One important mystery that has tantalized the minds of men for ages is the existence of the civilization of Atlantis. Many have called it merely a myth, a legend, yet it has persisted. I have always thought that even a myth or legend has some basis in truth, and I have verified this time and again in my work with hypnosis.

When my subjects are in the deepest level of trance we can access the subconscious directly in a variety of ways. I have discovered that all knowledge is available once you tap into the wisdom of the subconscious mind. Often the person is given the information directly through past lives, and other times they are taken to places where they can access the information and interpret it for themselves. This is often done by visiting the Library on the spirit side.

In this wonderful edifice all the knowledge that has ever existed, and all that will exist, is contained on every conceivable subject. This is my favourite place in the spirit world because I am always searching for “lost” knowledge. This place is usually managed by a guardian whose job is to screen those wishing to have access, and to determine their purpose. I have been told that I can have access to anything I wish, because I have proven myself by reporting the information as factually as I can, without distortion or censoring. Of course, there is always information that cannot be given, because the mind of man cannot handle it at the present time. Although, I have noticed in over twenty years of regression work that information is now being leaked that was forbidden in the early days of my work. This gives me hope that the mind of man has finally advanced to the point that it can comprehend complicated concepts.

Over the years when I had a subject in this deep level of trance my curiosity required me to ask as many questions as I could about many, many topics. When I have access to knowledge, I will never tum away from that opportunity.

Some of the information on the subject of Atlantis may seem contradictory at first glance. But I do not agree, because I think the various subjects were seeing it at different times in its existence. I have found that Atlantis was not a single continent, city, or place. It was a name given to the world as a whole at that time. The name has become associated with the most developed part of the civilization. But all of the world was not at the same level, similar to ours at the present time. This remarkable civilization existed for thousands of years, so it underwent many changes as it rose to the highest advances mankind was capable of achieving, and then descended in its gradual deterioration and downfall. One only has to look at the history of our own world over the past thousand to two thousand years to see a parallel. Our word has also undergone a myriad of changes and advancements, some good and some not so good.

I have been told that many, many people living today were also alive at the time of Atlantis. We have returned at the present time because mankind is once again approaching that precipice that could plunge our world into the same abyss that claimed Atlantis. Operating as a spiral, time has brought similar circumstances into our present time, and we are proceeding down the same path. We have returned to make sure that mankind does not make the same mistakes again.

By living in this tumultuous time we can repay karma that would normally require ten lifetimes. So we all volunteered to be here during these times.

Brenda gave us information about Atlantis during its glory days before it began to deteriorate.

B: The history of Atlantis stretched over many thousands of years. We could start by giving you general terms of how things developed. And then later as you desire more details, we could organize them and give it to you in the various aspects of the history.

D: Was this the first advanced civilization on this planet, or were there others before that?

B: It’s hard to say, they stretch so far back. It looks like before Atlantis arose, the main civilization on this Earth was from the galactic community helping mankind. They helped Atlantis to create a civilization of their own, so that it could later join the galactic community. Mankind was very close to join the galactic community at a time when Atlantis was destroyed. Therefore, they were very distressed. This event is so much shocked humanity and so far it was thrown back into the early development, that it could not then be a part of this community.

D: There were other civilizations, but you want to zero in on this one at this time.

B: You seem to desire the information about this one. So I will make references to the other civilizations. The development was steady in all these civilizations. Atlantis was slightly ahead because they started developing first. But the other civilizations developed as well, so they could all work together. For the good of mankind, it was necessary. So the civilization continued to advance. The people were a pretty people. They were generally happy, good featured. They were emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy, which helped to make them a fair people. Not meaning necessarily light, but fair as in pretty. Your language is very imprecise with its descriptive words.

D: I know. I’ve heard that before. Did they have any general colouring or features that were predominant?

B: Not really. At first, yes, and then as they spread they came in contact with other peoples. It became a general mixture much as it is in your country. They could tell someone’s general ancestry, where their ancestors came from, by their colouring, sometimes. But it didn’t matter to them and so they didn’t worry about it. They started out being basically reddish-blond headed with a few brown haired. Of a light olive complexion, between light olive and creamy and with usually green or hazel eyes. And then later on, they came to be people who were blond or black headed, brown eyed, light skin, dark skin, a general mixture. And they tended to be tall and well-formed.

D: l wanted to get a mental picture.

B: They did not base their culture on metal, the way yours does. They believed in using materials as close to the original condition as when they obtained them. So they used a lot of stone and clay for their buildings. And their sciences developed directly into the manipulation of energies, so they could manipulate all types of energy, including such things as gravity. Hence they were able to erect buildings using huge blocks of stone that seem Impossible to you with the basis and mind set of your civilization.

