“Our bodies and everything around us are now increasing their vibratory rate and adjusting to a new frequency. Every cell of the body begins to vibrate at such a fast rate that it turns into light. When this begins, the temperature of the body increases and the body starts to glow with light. When every cell is vibrating at a very high rate, you will disappear from normal vision and move into a higher dimensional reality. This is because the body has moved in vibration beyond the third dimension and is now vibrating on a much higher dimensional level. This then means that you will not go through the death process, as you will then have a Light Body. Aging will not exist for you, and you will have stepped into the next dimensional reality. You can then access the next stage of spiritual evolution.”

Dolores Cannon


A fragment from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”


Here is some of the information about the New Earth that came from various clients, taken from the Convoluted Universe series:


The entity speaking through V. had a deep, gravelly voice:

V: The whole idea is, we have to get people to expand just a little bit. And we have to get this level raised just a little bit. And when we do, we can make that change, and make it easier for them. It will be the ones that we can’t get to change that are going to be left behind. It’s going to be horrible. We can’t get them to see. We can’t get them to love.


D: Then the others, the ones that will change, will go into another world? Another Earth?


V: It’s like it’s going to expand into another dimension. Let me see how I can explain this to you. It’s like a raising, if you can understand, like we’re going to raise into a different vibration. They’ll be able to see what’s going on, but we can’t help them anymore.


D: Is it like a separation? Like two Earths, is that what you mean?


V: Oh no, no. It’s a changing of dimension. We’re going to go from here to here. And those that can’t change will be left behind.


D: When we go into the other dimension, will it be a physical Earth?


V: It will be just like we are right now.


D: That’s what I meant by two Earths.


V: Yes, yes. But they’re not going to be aware of us. God help them, God help them. It’s going to be so terrible for them.


D: They won’t know what has happened?


V: No, they will know. That’s the whole idea. They will know, but it will be too late for them to change their vibrations. They can’t change it in a second. They have to change it over a period of time. We’ve been working on this for a while. It has to seep in and work on your body, and it has to slowly change and raise your vibrations. And when it happens, it’s going to be too late for them, but they will see it, though. They will die, but they will see it and they will learn from that.


D: That world will still exist, but it will be different?


V: Not very well, no, not very well. There won’t be much left in that world. Not much.


D: Many people will die at that time?


V: Yes. But I think much of their death will be painless. I think they will live just long enough to see what’s happening. And I think God will spare them the horrible traumatic pain. I pray that’s what will happen.


D: But the others that do shift into the new vibration, with an identical physical world….


V: (Interrupted.) Yes, but some won’t even be aware that they’ve made the change. Some will. Those that have been working towards it will know.


D: Will they know about the people being left behind?


V: I don’t think so. There will be an awareness of a change that took place. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a conscious awareness. Let me think about that. (Pause) We’ll go into this dimension and we’ll know. Some won’t know though. They’ll feel something. They’ll feel a difference. Almost like a cleanness, a clearness. A crispness, a difference. I know what it is. They’ll feel the difference. They’ll feel the love.


D: So, even if they haven’t been working toward it, they will be carried along with it.


V: Yes, because they’re ready for it.


D: And the other ones won’t be….


V: They’re not, they’re not.


D: So, they’re left in the negativity? You said the whole world is going to be changed at that time.


V: Yes, those that can go on, that can move into this, will move. And those that can’t, won’t. And it’ll be horrible for them.


D: And it will be like two worlds.


V: Yes, two worlds existing at the same time, but not always aware of each other.


D: I know when you’re in a different dimension, you’re not always aware of the other one. But that’s the message you want to get across is that we should spread this information about love while we still can, to bring as many as possible along.


V: Love is the key. Because God is love. And love is God. And love is the supreme power. And that’s what we need to feel in our lives. What we need to give to each other and feel for each other.


D: Yes, love has always been the key. So, they’re trying to tell as many people, so they can bring them along. That’s what the urgency is.


V: The urgency is that we’ve run out of time. Just be prepared. Uh, what? Tell her what? She was listening to someone else. There were mumbling sounds, then the deep gravelly voice returned.


V: Tell you… ready. Ready for the change coming soon. Soon now. Ready… She’s not a good vehicle. She’s not done this before. I can’t get my ideas through her to convey to you. I must work on it. Let’s cleanse this vehicle. Oh, yes! Uh… there. That’s better.


D: What is it you want to tell me?


V: Must help all mankind. Tell them what is to come soon. Changes, dimensional shift. Those that can hear you will hear you. They’ll be ready for that dimensional shift. (Her normal voice returned.) Those that can’t, will not accept it anyway, so (Laugh) they’ll think we’re crazy. But the others, they may not know it, but it will touch a spark in them. When it happens, they’ll be ready and they can make that shift. They may not know it’s coming, but something inside will be ready for it and they’ll be able to make it. It’s those that don’t know it’s coming, but if we tell them, it’s inside them. Then when it happens, it’ll come out and they’ll be ready for it.


D: Those of us that do make the shift, will we continue to live our lives the way we have?


V: No, no, better. Different. Longer.


D: Will we continue physical lives?


V: Oh, physical in that dimension, yes. But physical in this dimension, no.


D: But I mean, if we make the shift, will we….


V: (Interrupted) You mean, will you live or die?


D: Will we continue lives as we know it?


V: Yes, some will not even be aware. You see, that little thing that we plant in their head, will help them make the dimensional shift and they may not even know it. But they’ll know there’s destruction. They’ll see destruction. They’ll see what’s taking place and they’ll see the dead bodies, but they won’t know that they’ve made that shift. They won’t be aware of the fact that the reason they’re not down there dead is because they made that shift and that change didn’t affect them.


D: You said something about the things that are put in the head.


Do you mean the implants?


V: No, no, no. I mean a seed, a thought. They don’t know it consciously, but inside, that will help them. It’s like a spark that, when the time comes, their mind would have accepted it subconsciously, already.


D: I have heard that we will live longer?


V: Longer, better. Learn. Things will be so much better. People will learn more, after a little while. They’ll know more. They’ll become more aware of things. The way things are. They may not know when they make the shift, but then they’ll learn about it. They’ll realize after a while what’s happened.


D: And the ones that are not ready will be left on the other Earth.


V: Yes, they’ll be gone.


