The Resurrection Process and Initiation of the Bardos.  Messages from Ascended Master Jesus Christ and Mother Mary




Ascended Master Jesus Christ:

Beloved brothers and sisters, there is great fascination in the human race with anything that seems unexplainable, with anything that seems beyond the explainable, with anything that seems to be a result of some unknown psychic phenomenon or hidden power. When these energies arise, many humans approach them from a place of fascination and a certain type of spiritual gluttony. And yet, those of you who are here are not here to be fascinated, because you have chosen a path of mastery – a path that will take you to total transformation and peace. Yet, we wish to help you be aware that you may sometimes feel, even in the presence of higher Truth, this spiritual gluttony that we call fascination with the unexplainable, and with psychic phenomena. We ask you to see this through eyes of amusement instead of through eyes of judgment. Some of you have avoided dealing with issues that involve miracles and psychic phenomena, because you know that it can be seductive and pull you back if you become too entranced with it. Perhaps I can demystify this issue for you a little by sharing parts of my own experience that are considered supernatural.

Tonight, I have chosen to speak to you about my experience of what you would perceive as physical death and resurrection. Then I will talk with you about the experiences of my final departure from my physical body later in life. When my body was placed upon the cross, it was indeed a physical act. It was one that created great loss of blood and led to a physical death. Yet when a person has reached a certain level of mastery over identity with the body and has reached a certain level of mastery in which one no longer fears the pain of death, there is a way that one can consciously remove one’s self from the body in such a way that one need not experience the worst of the pain. This is what I did.

When I appeared to go unconscious on the cross, it was the point at which I had achieved removal of myself completely from the cellular structure of the body. Yet I held myself connected to the body in what you know as an astral body. An astral body is the body that has a cord made of white light that glows silver and connects through what you call the chakra of the solar plexus or third chakra. This astral body is your dream body. I simply removed all of my connections to sensation, all of my connections to the nervous system, and stayed above the body surrounded by a host of angelic beings and other Masters who were present. We encircled the crucified body in a Pillar of Light. The moment the physical body let go of the last bit of life force (because I kept the astral body connection, which is normally released at the point of death), I was able to freeze the body in a sort of stasis until I was ready to re-enter. By holding the physical body in that Pillar of Light and having no consciousness in the body at the time of the death, I was able to retain my true consciousness intact. Certainly, having completed the test of the Bardos (for more information about the Bardos see below) was a great preparation.

There is not one of you, who would be incapable of achieving exactly that same act, if you simply knew it to be possible. For it is like going into a deep meditation, in which you focus on breathing all of your consciousness into a single point of light; then you project that point of light through the third chakra into the astral body until there is no consciousness left in the body. You are capable of achieving anything that has your full attention.

This teaching is being given now because the upcoming times on Earth are quite unpredictable, even by us. If you are ever in an experience that would require or cause a physical death, and it is not your time, and you know you still have reason to remain, you can choose exactly the same experience of resurrection that I did. All you need do is focus, first in the pineal gland. Collect all your energy in your pineal gland. Spin it until you build enough momentum that you can literally suck all of the energy from your pineal gland directly into your soul matrix. At that point you have disconnected primarily from your head.

Then you begin the same process again, only this time in the soul area in the center of your chest. You breathe yourself into the consciousness of your soul until you are so much at the center of that light that you can begin to collect the light, as opposed to letting it shine through the cells of your body, as is normally done. In the collecting of this light, you begin to whirl the soul matrix so that as the light rays are sent outward, they spin around themselves instead of through your cellular structure. There is a natural moment when this is so complete that you can once again simply whirl or project that consciousness, with great intensity of thought momentum, into the area of your root chakra.

At the base of your spine, between your perineum and your tailbone, is the center that you call your kundalini reservoir. Just below your kundalini reservoir is the entry perineum portal through which your Ka connects into your lower body. (Refer to chapter 7 in The Pleiadean Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka for more details about Ka and Ka portals.) Between your perineum center and your kundalini reservoir, there is a threefold flame, one of three threefold flames in your body (see illustration 1).

The Threefold Flames are located in your pineal gland, soul matrix, and perineum center.

