Immortal Crystal Light Body

Building Your Etheric Crystal Light Body & the Merkabah Vehicle of Light!

  • Changing the Cellular Structure of the Body
  • Radiating Light
  • Building Your Etheric Crystal Light Body
  • Building the Merkabah Vehicle of Light
  • Becoming Physically Invisible



As you progress along the path of spiritual Ascension, you will find the cellular structure of your body beginning to shift. You might start needing less sleep than before. Your dreams might change. You might sense a current of energy flowing through your body. Certain features may revert to earlier states, meaning that you are “youthing” instead of aging. Once you reach about 4.50 in physical vibration, you might start looking and feeling younger. At first it might be an occasional experience, but over time this will increase in frequency. There will likely be a period when you seem to get more sensitive, especially to negative vibrations. However, this is usually temporary. At some point, you will actually become less sensitive because your body is building up its “etheric” defenses and repelling negative vibrations. Nevertheless, if your physical vibration is more than 0.50 levels higher than the Earth’s vibration, you may encounter difficulties.

If you go through periods where you seem to require more sleep rather than less, or loud noises and lights at night start bothering you more than usual, do not despair. Chances are you are simply adjusting to changing frequencies and this will pass, maybe in a few months or years at most.

Honour the requests of your body. Find a still, dark, quiet place when you feel overwhelmed. Sleep in the nude or wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothing when you are resting. Make sure there are no bright lights coming into your bedroom. High vibrational music softly playing as you go to sleep can be very helpful. Before falling asleep, invoke God’s golden, radiant, loving light and ask that you be completely protected on all levels of your being during your sleep state.

Old illnesses and injuries might seem to reappear from time to time as your body goes through cellular mutation. This is because there are often old layers of negativity that have not been completely healed and they may rise to the surface to be released. If you have recurring patterns of illness or injury, there is probably a difficult layer you still need to heal that has never been properly dealt with. Be patient and loving with yourself as you clear out old negative thoughts and emotions that you thought you had already cleared.

Do not fall into the trap of becoming impatient with your ascension process. We see a lot of people engaging in practices that are too much for the physical body because they are trying to force it to grow and change faster. Let your body tell you if it is ready for a raw vegan diet, or six hours a day of Kriya yoga. If you get frequent headaches, cannot sleep at night and suffer excessive aches and pains with no apparent reason, you might be bringing too much energy into your body and the energy is getting stuck as it tries to exit. It is important to balance rest and exercise.

Find the perfect equilibrium. Your body will tell you when you are in balance because it will feel light, clear and energetic, but not too energetic or restless.



As you move more and more into ascension, your body takes on a radiance and eventually starts emitting light. Your cells convert from a carbon-based form to a silicon-based one. Not all the cells are converted at once. This would likely cause the death of the physical body, since it contains an intricate network of subsystems, many of which cannot function if the change is too great or sudden.

The physical body usually lags behind the consciousness, sometimes by over one whole level. This is because the consciousness is composed of all the levels of being, including the physical, but the body is the slowest level to integrate higher energies (along with the lower astral self).

Souls can evolve very fast and far in consciousness without having a lot of physical evolution. This explains why you can have highly aware teachers, gurus and saints that have not resolved basic human issues. Often, their followers become disillusioned because the teacher get involved in a sex scandal, or dies unexpectedly, or becomes overly attracted to money and material things. You could say, with some validity, that such a soul is not really as evolved as he or she might seem at first glance, but indeed it is possible to reach a state of enlightenment and high vibration consciously without having integrated some of the basic human conditions.

In this channel’s very first book, “Life on the Cutting Edge,” he devoted a chapter to the “Gods of Denial.” The idea here is that many teachers become attached to their image of spiritual greatness and take short-cuts around their physical and emotional bodies, often denying or suppressing basic human feelings.

The highly refined ego of such souls might rationalize that revealing the unresolved human issues would somehow compromise the teachings or render the teacher “vulnerable” in undesirable ways. This is confusing spiritual perfection with physical human perfection, which does not actually exist.

A truly evolved teacher will acknowledge the imperfect little human self and have love and compassion for it. He will not hide behind lofty sounding language and platitudes. Even Jesus got angry with the moneychangers in the temple.

Acknowledging your human side and the fact that it grows more slowly than the other levels of being is to remain humble and firmly in touch with reality. You should do everything you can to help evolve the lower self, including freely admitting your physical and emotional addictions, behaviours, patterns and programming. This is not to say that you should debase yourself and focus on weaknesses to the exclusion of your magnificence. Remember that you are a wonderful, perfect, spiritual being having an imperfect and humbling human experience. 



