists, have proved that there have been many highly developed civilizations on Earth before, even though there are few artefacts left from them.

The synthetic structures made from artificial materials created by previous civilizations did not pass through the last dimensional shift thirteen thousand years ago. Every time the transition to the next dimension occurs, the Earth cleans up the environment of the previous reality.

Since the pyramids have a very sacred meaning, the highly developed civilization at the time understood that they had to be built out of natural materials that are very hard and durable if they were to endure the dimensional shifts.

Pyramid Structures of the World (Source: Simon E. Davies)

These pyramids, as well as the ancient temples, were aligned with the constellations and covered with a mirror-like material to produce and freely share high-frequency vibrations and to connect to the highest knowledge of the Universe during meditation.

Before the dimensional shift, pyramids were antennas, stargate portals, and generators of electricity. Pyramids were used for collective healing, meditations, interdimensional travel, ascension, and advanced geometry to connect the power of the Earth’s magnetic field. These structures worked together as a solar device to focus energy from the Sun much like a Tesla Tower. Evidence of burns in highly conductive stones such as granite and dolomite indicates high internal temperatures. They radiated an energy field to invigorate the body, uplift humanity and consciousness (Marciniak, 2004).

Also, scientific research indicates that the pyramids were solar generators that broadcast an electromagnetic field to uplift citizens and the environment.

The Giza Pyramids, set out to be Perfectly Aligned with Orion (Source:

Pyramids have different goals, but their main purpose is to consciously ascend into another realm as well as to heal the mind, body, and spirit. However, it turned out that pyramids became available only for those in authority, but not for the common people. However, a new regenerative design for physical ascension and healing has emerged recently and is now available to every individual.

More information about this novel design can be learned by following these links:

The New Earth

Space of Love

Highly developed civilizations knew the value and durability of natural materials. For example, Atlantis, unlike the current Middle Earth civilization, did not base their culture of construction on metal and plastic, but sought to use materials as close to their original condition as possible. Therefore, to construct buildings, they preferred the use of stone and clay. Their technology developed from the manipulation of energies, so they would control all types of energy, including gravity (Cannon, 2001). Therefore, they were able to construct buildings using huge stone blocks, which in today’s society would seem incredible yet impossible.

Atlantis also knew that the more the original form of the material was changed, the more it lost its vibrations and violated its harmony with the universe. If a material were to be extracted from the ground and used without significant changes in the molecular structure, it would remain in harmony with the universe, and it could be used for appropriate purposes.

In their architecture, the Atlanteans used a lot of stone, because stone is a solid piece of Earth. It was carved and transferred to another place without being subjected to melting, as it’s done nowadays with purifying certain metals.

Thus, the houses of Atlantis were created from stone, clay, wood, and other similar materials. Some furniture was also carved out of stone. When the Atlanteans took a stone from the Earth, they temporarily changed its energy fields so that it became soft and waxy, like clay. As a result, they could give it any shape, as it can be done with clay. Afterwards, they returned the energy fields to their normal state, and the stone became firm again. They had all the amenities that could be found in a civilised world. (Cannon, 2001)

This advanced civilization had existed for many millennia, so it had gone through numerous changes on the way to the highest level of progress that humanity could reach, and then gradually came to decline and destruction.


These days, the impacts of the dimensional shift and a declining environment faced by humanity are significant. The task of reversing environmental damages and preparing for the dimensional shift is challenging and complex. The collective effort required to alter physical and psychological infrastructure within a short amount of time is enormous.

It is more intelligent for humanity to create a significant change through a global revolution of consciousness and awareness, along with the restructuring of the way of life, rather than face the consequences of continuing on the same destructive pathway for humans living on this planet.

Voluntary change is difficult; however, without any preparation, inevitable change will be more painful and devastating due to a serious decline in biodiversity health, scarcity of resources, and dimensional changes.

The ReCreating Shambala project is based on optimism that there is still time, ability, and human Will to make the essential changes to reduce some of the worst impacts of climate change, loss of biodiversity, dimensional shifts, and global terror from such destruction. It provides a different way of perceiving the human environment, understanding its connection to the natural environment, and relating to spirituality within it.

The ReCreating Shambala project is designed to provide comprehensive solutions to global problems. It proposes to plant a Shambala seed that will create a transformation in human psychology to occur in the context of human well-being and regenerative architectural design and development, based on Vedic wisdom and, at the same time, a successful Russian modern movement, which is serving as an example to be applied worldwide, so the New Earth will be created.

Article published on the 3rd of 2023

Authors: Drunvalo Melchizedek and Dr.Inglia Amora.


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