The other two are located in your pineal gland, and in your soul area of your heart chakra. What you must do is connect with all three of these threefold flames simultaneously. In your upper chakras, the threefold flames appear more like light and geometry than in your perineum/root chakra location. Once you have collected the threefold flames in the pineal and soul areas and spun them around themselves, you draw them into your root chakra to blend with that threefold flame there. This last one is the fire of your life force. It is the fire of your passion, your sexual fire. It is the fire of desire for life. Your full consciousness is at that stage blended with and spinning all three threefold flames as a trinity. Continue until there is such a momentum and such a power in that trinity of threefold flames in the root that you can send it directly up your spine and out through your crown chakra. Immediately propel your consciousness into the back of your solar plexus chakra, through the silver cord of your astral body. Use a forceful outbreath to push your astral body outside your physical body. Direct your consciousness, in your astral body, into the higher planes with clear intention to enter the City of Light. You can command the gates of the Cities of Light to open as you project yourself within this trinity of threefold flames. You will be in your astral body. At that point you are in total command of the reality of the physical. There may still be fragments of life force clearing in the cellular structure of your physical body. But at the final moment of the physical body’s death, there is a release that is like a sudden collecting of all the remaining light in your body into a single light. This light combines with your soul and looks like the symbol of the iodine (see illustration 2). It shoots straight up and out the crown chakra if you are in a state of complete let go and sun ender. The moment you see that light move out through your crown, you call it to you with your love. It blends with the trinity threefold flame matrix. At that moment you can command the temple of your deceased physical body to remain unchanged. From the Cities of Light, you can surround your physical body in a crystalline matrix that suspends it between dimensional realities. This can be maintained for a maximum of about twenty-four hours. At that point, the higher-dimensional hold on the physical reality begins to wane. It is still possible, with great force, to reconnect to your body for a few hours beyond that point, but it is simpler and more assured of success within the twenty-four-hour period.

The release of life force creates a light that looks like the symbol of the Yod.

When I began my resurrection process on the cross, this is the process I used. If you are in a sudden-death experience, of course, you do not have time to prepare yourself for the physical death. But you do have the ability to go into a state of total surrender and to move back into your physical body with a spark of consciousness. This spark will be just enough to reclaim the remains of your threefold flame trinity. If you do not dissolve your astral body – if you can see a death coming and you say vehemently, “I CHOOSE LIFE!” – then you can take your consciousness out into the astral body and remain connected. Yes, even after the physical body has died, you can still reclaim the energy from the three major centers and achieve resurrection if you remain fully conscious and focused.

The Threefold Flames are located in your pineal gland, soul matrix, and perineum center.

When my body was being removed from the cross and taken into the tomb, there were two angels attending me. It took a matter of only minutes within the tomb for us to prepare the body for resurrection. And resurrection is truly a spiritual birthing experience. Many people who have had death experiences, gone to the other side, and returned have done this same process. It is a choice. When I re-entered the physical body, I prepared the centers first. The angels and I worked together by simply reinstating a light matrix where the threefold flames had been held in the pineal, the soul, and the perineum centers. When the light matrix was in place, the body was unfrozen. Still in my astral body, I began to slowly move back in and blend with my physical body, one chakra at a time, awakening the body from the center out. It was a process of a few hours of full recovery as I consciously reconnected to the nervous system and the brain. It took time to project my consciousness into each of the centers fully until each one individually was alive and functioning. It was many hours that a visible glow remained around my physical body. This is attributed to the fact that there is a moment in a resurrection experience during which the physical body becomes just light. The body then becomes invisible to those who cannot see that frequency. Then it returns to being physically visible, but with a lingering glow.

When my wife, Mary Magdalene, arrived at the tomb the next morning, there was a great rejoicing when she saw the tomb was open. She knew that I had passed the initiation of resurrection, as had been planned. It was done to show human beings the potential of your own spiritual power and focus of mind. It is rare that a human being has even an inkling of the power of mind when intensely focused on a singular purpose. And it is with that singular purpose of mind that enlightenment is achieved on each level. It is with this disciplined focus that the will of your spirit becomes stronger than your ego’s will. It is with single-mindedness that even a physical death and resurrection is attained. It is with single-mindedness that a person might levitate or learn teleportation. All of these supposed extrasensory experiences or supposed psychic phenomena are explainable if you understand the vastness of your consciousness.

