The Council

A chapter from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” is an inspiration to generations of souls who have volunteered to come to Earth at this time to help humanity and the planet.

In my hypnosis technique I use a method of having the client drift down from a cloud into an appropriate past life. I have found it to be 98% effective, so I use it often.

WHEN CAROL CAME OFF THE CLOUD she was confused. “It feels like it’s the wrong place. It doesn’t feel like it’s an Earth life I’m looking for. I feel I’m in another dimension. I see the universe. Stars and galaxies. The cloud feels like a vehicle of some sort. It’s taking me through a hole. I just zoomed out there and the cloud is more like a ball of light. I see many things… galaxies and there’s some place I’m trying to go. I’m going to a certain system where I’ve lived far longer than I have here. There are several stars and several solar systems and I feel like I’m going home to my friends. They missed me.”
D: Are you drawn to one certain place in this system?
C: Yes. It just appeared there. I’m on one of the planets now. — There’s a very large building. And many people walking around doing their thing. And the building is a headquarters of some sort. I’m walking in.
D: Why do you think it’s some sort of headquarters?
C: My office is here.—There are some people that are aware that I just go there energetically. I spent a lot of time here.
D: Do you want to go to your office? (Yes) Tell me what that looks like.
C: It’s on the top floor and it’s all glass. I see mountains in the distance and water fountains everywhere in the city.
D: What’s in your office?
C: Not much. It’s very large and spacious. The computer is in my desktop. The whole desk is my data base. The screen is the top of my desk.
I asked her to become aware of her body and it seemed human, yet somehow different. She didn’t feel male or female, “Neither. Both.” She was wearing pants and a shirt and a jacket that flowed. When I asked if she felt young or old, she said, “I feel very old and young… ageless. I’m like a human that doesn’t identify as male or female, or young or old. It’s a very advanced human society.”
Besides her entire desktop being a computer there were also other strange things in her office. “There is glass hanging in the room. These are windows and screens for data bases. I can point to them and they activate.”
D: So it’s not the glass windows you look out of?
C: Right. It’s not the glass windows. More like glass panels. When I point at them they activate and things move as I look for data. Different ones do different things.
D: What is your job in this office?
C: I’m a director of some sort. I’m part of a council.
D: Is that why you have to have a data base?
C: Yes, we monitor systems.
D: Other systems besides your own?
C: Yes. There are other buildings on other planets that are part of this network. These are benevolent governments. It’s the same building on many planets. (She began to cry.) I miss this place! My friends are here. My whole family is here in this system.—I’ve been stuck on this project on Earth.
D: What do you mean, the project on Earth?
C: We’re part of the experimenters with the project on Earth. We’re the ones who masterminded it. We’re the part of a group of species… many… we aren’t the only ones. We’re part of the human experiment on Earth, and gave it its challenges and watch its projects and process progress.
D: Were you there at the beginning? (Yes) That would have been a long time, wouldn’t it? (Yes) But you said you were monitoring several different systems.
C: There are many different experiments on other planets in the universe. Earth is not the only one. There are more messed up ones.
D: Earth is one of the more messed up ones?
C: Not Earth. The human species has gone off track.
D: Have they gone off track everywhere?
C: No. Some have evolved quite nicely.
D: What caused Earth to get messed up?
C: It was interference.
D: Can you tell what it was?
C: I’m looking at it right now… the data base… I’m checking history. Some sort of biological bacteria introduction that messed up the DNA, but we decided to go with it and see what happens.
This sounded exactly like what Phil reported in Keepers of the Garden about a meteorite that crashed into Earth in the early developing times. It carried an unfamiliar bacteria that introduced disease. It ended up spoiling the grand experiment of creating the perfect human being on Earth. She was correct in that the council was very sad that their experiment had been ruined. They had to make a choice, either destroy everything and start over or allow it to continue, knowing it would never be the perfect species it was intended to be. It was decided that because so much time and effort had been invested in the experiment to allow it to continue. This is also an explanation for some of the experimentation still being conducted by extraterrestrials. They are attempting to bring the human race back to the original plan, of a species where the individuals would never get sick and only die when they were ready.
D: You mean the meteorite spoiled the original plan?
C: Yes, but we believe that nothing is an accident.
D: I’ve been told that the human body shape is the most functional. Is that why it’s used in many places?
C: Yes, it’s a combination of many species. There is Reptilian. There is Silicon. There are many species that contributed to the human vehicle for their consciousness.
