New Earth and Immortality


“God created Man immortal. To witness this, only three conditions are required to be observed:

“First: create a living Space which will attract Man to itself and to which Man has aspired.

“Second: there should be, somewhere on the Earth, at least one person who thinks of you with kindness and love.

“Third: never even admit the thought that you can be overtaken by death – and this is extremely important. Even if you suggest to someone who is simply falling asleep that he is dying, and he believes it, then he will die, in obedience to his thought. But even if an elderly man (in Earth terms) wears out his body and is lying at death’s door, but does not think about death, but pictures his life in the living Space he has been creating, he will be born anew – such is the law of the Universe. The Universe will not stand by and allow a life-creating thought to die.

“You have a concept in your world known as natural selection. Even now God’s programme is selecting the best of everything for a re-embodiment. Before, however, there was not much to choose from. Now it is showing a multifold increase. Whoever builds a domain with love will be reincarnated again and again.”

“Whatever interferes with them will disappear from the Earth for ever, giving way to the birth of a new civilisation.”

“But why a new civilisation,” I asked, “if the people are going to be the same, with the same vegetation and the same planet?”

“The new civilisation, Vladimir, will be characterised by a new conscious awareness as well as by new perceptions of the surrounding world. This great principle, that has been given birth in people today, will remain invisible to ordinary sight until the appearance of the planet known as the Earth has changed. It will affect life in the Universe as a whole.”

“But how can the Universe change as a result of the Earth’s appearance?”

“It can, Vladimir. Even though our planet is but a small particle, it is in close interaction with other parts of the Universe. Even if one small particle should change, its changes can influence the whole spectrum of the Universe.”

“Most interesting. But couldn’t you show me, Anastasia, a scene from the future as to how the Universe might change?”

“I can indeed. Take a look.”



Spring was in full bloom on the planet Arreta. Herbs very similar to those on the Earth, along with flowers on trees and bushes, were giving off their sweet scent. A young man named Vladislav was walking along a pathway amidst the springtime splendour, on his way to a symposium. He was to give a talk on the origins of life on the planet Arreta. His debating opponent would be his childhood friend Radomir.

At nineteen years old, Vladislav had an adequate store of data to defend his theory before scholars at any level. But the knowledge possessed by his friend Radomir was no less in scope. Radomir and his team would pounce on any weak points or unsupported reasoning in Vladislav’s arguments regarding events in the past.

Liudmila would be there, too. Liudmila … As it happened, both lads had been in love with this girl right from childhood. They loved her, but never admitted it either to each other or to the girl. Instead, they were waiting for Liudmila herself to give some kind of indication as to whom she preferred.

Vladislav had deliberately chosen a roundabout route to where the symposium was being held, in order to give more thought to his presentation. But something was interfering with his concentration. He had the impression that somebody was watching him. Upon hearing a rustle behind him, he did a sharp about-face. Someone darted from the path into the bushes and was lying still in the tall grasses. Vladislav took a few steps back the way he had come and caught sight of a figure hiding in the grasses under a bush. It was his four-year old sister Katya.

“So, Katerinka, you’ve latched onto me again, eh?” Vladislav tenderly addressed his sister. “I’ve got an important presentation coming up. Maybe you don’t realise it, but you’re getting in the way. Or maybe you do realise it – otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding there in the grasses.”

“I’m not hiding, I’m just lying here,” replied Katya. “I’m looking at this flower, and all the different little bugs.” And she made it look as though she really were interested in a particular little flower.

“Well, now! Then you can just go on lying there looking at them. I’m off.”

Katya jumped up at once and ran over to Vladislav.

“Go ahead, Vadichek,” she started rattling off. “I’ll follow you ever so quietly, so’s not to interfere with your thinking. When we get to the place where all the people are, you take me by the hand so that everyone can see what a handsome and clever big brother I have!”

“Okay. Don’t try to sweet-talk me. Here, give me your hand. Only remember, when I or somebody else is presenting, don’t even think of criticising what the grown-ups say, like last time.”

Katerinka, now satisfied, grasped hold of Vladislav’s hand and promised: “I shall try with all my might not to criticise.”

Representatives of the different regions of the planet Arreta, both young and old, filled the natural amphitheatre. Nobody carried pens, notepads or any kind of writing materials. Their natural memory allowed them to memorise what they heard down to the minutest detail. Vladislav carried no exhibits with him as he walked out on stage. With just the power of his thought he would be able to create holograms in space to show any scenes from the past he wished, or reproduce household objects or even feelings.

With just a hint of uneasiness, Vladislav began his presentation:

The planet on which we live is called Arreta. It is more than ninety sextillion years old. But life began here no more than three hundred years ago. For originating life here we are indebted to our forebears, two inhabitants of the planet Earth. To put it more specifically, the originating of life on the planet Arreta was due to the influence of the energy of love and the dream of two inhabitants of the planet Earth. For this reason, I offer you some historical information about life on the planet Earth.