D: Then they didn’t use machinery or equipment?

B: Correct, because it was not necessary. They knew how to manipulate these energies using what seems like plain and simple instruments that would be impossible to do such things. But they knew how to tune in to different types of energy flow and cause them to interact in such a way to cause things to happen the way they wanted them to happen. Which sounds vague in your language, but that seems to be the best that I can state it.

D: Did they need many people to do this?

B: It depended on what was being done. Usually one person could do it with the toots on hand, but it had to have the consent of all, so that the energy would be flowing in a positive direction.

D: Everyone didn’t have to be concentrating or sending the energy?

B: No. But they had to give their general consent, so they would not be blocking the energy by disagreeing with what was going on. It’s like your concept of positive thinking. You don’t have to concentrate too terribly hard for positive thinking. It’s just a general mind-set that you try to achieve. In the process of teaming about these energies and manipulating them they developed their psychic abilities to the peak. So many things our civilization depends upon were simply not necessary in their civilization. Things like telephones, governmental red tape. The administrative-type things were very direct because people could communicate through telepathy. And whenever something needed to be done and needed the consent of all, they would just ask them through telepathy and they would give their consent. And it would be almost instantaneous and that would eliminate many of the problems present in the modem world.

D: Was this the only way they communicated, just through the mind?

B: No. They also communicated verbally, but it was a mixture of both. And they just took it for granted. They never really differentiated whether they were communicating verbally or mentally, because they would be doing both simultaneously.

D: Was this something they had to learn, or did it come naturally?

B: All human beings have the natural predilection for this. It was bred into the race, but it was a matter of developing it. For example, all human beings generally have hands with five fingers. These hands are extremely skilful tools and they can do very delicate manipulative type work, but only if you develop the muscles and use the hands. It is the same way with psychic abilities. All human beings have psychic abilities, but the only way they can be developed is by using them.

D: But this was something that came naturally to these people?

B: No, they had to develop it. It was just considered part of the normal maturing process, but they were more conscious of it than people in general are today. They considered it to be a normal part of a child’s development, developing muscular skills as well as psychic skills. They didn’t ignore the signs the way they are ignored today. It was there waiting to be developed, but they did have to work at it, like they would have to work at learning how to walk. The ability had always been there, but it took them a while to realize it was consistently there. Early humans relied on it for survival, but didn’t realize what they were doing. Then later when humans became civilized, many times they would forget about it, but it was still there. And then when their civilization developed with the help of the galactic community, they realized it was something that could be developed. Their science pointed out that they needed to be a harmonious whole themselves to be in harmony with the universe in general. And this was part of yourself. And if ifs not developed, you would not be balanced and you would not be a harmonious whole. Upon the rare occasion that one would fall ill, their psychic abilities would help them locate where they were out of balance from the basic energy levels of the universe. And so they used their psychic abilities in countless ways in the smallest details of everyday life. It would be impossible to list all the ways. We would be here for a long time just listing different ways their psychic abilities could be used. The psyche is much more dexterous than just the mind, although it is functioning through the mind. It is a different aspect of the brain than mind is. Mind and psyche are two different aspects that work through the organ called the brain. One is basic and takes care of the necessities of life, and the other ads the details and finishing touches. It can be very precise and do things that the mind would be incapable of doing, because it is not fine-honed enough.

D: Were the majority of the people in the world at that time developed in this way?

B: The ones in the civilization, yes. The ones in the backwoods did not have their psyche as well developed. They just relied on it almost as instinct.

D: Did they have a government of any kind?

B: At first yes, but then it changed as the civilization developed, because the original purposes of the government became obsolete, due to the psychic powers. And so the government gradually altered and change to where it had another purpose. They put organizational structure to better use elsewhere, like organizing research.

D: The scientific community? Or was it considered that in those days?

B: It really wasn’t considered that because the research being done was mostly based on mystical and psychic things. And so it was considered individual quests. Whenever people had insights about things they would report it to this organizational body, so they could keep track of that fact and see how it fit into the whole picture, because they considered every fact to be pertinent. And they would collect all these facts together and organize them and fit them into the whole picture, to try to better understand the nature of the universe. This involved every single person. It was very complex and the organization was needed. So that’s what happened to the original governmental structure.

D: Did they keep records of some type?