D: And many on both places won’t even realize that something dramatic has occurred.


V: The ones on the other place will. They’ll be dead. But they’ll know because that’s the lesson they’ve learned. Once they die, they will know. They will see the truth. And they will see what opportunity they missed, but they will learn from that.


D: I have also been told that when they reincarnate, if they have negativity, karma, to repay, they will no longer come to Earth because the Earth will have changed so much.


V: They will not be allowed to come back here until they’ve made the switch. They’ve made the change.


D: I’ve heard they will go somewhere else to work out their karma because they have missed the opportunity.


V: Yes. Some will. And some may be given an opportunity to come back. But it will be awhile, a long, long while.


D: But in the meantime, we will be going forward and learning new things and making progress in a whole new world.


V: What a beautiful world. A world of light and peace. Where people can live together and love one another.


D: But it will still be a physical world with our families and houses like we have now.


V: Just a smarter world.


D: (Laugh) That, I can understand.


Another subject who was experiencing unexplained physical symptoms, described the new body in this way:


S: She is identifying more with her future body. It’s not really settled in yet, but it’s there. And this future body takes her essence, or portions of her. And merges it or pulls it up so she will get used to this future body.


D: Will the body physically change?


S: Some, yes. It will be stronger, and younger. This body that she is in now, it could be healed and redone, but she needs the future body. It will be lighter. More capable. She is feeling this now, her essence has been merging with this future body and pulled up.


D: So, this body she has now will be changed?


S: It will be essentially left behind. It’s going to be transformed and parts of it that aren’t needed will be dropped away.


D: So, it’s not like leaving one body and going into another.


S: No. Gradually the newer body and the older body will be mostly merged together. But there will be certain parts of the older body that won’t be necessary, so they will be left behind. It will just disintegrate.


It will probably be so gradual that we will not even notice the difference. Except for the physical symptoms that some are experiencing as the body makes the adjustments. I have been told that the older generation may be more aware that something is happening in the body. Yet it does no good to worry about it, since it is a natural process that is occurring now to everyone as part of the evolution of the new Earth.


More from another subject in Australia:


C: It’s like a car. Imagine a car that has an old body. It’s just the same old car you’ve been driving. And then you put a new engine in it. And suddenly that car begins to perform differently, even though it looks the same. And then you get another engine, and you replace it. And the car keeps getting faster and faster, and brighter and smarter. And then before you know it, the car is doing such good things, that the body starts to change. It’s like the energy of the new engine starts to reform the body. And before you know it, the chap has turned into a sport’s car. A beautiful, glossy, attractive vehicle. And that’s what this is about. The energies that are coming in, have the ability to transform the vehicle. And it will start to be different. It’s going to look different. It’s going to look… well, younger comes to mind. It’s going to look smarter and younger. The cells of the body, the vibration of the body is changing, and is matching the vibration of the incoming energy. And the physical changes will be next.


D: What will those physical changes be?


C: Oh! The body’s going to change to be lighter. And I’m getting that it will look taller. It’s not that it’s going to be taller. But the energy from within is somehow going to become visible on the outside. And it will make the body seem taller, elongated, slimmer. And more transparent.


D: Transparent?


C: Yes. It’s a pioneering thing.


D: Is this the way the people on Earth will be evolving? (Yes) Will everyone make the changes?


C: Yes, because the people have all been given that choice. If they want to evolve with the Earth, they will evolve into this new human being. It will look different. And that’s what this experiment is about. That’s why Christine and others are moving the ones who don’t want to evolve with the Earth. They are going to leave. (Almost crying) And bring a lot of pain to their families. But the people who are staying must hold the light. That’s a big job. To get divorced and separated from these things that are happening now. And these things are going to happen until the cleansing is complete. Those who are here to stay, are taking this race of people into a very new and different civilization. Those people are being tested now, to see if they can hold the light when there is disaster, and not be sucked in. They’re the people who will move ahead with this planet.


D: Almost like a last test?


C: Yes. The testing is going on right now. Whatever each being needs to test them, to see what they’re capable of giving back to this program; how firm their commitment is. How willing they are to serve. That is all being tested now.


D: So, each one is having their own individual test?


C: Yes. And the people who are finding it tough now are the ones who are staying. They’re the ones who are going through the tests. But some of them are not coming through.


D: They’re not passing the test.


C: No. There are some who are not.


D: This is what I was told by other people, that some would be left behind. (Yes) And I thought that sounded cruel.


C: No, it’s not cruel because each soul is given the choice. And if they are not moving and evolving, it’s because they are choosing not to. And they will reincarnate into another place of their choice. And it’s all right. Because it’s only a game. They’ll stay in the Old Earth. The New Earth is so beautiful. You will see colors and animals and flowers you never imagined possible. You’ll see fruit that is perfect food. It doesn’t have to be cooked. It’s just eaten as it is. And everything that the being needs to nourish them will be there. These new fruits are developing now with the help of the Star People.


D: Are these fruits and vegetables we don’t have on the Earth now?


C: We don’t have them. They’re mutations in some ways. I’m seeing a custard as an example of what happened. We will have a fruit called a “custard apple.” And it doesn’t look like an apple. It has a rough exterior, and it’s about the size of two oranges put together. And then you open it. It’s like custard inside. So that’s a fruit, but a food. It’s not just a fruit, but another food has been introduced to it, like custard. That’s an example of one of the future foods. So, these foods will be delights to the senses. And nutritious and sustaining for the—I keep being stopped when I start to say “body.” And I am being told to say “being.” They’ll be nutritious for the being. And things we now have to cook—like you’d cook custard—will be incorporated into these fruits. And it has to do with helping the planet and cutting down on the use of electricity and energy. So, the fruits are going to provide us with what we need.


D: I’ve heard man has done many things to the food that is not healthy for the body.


C: That’s right. The organic foods are coming onto the Earth, and those organic farmers are moving with the Earth evolution program. That’s why they’re there. And that’s why consciousness is being raised about this because people need to know how to grow properly. And the Rudolph Steiner schools are teaching children this. So, the children who are going to be with the new Earth will know this. And those children are now teaching in universities and in institutions, and they’re spreading the word. So, when the cleansing of the Earth occurs, much of that toxicity is going to be pushed away. You see, the new Earth is not this dimension. The new Earth is another dimension. And we will move into that new dimension. And in that new dimension, there’ll be these trees that have purple and orange in their trunks. And there will be beautiful rivers and waterfalls. And the energy will be brought back. There will be energy in the streams and the water that goes over rocks and sandbanks. And it hits the Earth. It creates energy and will be straightened out in this world. Many of these streams have been changed and straightened out to make them navigable and nice.

