Life as a Tree & LEMURIA

A chapter from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s ground-breaking book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” is an inspiration to generations of souls who have volunteered to come to Earth at this time to help humanity and the planet.

“In my hypnosis technique I use a method of having the client drift down from a cloud into an appropriate past life. I have found it to be 98% effective, so I use it often.”

Marian raised horses on her ranch, married for several years with no children. She didn’t talk about any problems, only wanted to know about her purpose. I always tell people if they come to see me merely out of curiosity that they are going to get more than they bargained for. This is a case in point. I must always expect the unexpected.

Instead of coming off the cloud, Marian went very far out in space. She could see the Earth as a beautiful, blue-green sphere with stars all around it. As she floated she became aware of some type of spaceship “parked” out there. When I asked her where she wanted to go, or what she wanted to do, she said, “I want to go live on the ship. I like the idea of being on the ship and not being earthbound. Being able to fly all around to different galaxies, and go to different planets. I don’t really want to go back to Earth.” I asked if she wanted to explore the ship closer. “I think I already know what the ship looks like. It seems I’ve already lived on the ship, and I have been on Earth for a while, for some reason. And I’m wanting to go back home. The ship will take me back home.” I told her she could do anything she wanted, and she said she wanted to go onboard.

D: All right. How would you get on the ship?

M: I think I can just beam myself over. I can just think myself on.—(Surprised laugh) I come into the holodeck where… I come into a redwood forest. The beautiful trees and the ocean with the sunset, but it’s really on the holodeck on the ship. I’m there, and I’m creating it within this hologram. It’s beautiful. Those trees are my family.

D: Why do you think that?

M: Because I lived in one of these trees at one point, for a long, long, long time. I think I just decided I wanted to be a big tree, and to experience being a giant tree. But I grew up as a baby tree, so the big trees all around were my parents, and aunts and uncles, where we were all family. I started out as a little nut that grew into a seedling, and grew and grew and grew. And we would absorb the healing energy of the magnificent sun. And it would send out leaves, and it would feed the planet. And we were just so happy there. (Emotional.)

D: As a big tree you would have lived a long time.

M: I did—thousands and thousands of years. But then the tree didn’t die, I just left the tree.

D: You experienced all you could. (Yes) What was it like to be a tree?

M: (Deep sigh) Ahh…. wonderful! I had all the squirrels and birds. It was like I was a consciousness, and they all lived within me. And I loved them and nurtured them, and they loved me.

D: But then you got to the point that you couldn’t learn any more from being a tree?

M: It was like I was told that—I don’t know who told me, but I was told to go back to the ship for my next assignment.

D: That’s where you get your assignments, on the ship? (Yes) So right now you’re looking at this again on the holodeck just to remember or what?

M: Yes. I need to be reminded of why I am still so connected to trees. Why I paint them, why they speak to me.

D: So that’s the way it works? You learn all you can from one experience, and then go on to the next? (Yes) So what are you going to do now?

M: I get beamed back onto Earth into what looks like Lemuria, over by where Hawaii is now.

D: You didn’t get to go back home?

M: No. I was sent back on another assignment. I was sent to Lemuria. I haven’t been home in a long, long, long time. (Becoming emotional.)

D: Where is home? Do you know

M: (Softly crying, then a whisper.) I think it’s on the Sun. It’s very bright. It’s so full of love (Emotional). Nobody has bodies, we’re all just light beings. There’s so much love. (She began to cry.)

This is the way many of my clients have described God, the Source that every one of us originally came from. It is often compared to the bright light of the Sun and sometimes called the “Great Central Sun.” It is always described as a place of incredible love.

D: But you had to leave home at one time?

M: I was supposed to. I was told to. I was told it was my job, and that I could come back. That I needed to go and spread some light. (Crying.)

D: Did you go many places?

M: Yes. (Sigh) I’ve been everywhere. (Still crying softly.)

D: Just on Earth, or did you experience other things?

M: I think mostly on Earth. I think the Earth was where I felt would be best.

D: So now you long to go home, but I guess you can’t go back until you’ve finished the job?

M: I think I can go home soon. I think I’m going to be able to go home after this life, after Marian is done. I think I’ve earned it.