The earliest period of people’s life on Earth was quite possibly similar to our own. They had a good knowledge and feeling of their planet and the purpose of the Universe.

Earth-dwellers determined the purpose of all the living organisms of their planet and made efficient use of them.

But one day a disaster occurred. The consciousness of one of the Earth’s inhabitants was invaded by a virus which soon spread intensively among the other inhabitants of the planet. Our scientists have termed this virus death.

The outward signs of this virus, as indicated by historical records, are characterised as follows. The people infected by it start to destroy their own perfect variety of life on the planet, creating in its place a primitive, artificial world. This period of life Earth-dwellers themselves referred to as the technocratic age.

The people infected by the death virus began mutating from rational beings into anti-rational beings. They gathered together in large numbers on small plots of land and built themselves dwellings that looked like stone tombs, piled one on top of another.

Picture to yourselves a stone mountain with a whole lot of burrows hollowed out in it. It was something quite similar to these stone mountains that people built with their hands and called apartment blocks. The tomb-burrows in this artificial mountain were called apartments. A massive concentration of these artificial stone mountains with their burrows, piled up one beside the other, was called a city.

These so-called cities were filled with air unfit to breathe and water unfit to drink, along with stale food. Even during Earth-dwellers’ lifetime, various organs of the human anatomy would begin to decay and decompose. Of course, it is difficult to imagine human bodies walking around containing decaying and decomposing organs. But that’s exactly how it was.

Historical sources indicate that people of the technocratic age even had a science they called medicine. They considered one of the big achievements of this science to be the ability to replace their internal organs. People did not understand that the very existence of such a science proved the inadequacy of their consciousness.

It was not only people’s flesh that was subject to decomposition. There was an intensive degradation of their mind and consciousness too. Their thought slowed down, they even lost the ability to compute sums and invented a calculator.

They lost their ability to create holograms in space and invented a device they called a television – a primitive mechanism displaying something like a hologram.

They lost the ability to move themselves through space and began building artificial devices known as cars, aeroplanes and spaceships.

From time to time certain groups of people would attack other groups and they would kill each other. But, most incredible of all, the death virus gave people the notion that they were not eternal, but existed only temporarily in the space they could mentally grasp hold of.

More and more, the actions of people of the technocratic age transformed the planet Earth into a foul-smelling, smoke-stenched corner of the Universe. But the Mind of the Universe kept waiting for something and refrained from destroying this deleterious place in the galaxy.

“Stop, please, for a moment!” Vladislav’s presentation was interrupted by a voice coming from the group of his debating opponents, headed by his friend Radomir. “It’s senseless to continue with your talk. It would have been impossible for something like that to happen on the Earth.”

”All right, I shall break off my presentation, if you can really prove the improbability of what I have said.”

From among the group of opponents one young man stood up and argued as follows:

“We have reliable reports about the existence of religion in Earth society. Religious treatises talked about the Earth and everything growing thereon as being created by the Mind of the Universe, which they called God. They worshipped him and performed many rituals in his honour. I trust, my dear presenter, that you will not deny that fact?”

“No, I shan’t deny it,” replied Vladislav.

“Then tell me, how could they perform rituals in honour of their god and at the same time destroy his creations? It would be impossible to do both at the same time. Consequently, these densely populated cities you speak of could not have existed on the Earth. And people could not have fouled the water created for them by the God they worshipped. In any case, the Mind of the Universe could not have countenanced such chaos, or he himself could not have been termed a ‘mind’. On the contrary, it would call into question any speck of rationality in what he created – Man first and foremost. What have you to say to this, my honourable presenter?”

“I say that the existence of a Mind, especially of the Universe, is the union of two great principles – Mind and Anti-Mind.”

“The age of the Anti-Mind was necessary for the people of the planet Earth. And if you will permit me, in the next part of my presentation I shall prove the existence of two great principles in Man.”

“Fine, then, carryon!” the young man agreed, and sat down. Vladislav continued his presentation, now more confidently:

The world of the Universe is the union of opposites. Man also reflects this union of opposites within himself. Amidst the incredible chaos that has taken over Earth-dwellers’ consciousness, all at once there appeared people capable of understanding… These people changed their attitude toward Earth’s creations, but not with words and not through the aid of religious treatises. They began to change their way of life. While not yet fully comprehending the scope of their creation, they referred to their actions simply as ‘the building of a family domain (Space of Love).

They did not yet know that by approaching the Earth with a new conscious awareness, they were beginning to revitalise the planets of the Universe. They did not yet know that for them death would no longer exist, or that the children they gave birth to would be called gods by their descendants. They were simply building their family domains on the planet Earth.