As you continue to ascend, the physical glow around your body becomes stronger and brighter and the conversion from carbon to silicon-based cells grows at an exponential rate until 20, 30 or 40 years after it begins, the ascension process into a fifth density crystal light body is complete.

Up until recently, the Earth herself was not at a sufficient vibration to support the physical ascension of souls. To date, only a few yogis high in the mountains have been able to fully convert their physical forms into the light body. However, in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, more and more souls will reach a fifth density physical vibration, overcoming death and becoming impervious to environmental toxins and hazards. About three-tenths of one percent of humanity is on the path of physical ascension.

This does not mean that ascension is guaranteed for these souls. Because this is a free will universe, unexpected things can still happen, especially if the degree of commitment to attaining the light body is not solid. Souls can change their mind and exit the body during their ascension process. Accidents can still happen, although they become quite rare, since most of the time the soul is in touch with the psychic and intuitive faculties and can foresee danger in time to avoid it.

The biggest stumbling block is the refusal to acknowledge the imperfections of the human self until they end up sabotaging the evolving soul and, in some cases, causing him to leave his body. In such case, it is only a tragedy from the ego’s viewpoint. The soul merely evaluates the lifetime just departed and determines whether it is in the soul’s best interests to attempt physical ascension again.

Once the crystal light body is fully formed, its death becomes impossible, although it can be dismantled or dissolved, and another form taken at some point. Usually the fifth density light body continues to evolve into a sixth density causal light vehicle and becomes increasingly protected by the Merkabah vehicle of light.



There is a lot of misinformation about the Merkabah vehicle of light.

Several well-meaning teachers have received information from their spirit guides regarding the building of the Merkabah, but most are confusing a fifth density process with a sixth density one. Also, it is not necessary to do anything to build your Merkabah. The caterpillar does not go to weekend workshops to learn how to become a butterfly. Building the Merkabah is a natural process that occurs once a soul has reached approximately 5.50 in physical vibration.

This is not to say that it is wrong to study the Merkabah and learn what it is and how it works. However, a lot of souls are impatient to build their Merkabahs, just as they want to hurry up the ascension process. They go to weekend workshops and repeat series of numbers, hoping that somehow their Merkabah will magically appear overnight.

So, what exactly is the Merkabah? What is its purpose?

The Merkabah is a geometric construct that surrounds the etheric crystal light body as it is ascending into the causal planes. When the physical form reaches about 5.50 in vibration, this sacred geometry begins to solidify in the upper etheric planes and eventually surrounds the light body sufficiently to serve as a vehicle for transport through different dimensions of time and space. If your body is currently in fourth density, a rudimentary version of the Merkabah is already beginning to form and some clairvoyants can see it.

Unlike the aura, it does not expand or contract, but remains fairly constant about 2-1/2 meters out from the body in all directions. To some, it appears like a geodesic dome made out of light filaments. Because it is technically in the sixth density, it does not conflict or interfere with the aura or the Merkabahs of other souls.

How do you develop the Merkabah? Simply by allowing the natural process of ascension to happen and not interfering with the process. You must release negative belief systems and impatience. Yes, you need to clear, purify, cleanse, purge and release all that is not part of the ascension frequency. Allowing the process to unfold does not mean having a lazy countenance or expecting God to do everything for you. Allowing is an active process, but not something the mind is in control of. You must still be vigilant against negativity on any level or dimension because that can interfere with your ascension process and Merkabah formation.

There is an excellent video that depicts the Merkabah, produced by Hurtak and Fazzoli, entitled “Voyage of the Merkabah: Journey of a Starseed.” You can get a copy on the Internet.



Once you ascend beyond two levels above other souls, you literally begin to disappear from their perspective. This means if you are vibrating at 5.50 in your physical form, and a human being vibrating at 3.50 approaches you, it is entirely possible this person will not see you, not psychologically and not physically. This two-level rule is a rough estimate that does not always apply, but is fairly reliable. Generally, physical senses are equipped to see up to two density levels in each direction from where you are. (In this instance, we are including the mineral and plant kingdoms as part of the 3D reality.) This means as you head into the middle of fifth density, you move outside the range of ordinary human sight.

Not all extra-terrestrials that seem to be invisible are vibrating at 5.50 or higher. Some have cloaking devices or have learned how to “phase-shift” themselves out of the visible spectrum. You still must use discernment when communicating with your “invisible friends.”