That’s taking away the energy from the Earth. The Earth is going to be cleansed. I’m seeing water.


D: Does this have to occur before the Earth shifts and evolves into the new dimension?


C: I’m seeing us stepping through. (Startled) Oh! What I’m seeing is that the people who are going to the new dimensions will step through into this new world.


D: While the other one is being cleansed?


C: Yes, yes.


D: What do you see about the water that will happen with the cleansing?


C: (A big sigh) It’s not going to be shown to me.


D: They don’t want you to see it?


C: No, they won’t show me that. What they’re showing me is… an opening? And we step through. We step into, what looks like this Earth, but it’s different colors. It’s different textures. At first it looks the same. At first only. And then as we look around, we start to see that it’s not. It’s changing before our eyes. And it’s so beautiful.


D: But this is not the spirit side? Because the spirit side is described as being very beautiful also.


C: No, it’s the new Earth. It’s not the spirit side. It’s the fifth dimensional Earth. Some people will pass through before others. I’m being told to tell you now that Christine has been there several times. There’s a group going to go through now. And she’ll be bringing more through. And they’ll be coming and going a bit until they go for good.


D: Then the others will be left on the old Earth?


C: Yes, the ones that are choosing to stay will stay.


D: They’ll be undergoing a lot of hardships, won’t they?


C: Yes, the whole planet. (Startled) I just saw the whole planet explode. That’s horrible, isn’t it?


D: What do you think that means?


C: I don’t know. I just saw it explode. But I saw the new Earth. There’s this beautiful fifth dimensional place with harmony and peace.


D: When they showed you the planet exploding, is that just symbolic? As though that Earth will no longer exist for the ones who cross over?


C: Well, the people who have crossed over are watching what’s happening. They can see. Now, is it going to explode? They’re saying to me, “Don’t get caught up with what’s going to happen because you’ve got to focus on the light.” And that’s the challenge for these people who are going to be in the new Earth. The challenge for them is to not get caught up in anything that’s going to happen because that’s what pulls us back into the third dimension. And that’s what’s happened to many people who were on a path forward. They’ve been pulled back because they got caught up in the fear and the sadness and regret and the black stuff. So, they’re saying, “You don’t need to know because it wouldn’t serve anybody if it were known.” So really what they are saying is, “Focus on the good stuff.” Focus on the fact that there is going to be this beautiful new existence, new dimension, that many people on the Earth are going to be moving into. Who are already moving into.


D: I was told whenever you cross over, you will be in the same physical body that you have now. You will just be changed.


C: Yes, you will still be in the same body, but it is going to change.


D: So, it can be done without dying or leaving the body. It’s a different thing altogether.


C: Yes, we just walk across. Christine’s done it before, and she knows how to do it. She’s done it and understands it.


D: But it will be sad because there will be so many people that won’t understand what’s happening. It’s so hard with so many —I want to say “ordinary”—people who have no idea of anything except the religion they’ve been taught. They don’t know that this other is possible.


C: Yes, but they’re not ordinary. They only seem ordinary. It’s a mask they’re wearing. They’re changing.


D: But there still are many people who haven’t even thought about these things.


C: Yes, but they’ll be choosing not to awaken, and that is their choice.

We have to respect that. They have been given the choice like everybody on the Earth, and they have made that choice. And that’s okay. It’s all right. It’s fine.


D: So, if they have to go to another place to work out the negative karma, that’s part of their evolvement. (Yes.) But do you see a majority of people evolving to the next dimension?


C: No. Not the majority. And the numbers, to some extent, are not important because what will be, will be. And the more people that can awaken and take that journey, the more people there’ll be. That’s why so many of you are doing this work. To help people open up to the journey and let go of the fear. And step into that void where anything is possible. Where the blackness is residing. That’s what you people are all doing. And you need to do it. And everybody you speak to, then goes out and does it as well. You may not be aware of it, but you’re acting like Christ. Everyone you speak to becomes a disciple, and they go out, and they in turn awaken other people. So, it’s working. And it’s soon. It’s all happening soon.


D: Do you have any idea of a time period?


C: The next few years will be the — I’m getting the word “decision point.” It will be the “cut-off” point. I think it means that those who have not decided by then, will be left behind. It’s critical.


D: But there are some entire countries in the world that are not ready for this. That’s why I am thinking there are many people that won’t make the crossover.


C: There’s more happening than people know about. I’m seeing some countries where people are being persecuted. The reason that’s happening is to awaken spirituality because persecution causes it. When people are persecuted or when they’re facing death, or when they’re facing huge human feats. That is a trigger that awakens people. And that’s the purpose of much of the persecution that’s occurring at the moment; to make sure that these people are awakened. So that’s the positive side of it.


D: Is there something that triggers it or precipitates it?


C: It’s like the curtain drops. And I’m not allowed to see. I’m just being told that it will be the end of one and the beginning of another.


D: They’re trying to lead us into war at this time. (2002) Do you think it has something to do with that?


C: (Big sigh) I’m afraid that’s the test. I said that many people were being tested. And I didn’t realize it then, but I do now, that’s all part of the test, if we can keep ourselves separated from that. It’s like we have to create our own… it’s like each one of us is the universe. All parts of the universe are held here (placed her hand on her body). And if we keep this universe here….


D: This body?


C: Yes. If we keep it at peace, and we keep it in balance, then we are passing the test. Then we can withstand anything. And those things that are happening in the world are really to test the whole; all of us.


D: You mean to not get caught up into the fear.


C: Yes. Turn the TV off. Don’t listen to it. Don’t read the paper. Don’t get caught up in it. Your world is what you create here. (Touched her body again.)


D: In your own body.


C: Yes. In your own space here. This is your own universe here. If every person creates peace and harmony in their own universe, then that’s the universe they’re creating in that fifth dimensional Earth. The more people who can create peace and harmony in this body universe, the more people who will be in that fifth dimensional new Earth. The ones who can’t create peace and harmony in this body universe, are not passing the test. That’s the test.


