How do you associate a hectare of land with the spiritual formation of human?

Excerpt from the speech of V. N. Megre in Zurich (Switzerland)

Question from the audience:
How do you associate a hectare of land with the spiritual formation of Human? Maybe the problem of farming is important for Russia but here in Europe this problem has already been resolved. We have gathered here to speak about spirituality.

Vladimir N. Megre’s response:
I mean a hectare of land used for creation of Space of Love, and some may think it’s primitive. Apparently we need to speak about great sciences and spirituality because these are the main topics of this prestigious European forum. I know this because the organizers told me that in this auditorium there are many famous European innovators-educators, philosophers and writers, along with other important people, who are writing and thinking about spirituality. I do understand who is sitting in front of me and it is for this very reason that I speak about a hectare of land.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am absolutely sure that such notions as love and spirituality must have their material implementation.

A hectare of land that I bring fourth and that Anastasia is talking about – it is not just a piece of land. This is a space connecting you with the Universe. All the planets of the Universe will respond to this space and, consequently, to you. They will become your friends, assistants and co-creators.

Look at what is happening according to the laws of Nature: even a simple flower, like a chamomile, is inseparably associated with the Universe, planets and the Sun. A flower opens its petals to the rising sun, and is closes them when the Sun goes down. They are united in harmony with each other. Trillions of miles and light years cannot separate them. They are together – the Great Sun in the sky and a small earthly flower. They both know that only together they are the creators of great harmony of the Universe.

However, each little grass responds not only to the Sun. They also respond to other planets, human beings and energy of their feelings.

How do you associate a hectare of land with the spiritual formation of human1

There was an experiment conducted by scientists. They hooked up several sensors to an indoor flower sensing even the slightest energy impulse coming from the flower. People were entering the room in turn. One was just passing by, the other was coming up to the flower to water it and the third was tearing away little piece of the flower leaves. The sensors registered that when the person, who used to tear away pieces of leaves, was entering the room, the flower was turning nervous and the needle on the indicator was deflecting.

One can often see the phenomenon when the flowers are fading after human has left. So we understand that all plants respond to human. They may love or not love human and therefore pass their love or repugnance to their planets.

And now imagine that you have this space – a hectare of land. Not just a hectare of land with potatoes you grow for sale, but a hectare of land where you are creating something having a certain level of consciousness and spirituality. You have your own territory where all vegetation has been planted by yourself and not by men you hired. Each plant and grass love you; and those plants, those living creatures are capable of collecting for you all the best energies of the Universe; collecting and giving them away to you. Plants are using not only energy of Earth. You know that there are some plants that can grow without any soil at all.

Five thousand years ago the priests living in ancient Egypt created many religions. Those priests were ruling whole nations. They were the richest people of those times. Their basements were full of gold and jewellery and they mastered many secret sciences. Even the Pharaohs used to come to them for advice and money. And each of those high-ranking priests had his hectare of land, where no slaves were allowed to work. Those richest people, who mastered many sciences, knew the secret of a hectare of land. The walls of ancient temples of Egypt had the inscription “Do not take food from your slave”. This is one example.

Here is another one. The senators of ancient Rome issued an edict that if a slave could do some farming, and has been given a plot of land, his master could sell him to another master only with land. And why did the Roman senators give land to some slaves? And sometimes even money so that they could build themselves a house? For one and only reason – to take 10% of the crop.

Both Egyptian priests and Roman senators knew which food was good for human. In no form or shape should we eat the food we are actually eating now – it is dead. There’s a great difference between the berries you pick from the bush and eat right away and berries sold at the store. The thing is not only that they are old. They don’t have any energy. They cannot feed human soul. To say nothing about our technocratic world, which created plants-mutants.

So, if you do not have your own hectare of land, there is no place where you can get the food that human deserves. Of course, you can buy some vegetables, but make no mistake – those vegetables were not grown for you. They were grown not for human at all. They were grown for money.