D: If you have been around since the very beginning, you are ageless then, aren’t you?
C: We’re not in time. We’re not in the same kind of time.
D: On Earth we think of it as a great amount of time going by to develop from a cell to the human body it is now. But you don’t recognize time?
C: Things just manifest. As they’re thought of they are born.
D: But you were apparently happy there on the council, weren’t you? (Yes.) Why did you decide to leave?
C: I decided I wanted to experience it from the inside out instead of watching. I knew it would be hard, and I was greatly discouraged by others from doing it. They needed me there. And they didn’t want me to not be available. But I decided to go because I thought I could fix things from the inside. I’m a Master.
D: If you’re a Master, you ought to be able to accomplish anything.
C: Yes, but it didn’t work out like that.
D: Sounds like you’re stubborn if you went against their advice.
C: Yes, and that is one of my qualities. Because I’m an inventor, and in order to invent and create you must know creation from all angles. I’m a Creator.
D: You said you helped create life on Earth from the very beginning?
C: I just helped. There was a large team.
D: But then you decided to go and experience it?
C: Yes, to make myself small. To be in a microcosm.
D: You had to start there? I’m trying to understand what you mean.
C: Well, microcosm was at the smallest level of being, started at molecular with protocols. Before going into forms. molecular with protocols. Before going into forms.
D: So you have to start out at that level if you go to Earth?
C: I didn’t have to. I did what I wanted to. Other people see the need for that, but I didn’t.
D: So is that the first form you go into? The microcosm level?
C: Particle… the consciousness of a particle. Smaller than an electrode… smaller than nuclei… smaller than… small. No word for it in this language.
D: What were you going to experience at that level?
C: Energy, just energy. It’s a very huge thrill being this small.
D: Are you going to have to go through a very long process before being allowed to go back?
C: I can go back any time.
D: If you wanted to start out by being pure energy, what kind of a form do you move into after that?
C: I tried them all when I was tree, was electron, was particle, was wave of light, was nuclei, was star, was planet, was ocean, was water, was animal, was reptile, was human, was me, was rock, was pebble, was many things.
D: Did you learn anything while being all those different forms?
C: No, nothing to learn… just to be. It’s not about lessons. It is about experience. Just to experience.
D: But you didn’t have to come. It was your own decision?
C: Yes, and I had to push for it. They tried to block and I said, “Move.”
D: Then they didn’t try to stop you?
C: No. Free will is always honored.
D: So you went through all those forms and then you decided to go into the human body?
C: Yes, and I was human for a while, and stopped being human… was too crude at the time.
D: When you were human did you experience many different kinds of lives?
C: All of them have lives. Experience them all. Wanted to find out what was wrong. What is wrong in the wiring? How did the bacteria interfere and how to repair.
D: How to repair the damage?
C: Damage was redirection into a different type of evolution. Can only fix the damage from inside in this situation. Cannot fix as the observer.
D: So this is why you experienced many different types of lives?
C: Yes. Had to look at it all.
D: And some of the lives were negative as well as positive, weren’t they?
C: Yes, but negative is an illusion. Negative and positive are both construction material. Negative is evolutionary catalyst.
D: But you know humans consider something negative as being bad.
C: They should reword it to evolutionary catalyst. We have been given on purpose these catalysts for evolution. These things that appear negative… these things are on purpose.
D: But you’ve been doing this for a long time in Earth terms, I guess.
C: I have gone back and forth. I have not been here all the time. Yes, and longer than human projects on Earth, we have had more before this. There were more human experiments before the Ice Ages of the Earth. There have been six… the sixth of many… of several.
D: What do you mean? Explain what the six are.
C: Earth has been hundreds of thousands of years with no life on it at all. And in between are small windows to have complex life forms and we have utilized those every time.
D: That’s what I was wondering, what the six phases are.
C: These are not phases… only experiments. Six windows in time when human complex life form could be here in Earth. When human and plant and animal could exist. Was not human the first two times. First two times was only other species. Not necessarily ones you would recognize in this space and time. The humans are a more recent experiment with combinations after experimenting with many other life forms. Human was maybe the greatest idea.
D: The way they are right now? (No) That was the sixth phase?
C: No, there were no phases. It was just experiments. And this was the sixth experiment here, and the human life form was in the last four experiments here. But we have experimented with humans in many galaxies, and they are the more recent invention than the other species that are older. But have had flaws and we are finding more consciousness that can hold more consciousness. And to find a physical vehicle that can hold and guide consciousness. We have not perfected this idea of physical vehicle in any form yet, but we have eternity to discover this.