D: Have you learned everything there is to learn?

M: Yes. I think I’ll go home in a vehicle, though, like a Merkaba, with lots of light and colors. It’s like it’s my own little ship.

In the Old Testament the Merkaba refers to the fiery chariots seen by various prophets, especially Ezekiel. In modern day it seems to refer to a UFO that was described in the best terms they could find in that time period.

I wanted to find out more about her mention of Lemuria. Lemuria was supposed to be a lost continent that was located in the Pacific Ocean. It is believed that it met the same fate as Atlantis, which was located in the Atlantic Ocean. Lemuria is believed to be older.

M: Hmm—The land of Mu. I was supposed to be a healer of some sort, but I was a man. It’s kind of like what the kahunas are now, but I was some sort of village shaman. We put energy into rocks.

Kahunas are the women holy priestesses that are now on the islands of Hawaii. — I asked her to see herself putting the energy into rocks.

M: I was living in a village. It was beautiful, it was by the water, and we had these big rocks like monoliths. They were really giant rocks! We didn’t put them there, the ships put them there. But I would go and put energy into the rocks. (Pause) I just put my hands on the rocks, and infuse the rocks. I touch the rocks. And I focus real strong on this energy, and it goes into the rocks. And it stays there. Then people that are sick can go to the rocks and extract the energy, and be all better.

D: So the energy remains in the rocks so it can be used later.

M: Yes. Still there. Even though now the rocks are underwater.

D: You said the rocks were put there by others? (Yes) How did that happen?

M: They moved them with their ships, in the air.

D: From other places?

M: Yes, from other places because they were too heavy. It’s over land, so they would just bring them—they floated through the air. It was really something to watch.

D: You were privileged to be able to see it. What did it look like?

M: (Chuckle) Seemed normal because I was used to it. Not everybody was allowed to see it, though. They usually did it early in the morning before everybody got up. But it just looked like a big disk ship sort of going “jzhhhhhhhhhhh” with one of these big rocks that were like long, cigar-shaped rocks. And they would put them in the Earth.

D: They laid them on the Earth?

M: No. They would dig out a hole and stick them in there. And then sometimes they would carve the rock, like faces. But that wasn’t my job. Mine was just to put the healing energy in the rocks.

D: Why did these beings put them there?

M: I think they wanted to show us what they were capable of, and they wanted to help us. It was a teaching mechanism, somehow, because we were also taught to move things with our minds. We were able to do that too because the rocks we moved were smaller. Some of us, not all of us. You had to really, really, really believe that they were just like us.

D: You don’t think you could have moved a big one with just your mind?

M: No, but I could have with some others, like twenty or thirty more.

D: They would all focus? (Yes) And they wanted to show you it

was possible? (Yes) Of course, they did it with a ship, a craft, didn’t they?

M: No, they did it with their minds on the craft. Somewhere in here the tape began to speed up, and got worse by the end. It sped up so bad that the voices sounded “chipmunky,” and were difficult to transcribe. I wondered if it had anything to do with the subject matter: putting energy into objects?

D: I thought maybe the craft was generating an energy.

M: Well, the ship and the beings on the ship were all like one being. They did it all through magnetism. So they would focus the magnetics.

D: So they were able to function as one mind? (Yes) And were then able to move these things. (Yes!) Did they tell you to put energy into the rocks?

M: Not with words—because they didn’t talk with words. They talked with blocks of thought, so they sent me these blocks of thought. And it felt very good that that’s what I could do.

D: Did you ever see these beings? (Yes) So they weren’t always in the craft?

M: Oh, no. Some of them would sometimes come out. They scared some people though. But they were mostly beings of light. They were like spheres. They could take a form, but mostly they were just spheres of light that emanated all these beautiful colors. And they were scary because they emanated so much love and wisdom. And they would take forms that would look sort of like a human form, but it was really light. Light beings. They didn’t really have arms or legs. They were tall, and just luminescent, liquid diamond light.

D: Sounds beautiful.

M: They were from the Sun.

D: Did they tell you that?

M: I think I just knew because that’s where I was from. And they were just coming to check on me because we were all from the same place.

D: Did you have a memory of coming from the Sun?