In the meantime, the Mind of the Universe followed their activities with trembling anticipation. And eventually the day came when all the people of the Earth began to live in their marvellous domains. And the day came when … Look, I shall show you a hologram – it has two people in it.

In the space in front of the assembly appeared a three-dimensional earthly landscape. Two elderly people, a man and a woman, were walking hand-in-hand along a pathway leading from their domain to a nearby forest. They were clearly more than a hundred years old. Evening was coming on, and the sky was filled with still barely noticeable stars. The couple walked up to a cedar tree, and the elderly woman leant her back against it.

“Here I am a grandmother now, and a great-grandmother, too,” the woman tenderly remarked to her companion, “and you’re still after me to go for a night-time walk under a starry sky; just like we did when we were young.”

“But isn’t that what you want, too?”

“Of course, I do, my beloved.”

He quickly grabbed her by the shoulders, gave her an impetuous hug and kissed her on the lips. Then he pushed the strap of her dress to one side, baring her shoulder. The now bright moonlight clearly revealed three birthmarks all in a row on the woman’s left shoulder. The man kissed each of these in turn.

“You are just the same as you were before, my beloved, you are. I never want to part from you.”

“And part we shall not. We shall die and be born anew.”

“We can’t afford to be born anew,” she said sadly: ‘just look, there’s hardly any free land left on the Earth it’s all gardens and domains, everywhere you look. And it’s possible our grandchildren won’t have enough room. Probably the Creator failed to take this into account when He created the Earth.”

“I don’t think so. There is some kind of solution, but we don’t know yet what it is. But I am confident that our love cannot be interrupted. You and I shall die to be born again.”

“But where?”

“Look, my beloved – on that star out there! Let our thought create life anew on that planet, similar to life on the Earth. Think about it- why else would God have thought to create so many planets? It can’t be just a coincidence. Our thought has a material form – it will create life for us on that lifeless planet. We shall be re-embodied again and again. Our love will be forever the same … “

“I thank you for this marvellous dream, my beloved, indeed I do. With you… I shall help you create life on that planet new.”

“What shall we call it, my beloved, this planet of our new life?”

“Arreta, that’s what it’ll be called.”

“Wait for us, Arreta! In the meantime, you can blossom out in gardens and spread yourself with herbs, the way I desire,” said the man, fervently and confidently:

“Me too,” responded the woman.

The hologram disappeared. Vladislav bowed to the assembly and stepped off to one side, making way for his friend and opponent, Radomir.

Radomir stood in Vladislav’s place, glanced around at the gathering and began to speak.

“I beg to disagree with my friend. I shall say right off: in his version of events there is a great deal that is unprovable and even contradictory. Like my friends here, I cannot believe in the existence of a period in people’s history which is so utterly absurd.

“The hologram he showed, as we all realise, is only a whim of his thought and imagination and is lacking in confirmation. Though this hologram gave me a kind of strange sensation. It seemed as though my learned friend had taken it from a story already known- I just can’t recall what source it is from.”

A hushed whisper spread through the amphitheatre, and cries of “Plagiarism!” could be heard.

“Could it be plagiarism? Unheard of! But perhaps the presenter didn’t know … “

“Plagiarism… Yes, there is a distinct impression of something we’ve seen before here.”

Vladislav stood to one side and hung his head. He shuddered upon hearing a child’s cry from one of the back rows.

“A-a-a-ah! A-a-a-ah!” his sister Katerinka kept calling out, refusing to be silenced.

At least she’s just calling out, and not criticising the proceedings, thought Vladislav. But he was wrong.

After waiting for the inevitable silence to ensue, Katerinka declared in a loud voice:

“Don’t even think of arguing with my big brother! ‘Cause he’s very; very clever and sensitive too.”

“Now there’s a weighty argument,” someone said, as snickering could be heard all round.

“Quite true, very weighty indeed,” little Katerinka went on.

”And you, my Radomirchik, don’t you go fancying Liudmila. Just don’t go fancying her, and that’s it!”

“Katya, keep quiet!” Vladislav cried out.

“I shan’t keep quiet! Liudmilka loves you, and you love her – I know that for certain.”

“Katya!” Vladislav cried out again, and headed over to where his sister was standing.

“Liudmilka, what are you sitting there for?” exclaimed Katya. “Stop him. He won’t let me have my say! He’ll drag me away! By force!”

A brown-haired girl rose from the back row, headed toward Vladislav and stood in his way. Liudmila’s cheeks had broken out in a soft blush. With head lowered, she whispered: “Your sister’s right, Vladislav.”

Her whisper could be heard through the hushed amphitheatre. All heads turned toward little Katerinka, people smiled and applauded her. Inspired by the audience’s support, the little girl ran down to Radomir, who was still standing on stage. She took up a position right beside him and held up her hands to signal the gathering to quiet down.