D: We’re trying to do this to keep the war from happening, or to lessen it anyway.


C: I’m being told that it doesn’t matter what happens because it’s all a game. It’s all a play. And the things that are happening are there for a reason. And the reason at the moment is to test each human being to find out where they are in their own evolution. And so, if we hold peace and light here (the body), we don’t have to worry about whether there’s a war or not. It’s only an illusion anyway.


D: But right now, it seems very real, and it could have some very disastrous consequences.


C: Yes, but that’s fear for each individual. Our job is to help each individual find peace here (the body). And then, of course, as you bring more people together, who have peace and harmony within their own body universe, then instead of the blackness spreading, that spreads. And that creates this whole new world. If you’d been given all that information back in the beginning of your work, you would have been overloaded. It’s the same reason why they’re saying, “We’re not going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen.” We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. But we’re not going to tell you what we know because you don’t need to know. All you need to do is focus here (the body) creating your heaven on Earth. Each human being creating their own heaven on Earth. That’s all you have to do. And coming together with others who are creating their own heaven on Earth. And then expanding that energy out. And before you know it, you’ve changed the world. You don’t even think about the world. What you focus on is what you create. Think about peace. The main thing people have to understand is that, what they focus on expands. So, if they focus on, if they can replace predictions with something that is wonderful that they want and expand that. Then they can create their own heaven on Earth. And I’m being shown in your book The Convoluted Universe (Book One), you give a description of thought. I’m being told to remind you about this. You talk about an energy ball the size of a grapefruit. And that ball has energy strands. And I’m changing this as I go. Energy strands which go over each other and transverse each other. And those energy strands can do anything they like. They can split, and they can become four energy strands. They can weave. They can multiply. They can go backwards. They can zip up. They can do absolutely anything. And this is the ball of possibility. When you think a thought, it doesn’t just disappear. It becomes an energy strand. It becomes energy. It moves into that ball of possibility. So, imagine your thought becoming energy. And the more energy you give it, the stronger that becomes. And then it manifests, and it becomes real. It becomes physical. If you send a thought out that there’s going to be peace. And then you follow it with, “Oh, but that war is getting worse,” or “Those politicians are making a mistake.” You weaken the energy: the positive strand you brought out. So, we have to teach people to send out the positive thought, and then to reinforce it with more positive thoughts, and more positive thoughts. And we have to teach them that when one of those negative thoughts comes into their mind, not to just let it go, but to replace it with a positive thought. So that they’re adding to that energy ball of possibility. They’re contributing to it. We have to teach them to do that. They do not know how to do that. And I’m being told to tell you to reinforce that the illusion—I don’t know why I’m being told to tell you this. But they’re saying that if we could get people to think of this conflict that’s occurring in the Middle East as a movie, it would help people. The other thing I’m being told to tell you is that for every action, they can make an opposite reaction. Where there’s birth, there’s death. And everybody must let go of any greed, any domination, materialism. Any of those issues that are stopping them from doing this work, must be let go. Because these issues are not going to serve anybody in the new Earth. There’s not going to be the need for money, as such. So why would you bother about it? Those who are working for the Earth, for the universe, are being provided for, and will continue to be. What you need will come to you. So, it’s time now to let go of that ethic of working to get the money.

You’re working to change the Earth. You’re working to save this situation. That’s where the driving force must be. It must come from love and service. And that’s the only way we will maximize this effort. It must come from love and service, not from greed.


D: I’ve been told love is the most powerful emotion.


C: Yes, love heals.


People at my lectures are always asking me what do they have to do in order to move to the New Earth? “They” have said there are two important things you have to let go of. One, as just explained, is fear. Fear is an illusion, yet it is the strongest emotion that a human has. It must be released or it will hold you to the old Earth. I tell people to ask lots and lots of questions. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Think for yourself. Don’t give your power away to anyone. Make up your own mind and discover your own truth. It may not be my truth, but it will be yours because you have discovered it. And then don’t be surprised if that truth changes. We are constantly learning. Stay flexible. Don’t let fear cloud your judgment so that you can’t think for yourself.


The second thing you must let go of is karma. We accumulate karma through living many, many lifetimes on Earth, often with the same people repeating the same mistakes. This is why it is called “The Wheel of Karma.” It just goes round and round and holds you to the pattern. I call karma the “baggage and the garbage” that we carry around with us. You must get rid of the “junk” so you can ascend. We all have bad things that happen in our lives. That’s what life is all about. I have found that we agree to these events and things in order to learn from them. I ask people when they tell me about their bad experiences, “Did you learn anything from it?” If you learned even one thing from it, then that was the reason you experienced it. If they say they did not learn anything from it. Guess what? They will have to experience it all over again until they understand what it was trying to tell them. They have to repeat that grade in school. You can’t go from kindergarten to college. So, go over your life. What are you holding on to? What haven’t you let go of? It no longer matters if you were mistreated or abused as a child. What did you learn? It doesn’t matter if you had a horrible marriage.

Let it go!! Some of my clients have said, “I can’t let it go. You don’t know what they did to me!” It is not hurting anyone but yourself by holding onto karma and creating more by not releasing it. In order to ascend into the New Earth, you have to let it go. You have to forgive, or you will have to stay with the old Earth and go through it all again. That is how the law of karma works. Is that what you want?


During my lectures I give the people an exercise that they can use to release karma. You can’t speak to the person face to face. That is too difficult to do. Besides, sometimes the person you are angry at has died and it is impossible to face them. You have to do it mentally. Remember that when you were on the spirit side you made a plan of what you hoped to accomplish in this life. You made contracts with various souls to play various parts in your scenario on Earth. Some of your greatest enemies or challenges during your life were your greatest friends on the spirit side. They volunteered to come and play the villain in your Earthly scenario. And some of them play their parts very well!


So, picture the person in your mind standing in front of you. Say to them, “We tried. We really tried. It’s not working. I am tearing up the contract.” And see yourself tearing up the contract and throwing it away. Then say to them, “I forgive you. I release you. I let you go. You go your way with love, and I’ll go mine. We don’t have to be connected anymore.” And see it happening. The key here is that you have to really mean it. You have to believe it. Once you have done that they will have no power over you anymore. Then you have to forgive yourself. Remember, it always takes two people to create the situation.