Some souls have a well-developed clairvoyance and may be able to see you even if you are more than two levels beyond the vibration of the clairvoyant person. Of course, the higher you ascend, the easier it is to communicate with those who are residing in the very high dimensions well beyond your visual range. If this is your first exposure to these ideas, please investigate, explore and research various sources in order to get a clearer picture of what lies ahead for the lightworkers.



Many years ago, a teacher named David Hawkins devised a “calibration scale” referring to the level of consciousness of human beings (and other souls throughout the universe).

A similar scale has been produced by Sal Rachele, with some important differences. The vibrational index used in this work refers to what is called the “composite consciousness” of individual souls. Every soul has a composite level of vibration, along with an index number that represents the physical body, and an average between the physical body and consciousness.

The range of most souls on Earth, using this channel’s vibratory index, is between 3.00 and 6.00 in consciousness. A vibration of 3.00 means the soul has just begun to evolve into third density consciousness. A vibration of 6.00 means the soul is just moving into sixth density consciousness. The vast majority of souls on Earth are vibrating between 3.50 and 4.50. Typically, the vibration of consciousness is higher than the vibration of the physical form, because the form moves more slowly and tends to lag behind the evolution of consciousness. For example, a soul might have a composite index of 4.35 and a physical vibration of 3.65.

The purpose of the vibrational index is to get a general idea of where you are in the evolutionary continuum. It is not designed to be used by the ego as some sort of “pecking order,” or device for comparing yourself to others. The only time it might be appropriate to evaluate your index in relation to another soul’s would be when determining the compatibility of two or more souls in relationship. Generally speaking, if you and your partner are within 20 points, meaning 0.20 of each other in your indexes, there is a good potential for compatibility.

For example, let’s suppose your composite vibration is 4.27 and your partner’s is 4.33. This means you are within 20 points of each other and have an excellent opportunity to communicate clearly and share common interests. More importantly, it means you have cleared roughly the same amount of emotional and mental baggage (with a few variations, of course, depending on your programming and conditioning). In other words, you are at a similar place in your spiritual evolution. Below, we have given some reference points to help you determine your level of vibration. Keep in mind that this system is to be used with absolutely no judgment whatsoever. You are not bad or wrong if your vibration is below 4.50, and you are no better than anyone else if your vibration is above 5.00. It does mean, however, that your interests (where you place your energy and focus) will be different than those who are far above or below your level.

There are certain characteristics inherent within the levels, and this will help you determine where you are in the scheme of things.

The average vibration of humanity is about 3.55. The vibration of the Earth, at the time of this writing, was about 4.05. As the Earth is ascending, there is the possibility that some human souls will be “left behind,” making it harder for them to remain on the Earth. Once the Earth reaches 4.50 in vibration (the mid-range of fourth density), souls that are still vibrating around 3.50 will not have enough compatibility with the Earth to remain here.

It is anticipated that a large number of human souls will exit the Earth over the next 20 to 30 years, due to the diverging vibrational levels between humans and the Earth herself. A significant percentage of humanity is accelerating in evolution and will keep pace with the Earth as she ascends. It is this group of souls that will bring in the new Golden Age.


Here is a guide to the different vibratory levels:

Vibration Under 3.00 – By definition, human beings start at 3.00 and work their way up the scale from there. However, it is possible for a human soul to embed its consciousness into the plant and mineral kingdoms, which vibrate below 3.00. Generally, 3.00 to 4.00 is the range of the animal kingdom, and souls who are vibrating in that range are dominated by animal instincts, including procreation, competition, survival and other related tendencies.

Vibration of 3.00 to 3.50 – Souls in this range tend to be conformists, having a herd mentality, believing whatever they are told by so-called authorities. Their entire lives are centered around survival, procreation and competition for resources.

Vibration of 3.50 to 4.00 – Souls in this range have begun to see that they are more than just animals walking on two legs. While their lives are still dominated by competition and striving to make a place for themselves in the world, they may have somewhat refined intellects and be good at business and industry. Yet the competitive instincts will tend to keep them from moving solidly onto a spiritual path. They tend to be sceptical of material such as what is in this book, and frequently belong to fundamentalist religions. They often believe that the purpose of life is to amass physical wealth and leave a legacy for their future generations.

Vibration of 4.00 to 4.50 – Souls in this range are working on themselves and may be somewhat committed to personal and spiritual growth, but they find themselves still largely dominated by the ego and its incessant demands. They might find themselves in relationship with souls that are still in the 3.50 to 4.00 category, and feel trapped or stuck in a life that is becoming increasingly meaningless. By worldly standards, they may be quite successful in life, but will likely feel unsatisfied, longing for something more. They might be reading a great number of metaphysical and spiritual books, grasping the ideas and concepts, but have yet to have tangible, real, energetic experiences of their spiritual nature.

