The Nature of Divine Love and Reclamation of Innocence


A Channelling from the Elohim of Divine Love


When this channelling took place, during an intensive training, several members of the Dolphin Star Temple Higher Council had made their presence known and were anchoring a specific etheric temple space for connection to the Great Central Sun.


Elohim of Divine Love:

Divine Sources of Light upon this Earth, the longing for love is probably the greatest longing of all beings-until that longing is satisfied, of course. Especially for those who are existing in the fifth dimension and below, it is especially important to be aware that to satisfy your longing for Divine Love -which is in the long run the only love that can ever satisfy, the only love that can ever bring lasting peace you must be ready in every moment, and in every situation, to release attachment to outcome for yourself and others. Even in spiritual beings who are learning to shift negative behaviours and attitudes and become morally, and behaviourally, in integrity and divine alignment again, and even in those who are meditating and doing their spiritual work, the attachment to how things are appears still to be the greatest source of blockage to the sustaining of love. When you are attached to a person treating you a certain way, when you are attached to people seeing you in a certain way, and when you are attached to getting your way, the nature of attachment itself hooks you into a lower reality [as explained in the previous channelling by St. Germaine], to which you are then bound until the time comes in which that attachment is released. Often the things you long for, the things to which you are attached, and the circumstances that bind your hearts and souls, all in the name of love, while you continually wait for a result, are the greatest obstacles to the sustaining of love.

Love by its very nature simply flows and attaches to nothing. Even in filling yourself up with Divine Love, the very quality of love itself is that when it has filled you it will naturally overflow, for it moves through everything and it does not stick. So, to find that lasting peace and comfort and renewal that one finds in Divine Love, you must first find the state of surrender. For surrender is a receptive state of being, and one that simply allows flow to happen. From that state of surrender action can occur; but it is not action based on personality and ego will fulness. It is action that is simply a natural overflowing from Divine Love. Your presence and receptivity in surrender create the space for your Divine Will to give birth to uncontrived action. When your actions are based on the desire to evoke a response or outcome from another person for your own benefit, you actually block your ability to receive that which you hope to evoke.

To love for no reason, to give simply because you love, to be present with your life and people because it is the nature of spirit – these are the qualities that accompany Divine Love. We are not suggesting that you become passive and do not create your own reality. We are not suggesting that you become so allowing that you do not step up and act when it is appropriate. We are suggesting that in your heart of hearts you accept responsibility for learning the difference between loving and manipulating reality to obtain an outcome. And no matter what logic you can apply to the manipulation, no matter how beautiful or righteous it may seem, it will be the thing that stops you from obtaining that which you seek. For true love honours the freedom of all of its objects of affection and adoration. True love is incapable of doing harm. True love is incapable of judging. True love is incapable of even subtle manipulation. True love is given freely with no expectation, with no manipulation of reality. It just flows because it exists to flow.

In your human need for survival, you have created many agendas for yourselves and many thought patterns about the nature of reality. You have created many limits for yourselves relative to how things have to be before you will finally let go of the controls, and the holding back. We do not say these things to make you feel wrong. We say these things to assist you in moving toward that goal of living in Divine Love all the time, unceasingly, for it is your destiny. To move toward that goal graciously, and in self-respect, you must let go of all of the subtle manipulations of reality that you use to get attention, or to mold circumstances into the way you think they should be. Let go of your need to form opinions about other people’s choices. It is a waste of energy and a block to Divine Love.

As you observe people, observe in neutrality. Let your discerning choices simply be a matter of compatibility of frequency. There is a natural harmony between people that is determined by frequency of consciousness and by level of availability to love. That compatibility of love does not depend on agreeing with each other all the time. It does not depend on doing things in the same way. It is not concerned with one person being the manipulator and the other the yielder. True divine harmony is simply frequencies being drawn to one another that are compatible.

When you truly relinquish the need to believe that you know how someone has to be-when you truly relinquish all the walls you have created through your beliefs about what your life has to look like- when those walls come down, then the true Temple of Divine Love can be built, and it has no walls. When you are at rest in divine peace, self-respect, the knowing of your own beauty, and the fulfilment of your spirit’s dreams, all these things will be a part of your natural flow. For you will have relinquished all the ways in which you manipulate reality and block yourselves from being in flow. Then the gifts of spirit can be given because you have simply knocked down the walls, allowed the ego to get out of the way, and simply said “Yes!” to love.

Become aware of those things to which you are attached, whether they be attitudes, ideas, people, situations, or outcomes. Even if it is a beautiful thing that you are moving toward, let go of the attachment and obsession with it. Let go of the need for someone to tell you how great you are. Let go of all of the subtle and gross manipulations to get your way. And take that empty-handed leap into the void that is spoken of in the spiritual cultures on Earth. That empty-handed leap into the void is the willingness to not have to know the outcome, to not know where you will land, to not know what will be there, to have no guarantees. Deep inside, you already know that holding on simply takes too much energy, too much consciousness, and too much time, and that it is time to let go. Fill that void with your own love, and all the rest that is meant to be yours will follow. Fill the empty spaces in you with love. Then those spaces that are overflowing with fear and attachment can be filled to overflowing with your own love. Then they will not be empty and scary places any more, and your neediness and desperation will disappear.