None of this is easy, but it is essential and imperative, if you want to get off the Wheel and ascend into the New Earth. It’s up to you!


This was part of a longer session in 2002 where the subject had a connection with extra-terrestrials. They were supplying information about many things, including what they could do (or are allowed to do) to correct the damage mankind has done to the Earth.


P: They’re moving me… forward into the future. They’re moving my body. Oh, my god, I’m getting dizzy.


I gave calming suggestions, so she would not have any physical effects. She calmed down and stabilized. The feeling of motion dissipated. This experience has also happened to other subjects I have worked with, when they are moved too quickly through time and space.


D: What are they showing you now?


P: All I see is light. It’s just a brilliant explosion of light. The planet is being bombarded with a special light and it contains different colors. And these different colors affect the consciousness of people in different ways, but it not only affects people. It affects plants and animals and rocks and water and everything. It’s a certain type of white light, and it has all types of colors in it. And it changes and moves, and it permeates the very core of the planet. I see it’s coming from the core of the planet. They shoot it down from, I guess, the ships, and it touches the core of the planet and it bounces out from the core and affects everything from an inward to an outward movement. If you were standing on the planet, you would feel the energies coming through your feet and coming out through the top of your head.


D: The opposite of what it usually does.


P: This is different. It’s coming from the ships to the core of the planet and then it’s bouncing back up. And it’s affecting the whole planet. They don’t want us to blow ourselves up.


D: Is this something that is happening in 2002, or is it happening in the future?


P: This is the future. They’re going to do it! To correct the alignment in the planet to keep anything bad from happening. 2006.


D: 2006. Will we have gotten the planet more out of alignment by this time?


P: Yes, yes. Oh, there are people on the planet and they’re praying, but it’s not enough because it’s so messed up. It’s going to get out of its orbit. And that will affect the rest of the cosmos. So, by them directing these energies to the core of the planet, it’s going to come back up, and that will correct the alignment. And when it corrects the alignment, it will also correct many other things on the planet. It will help the flooding, the droughts and things like that, that man has brought upon the planet. There’s not going to be an annihilation of this planet. The council makes sure that it won’t happen. The beings are down here on the planet watching, and they know what’s going on and they know who’s doing it and they can affect them. It’s not that we can’t intervene, we’re not allowed to intervene.


D: Because there are some things you can’t do.


P: That’s right, but we can watch. And we know who’s doing it.


D: But whenever the planet gets to the point that man has damaged it so much, that’s when you can help?


P: That’s when we’re going to send these… I see multi-coloured lights. It’s like multi-coloured shafts of energy and they’re being shot down into the core of the planet. And then they bounce back out and it affects the whole planet and it will keep the planet in alignment.


D: Is this being done by many ships?


P: It’s a confederation. I see many. I see different levels or classifications of beings affecting the planet. We’re involved in that. There are many, many beings.


D: So, it’s a massive job.


P: A confederation. Yes, yes.


D: But isn’t it dangerous to shoot things at the core of the planet. Hasn’t something gone wrong before when that happened?


I was thinking of the destruction of Atlantis. This was partially caused by scientists focusing the energy from the giant crystals downward to the center of the Earth. Too much energy was created, and contributed to the earthquakes and gigantic tidal waves.


P: This is not what you think. This is pure light energy. And the only effect it will have on the planet is good. It will not harm the planet.


D: I was thinking of what they did in Atlantis.


P: This is not the same thing. It’s hard for me to explain. This is done on a soul level. It’s like pure divine energy. It’s not the energy in Atlantis. The energy in Atlantis was done through atomic power. This is energy that the divine has created that is done through light. It’s not done through the separation through molecular structures. This is something we have created, and we send it from the Source. Anything that’s from the Source is good and it’s not going to harm the planet. It’s going to do what we want it to do. And we’ve been allowed to do this. It is because the planet has caused this that we are taking this action. It’s necessary.


D: Isn’t this interference?


P: No! We cannot interfere with the people here. We can’t come down and bully them and tell them what to do. But we can bring our ships and we can point this energy at the core of the Earth. We can do things like this. This is actually on a soul level. So therefore, we are not interfering with the karmic structure of the people here. Everyone here has a karmic purpose, and we are not interfering with that. We’re not allowed to. We don’t do that.


D: Do the people on Earth see this when it happens?


P: They feel it. In other words, they’ll go through the transformation. And they won’t realize what’s happened to them. Some of them will realize. Those who are sensitive will know that something has happened. But many on the planet will just go on in their normal lives, and they will be lifted up and they will be changed and the Earth will be changed. The rocks and the water, but they’ll just go on existing because we are not affecting the karmic pattern. We can’t do that. We’re doing this on a soul level, but it’s not affecting their Earth lives as far as karmic patterns go. We’re not bothering that.


D: But the Earth has to get to a certain point before you’re allowed to do this.


P: 2006. It’s getting bad. It’s already very, very bad right now. If it’s allowed to continue, the air will harm very many people. And the reason we’re involved is, there are people in their physical embodiments breathing this atmosphere with all this pollution and it’s changing their genetic heritage. We cannot let that happen and we will not let that happen! We gave people of this planet their genetic heritage. And now they have messed up their drinking water, their food, their planet. Everything here is polluted. Man has destroyed his genetic heritage and we’re going to repair it because they are not going to mess up our experiment! This is a divine experiment and they can’t mess it up. We’re going to change it.


To find out more about the grand experiment that mankind has been involved in since its beginning, see my books, Keepers of the Garden and The Custodians.


P: We have to do this. The whole planet was destroyed many times. You know about Atlantis; there have been many other explosions, floods. This is something that we can’t allow to happen at this time because it’s going to affect the rest of the cosmos. And the Earth is coming a little more out of alignment. And we will be putting the planet, not only back in alignment, but we will also help cleanse and clear the genetic structure of everything and everyone on the planet. And this has been put forth, and it’s been agreed upon, and it will be done. Because mankind has reached the point that it will not be cleaned up soon enough before it destroys the genetic makeup that we created.


D: So, it only has to get out of alignment just a little before it will affect the other….


P: It’s already affected other—not only civilizations in a physical realm that you know, but also on higher planes. That’s why we’re going to do this.