M: Kind of. I remember just rolling into a baby’s body and thinking, oh no! And feeling really heavy, dense.

I asked what he and the others in the village looked like. He was very tall, with long thick black hair and golden brown skin. He had feathers and stones and rocks around his neck and head. And was wearing something like a skirt. The women in the village were beautiful with long curlier hair. Looking rather like modern day Indians or Hawaiians

D: Were you trained to be a shaman?

M: I think I was born to it. My parents, my mother was a medicine woman. They’re gone now. They died, but I finished doing what they did. I was doing other things—hunting, and people would come and talk to me. And I would talk to them about things, and give them rocks to hold onto.

D: Why did you give them rocks?

M: Because that would change their vibrational frequency. It was physics. It would make them feel different, and better. And they believed it. So because they believed it, they would make it so.

D: Were these just ordinary rocks?

M: No, basically they’re lightly colored stones that we would find gemstones and pebbles—on the beach. I would put the healing energy into them.

D: Just like you did with the giant rocks. (Yes) So you would give these to the people, and it would make them well. (Yes) But then you were told, through your mind, to also put the energy in the large rocks?

M: Yes, because it would make the Earth feel better. It’s for both the Earth and the people.

D: Were the large stones put in any kind of a design or formation?

M: Sort of an antenna. But it’s in a formation that looks like a straight line.

D: What do you mean by an “antenna”?

M: It sends out frequencies into the solar system. To let all the beings in the solar system know how precious planet Earth is.

D: Do these beings live with you, or do they stay on their craft?

M: They go all over. They just come and check on me. They go everywhere. They go to other planets. They can do it really fast. They just sort of zip in and out. But I have to do this with them, or call them, and they will show up. They’re family. I don’t call them unless I really need something though.

D: Why do you call them “family”?

M: Because we’re all from the Sun.

They were all connected, just like when she was the tree and was connected to all of Nature because everything came from the Sun. He, at one time, had a real family, but they had gone away. But there were many little ones in the village, and everyone was happy living there together. They all took care of each other. There was very little sickness, mostly accidents because he could heal the people. There didn’t seem like much more to explore at this point, so I moved him forward to an important day, and asked what he was seeing.

M: The whole island just wiped out. A big flood. We sink; the whole island sinks. And then I die. But we don’t really die, we’re just all covered with water.

D: Was it sudden?

M: Yes, all of a sudden. Just one morning, like a tsunami.

D: You didn’t have any warning it was coming?

M: No. But it’s okay.

I asked if the beings tried to warn them, but he said they weren’t around. There probably wouldn’t have been much that they could do anyway. It happened so suddenly that the entire island was covered.

M: Many people died. Of course, nobody really dies. They just floated off to another place. It was scary, though, of course. It was a huge island. So many thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands died that we didn’t even know of. It was like a continent sinking.

D: A continent rather than an island?

M: A big continent. We were just on the edge of what we thought was our island. But we didn’t know how big it was because we only went so far. But when we got out of our bodies and looked down and saw how big Lemuria was, it was the size of a huge continent. We were just another group on the other side. We just stayed close by because it was safe. From here I can see that the whole continent sank, and just went underwater. It was like a big crack in the Earth, like an earthquake. That’s what it was, a giant earthquake. And the ocean floor just opened up and sucked under the whole thing. Swallowed it up. And all the water from all over came rushing in. The Pacific Ocean is very big.

D: I wonder if the beings could have done anything even if they were there.

M: I think they were watching and maybe took some on their ships. That was all that was meant to be.

D: There was nothing they could do to stop it, I guess.

M: No, it was Mother Earth doing this. She was calibrating herself. There was some disturbance on the other side of the planet that was causing an adjustment.

D: What are you seeing?

M: I’m seeing these big waves of solar activity coming into the Earth. An adjustment. I don’t know what it means, other than it was necessitated by some group that messed up the balance around the grid of the planet. And that made the earthquakes and the tidal wave.

D: What was the adjustment on the other side of the world?

M: I think it was another experiment. They did an experiment trying to adjust something, and it backfired.

D: From your perspective you can know a lot. Who were the ones who were doing the experiment?