B: Yes, they had to keep very extensive records. Due to the nature of this civilization they did not have computers per se, but they had a way of storing information using the basic energy of the universe, that could be tapped into with psychic abilities. (Perhaps similar to the way we were collecting information.) That was their major storage area, and that is why your archaeologists have not found anything. Their information is still stored there and ready to be tapped into. You need only to develop the correct psychic abilities to be able to tap into it. They had paper-like products for teaching the children to read, and illustrating how to develop their psychic abilities and such. And that rotted long ago.

D: I think the scientists are expecting to find something written down or carved or some kind of record like that.

B: Yes. The record is there, but it’s on the psychic planes. It’s very organized and it’s stored and it’s ready to use. And it will be of great benefit to your world. It’s almost like Akashic records, but not quite, because Akashic records are part of the universe. They took that concept and found it could be used to set up a different sort of records. It exists on a sort of energy level.

D: I was thinking of the pyramids or something similar, if they might have access to the knowledge in a physical place.

B: No. However, the pyramids and other types of megalithic structures that are aligned to the heavenly bodies – by that I’m referring to things like the mysterious stone circles in Europe – are devices to help focus this energy, so that one could tap into it because the energy had to be organized and focused in order to be used for this purpose.

D: If someone went to one of these ancient sites, would that help them have more access to it?

B: Yes, it would. Some of the stone circles would not be as finely tuned as they had been, simply because of the procession of the equinoxes.

D: You mean the sky and the Earth changing?

B: Right, and so they’re slightly out of alignment now. But others that had a strong solar alignment would still be functional. For example, since Atlantis was destroyed the major focusing centre now is the pyramids of Egypt. And they are still in perfect alignment. The way they were when they were built, hence their power has not diminished. That is why’ people have had hallucinatory experiences upon spending long periods of time in certain interior parts of the pyramids. It is because that is the centre of the focusing of the power. And you would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and retarded, not to be able to pick up on these emanations. They had similar megalithic structures on Atlantis.

If your archaeologists find anything, it will be these megalithic structures, and they are no longer aligned. They were badly damaged at the time Atlantis was destroyed, and naturally their alignment was messed up. Your archaeologists will figure out they were aligned with the Sun at one time, using the precedence of the existence of these other megalithic structures that are undamaged.

These were like a gigantic stone computer, using the natural energy flows of the Earth and surrounding space. And focusing them in certain ways to be able to use the different energy levels of the universe.

D: You said the people of Atlantis used no metal?

B: Very little metal because they found that the more something is manufactured and altered from its original form, the more out-of-harmony it is with the universe, and the more vibrations it loses. And if you take something from the Earth and use it without drastically altering its molecular structure, it will still be in tune with the energy levels, and can be used for this purpose. Hence they tended to use a lot of stone in their structures, since this was just solid chunks of Earth cut up and transported to another place without being subjected to melting, like you do for the refinement of certain metals.

D: Then all their buildings, even the private dwellings, were made from stone.

B: Either stone or clay or wood, and such. Some of the furniture in their homes was carved from stone. I used “carved”, for that’s the word in the language, but it’s not really a good description of the process. When they took stone out of the Earth, there was a way of temporarily altering its energy fields to where it would become flexible like clay. And as a result, they could shape it like you would clay, into anything they needed. And then they would let the energy field return to its normal state and it would become rigid like stone again. They had all the ordinary comforts of life that you would expect in a civilized community.

D: What about food?

B: Just a regular balance of food. In the process of learning about the energy, they teamed how to stay balanced with their eating, which eliminated many medical problems that your civilization has problems with and various diseases caused by unbalanced eating. So as a consequence, most of the people would eat mainly vegetable, high fibre type diets and very little meat. They didn’t go to the extremes that some of your vegetarians have, because the body needed protein and they didn’t want to eat eggs all the time. And so they would kill meat as they needed it. Some of the more advanced mystics did not feel the need for eating, because they could tap into the energy and absorb what their bodies needed directly from the universe, rather than indirectly through food. (This is the way certain extra-terrestrial’s exist.) It’s a very advanced technique. And even as advanced as Atlantis was psychically in general, only their most advanced would do it on a regular basis.

D: Were their animals similar to the ones we have on Earth today?

B: They were basically similar. What your archaeologists consider early civilizations, that is, the civilizations that first had agriculture and domesticated animals, were actually remnant survivors of this former civilization that had fallen. They were trying to rebuild civilization from their shattered remains. That’s where the domesticated animals came from, cattle, goats, sheep, camels and certain types of horses. The breeds were different and they looked different, but that’s because mankind is always doing selective breeding to change the appearance of their domesticated] animals. But basically they were the same animal. For example, it’s like the difference between a dairy cow and a brahma bull.

D: Did they have any type of transportation?