I know that you may not understand how to simply stop and do that now, 100 percent of the time. But we, the Elohim of Divine Love, bring the keys today, the keys for letting go of all attachment to outcome, all manipulation of reality to get what you want, or waiting for someone to make it up to you. As you release these old energies, the keys of the Divine Heart begin to turn and to open doors that have been closed for a long time. Then the Divine Flow of Love is the only true source of lasting healing, the only true source of lasting respect and peace.

As you return to your childlikeness, your inner child feels its beauty. It is in love with all of existence. It feels loved all the time. The child is in the Divine Flow unless it has been harmed. Many of you, in attempting to return to your Divine Child, at times become childish. Your identity becomes locked in being the damaged child instead of in loving it and healing it. It is only that blend that has been addressed to this group that creates the matrix of mastery: that blend of the mature spirit, living in impeccability and rightness, blended with the magic of the child. This matrix allows you the potential to return to Divine Love. So, in working with that child self, let go of the manipulations of the damaged child as well. Be willing to simply let go.

I would like to share just a couple of more minutes of love with you. So, I ask you to open to the flow of Divine Love, like beautiful rarefied rays of light, moving through every cell of your body, every part of your consciousness. Allow yourself to let this love flow through you. Know, dear ones, that you are most loved and cherished. Within the words that are shared, the intention is to assist you in understanding that as you let go of the need to have your own way, the rewards are much greater than you could ever create for yourself through manipulation and through the strength of your opinions of how it should be. As you fulfil your destinies of returning to Divine Love, know that the source of love within yourself, within one another, from Divine Source, and from all of us who love you, is eternal. Just as you are asked to take the empty – handed leap into the void, know that beyond the void is infinite supply. Know that beyond the void is infinite supply. Know that beyond the void is infinite supply. Thank you for hearing us. We end this communication in deep gratitude, respect, and endless Divine Love.



A Channelling of the Dolphins, Whales and Intergalactic Federation of Light

Lake Titicaca, Peru


We are very happy when we get a chance to speak to human beings, because not many of you listen very often. We are always here. We are always here making our sounds, saying, “Remember. Remember.” We love to play with you, together again in the Light, as we have done before you were born into your bodies. There is not a person here, nor a person who will ever receive this message, who has not moved through our consciousness before coming to Earth. You see, before we became physical on your Earth, we were- and many of us still are- etheric spirits, your guides. Many of us exist etherically here in Lake Titicaca, as some of you witnessed today out on the lake. We jump, and we try to get your attention. Sometimes you see us as a little sparkle of Light. Your head turns, and you ask whether something jumped out of the water. But you did not actually see anything jumping out of the water-it was us. At least we made some connection with some of you. Some of you did not realize what it was, but we are here.

We want you to remember, because before your souls entered your physical bodies, you played with us in the sacred etheric waters in Sirius. As you swam with us you purified your soul of everything from your past lives. You see, when you were born you came in with a blueprint of what is going to happen throughout this life, in terms of what you want to learn while you are here. But, you see, whether or not that blueprint unfolds depends totally on your choices, your consciousness, your free will, every step of the way. I tell you there is not a being born on this Earth who does not have the opportunity to become a Christed One in a single lifetime. Even though that blueprint includes the encodings of the karma that you have not yet completed, it also includes the map of consciousness that will allow you to transcend that karma in a single moment of willingness. It is that fast! We want you to think of how fast the snap of two fingers is. Did you know that every karma can be erased that quickly if you truly transcend the potential of repeating the negative karma? If you have been a rapist and murderer in another lifetime, and you have an “ah-ha!” experience during which your heart opens so wide that you could never harm another in any way, or if you choose to suddenly see that your sexual energy could assist another in awakening spiritually, and you choose in that moment never to use your sexuality in any other way again, all that karma would be erased. Most of you have transcended murder and rape and such intense karmas. Yet you still carry some smaller karmas.

Your life need not be so much struggle. We would like you to come and swim with us. When you know how to link through the dimensions, you can simply project yourself anywhere, anytime. You can bilocate and come and swim with us in Lake Titicaca. When you do it that way, you won’t freeze to death. We know how shy you are of strong sensations. Though we think it is a little funny, because when you are Christed Ones, you will be able to swim with us physically in Lake Titicaca or in any waters on Earth. Extreme sensation of cold, or any other, will only assist you in bringing your spirit more deeply into your body. For when you cease to resist anything, you are the master of your creation. You are in dominion wherever you are. I tell you this is within reach now.

Just for a short time, because we know there are others who want to speak to you tonight, we ask you to imagine that your body is as limber, is as gentle, is as playful, is as erotic as ours. We are in a state of tantric ecstasy all the time. We will now bring in something called the Dolphin Wave Effect. This will help you feel energy moving through your body in the way it moves through us. If you want to feel this, let us know, and we will bring the Dolphin Wave Effect through your body. It will come up through the floor. You may find yourself wanting to move. The most natural way to move if your body needs to open more is in figure eights, or infinity symbols. If your knees feel tense, let them undulate in little figure eights until they feel open. If your pelvis is tight, as in so many humans who think you have to hide your sensuality, then just imagine doing little figure eights right in your groin a few times. Then let the Dolphin Waves move through your body. Little figure eights in your neck and shoulders can help you let go, because figure eights are the nature of your natural, unrestrained body flow. Breathe, and let the Dolphin Wave Effect move through your body. You do not need to be shy.