When all were silent, she started speaking again, this time to Radomir.

“You know, Radomirchik, you almost played the traitor there. You musn’t criticise my big brother. He showed everything fair and square. He’s your friend. You’re his friend. So, don’t you criticise.”

Radomir glanced down condescendingly at the little girl beside him, and with equal condescension began speaking to her, as well as to the people in the amphitheatre:

“I’m not criticising. I’m simply stating a fact. There’s not enough pieces of evidence in the hologram he showed. In fact, there’s none.”

“There is one. Or maybe two,” Katerinka firmly declared.

”And where might it be – or where might they be, if there’s two?”

“One of them is me. And the other is you, Radomirchik!” the little girl confidently stated.

With these words she undid two buttons on her dress and bared her shoulder. On Katerinka’s left shoulder Radomir glimpsed three birthmarks, exactly the same as they had seen on the elderly Earth-woman in the hologram. Radomir examined the birthmarks on the little girl’s shoulder, and his blood began rushing through his veins. He concentrated on trying to recall something. Then appeared before him a hologram which only he could see.

A country scene on the Earth. There he is, kissing the three birthmarks on his beloved’s shoulder. Then she gives him a hug. She laughs and rumples his hair and kisses the end of his nose, still laughing, as usual 

The hologram disappeared.

Radomir looked for a while longer at the little girl standing in front of him, her shoulder still bared as before. Then he suddenly bent over, took Katerinka in his arms and held her close. Embracing him, she rumpled his hair and gave him a quick kiss on the end of his nose. He kept holding little Katerinka in his arms, and she whispered in his ear:

“Either you were in a hurry to be born, Radomirchik, or I was born later than I should have been. Now you must wait while I grow up. Wait fourteen years. You won’t be happy with anyone else- I’m your better half!”

“I shall wait ’til you grow up, my dear,” the lad responded quietly.

Exhausted by all the excitement, Katerinka now felt calmed down. She put her little head on Radomir’s shoulder and fell into a sound sleep. He stood there silently before the hushed amphitheatre, carefully holding in his arms his bride-to-be.

With his mind, he began drawing letters of the alphabet in space. Those assembled read the text of the hologram he created:



Then, slowly and carefully; so as not to awaken the little girl asleep on his shoulder, Radomir headed for the exit.

But he had forgotten to turn off the spatial expression of his thought, and so the hologram continued to sprout more letters. The audience realised that these words were not addressed to them, but they could not help reading them:





These words were intended for a little girl of the planet Arreta, as well as for the Earth-woman – the goddess who had given life to their planet.

The little goddess slept sweetly on Radomir’s shoulder. Perhaps she too was hearing in her sleep the words of her beloved.

“That’s terrific, Anastasia! That means that when people follow the Divine programme and give the whole Earth a makeover, they will also have the opportunity to resettle on other planets?”

“Of course. Otherwise the very existence of other planets in the Universe would be meaningless. But He has infused everything with great meaning. The love between two people – a dream, born in love – is capable of breathing life into any planet.”

”And again, Anastasia, as I understood it, the people who are now building their domains will not die. They will only change bodies and be reincarnated in life on the spot.”

“Of course. Their actions on the Earth are more needed than anyone else’s. They please God. And even people who have never managed to touch the earth with their hands, but have mentally begun to build their own future living corner of Paradise, are many times more needful to the Divine programme than hundreds of wise men sitting behind stone walls – men who have cut themselves off from God’s creations, simply talking about God and spirituality.

“Their words are blasphemous and sad. Death without reincarnation awaits them. They can look forward to a fearful fate, but far from being God’s punishment, this is what they have chosen as their own destiny!

“God has shone forth in the Universe with a new thought it is not only a great energy, but a judge as well. Much has been said in treatises and legends about God’s judgement. It is now coming softly and invisibly, God’s judgement. It touches all the people now living on the planet. And every Man will be his own judge.”

“Whoever chooses life and creates living life will be eternal and resemble the grand Creator of the Universe.”

“Whoever visualises death in his imagination is doomed to death by his own thought.”

It seemed as though these words of hers, spoken with a soft and confident tone on the bank of the River Ob, were taken up by the Space like an echo over the Earth. Over the past ten years I have not been the only one who has learnt how Anastasia is able to create the future through her thoughts and words.

The Space around picked up her words on eternal life and repeated them over and over. From what galaxies, or from what worlds of the Universe, I all at once began to wonder, did Anastasia appear in her earthly likeness and impart a conscious awareness of eternity to the planet Earth? She is not one to lightly toss out words at random turns. And this has been confirmed in real life.

And that being the case, dear readers, I must offer you my heartiest congratulations! On your conscious awareness! We shall live for ever, co-creating life in the Universe.

 Excerpt from the book “The New Civilization” by Vladimir Megre