M: They’re not from Earth, they were from another system. I don’t know who they were. I can’t see them. They’re like a group mind, somehow, but they’re not from the Sun. Our group would have never… our group loved planet Earth because our group was from the Sun. So we help nurture planet Earth and her lifeforms. We helped—not just us—we all helped make her into the lush paradise that she is. Our group still loves this planet.

D: Can you find out anything else about the experiment?

M: I think they were just curious to see what would happen if they messed up the grids. Just kind of watching as an experiment. (Sigh) I can’t pronounce where they’re from.

D: That’s okay. But they were allowed to do this?

M: They’re in this dimension of free will, and no one stopped them. They had no regard for all the life forms that would be affected. They were just cold and observing, not malicious. Just like, okay, let’s see what happens if we do this.

D: Do you know what they thought after it happened and they saw all the destruction?

M: They had no human remorse. They didn’t have the genetic code to feel compassion or remorse. They just left to go and find another venue for experimenting. Back to their own dimension to report back.

D: As you look down at the Earth, does it take it a while to return to normal?

M: Oh, nearly hundreds of thousands of years. It’s as if she just needs to rest and take a nap, and heal. And let the healing power of the Sun help.

D: But all the humans weren’t destroyed, were they?

M: Some survived, and others were brought in. The beings came in to help change the DNA to allow for… it was all an experiment, too, but different from the seeding. The Council of Nine took it upon themselves to help repopulate the Earth.

D: Why did they have to change the DNA?

M: Because the DNA was only two strands, and the Lemurians had twelve.

D: Does this make any difference?

M: Yes. They’re able to be one with Nature, and they’re all connected to the universal mind.

D: That’s why they were able to use the energy?

M: Yes, because they have powers.

D: This is because of the DNA?

M: Partially. We came from the Sun.

D: I was wondering what was so special about the twelve strand DNA?

M: It had volume to it and it was so vast, interdimensional, the power of the Creator. They were very loving… only for the good.

D: After everyone was destroyed and they decided to repopulate, why couldn’t they just allow it to be the twelve strands like it was?

M: The Council of Nine felt this would be better because they thought too much had been given to us too fast. We weren’t ready, so it was a way of slowing down evolution.

D: They thought it was better to go backwards?

M: Yes. Weird, because the cavemen and the Neanderthals and ancient men after Lemuria, only had two strands. And their brains were not like… they were like animals. — They came in and interspersed with their DNA. And it became very complex, and then we had gone back to the early stages, and they left.

D: But they thought it was better to go backwards and have people start over again? (Yes) They lost all their powers, didn’t they? (Yes) Do you think that was a good idea?

M: It’s not for me to judge. I was just observing.

D: But do you know what the plan was, if it was returned to just two strands? Was it supposed to develop further after that?

M: It’s changing now.

D: How is it changing?

M: I don’t know how to explain it, other than “it just is.” It’s part of the plan to allow it to morph into what it could be, should be, has been, to help take all of us to a new frequency. Not everybody can go. Not everybody will get their twelve strands.

D: This will take a while, won’t it?

M: It’s been going on for a long time.

D: The DNA being restructured?

M: Yes, it’s coming. It’s happening faster now.

D: Why is it happening faster?

M: Because of the quickening… because of the grid being aligned… the tears being repaired.

D: So now the DNA is being allowed to change again? (Yes) How will people notice that in our world today?

M: Well, some people won’t notice, but those that are aware will feel well connected to “All” that is. Their senses will be heightened. They’ll become lighter… more transparent.

D: Will people around them notice this?

M: Some will. Some will just keep sleepwalking.

D: I was thinking if they were becoming more transparent it should be noticeable.

M: They’ll just become invisible.

D: (This was a surprise.) Eventually?

M: Yes. But they’ll still be there. It’s like changing channels on the TV.

D: But if they become invisible, those around them won’t see them anymore? (Yes) Where will they be?

M: On a different channel.

D: Another dimension? (Yes) Will they be aware of it? (Yes) They’ll know something has happened? (Oh, yes.) But the other people won’t? (No) Is this changing of DNA going to have an effect on psychic abilities?