The various universes are so interwoven and interconnected that if the rotation or trajectory of one is disturbed, it affects all the others. In the extreme case, this could cause all the universes to collapse on themselves and disintegrate. This is one of the reasons for the monitoring of planet Earth by ETs. To detect any problems caused by our negative influences and alert the other galaxies and universes so countermeasures can be initiated. They have to know what the Earth is up to, so the rest of the universes, galaxies, and dimensions can protect themselves and survive.


D: I thought if you were going to have a massive project like that on Earth, people would be able to see all these ships.


P: Ohh, you typical Earthling! No, you can’t see our ships. We’re in different dimensions. There are many different vibrational rates. You won’t even be able to see the light, but it’s there. At some time, your scientists will be able to measure this type of energy. At some point, the scientists will be able to determine that we are in the atmosphere, and they’ll see our ships. They will have machines and devices, so they can determine where our ships are. But they don’t have that technology right now because we’ve moved across the veil and we’re in—shall we call it—an astral realm. It’s a higher level than that, but it’s a finer level. And your eyes can’t see them, but in the future, they will have machines that can see it.


D: But they will know something is happening to the energy levels. That something is changing.


P: It will change, and the people will change, but they’re not going to be aware of what has happened. It’s going to be a big event, but they’re not going to be able to discern it on a physical level. On a soul level, they can tell. Subconscious level they’ll know, but not on a conscious level because you’re thinking of a physical energy. This is not physical energy, this is energy from God. This is soul energy. And it operates within a different dimension than you’re thinking. It’s very different.


D: So, the people will feel it, but they won’t see it. They’ll just know that something is happening in their bodies.


P: Some will know. Those that are sensitive will know that something has happened, but they won’t know what. And that’s what we want. We don’t want to disrupt anything.


D: How will this affect the human body?


P: It will prevent the decay of the genetic material DNA within the body. Like I said, it’s becoming damaged and we can’t have that. We can’t have a whole race of people damaged. The energy will change the DNA genetic structure of the humans so that it will be more perfect. That’s what we really want. We want the humans on the planet to be in perfect harmony. Not only with themselves, but with us and the rest of the cosmos. They’re not in that right now.


D: So, when the DNA structure is changed, how will the body be different?


P: When the DNA is changed, the body will be what we wanted it to be many millennia ago. We tried this in Atlantis, it failed! The reason it failed was because the energies were used in a negative way by the beings in Atlantis. We tried to bring forth a more feminine energy back in the days of Atlantis, which would raise up and cause a union between the divine male and divine female. It failed. Therefore, the planet Earth went through many, many, many thousands of years with women being subjugated and the feminine energies being suppressed. Now, this is the time that both will be equal. The male and female divine energies will join, and this will make for a perfect being… like Christ. Everyone here will realize they can be a perfect Christ, when these energies are in balance. The energies have not been in balance; they’ve been out of balance for thousands of years. That’s why there are so many problems on the planet. So, when the DNA structure is altered, the divine energies, the male/female, the yin and the yang, of the God energies can unite and there will be perfection upon the planet. Perfection within the bodies. And this planet will be something that we can show to the rest of the worlds, the rest of the cosmos. That this is our experiment, and this is what we have done, and it has succeeded. The light has succeeded because it will be perfect as we have wanted it to be for thousands of years. When we first came here, it was perfect. You’ve probably been told that. It was altered. You know the meteorite came, disease came. Everything was messed up. We’re going to have it perfect again. And this is part of that alignment that we’ll be doing to make it perfect again. And this is perfectly normal. — This is all part of genetics, but the reason that happened, was that humans have not been in balance.

The divine energies have not been balanced within the psyche or even within the physical mind, but the psyche that comes into the body manifests physically. These have been out of alignment. This causes disease within the body. When the bacteria landed here on the meteorite, had the bodies at that time been in total perfect alignment, it wouldn’t have mattered. The disease wouldn’t have gotten in there. But the bodies had already begun to change when it hit, so there was nothing we could do.


She was referring to the same thing that was mentioned in my book Keepers of the Garden, which explained that disease was introduced to Earth and spoiled the grand experiment by a meteorite that struck the Earth when the fledgling species were still developing. This caused a great deal of sorrow in the council in charge of developing life on Earth because they knew their experiment of creating the perfect human being could not happen under these circumstances. They had to make the decision whether to stop the experiment and start over again, or allow the developing humans to continue, knowing that it would never be the perfect species it was intended to be. It was decided that so much time and effort had been expended in developing humans, that they should be allowed to continue. The hope was that maybe some time in the future, the species could develop into the perfect human being with no disease. This is the main reason for the sampling and testing done by the ETs that people misinterpret as negative. They are concerned with the effects of pollutants in the air and chemical contamination of our food on the human body. And they are attempting to alter its effects.


The ET continued: “We didn’t want to not do the experiment. We couldn’t just throw the planet away. We couldn’t just let all these lifeforms, all these souls be forever altered. We had to step in and we’ve been coming here for ages and ages. This is the culmination of many, many years of work. Millions of years. And it’s coming very soon and we’re pleased because mankind has reached the point to where this can be brought forth again upon the planet. As I said, we tried it back many, many thousands of years ago and it failed, but we expect it to succeed this time. It’s already beginning to succeed. And we’re very happy about that.”


D: Will all of the people of Earth experience this?


P: As I said before, everyone will be affected. It’s just that there are those who will be sensitive, who will pick up that it has been done. Some people will not realize on a conscious level that it’s been done. It’s been done on a soul level. If you were to put them in trance as you have this person now, they would know they have been affected, and they could explain to you what it has done to their genetics. But on a conscious level, they haven’t a clue. They don’t know. And that’s what we want.


D: I was thinking of negative people (Murderers, rapists, beings of that sort.) Will they be affected in a different way?


P: Everyone will be affected. They will know on a subconscious level what has happened. As the subconscious changes, and becomes aware of this, and is activated, yes.


D: They still have karma.


P: This will also be affected, because this planet in the future is not going to have karma. That is something that won’t be allowed here. It will be a planet of Light and Peace and will be our grand experiment that succeeded.


D: I’ve been told this is why many in the universe are watching.


P: Yes, that’s right. We’re here to do that. And it will be safe.


