Lost Civilizations and Secrets of Machu Picchu

A chapter from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Convoluted Universe. Book One” is an inspiration to generations of souls who have volunteered to come to Earth at this time to help humanity and the planet.

“In my hypnosis technique I use a method of having the client drift down from a cloud into an appropriate past life. I have found it to be 98% effective, so I use it often” – Dolores.

During this session I asked about many different unexplained topics, and the answers will be included in the section about Earth Mysteries. I was refused information about the Pyramids because the time was not yet right, but I got other information that is pertinent to this topic.

Dolores: The reason I asked about the Pyramids was because you said the planet of the spires, the entire planet, all of it, the rocks, every part of the planet, had been turned into a storehouse. (Yes) And on Earth this is not the case?

Clara: Everything on Earth has the knowledge. It’s all in the mind of man, if man will open to the expansiveness that the mind has for man. Man or humans on Earth, as the development of his mind is now, must have a tangible place they can touch and feel, like a library, for example. That is a place where knowledge is. It’s stored. You can go there. So it is a feasible thing that all the knowledge for man, and all the creation, all the knowledge of the Earth and the universe, would have a storehouse on Earth. And that’s in the Pyramid. Should man be able to open up his mind to full capacity, then he would know that all knowledge is within himself.

D: Yes, that’s true. I’ve found in my work, that it can be tapped by this method. (Yes) But consciously people never realize that. It’s only when they’re in trance and doing subconscious work.

C: That is true. And that is why you have been chosen to show humanity, to show people on the Earth, that this is a way of expansion of the mind, to know that all knowledge that is – is within. It’s being able to find that way of tapping into that knowledge. And by your methods, you show that this can be done. There are people who will not believe this, but as you begin to allow the information to flow through you in the manner in which you have been able to do, then, the acceptance will be on a grander scale. And eventually in time more and more will accept this as a way of being able to access that which is within all. And perhaps at some future time – hopefully near future time – people will be able to tap into this type of knowledge on a more conscious level.

D: I’ve always believed that. That the knowledge has not been destroyed because the people have died over the centuries. It is still stored in the subconscious mind.

C: It is stored into the cellular level of the DNA. So even though a person might make a transition from a physical body into a pure energy body- that which I am- you never forget.

D: So it is always available once you find the method to contact it.

C: Yes. It is within all. The information is there.

D: I’ve often suspected that the pyramids and the monuments in Peru – that I just visited – were much older.

C: Macchu Picchu?

D: Yes, I’ve been there. I could see a combination of structures there that I thought were from different time periods.

C: There are different time periods at Macthu Picchu. Some are much newer than others. it’s as though two civilizations were there. And in fact they were.

D: This is what the shaman told us. That the Incas did not build the main ones with the huge blocks.

C: That is correct. The Incas came many generations, many, many, many years later after the original – ruins, as you know them now – the civilization, the cities, were built. They were built much, much earlier than the Incas. The Incas inhabited them after the other civilization had already left the planet.

D: That’s what I thought. That’s what the shaman believed too. That the Incas came and just utilized what they found.

C: Yes. They found a very nice habitat. And so they said, “Why should we create something when it’s been created for us already.”

D: And some of the buildings they built were of much lesser quality.

C: That is correct. Because they had lost the knowledge that the earlier civilization had achieved.

D: What happened to the original inhabitants? They just seemed to disappear and left their cities. No one knew what happened to them.

C: They had evolved to a vibrational level in which they no longer needed a physical form. They had reached a level of such purity that they became pure energy. And just as you would say, “disappeared” from the mass or the density of the human body. Or the physical form, as you know it. These cities were built by people who survived Atlantis and migrated to Peru. So they were already at a higher evolved level. When they came to this planet they were already at a higher vibrational level. And those who then went out and created other communities, and other civilizations, lost some of that higher vibrational level, because they separated themselves from the whole. The whole being the civilization as it was. As it had been created when it came back from the stars. And then as they went out and created other communities and other little civilizations, as you would call it, they began to lose their higher vibrations. Their vibrations became lower, and therefore became denser, and denser and denser. Until we have the dense physical form as you know it today.

D: The highly evolved ones more or less raised their vibrational rate to where they just changed?

C: They totally changed form. There was no density any longer. They became light.

D: Did they still exist on Earth when they changed to light?

C: They still exist today.

D: Why can’t we see them?

C: Because they’re vibrating at such a high frequency of energy, that they no longer need a physical form, as you know it. And it is not a visible form.

D: But what are they doing? Are they still living a life?