B: Oh, yes. The type of transportation they had has come down to you in legends of magic carpets. Basically, they could levitate with no problem, because they knew how to manipulate the energy and gravity. And so they did most of their traveling by levitation. Now, sometimes if they wanted to take something with them but didn’t want to carry it, instead of using the additional energy to levitate it separately, they would get a rug or something that they would sit on and just levitate themselves and the other objects on the rug.

D: Ah-ha, just like the Arabian Nights.

B: Right. They leamed to manipulate this energy to accomplish many things, and this included traveling over the surface of the Earth. If they just wanted to go a short distance and didn’t want to tap into the energy, they would use an animal. But as a result of being able to tap into this energy, there was no need to develop automobiles or airplanes. And the galactic community was very excited about this. For this ability seems, as best I can see, to be unique to our race. And it would be one of the contributions we would make to the galactic community, because the other planets developed through the use of machines and vehicles.

D: Like we have done this time.

B: Yes. And the galactic community is somewhat concerned that we have not developed our psychic abilities this time, but they know these abilities are there waiting to be developed. And they remember how it was with the other civilization. If we are not successful in tapping into this psychic information ourselves, they will undoubtedly prod us and help us to “discover” it, the way they have with other past discoveries. This type of energy was used mainly for personal transportation over long distances, and for transportation of the blocks of stone and such as that. There are certain mystics in your present day civilization that can still do this, but they’re in isolated areas of the world, certain ones deep in the jungles of India. But the ability is most prominent among the Lamas in the high mountains of Tibet. They were able to preserve it because they were so isolated. They were the least affected by the devastation of Atlantis being destroyed.

D: Did they do anything for entertainment?

B: Oh, yes, that’s a basic need of human nature. It depended upon what civilization it was, and according to their individual cultures. For example, in Atlantis, one thing that was very popular would be: a group of people would attach coloured streamers to their arms or to articles of clothing. And then they would all levitate around each other to perform pretty colourful patterns with the streamers streaming behind them. And the children would love to watch this. They would do whatever their Imagination could come up with. They had drama and plays and music. They tended to prefer live performances, but if they wanted to see something that was not being performed locally at the time, they could tune in psychically to where it was being performed and watch it with their psychic abilities. So it was like TV in a way.

D: It appears they were very highly psychically developed.

B: Yes, but the destruction of Atlantis frightened them very much. It gave them the equivalent of a mental trauma. Like when an individual suffers a severe mental trauma in their younger life and it affects them the rest of their life, unless they become aware of It and work it through and resolve it. The entire human race received the equivalent. And also, the way in which Atlantis was destroyed, and the way the psychic focusing centres were destroyed, it gave everybody a temporary psychic bum out. II would be like accidentally seeing an explosion too closely and your eyes would be temporarily blinded.

D: And this affected them f or several generations.

B: Yes. The ability was still there, it was just numbed for a while. Then it gradually started getting its feeling back. And it didn’t take as long as you might think. But humankind In general subconsciously remembered this and so they avoided developing psychic abilities for several thousand years, afraid they would get bummed again, so to speak.

D: That would make sense. Well, did they stay in that type of development for a long time?

B: Yes, that was the major impetus of their civilization. They used crystals for focusing certain types of energies, for contacting the galactic community. They could do it mentally, but to help amplify the mental energies they would use certain types of crystals. Their science of crystallography was extremely advanced.

D: You said they used this for contacting the galactic community?

B: Yes, for long range communication. Instead of sapping everybody’s energy by tapping in on everyone’s telepathic abilities, they would use these crystals. Because not everyone in the galactic community was attuned to this, it would be like trying to speak with a deaf person. One had to use a different means of communication.

D: And they understood the crystal communication?

B: Right. And so they would use the energies generated by the crystallography for interacting with the galactic community. It was complimentary and compatible to both their civilization and the various civilizations of the galactic community.

D: Could one person focus these crystals or did it take many people?

B: One person could do it because these crystals could draw upon the various energies and energy fields of the Earth. Such as the electro-magnetic fields, gravitation, sunlight, what-have-you. What needed to be done would depend on what kind of energy the crystals would draw upon. And there would be different types of crystals for different purposes. And some of these different types would be specialized for drawing upon certain kinds of energy.

D: Did they have to be carved a certain way or shaped a certain way?

B: Their molecular structures, the matrices, the latticework of the molecular structure would have to be designed in a certain way. And yes, many times the shape of the surface also had an effect. But they would start at the molecular level and do something similar to the crystals as they did to the rocks. They would alter the energy field so they could redesign the lattice work of the molecules so they would focus a particular energy in a particular way. And then reset the energy fields so it would stay that way.