There is no sickness that can’t be cured by the space of love created by your hands and soul.

Men are children of God. Flora and fauna, air and everything around us is God’s creation. And all together it is nothing else but materialization of God’s spirit. If a person calls himself highly spiritual, let him show materialization of his spirituality.
Just imagine that God is looking at us now. And He sees some of His children driving a streetcar, some building houses, some salespeople working at stores. But He did not create those professions. They are for slaves. God did not want His children to turn into slaves. And He created a wonderful world and gave it to His children – take it and use it! But one must understand this world – what is the Moon, and what is small grass called milfoil.

How do you associate a hectare of land with the spiritual formation of human3

So what is a hectare of land than? Is this the place where human must work up a sweat? NO! This is the place where human should not work at all! This is the place human must use to rule the Universe. Tell me, who will please God more: someone driving a streetcar or someone, who has turned his little piece of land into Paradise? Of course, someone who has turned his land into Paradise.

Can we allow people to open their way to the space today and teach them how to develop Mars and Moon? No way! Because there will be weapons and waste, wars will break out just like on Earth. But human has been created so that he could go to other worlds. This will happen only when human learns and develops the planet he lives on. The planets of the Universe will be mastered by means of psych telepathy and not by means of technologies.

Human should understand where is the real beauty of the Universe.

Your Swiss city Zurich is considered to be beautiful. For a thousand times we can say it is beautiful. But what specifically makes it beautiful? Yes, it is very clean and many people look well provided for. But is the land covered with this asphalt also beautiful? Is it good that there are only few precious green islands? Is it good that a wonderful tree, cedar, is dying in your city’s core? It can’t breath because of smog and exhaust fumes. It’s not only the cedar that can’t breath and is dying. Human walking along the streets can’t breath either.

We should realize what we have done to this planet. And we better speak in a simple language about it. Let us all take a little piece of land, collect all of our intelligence and spirituality and create a very little but specific paradise. Let each person turn a little piece of land on this big planet into a blooming garden materializing his spirituality, just as God did it. If millions of people in different countries do it, than the Earth will turn into a blooming garden and there will be no wars because people will be involved in great co-creation. And if Russians do set out to Switzerland or Germany, it will be just to enjoy the views of wonderful living oases and to adopt the experience of how to materialize genuine spirituality.

Unfortunately, Russia is striving to adopt everything from the West. Speaking of Western countries, the Russian politicians are using such words as “developed” and “civilized” and encourage catching up with their “development” and “civilization”. Our politicians do not know yet that we can not only quickly catch up but also surpass. It will happen though if we run in the opposite direction.

By no means would I like to insult or play down the importance of your Western civilization. But we are talking about spirituality and we should be sincere to each other. Spirituality can’t be measured only by material wealth or technical achievements. I am sure all of you here will admit that such one-sided and technocratic way of development of humanity is inevitably taking us to a disaster. You will also have to admit that you are leading in this race to the abyss and we are following you. Try to stop and think over what happened to our world. If you can absorb and realize it, than shout to those following you: “Stop! Don’t run! There is an abyss here and we are already on the verge of it. Look for another way”.

We all, together, should listen to our hearts and should pass from words about spirituality to its materialization. A hectare is a tiny spot on Earth. But millions of such spots will turn the whole planet into a blooming garden. Trillions of flower petals, happy smiles of older people and kids will tell the Universe:
“People of Earth are ready for the great co-creation.”
“We are waiting for you”, the planets of the Universe will answer. “We are waiting for you, worthy Son of God”.
The new millennium has laid down the foundation of a great transformation on Earth. Tens of thousands of Russian families are already on the way to their hectare of land. Fathers and mothers, who really create a space of love for their children, are more spiritual than any of the most famous wise men that do nothing but speak about spirituality.

May the spirit of each person grow from this land as a beautiful flower or a tree with flavored fruit and may it happen on each hectare of our planet.

(There was an absolute silence after these words and then the audience burst into applause.)

Zurich, Switzerland