C: They still are living a life. They can be often times a spirit guide, as you know what a spirit guide is. If a being or an energy would appear to you, it is very possible it could be one of those who has reached such a level of vibration that they become what you would call “an ascended master.” This whole civilization, as a group, was one unit. And as one unit they evolved to a place where they no longer needed a physical form.

D: What happened to the bodies when they evolved?

C: The bodies just dissipated.

D: And this place they went to, was it like a land, a city?

C: Yes. They can be in any city. Any city, any place can be their home. Also there are what you would call “etheric cities.” Cities just like your cities, only they are on a vibrational level which is at a higher note that humans, as you know it. cannot see. But they exist.

D: And they exist in this light form.

C: In light form, yes. Should you be able to raise your consciousness to a level such that you would no longer need a dense physical body, then you would be able to see the cities. You would be able to move in and out, and go about your daily whatever you do, as though you were in a dense form… But your vibrational level is of such a pure thought, shall I say. Your thoughts are so pure. Your life is so pure, that it is all positive. And you reach a level where your sensitivity and your vibration, your energy level is at such a high note, that you no longer need this. So you go to that place, which is still in existence.

D: But in that place, it sounds like they wouldn’t die, if they were pure light.

C: No, you do not die. You never die. Even in the dense form you don’t die.

D: I know you just change forms.

C: Yes. You simply change to a different vibration. And it is a possibility that you could go to that vibration at some point. You might transcend. Because even though you leave a dense physical form, as you know it, you still have stages in which you can grow and develop to other vibrational levels. There are many different levels of vibration.

D: Then even at that level, if they transcended and went there en masse, do they still have karma to repay?

C: When you reach that level of vibration that would be far beyond the fifth dimension, as you would think of dimensions. You have worked out all karma that would need to be worked through. So when you get to that level of vibration there is no karma.

D: Then they could stay there for eternity?

C: For as long as they wish.

D: Even if they don’t die, could they decide to go on and do something else?

C: They could decide to come back in physical form. They decide, “Well, gee, that was so much fun, why don’t we try this again.”

D: But then they can get caught up into Karma again.

C: That is a possibility, yes.

D: I’m trying to put this together with some of the other things I’ve heard. It’s different than the spirit level, where people go when they die on Earth and leave the physical body. Is this a different place that these beings are at?

C: It can be the same. It depends on the growth of the spirit. If It’s someone who has just made a transition, they could be at a vibrational level where this community Is. Or it may take more growth to get to that place. It depends on the state of enlightenment at which that person is at the time of that transition.

D: Then the majority of people on Earth today, when they die and leave the body, are working out problems in karma, so they have to keep going back and forth. So apparently these in Peru were coming from a different place when they crossed over.

C: Yes. That group was a civilization that did it in group form Instead of as an individual form.

D: So that is probably what we are trying to attain, to reach that level, where we don’t have to keep coming back.

C: That is the ultimate goal.

D: I’ve heard the ultimate goal is to return to the Creator, return to God.

C: That’s what ifs all about, going to the light which is the source, that is what you would call God.

D: Yes, there are different names for Him.

C: Many different names. It is what you choose it to be for you.

D: Then these people, I suppose you would say, are as close as you can get to the Creator.

C: Very close. Very close. Because a civilization went in group form, and they went as one, with no separation between, what you would say, the bosom of God. Which is being one with God, or being one with all, being one with everything that is. Being everything that is. Because the ultimate goal is to be one with God. And you are not one with God when you realize there is a separation, because man has tried so hard to be separate from God. The ultimate goal of the soul is to be back with God, from whence we came from the beginning.

D: Yes, that makes sense to me. Are there other civilizations that have made this transition en masse?

C: Many have done that.

D: Are there any that we would be familiar with in history?

C: Not in your known history, no.

D: It was back before that?

C: Before that, yes.

D: It sounds as though the people of Atlantis died violently. So that would be different circumstances when we have mass disasters.

C: (Interrupted) I will say one thing about the mass disasters. If it’s a civilization, or if it’s a group of people, those souls, those beings chose that at that time, as a way of going to another level. Or to another place where they could grow in a different way. It is choice.

D: As you can see, I have many questions.

C: Yes, you do. You have very good questions. And that’s why you have been chosen. And that is why we wish to share the knowledge with you, so that mankind, as you know it today, will have the intonation and the secrets that have been locked up from ourselves. We wish to talk with you some more. Clara is doing much like what you’re doing, but in a different sense. In that you will be reporting it to humanity. She comes in contact with humans, is taking intonation. and reporting it back to us. And that is why you have been sent many varied and different peoples to gather your intonation through.