M: Yes. People will become much more telepathic. No need for words, communicating through the heart and through thought blocks. No way to lie or cheat. You won’t need to.

D: Everybody would know.

M: Yes, that’s a good thing.

D: It is. But why is this happening now? It’s being allowed to come back.

M: It is time. It has to happen. Time flew for the Gaia (Mother Earth) to graduate and take her best students with her. And leave behind the destruction and corruption and negativity and darkness. It’s like she’s splitting off, morphing into two… a New Earth… a New Jerusalem, and there won’t be a nuclear holocaust that was being created. This is all a part of the grand design of the great light in heaven, the Council of Nine.

D: The ones who go are connected to the twelve strands of DNA or what?

M: Yes, the ones that go—there will be some that stay behind to help the others that are left because they’ll be so afraid. Some will stay out of sacrifice because there will be panic. It’s very sad.

D: The ones who are left behind… their DNA has not been changed?

M: No, they won’t allow it. I don’t know how it works, other than the people have lead shoes on their feet and they don’t want to lighten up.

D: So it’s a personal choice then? (Yes) Okay, you can see everything from there. You said Lemuria was where Hawaii is now? (Yes) That’s all that’s left of that whole continent?

M: Yes, that and part of Japan and Singapore. It was a huge continent. The Baja peninsula, California was part of the coast. It was huge.

D: Are there any other parts still left?

M: Yes, but I don’t know the names of the islands.

D: The islands in the Pacific?

M: Yes. It went as far as Japan. It was very big.

D: So it sounds like it covered most of the Pacific Ocean, didn’t it?

M: I think so.

D: We have heard a lot about Atlantis. Did that come after Lemuria? (Yes) Were there any survivors from the Lemurian disaster?

M: Some of them went over in the beginning. They were the good ones. I think they were airlifted by some of the space brothers to where Atlantis would develop.

D: So they started a new civilization in that part of the world? (Yes) These are things we don’t know about today.

M: Many people know about this.

D: Well, they know about Atlantis, but they don’t know much about Lemuria. (Yes) And they don’t know about the DNA.

But this is part of my job, to get all of this information. (Yes)

But eventually you were told to live in the body of Marian? Is that right? (Yes) Why did you decide to come back into a human body in our time right now?

M: I just came to be part of the shift.

This part was answering the questions so well I didn’t think it would be necessary to call forth the subconsciousness. It agreed, so I switched to Marian’s questions. Of course, the first is always what I call “the eternal question.” What is her purpose? Why is she here? What is she supposed to be doing?

M: She’s just a light being from the Sun that is here to raise the vibrations, to help purify the water and to help raise the vibrations so that everybody can feel better.

D: It doesn’t sound like she has had too many lives on the planet Earth. Is that right?

M: She’s had 500 or more.

D: On Earth? (Yes) I didn’t think it was that many.

M: She’s had a lot of experience and some were quick… just to experience the births and the deaths. That’s really not many lives when you consider over millions of years.

D: Yes. Why did she come to Earth to experience all of these things?

M: (Laugh) Because she loves the rush and remembering where she really comes from. She loves the rush of love and giving and receiving. She loves this planet. — She just wants to have fun. She doesn’t want things to get too heavy. She gets so sad when people are sad around her. — She can read minds.

One of her questions dealt with whether she had any karma to repay. If so, she wanted to get rid of it. They said, “She’s done pretty much. It’s taken her a long time.”

Marian was essentially living a perfect life, a resting life: doing what she wanted, no physical problems. She was sending out light to everything, the people, the animals and the earth. It sounded like she was one of the second wave: the observers who are just here to generate and spread positive energy to others. And she was doing her job well.

I asked about some problems she experienced in her early years, when she was growing up. “She has always been protected. She was a catalyst for others working out their karma. And it helped her too, but mostly she’s always been a catalyst. For people to learn love.”

Before we came to the end of the session I thought of a few more questions, “Those rocks that were in Lemuria, the ones that were placed there that had the energy, do they still exist or did they go to the bottom of the ocean?”

M: Some are still on the Big Island of Hawaii. They’re hidden. They’re buried in the lava.

D: There’s a lot of lava there. (Yes) So that island still has a lot of energy from them? (Yes, oh Yes.)