D: To try to perfect it?
C: No perfection… more experience. As soon as you reach perfection it is not perfect anymore because you want to try something it is not perfect anymore because you want to try something different.
D: (Laugh.) But some of the species, the humans, that were on Earth didn’t survive and continue, did they?
C: That is correct. It wipes the slate clean. Started over.
D: It wasn’t working out the way it was supposed to?
C: There is no “supposed to” or “not supposed to.” Sometimes we let it go until it looked like it was no longer constructive. Sometimes the devolution would endanger other experiments, and we would need to contain the experiment.
D: It’s a very large project, isn’t it?
C: It is universal. There are other universes too.
D: And each one would affect the other, so you would have to monitor it all?
C: Yes, and be careful that experiments do not bleed into each other. They will cause damage to the progress of another. The human experiment when humans have sometimes evolved technologically interfered with other experiments and needed to be contained.
D: Are there other beings like yourself that have come to Earth?
C: Many. Specifically now.
D: They could have stayed over there too, couldn’t they? (Yes.) They all volunteered to come?
C: No one is forced.
D: I have talked to many different types of volunteers who chose to come at this time in evolution. What is your job while you are here?
C: Rewire from the inside out.
D: All humans or just certain ones?
C: Just certain ones that teach others to rewire themselves. We are here to teach. Each person can rewire themselves… rewire… their neurological system is damaged. And so neurological rewiring can only be done by each individual in every form, and cannot be rewired for them. And this is an experiment, and we are assisting in this experiment to nudge it in a certain direction at this time. We will leave after this time.
D: Why does the human need to be rewired?
C: To hold more consciousness.
D: So it’s not to hold more knowledge.
C: No. Explain: the evolution of the heart and compassion is what is missing technically. Humans have proceeded to technological advances before without heart balance, without heart evolution. And it has been disastrous. So we are here to evolve heart first until the heart is aligned with this knowledge.
D: Why does the human have to have more consciousness?
C: In order to wield power benevolently because misuse of power is human misfiring. This biological bacterial damage done to neurological system happened early in experiment before human was fully formed.
D: So the idea is to stop negativity in this way?
C: Or to redirect how negativity is used because each is required. Both positive and negative, cannot be one without the other. And dark and light are part of the tapestry that builds the picture. Both must be learned to be used wisely, for positive can be misused as well.
D: I know there are many volunteers coming who want to be in the human form just to help. But it seems you have a different mission.
C: We are not here to save human race. We are here to see where this can go.
D: Is this why you chose to enter the body of Carol?
C: Yes, and why I chose the hardest miswiring to rewire. For this way is the only way to show others how to miswire this deep biological damage.
D: You came into her body as a baby?
C: I was born into this body.
D: You’d already had other lives as a human?
C: They are all my lives. I am one self. It is all the same one living all lives.
D: So the purpose of Carol is that you’ll rewire her so she’ll teach others.
C: Yes, for those who will listen.
D: You know she has a metaphysical school where she’s trying to teach others.
C: Yes, I am one of the creators of the school. There are one thousand involved in the creation of the school. I am the one who has the—shall we say—brains of the operation.
D: So you put the idea into her mind to have the school?
C: No, it was the group who put the idea in her mind. It is an idea she was born with… an idea that was put in her mind. It was her destiny.
D: And it’s a good idea. She is helping people. (Yes) But she is having problems right now with the school.
C: She is identifying too much with human conditions.
D: She feels it’s kind of stumped, and it’s not reaching as many as it should.
C: This is correct. It’s not reaching as many as it should. She needs to simply relax and let it flow. Too much human condition involved.
D: Can you give her any ideas on how to attract new students?
C: We are setting that up. We are what she calls “in one.”
D: She’s doing it on the Internet. I guess you know what that is.
C: Yes. Elementary version of what we have. Internet is the birth of the mass conscious information access to all. It is the first step, but we will stop this if heart is not balanced in this species.
D: How will you stop the experiment?
C: We have cosmos destruction ability. All we need to do is redirect cosmic forces. Their destruction will happen if technological advances continue without heart.
D: But that would mean everyone would be destroyed.
C: No, nothing is destroyed.
D: That would destroy the whole experiment.
C: It will continue, but it will start over. Nothing is ever destroyed. It is only turned into energy and energy can be reused and reassigned in a way that no one is killed. It isn’t real.