To prepare yourself for resurrection, however, you must be able to focus all of your consciousness on a singular purpose for a sustained period of time. And to prepare for this, you must have all of your consciousness collected in your multidimensional hologram, as you speak of it in this day and age. In other words, you must have gathered and brought into divine alignment all of your missing parts, whether they be ghosts or soul fragments or traumatized aspects frozen in shock or dark aspects stuck in lower astral planes. You see, the human condition today is one of much fragmentation. Most human beings are still very attached to placing their consciousness in places where they feel more in control, or in avoidance of fear. But in order to collect yourself into wholeness, you must apply the principle of resurrection to daily life. This is what I wish to speak of now.

The release of life force creates a light that looks like the symbol of the yod.

Perhaps the single most important thing that you can do on Earth at this time is learn how to use the principle of resurrection to transcend ego identity. And it is really simple. It has to do with the power of your consciousness to collect itself and focus anywhere it wants to be. If you have an effective process for truly being in spiritual love and anchoring your Higher Self to your body, it is a very excellent way of tricking the mind into changing its focus. On one level of perceiving it, it is literal, and on another it is strictly a trick that you use to change your mind. And yet that is an extremely valuable trick. Whatever you can do to shift into feeling that pure, innocent, wise unconditional, loving self, in any part of your body, is an important beginning. Even if you can only bring your Higher Self as far as your pineal gland, you can use the principle of resurrection to begin the transcendence of ego identity. If you can bring your Higher Self into your whole body, then it is even easier. All you have to do is place your full consciousness into the place inside where you feel that divine love and innocence, until you have melded with it and become one consciousness. Then, wherever in your body you feel anger, fear, shame, tension, resistance, or avoidance, you begin to shine your light of consciousness, and spin it. You will then direct a single ray of light from that place of loving consciousness into the area of your body in which you feel your ego identity, or old emotion, is held. You pull your higher consciousness with your breath in that stream of light into the place you feel the aspects of your energy in need of release, healing, or transformation. You will continue until you feel nothing there but radiant love and light. It is a supreme process of transmutation. In order to use this resurrection process, you must be ready to let go of all avoidance. You must be able to witness any aspect of your psyche without judgment.

To accept what seems unacceptable is the supreme test of self-love and self-trust. So, of course, to apply the principle of resurrection one must have embraced those principles first, because you must be able to apply those principles to whatever you find within.

What I would like to speak of briefly now is the physical death experience. When I was eighty-nine years old, I was still very vital in my body. Mary Magdalene and I had moved together at times, and at times had done separate service. We were together then, with a group of yogis and secret initiates from the ancient Egyptian schools. At that time, it was becoming dangerous for Egyptian citizens to acknowledge connection to the schools of Isis and Osiris. Yet only a handful of people on the entire planet still held the secrets of mummification. There has been much superstition around mummification. In many cultures it has been done for the wrong reasons. The original purpose of mummification was for transcendence of the need, during reincarnation, for a soul to enter into a new lifetime, taking on an entire karmic pattern that had already been transcended in a previous lifetime. In other words, if a person experienced physical death and the body was either buried in the earth or cut apart – as they did in the ancient Tibetan traditions-or cremated, a certain limitation was placed on the next lifetime. The learnings from the previous lifetime would be at least partially blocked. In cultures in which this was understood, to mummify a person’s body was a way of keeping the person connected to former learnings through the genetics and cells of that person’s former body. This would also connect them to their evolutionary attainment, so they could literally start in the next life exactly where they left off in the previous one. I’m sure you can see the great advantage of this, as opposed to the alternative of forgetting and remembering. The destruction of the teachings of mummification was done to interfere with conscious use of the cycles of reincarnation in this way. It was also destroyed to prevent certain beings from coming into the Egyptian culture as spiritually empowered leaders. Those teachings will be found again, by the way.

The other use of mummification is to assist individuals who have completed their cycle of lives and need not come back again at all. If the individual has chosen a path of maintaining strong contact with the human race and Earth as a guide or Ascended Master, a mummified body-or at times even a statue that can hold the person’s consciousness- can be used to maintain that link to Earth for as long as is chosen.

This was my path, because I was to remain in close connection with the human race through the Cities of Light. I chose to go through a conscious death experience, with the assistance of the teachings of the yogis and with what I had learned through my own resurrect on. I chose to completely remove myself from the body, allowing it to go through a death in which there was a total release of all life force. Then my body was mummified and preserved in such a way as to maintain my multidimensional link until my particular service here is complete.