D: Then this was how they formed certain shapes for different purposes?

B: Not shapes! The internal structure, the molecular structure of the crystal. And then, yes, they would alter the surface of this crystal to shape it the way it needed to be. But it was first important to get the internal structure, the molecular structure correct or you could do all the shaping in the world and do no good.

D: I thought it had something to do with the facets or the different shape how it would be focused.

B: You first have to get the molecular structure correct. It’s like the structure of a snowflake, but carry it down into infinitely small levels of energy. And you must have all these shaped correctly, or it would do you no good.

D: Did it matter how large the crystal was?

B: It depended on what it was used for as to how large it would be or the shape of it ultimately. But their major concern was the molecular structure. And since they could control the molecular shape of these crystals, that’s one reason, their science of crystallography was so far advanced. And that’s why they were able to use crystals for so many different purposes. Because they had specific controlled molecular structures as well as controlled shapes or sizes.

D: I’ve always thought that the larger they were the more powerful they were.

B: Not necessarily. There was one crystal they had for focusing a particular type of energy that was about three inches long and very slender. It was lens shaped, pointed on both ends. And if you looked at it endwise, it had the shape of a five-pointed star or something similar. And it was only about an eighth of an inch across at its widest point. It was very slender, but it was a powerful crystal due to the type of energy it focused. I can’t find the information of what it was used for, but I can see that shape of crystal.

D: I see. Then they had to be aware of the energy they wanted and what the different energies would do.

B: Exactly. I think you’re beginning to see now. They had different crystals for focusing different kinds of energy for the different purposes. For example, they had certain types of crystals that could focus cosmic rays, and ultraviolet type radiation and starlight to make visible light at night-time. And these crystals could also use infrared heat like from body heat to help make light at night-time. Your archaeologists have found some of these crystals in the jungles of Central America. They have not been maintained in many centuries, yet they still glow at night and produce light, but not as clearly as they used to. And they appear to the archaeologists to be simple stone balls. They can, understand what they were for or how they worked, because these are a specialized type of crystal. They have found balls of different sizes. And there have been rumours about how they glow at night.

That’s why they are so prevalent and are found everywhere. In the places where they found them they were used for providing light at night. Like most civilizations there are things going on at night too, and you needed a fairy widespread source of artificial light.

D: They were like huge streetlights that illuminated the cities?

B: Yes. Street lights, interior lights, spot lights, depending on what kind of lighting was needed. And there were other types of crystals that radiated heat to help warm houses. So they did not have to cut down their forests to build fires. They could use these crystals instead and save the forests for articles of furniture, or simply for growing and oxygenating the air.

D: What types did they use in the houses for light?

B: Stone balls. They came in all sizes. And they have found them in all sizes in Central America. You personally have only heard of the large ones, but they have also found smaller ones about the size of a bowling ball or slightly smaller, that could be carried in two hands.

D: Those are stone, but you’re calling them crystals.

B: As I have already said, your archaeologists call them stone because they appear to be stone, but they are a specialized type of crystal.

D: I think of crystal as the kind you can see through.

B: Some you can and some you can’t. They are referred to as crystals not because of their outward appearance, but simply because of their molecular structure.

D: I see. Then these smaller stone balls were used for illumination in the houses?

B: Right. There would be a pedestal protruding from the wall that they could sit on. Or a type of holder in the ceiling much like a setting for a stone on your jewellery. There would be a setting, so to speak, like this, protruding from the ceiling where they could implant one of these balls, or more, depending upon what kind of arrangement they wanted.

D: Were the ones used for heating similar?

B: They had a different structure and so they appeared differently. They would come closer to looking like your perception of crystals. And they could be obtained in different colours according to how they wanted to fit in with their interior decor. And they could do one telling with the light balls which you have not thought of. Since the balls came in different sizes, they could get some that were very small, say, one to two inches across. And make them into a pretty arrangement, as a decoration as well as a source of light.

D: This is getting away from Atlantis but it’s bringing up something in the book I wrote about Jesus when He lived at Qumran (Jesus and the Essenes ). They had a mysterious source of light. It sounds very similar. Would you know about that?

B: It appears that the source of light was from old crystals that were left over from the earlier days that were passed down from generation to generation. Since they no longer had the knowledge to make more of these they treasured these.

D: They said they came from the Old Ones, the people who had lived many years before. They had many things that had come from them.

B: Yes. They were passed down and taken care of and used from generation to generation. And they passed down the knowledge of how to maintain these, because as long as they maintained these crystals they could produce light practically forever. It was simple maintenance.

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