One final piece of information came through a client at my office in 2004. I believed one part of all of this was still unclear: How could some people be aware that they had made the shift into the New Earth, and others would not be? How would it be possible to move an entire population with only a minority knowing anything had happened? “They” must have been aware that I was struggling with this lingering thought, so they supplied it. After all, how could I write about it, and lecture about it if I didn’t have all the pieces?


Bob: Most planets, but especially this one was only designed originally for five hundred and fifty thousand people. Half a million people. That was as large as it was supposed to go. More people are reincarnating here to experience all these major changes. And the Earth has been damaged and changed beyond the capability to repair it. This planet has been unfortunately changed in such ways that there’s no sense of return whatsoever to its original pristine condition. But now because of the prime directive from the Creator, this has to accelerate. Because it’s been too long. There are two ways to do this. You can cause the planet to rotate and the Earth crust to shift. And you literally, when that happens, start all over again from ground zero. That’s what touched off the Ice Age and killed all the dinosaurs. It doesn’t matter how it happened, but basically it did the same thing. A civilization disappears, and you start off with the Ice Age and Neanderthal Man and all that kind of good stuff all happens again. You lose control of your entire civilization, and you end up as a legend like Atlantis and Lemuria. This has all happened many times before. But that’s not what’s going to happen this time. This time you shift as a planet. And basically, as a universe. You shift the whole dimension. The dimension changes. You go from 3 point 6 (3.6) which we are now, to five. And you say, “Well, what happens to four?” Well, four is sort of here in a way, but it’s just going to jump it. You’re going to end up as five. When the dimensional change comes, you will literally jump that. There’s a lot of complications with this. This is why it’s being watched so carefully. Many people who are spiritually ready will be able to make the transition very easily. Others are literally going to be taken off planet. In the flick of an eyelid they won’t even know it’s happened, most of them. And they will end up on another planet that’s pristine, ready and waiting for this to happen. And your capabilities will be far beyond what they are now. You have basically five primary senses. You’ll have many more than that when the transition goes through. You will become automatically telepathic. They’ll wake up in their little lives the next day—or what can be done, depending on how it’s shifted. — It has happened before, by the way. — We will simply shut down. It’s like going into suspended animation. We suspend it. It may take two or three days to transfer the populace.


D: The entire world, or just the….


B: Yes. All the people that are spiritually ready to make this transition. They’ll all be shifted off. And when they wake up on this other planet, they won’t even realize it’s happened. There was a shift like this a few years ago on this planet, with all of us. And not many people knew about it. It just was. It was like a whole week passed by in the course of a night. It has happened that way.


D: Why did that happen at that time?


B: We needed to shift the sun, technically, and we needed to be able to adjust it. And if anybody could see it, they would all know what happened. That wasn’t a very practical way of doing it. So, we just kind of shut everybody down.


D: So, they wouldn’t know it?


B: Yes. You went to sleep that night, and you slept like you thought it was a twelve-hour period. And you woke up. And your watch was still running the same. But in fact, you had literally gone through a whole week.


D: Everyone was put into suspended animation?


B: Yes. You shut down the whole thing all at the same time.


D: While the world moved?


B: Oh, yes. The planet moves. You have the so-called “night and day.” But we actually adjusted it. It was a really interesting trick to do it. But it does work. This planetary adjustment that’s coming up. This frequency change thing that is coming up. You can’t merely do this with everybody awake. Because you’re going to have all sorts of strange reactions in people. So, they think they’re all awake. But yet we can shut them down. It’s a bit of a trick. It’s very technically involved.


D: So, they would think they were having dreams if they did see anything.


B: Yes, yes, precisely. But they might not have conscious remembrance of it because don’t forget, most people don’t have conscious remembrance of what they dream anyway. And you can change things in dreams very easily, too.


D: You said this was done a few years ago.


B: Yes, it was. We had to make an adjustment in the sun’s frequency.


So apparently that would be the answer. The entire population of the world would be shut down and put into suspended animation while the transfer was made.


This is also found in the Bible: “In that day, he who is on the housetop, and his goods are in the house, let him not come down to take them away. And likewise, the one who is in the field, let him not turn back. I tell you, in that night, there will be two men in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left. Two women will be grinding together: the one will be taken and the other left. Two men will be in the field: the one will be taken and the other left. And they answered and said to Him, “Where Lord?” So, He said to them, “Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.” (Luke 17:31-37)


I have been asked many times about the Mayan calendar ending at 2012. People think that is the date for the end of the world if the Mayans could not see beyond that. I have been told that the Mayans evolved spiritually to this point where their civilization shifted en masse to the next dimension. They stopped the calendar at 2012 because they could see this would be the time of the next major event: the shifting of the entire world into the next dimension.


We will ascend to the other dimension by raising our consciousness, the vibration and frequency of our body. At first, you can continue in a physical body for a while. Then as you gradually discover it is no longer necessary, the physical body dissolves into Light, and you live with a body made of light or pure energy. This sounds very similar to several cases in my books where the subject saw a being that glowed and was composed of pure energy. They have evolved beyond the need for a physical limiting body, and we will do this also when we reach that stage. So, in many cases, when the being ascends, they take the physical body with them. But this is only a temporary situation and the shedding and letting go of the body depends on the level of understanding the being has reached. We do tend to hold on to the familiar, but eventually see that even though we were able to take it with us, the body is too limiting and confining for the new reality in the new dimension. When we reach this new dimension, the new body of light or energy will never die. This is what the Bible meant when it referred to “Eternal Life.”


The spirit side or the in-between lives state, where I have found that we go when we die in this lifetime, is like a recycling center. It leads back to another life on Earth because there is still karma to be worked out, or something that needs to be attended to. People keep returning because they have not completed their lessons or their cycles. By raising the consciousness, the frequency and vibration, there is no need to return to that place (the in-between state). It can be transcended by going to the place where everyone is eternal, and there is no reason for recycling. We can remain there forever. This is probably the place many of my subjects refer to as “home.” The place they deeply miss and desire to return to. When they see it during the regressions they become very emotional because they have been deeply longing for it, yet not consciously knowing it existed.




“They” have emphasized that this has happened down through time to certain individuals and small groups of people. But what makes it unique now, is that it will be the first time that an entire planet will make the shift into another dimension. This will be the new Earth and the new world. This is described in the Bible as the new heaven and the new Earth. The others who are not ready, will be left behind (just as it says in the Bible) to continue to live out their karma. They will not even be aware that anything has happened. Those who have not become enlightened, will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity, to work out their remaining karma. They will not be allowed to come to the “new Earth” because their vibration will not match.