There was a group of people who assisted in this process, with my beloved wife, Mary Magdalene, in charge. In those ancient times, women were honoured as the source of spiritual genetics that births the body and delivers the soul to Earth. It is through the divine feminine that the light body is carried into the higher dimensions for rebirth as well. As an initiate of the Priestesses of Isis, having passed all of the initiations of the mystery schools of Egypt, England, India, France and Spain, Mary Magdalene was the natural facilitator of this process. The one you think of as my mother, Mary, has a mummy in the same cave in which my mummified body lies. This cave is inside a cinder-cone- shaped hill in the foothills of the Himalayas, between India and Tibet. It is on the Indian side just a little. When the mummification was completed, my body was sealed inside the hill in such a way that the hill looked solid, devoid of cave openings. So, these mummies have never been found and are not intended to be. It allows us to maintain a type of connection to Earth in which we can occasionally make ourselves physically visible in our light bodies. It allows us a more direct access to the beings of Earth. That is why so many more people have seen us-as well as others, like St. Germaine, who have mummies still on Earth-than have seen, for example, the angels.

I thank you for your attention during this teaching. It is a great honour to be able to give it at this time. I would like to turn this over to Amorah now for the meditation. I wish to say to you that regardless of the outcome of this time frame on Earth, the Divine Plan will be revealed and actualized. It will happen in your time. It is only the exact steps between here and there that are unknown. Do not allow yourself to become dismayed or go into hopelessness if it does not happen in a way you hoped for. If it does happen in a glorious way, it is certainly a time for rejoicing that the highest possibility has been actualized. Yet, keep your faith, keep the knowing of the power of choice that is within your mind and teach your mind to focus in a singular way. Then you will truly know you are a divine creator. This is the prayer I leave with you. I await the time we walk consciously together, hand in hand, brother and sister again.


Amorah: As I felt his energy moving out of my Higher Self-blending, he sent back a message to someone here in the group. The message is this: “Yes, there is also a kind of ascension in which the body dissolves completely into the Light. But there is also a type of fully conscious physical death, such as what I experienced, that is also a type of ascension. When a person can move directly through the pillars and the gateways without stopping, without any interruption, and with total consciousness the whole time, it is still ascension. Sometimes the body is left behind if there is a purpose for that. So, it is really important in this time not to judge if someone you think is moving toward ascension goes through a physical death. There actually can be a purpose in that. Do not judge the surface of events, because there are many ways that the Divine Plan can work out at this time.”

Amorah resumes leading the group into a meditation, with occasional guidance by the Christ: Each of you needs to select an issue in need of transformation: an area of your consciousness in which you wish to experience ego death and resurrection. Choose something you still feel is a challenge, a place in your body where you know you are still holding fear, resentment, or other old emotions. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get to the bottom of it and end it. If you do not know what it is at this time, ask the guides, during the meditation, to impulse you to feel what it is you need to heal. But if you do know of something you are working on actively, whether it is a physical, emotional, or mental problem, you can ask the guides to help you transmute it, as much as is possible at this time, during the mediation. We will begin with the Higher Self-Blending Meditation and continue into the Resurrection Chamber from there.

This meditation is available for you in the ReCreating Shambala Academy when you sign up.





Mother Mary: When the one you know as my son, and I, experienced the initiation of death and resurrection together in Egypt, the one you call Jesus the Christ was eighteen years of age. When we visited the temples in Egypt for that final initiation, it was given by sealing the initiate in a sarcophagus in a chamber beneath the surface of the earth. It was during this initiation, which was spoken of in Pleiadean Perspectives on Human

Evolution, that we had to cross the isle of crocodiles first before we even arrived at the death chambers. These are the chambers of death and resurrection because they contain the portals into what the Buddhist path calls the Bardos, or the seven Hells. In Egypt it was called the death of the seven egos. When the initiate entered those chambers, the sarcophagi were sealed. Almost immediately I felt a sense of being spun downward into the earth, into a specific section of the halls of Amenti, where the gates of Hell exist. But, you see, what is spoken of as Hell in your modern-day Bible is a gross misinterpretation. It has incorrectly been made to sound like a place where you are judged by some fear-inducing God, and then cast into as punishment for your sins.