Vibration of 4.50 to 5.00 – Souls in this range are likely to be deeply committed to their personal and spiritual growth, attending workshops and seminars, going to psychics and counselors, and reading (or even writing) books on the subject. They have had some spiritual experiences, enough to keep them going when the world tries to close in on them. You will often find people in this level of vibration employed in humanitarian organizations, working for social charities, or engaged in psychology or therapy. They might be heavily involved in social causes, such as cleaning up the environment or feeding the hungry. Many brilliant scientists also fall into this category, as it represents the realm of the higher mind. As these souls approach 5.00, they become more heart-oriented and filled with love and compassion.

Vibration of 5.00 to 5.50 – Souls who have entered into the lower fifth density realm of consciousness are often the teachers, healers, and counsellors who have reached a level of consistency in their work. They might be quite successful in both a worldly and inner sense, having found a degree of happiness and fulfilment in their life path. In almost every case, they will be contributing in some way to the enlightenment of humanity, whether through books, media, or social settings. Although they have had real, tangible spiritual experiences and are completely committed to their soul evolution, they still encounter challenges from their egos and the world. They are often deeply involved in clearing past life issues, karma, soul agreements and contracts, and are actively seeking to integrate the fragments of their souls. Their greatest challenges are usually in the area of intimate relationships, since they have entered a realm where there are not as many compatible partners. Many, therefore, will enter into human relationships with souls who are in the 4.50 to 5.00 category, which makes enlightened communication difficult.

Vibration of 5.50 to 6.00 – Souls in this range include the true mystics and sages of our time, as well as many psychologists and therapists who have broken through the veils of darkness to the point that their dominant consciousness is on a higher plane. Up until about 5.50, the common perception is that we are human beings having a spiritual experience. Once souls reach 5.50 and above, the adage, “We are spirits living in human bodies,” takes over. Virtually everything about those in this range involves service to humankind. There will still be a sense of ego, but it is seen as a tiny aspect of a vast, creative, intelligent Beingness.

Vibrations above 6.00 – Less than 1/10th of one percent of humanity has a vibration in the sixth or higher densities. Although the consciousness can reach as high as 12.00, the human body can only vibrate up to 4.99 before it undergoes a radical shift in composition, becoming the fifth density crystal light body.

Due to the low density of the Earth, it has been difficult for souls to bring their physical bodies with them while going up the density scale.

You have yogis, gurus, sages and avatars vibrating well above 6.00 in consciousness, while their bodies might be maintained at about 4.99 in vibration. In addition to the difficulty in raising the body above this point, another reason they maintain this level is because they need a human body in order to communicate with their students.

As the Earth continues to ascend, it will become much easier to maintain a physical body that has a vibration above 5.00. As stated in this channel’s earlier works, several million souls will be entering into physical ascension in the years to come.

At the present time on Earth, there are about 300 souls whose physical bodies are vibrating above 5.00. They have attained a state of immortality while being in a body, and their bodies are impervious to most, if not all, environmental factors.

For those who still have human bodies at 4.99 or below in vibration, we have given an approximate breakdown on the level of consciousness of these souls, as follows (early 2013 census):

Consciousness Level Number of Humans on Earth 

12.00   –   3

from 11.00 to 12.00   –   9

from 10.00 to 11.00   –   147

from 9.00 to 10.00   –   1534

from 8.00 to 9.00   –   17,134

from 7.00 to 8.00   –   35,808

from 6.50 to 7.00   –   116,345

from 6.00 to 6.50   –   1,230,656

from 5.50 to 6.00   –   15,830,014

from 5.00 to 5.50   –   93,667,442

from 4.50 to 5.00   –   624,167,057

from 4.00 to 4.50   –   1,210,550,010

from 3.50 to 4.00   –   3,227,978,117

from 3.00 to 3.50   –   2,010,424,110

Keep in mind that these numbers are approximations, since souls are continuously changing categories as they evolve.

How do you raise your vibrational index? Through practicing the methods and techniques given in the ReCreating Shambala Academy and other books, and by making a deep, inner commitment to your personal and spiritual growth. It is also important to spend time in the presence of those who are at or above your level of vibration, as much as possible.


Excerpt from the book of Sal Rachele “The Real History of Earth” & “ Soul Integration”