The Earth is a living being. She has been evolving just as we are, albeit at a much slower rate. She is now preparing to move into her next incarnation, which will happen when she raises her vibrations and frequencies to take her into another higher dimension. She has tolerated humans living on her since the beginning, and it doesn’t matter to her whether we go with her or not. She is moving regardless, and if we choose to go, it is our decision. We have created such a nuisance that she would rather we didn’t go with her. We are like fleas on a dog, and it is obvious that we have caused great damage and distress to this beautiful planet. So, if we want to go with her on this next adventure then we have to make changes in ourselves. Our frequency and vibration must be raised, or we will be left behind.


Several years ago, I was on a panel at a conference with Annie Kirkwood, the author of Mary’s Message to the World. She told about a vision she had that seems to portray the evolution of the New Earth. She saw the Earth as it is viewed from outer space. Then it started looking like two Earths, one superimposed on the other. There were little lines of flashing lights going between both the Earths. Then as she watched, she saw it begin to pull apart; the way a cell does when it is dividing to produce another cell. One Earth went off in one direction, and the other one went in the other direction. On the one Earth she and others were exclaiming, “Yes, yes, it really happened! We did it! We really are a new Earth!” And on the other Earth she heard her sister’s voice, “That girl was so crazy! She was out there telling everybody all these crazy things. And nothing happened! She just died!” So, it appears that when the final event occurs, there will be some people that will not even be aware that anything has occurred. This will be the separation of those who go on with the New Earth and those who are left behind on the Old Earth which will still be steeped in negativity.


Later during a lecture, I explained this vision, and afterwards a man came up to me. He said, “I want you to know that I am a businessman. I usually don’t have experiences that I can’t explain logically. But whenever you were describing the two Earths separating this auditorium suddenly disappeared, and I found myself in outer space. As I watched, I saw it happen exactly the way you described.” He said the scene was still very vividly in his mind. He went home and created the picture below on his computer and gave permission to use it in this book. It is much more impressive in color, but the New Earth is the glowing orb superimposed over the old Earth.


At a lecture in Chicago in 2006, I was discussing the evolution of the New Earth. I was describing the vision that Annie Kirkwood had about the Earth splitting into two Earths. How, as the one divided into two separate Earths the people on each would not be aware of what was happening on the other. Those who had raised their frequency and vibration would ascend into the New Earth as it evolved and lifted into a different dimension. Thus, becoming invisible to the ones “left behind.” There have been several things about this concept that bothered me. I always like to have the answers; I guess because of my great curiosity. I have felt there are gaps or holes that needed to be filled. Pieces that needed to be explained. Someone in the audience asked the question about how this could happen, and those on one Earth not be aware of what was happening on the other one. Suddenly I had a revelation. A thought came to me that might be the glimmering of an understandable explanation. It is always wise to trust these flashes of intuition and knowledge because often they are coming from our guides. In this case, it might have been coming from the same source that gives me all of the information through my clients. I suddenly said, “A possible explanation just came to me.”


Earlier in the lecture I had talked briefly about the theory of parallel universes and lives that are created by our thoughts and decisions. In Book One, I wrote about a theory I had never heard of, and that gave me a headache trying to understand. In brief it says that: Any time an individual has to make a decision they usually have more than one choice. This is what I call, “Coming to a crossroad.” They have to decide to go one way or another. It could be a decision about a marriage, a divorce, a job, anything. They ponder each choice and put a great deal of energy into deciding which path to take. Then they make a decision. We have all experienced these “crossroads.” We know that had we chosen to go the other path, our lives would be totally different. We decide to go one direction. But what happens to the energy that we have sent into the other decision that was not chosen? It also becomes a reality! Another universe or dimension is instantly created to act out the other decision, and another “you” is also created to be the player in that scenario. This was the simple explanation because it does not only happen when we are faced by major decisions. It can happen each and every time we are faced with choices, no matter how big or small. Each time we make a decision, another universe or dimension is instantly created so the other choice can also become a reality, and another “you” splits off to play that part. They are all just as real as the present life we are focused on. We are not aware of these other parts of us, and it is wise that we are not. Our human minds would never be able to handle it all. I was told that the problem is not with the brain, it is with the mind. There are simply no concepts within our human mind to allow us to comprehend all the complexities of it. That is why we will never be allowed to have all the answers. There is no way we could understand. So, they (in their wisdom) choose what small pieces to give us during this time of awakening, so we will have some expanded information. And as our minds expand to encompass new ideas and theories, they will give us some more small morsels.


I personally grateful for the bits and pieces I am being given. It shows that our minds are awakening. This is the only way we are going to be able to handle the concept of our Earth changing frequency and vibration in order to shift into a different dimension. The information I am receiving now I could never have even begun to understand when I started my work over thirty years ago. So, I know I have grown, and I can see this reflected in the books I have written over these years.


The revelation that came to me during the lecture in Chicago was that perhaps the reason the people on each Earth will not be aware of each other, and what is happening, might be that it will be similar to the concept of the creation of parallel universes and dimensions. Only on a much grander scale. If we are not aware of these other parts of ourselves acting out the other decisions we have created by the energy we have focused on them, then the people on the two Earths would be unaware of each other. One Earth would be going in the direction of one decision or choice, and the other Earth would be going in another direction. Each acting out an alternate decision. It is up to the people on Earth at the present time to each make their personal decision of which path they want to follow. The energy is present and becoming stronger. It is physically affecting our bodies. Our own frequency and vibration is being altered. But I believe it is still up to us what we decide, which Earth we gravitate toward because of our free will. The main difference here is that “they” said this has never happened on such a grand scale before. Never in the history of the universe has an entire planet changed its frequency and vibration to shift into another dimension. That is why it is said to be the greatest show in the universe, and everyone from many different galaxies and dimensions are watching to see what is going to happen. Are we going to be able to do it? Are we going to be able to pull it off?


The train is leaving the station. It is taking us to a great adventure that has never been experienced on this scale before. It is up to each individual whether they get onboard or remain standing on the platform. The volunteers who have fulfilled their purpose are ready to go “home.” All aboard! And remember, you are never alone.