These regions of Hell, the Bardos, or the seven egos, are simply regions of consciousness in which you, at some point in your spiritual growth, in your process of forgetting and remembering, have become entrapped, for you meet nothing in the Bardos that is not totally created by your own ego mind at some point in your lifetime or lifetimes. When a human being is moving into mastery, he or she must face every addictive temptation, every ego allurement, whether it be for power or powerlessness in order to avoid responsibility. Whether that ego identity be that of the victim of rape or incest or a brutal death-or whether it be as a victimizer reexperiencing the horror of lifetimes in which you have been the one who raped or murdered-if you fear a part of your own psyche, then you are a creator of your own Hell, because if you fear that part of you that has the capacity to be a murderer, you empower it to exist. Whereas if you face it by affirming that there is nothing to be ashamed of, knowing you will never act on this negative ego impulse again and that it is not your truth, then you are free to feel the emotions and transmute them with the power of the Holy Spirit. Then you have true power, because you know you have transcended the capacity for committing harmful acts or believing in victimhood. Of course, you would never be asked to go through the test of the Bardos and face your seven egos until you have reached a point on your spiritual path at which you have the potential for passing through them successfully. If you are truly moving toward mastery, it is inevitable that you will face this initiation eventually. And yet, when you have truly transcended those false identities and moved beyond guilt, shame, fear, addiction, and other entrapments, then it is no longer a challenge.

When Jesus was eighteen years of age, he and I entered the chambers of death and resurrection together. While in those chambers, we could not submit to a single ego allurement or judgment or fear or shame or avoidance. If we had painfully reacted to the painful or alluring scenes we witnessed, or even shrunk away, we could not have returned to our bodies, and they would have been found dead at the end of the initiation. Remember-the chambers themselves were portals through which we entered into the regions of Hell. We could exit the Bardos only by going through them to the other side. We could not go in reverse. If we had become caught up in, and identified with, what we witnessed there, we would have become entrapped there until we transcended the false identity and released all emotional and mental reactions.

You [Amorah] have something in your psyche to say about this.

Amorah: When I saw the movie What Dreams May Come, I noticed that some people hated the scene about the Hells. I sat there in a state of awe the whole time it was going on, because I was excited that a movie could be put out to show people how to go through the Bardos. If Earth happened to go through a disaster, during which there was a lot of fear and panic and people were dying, it showed people how not to go into the astral planes by simply not believing in it, and making love your only truth. That is what that movie was doing. It is a movie of the time, because it is preparing people to understand that even in the worst circumstances, one can simply look at it and say, “This is not real.” And with that simple thought, that willingness not to believe in it and identify with it, you can be raised into the Light. Mary wanted me to mention that because it is a good modern-day reference point.

Mother Mary: I speak to you of this, dear ones, because in your daily lives you are in a constant process of preparing yourselves for this final initiation. Even the human beings who do not know about initiations, or the test of the Bardos, are always in a state of preparing themselves whether they know it or not. When you live in misery, it is because your identity has become engulfed in a Hell of your own making. And a Hell of your own making can also be someone else’s Hell that you have been repulsed by or afraid of. And by having a reaction to someone else’s Hell you join that person in it. So, we have these Hell regions that are a co-creation, that are agreed on as completely as you have all agreed to see these flowers on the table as red. And as completely as you all have agreed to see the candle containers as a rainbow formation, you can as easily agree to see the world as a dangerous place. Or you can choose to see the world as a school that has been created for the purpose of learning the difference between Divine Truth, relative truth, and illusion. And if Divine Truth is truly ultimate, it will reign supreme eventually.

When your consciousness has explored every other possibility and has come back home to itself, and when your consciousness has recognized that when it had a loving thought free of attachments, and that good things happened as a result, and when your consciousness experiences going through a situation that has been painful in the past with a different attitude and finds itself not in pain-then you are home.

In the Bardos, in that final initiation, that is when you know you can trust yourself to be a fully sovereign Master Being, or Christed One. You will have transcended the need to have mastery over anything other than yourself and your relationship to All That Is. So, from a practical daily standpoint, think of yourselves as in a constant preparatory test of the Bardos, for you are. In that constant preparatory state, it is simply an issue of how long your identity stays in any place of pain, addiction, and illusion before you return to a place of love, acceptance, and experience of your greatest joy. This is the stuff of which true freedom is made, the stuff of which true self-trust and self-respect are born. This is home wherever you are!




Excerpt from the book “AFFINITY. Reclaiming the Divine Flow of Creation” by Amorah Quan Yin