D: But wouldn’t that be admitting defeat if you redid the experiment?
C: No, it is admitting wrong direction… a different direction.—There is much confidence that it will go in the right direction for ones such as ourselves here. For we are nudging experiment from the inside instead of how we used to from the outside. We are nudging from inside instead of from outside. For this has to be an expansion from within the form.—We do see that direction is not fully completed. There are still many humans listening to… misdirection.
D: Does this have anything to do with the new Earth that’s being formed?
C: There is only one Earth, but it will be transformed or not.
D: I’ve heard so many different things. I’ve heard about it shifting vibrations.
C: There will be other dimensions of Earth. There will be more than one… way more. There will be more than two. There will be many versions of Earth.
D: But there will still be negativity on one version?
C: Yes, and even darker reality than what you are imagining. There are hell versions of Earth, for we are testing human vehicle to see how much it can take.
D: I’ve been told that the ones that are negative cannot go to the higher versions of Earth?
C: They will settle into the version that they match. The ones who cannot match certain vibrations will die. We are cleansing the species of defective specimens. Anyone who makes choice from within gets to pass “go.”
D: (Laugh) So that is part of your job, to prepare people so they’ll know something is happening?
C: All know that something is happening. It is many offerings for many different styles. Hers is one of many different offerings for different styles. There are some who go with different styles.
D: What do you mean by different styles?
C: Of awakening. There is one goal but many pass.
D: There’s no “one way” that it has to be?
C: There is only the way it has to be. Human heart must evolve to go any further, for we have let human experiment go on with technological advances in its present state without evolution of the heart. And we have let these go very, very far… have let these go extremely far to see what happens. And we have already seen what happens… no need to repeat. Now either new direction or not at all.
D: So what did you see that was going to happen?
C: Star Wars is true. It happened in a galaxy far away.
D: So if they continue what they’re doing, they can destroy the Earth themselves?
C: They could destroy entire systems. And other experiments we do not want them to touch.
D: So that’s why you’re watching so they don’t go in that direction?
C: To contain experiments run amuck.
D: Humans don’t know these things, and they do stupid things.
C: She wanted to see what lifetime is connected to this present one, and I am the one.
D: You’re the one on the other planet who volunteered to come down and live in this crazy world.
C: I did not come down. I came over. (I laughed.)
I then called forth the subconsciousness and asked it why it chose that lifetime for her to see.
C: So she can see that she’s a group soul. This is not just one being. She saw one aspect on one planet, but there is a group on many planets that she’s a part of.
D: The other being on what it called the “council.” (Yes) And she’s a part of that?
C: Yes, the council is all one being.
D: Why did you want her to know about this?
C: So she can see where the school really comes from. She has suspected that there is a group energy behind it. She knew that, but she didn’t want to think it was so big because she didn’t want to think of herself as “special.” In a way she didn’t want it to go to her head.
I then asked about her physical problems, especially the thyroid for which she was taking medicine. It was a very serious condition. The subconsciousness said it was caused by fear. “Anger, too caused it… incredible anger. There is more connected to anger than fear.”
D: Where did the anger come from?
C: She’s had a bumpy ride.
D: She said she came to terms with all the things that happened in her life.
C: In many ways she has. Her mind has let go of it. Her heart has forgiven. But the body hasn’t let go. It’s a cellular memory. It was a suicide wish, too. It was an unconscious suicide wish.
The doctors had told Carol she would die if she didn’t take her medication. I had the subconsciousness work on the thyroid, and asked what it was doing. “Relaxing. Just relaxing and being at ease with being in a human form, and being here another forty or fifty years.” It also said that her school would expand and go all over the world. “You haven’t seen anything yet.—She has already been here forty years. That’s a long time for a being not native to Earth.”
Parting message: Don’t be afraid of shining a light. Don’t be afraid of being powerful. Don’t be afraid of being more special. She is afraid of being more special than other people. She is not that. She is very afraid of ego, for ego is the downfall of the greatest and she is more afraid of ego than anything. She has seen so many egos destroy good work and she does not ever want her ego to destroy any work she has done. And so she keeps herself in an inferiority space in order to combat ego. She will be guided as to how to handle it as the accomplishments become greater; she will be guided on how to handle.
So it seems that even master souls have volunteered to come, even though they were advised not to. It has been said that even an avatar can become lost and stuck in the muck and mire of Earth.