As you feel the wave effect come up and through your body, imagine that you are deep beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca and that we are swimming all around you.

Unlike the physical dolphins, we are white: white with golden and silver sparkles. We are like the ascended realm of the dolphins, just as Jesus and other Ascended Masters are of the ascended realms of the humans.

We like it when you get playful. You can tickle us if you want. We are going to take you right to the center of Lake Titicaca now. We want you to swim through a beam of light with us. Feel and imagine what it would be like if every moment of your life you have that kind of ecstasy flowing through your body. When you have lost all of your sexual inhibitions and shyness, and when your heart has become so pure that you cannot imagine making love in a way other than giving and playing, discovering and revealing, then you can have this feeling most of the time. We understand that you humans still display erratic patterns of behaviour and moods, even in the highest of you. But it will rarely cease to be ecstatic when you have reached that level of surrender and awakening.

Now the others who wish to speak are telling us that we have to move along. We ask you now to feel your human feet upon the floor, your human spine limber and straight. We will stay around you. We will just recede a little.

Amorah: Invite the whale spirits to commune with you. You will feel as if you are inside the body of a whale. We ask that as the sounds come, you let them come out of you. Feel yourself in the heart and mind of the whale. There is a Temple of the Whales beneath Lake Titicaca.

Whale: I speak to you from the voice of the Father Whale. There is actually a trinity of us, for I have a partner and a child. We hold the sacred memories of how to link through the dimensions. We hold the sacred memories from every human on Earth who has ever been able to materialize and dematerialize his or her body at will. We hold the memories of your forgetting and your remembering, from your past and your future.

Our bloodstreams are like the Tree of Life. The DNA of the whales on Earth is like the smallest particle of consciousness of the Holy Mother and Holy Father. Our sounds impulse you to remember your connection to each other. Our sounds impulse you to remember your connection to Earth, to the other planets in this system, to the Sun, stars, Moon. Our child invites you to remember that you were created in sacredness, that you grow in the love of the Holy Mother and Holy Father, that you are the seeds of life, that your body is the Tree of Life. Every great potential is within you. We impulse you to remember not only your past but your future. It is time now on Earth to align with your highest potential destiny. We ask you in the next few weeks in your meditations, and in your life, that you sincerely contemplate what you want to be on this Earth. What is the highest accomplishment you want to make in this lifetime in your relationships to people, your relationships to the planet, your relationship with yourself, and your spiritual attainment? We ask you to meditate. We ask you to call on us to help you remember.

As you contemplate your potential in each one of these aspects of life, we ask you to do one more thing. This is the thing that spiritual people on Earth most tend to bypass. If you have a vision of what you want to become spiritually in this lifetime, and it is a Christed One, then we ask you to sincerely and deeply contemplate how a Christed One would behave in every situation. How does a Christed One feel? We ask you to begin living that way. If you have a tendency to project your anger and blame onto another, we ask you not to feel ashamed of that tendency. And we ask you not to act upon it because a Christed One would not do so. A Christed One would remove himself or herself from the situation. As Christ went into the desert to purify himself and pray and understand, you may need to go to your bedroom, or on a walk, and move through that anger until you can understand it. Ask for help so you will not use it to harm another.

If you have a pornographic tendency, a Christed One would not indulge that tendency, or deny it. A Christed One would pray for help and act from a sacred place while bringing understanding and forgiveness to himself or herself.

If you have a goal of creating more intimacy in your friendships, then we ask you to take some time to look deeply at how you need to change in order to create that. Do not think about how to change the people in your life. Most humans still have a tendency to think, “I just cannot get closer to that person. She is just not available.” Perhaps it is time to change your own limited thoughts. If you truly change your own behaviour, and you begin to act in the way you would like to be in that relationship, and that person of his or her own free will does not meet your desire requirement, then your responsibility is to love and honour that person’s free will. Pray for friends in your life who can share at your level, and never blame those who cannot.

We ask you to apply this principle in every area in which you want your life to change and be better in some way. The way to identify what you want is to imagine what it would feel like to be you in that situation. Then acknowledge how you need to change your own thoughts, your own use of your emotions, your own behaviours, in order to accomplish this. We declare that it will happen. It is only when you attach your expectations to a single person, only when you expect that person to change to meet your requirements, that you do what you perceive as failing. That is when your own tools of creation appear not to work. In reaction, you stop trying to use your creative ability and become lazy sometimes. We do not say this out of judgment. We say this, so you can understand your nature. Some of you have gone further with this than others. We tell you: If you are in a situation in which you are dissatisfied, or you are still acting like a victim, begin to practice being in dominion in your life. Have the courage to speak and act in whatever way you need to in order to step into that dominion. No one can harm you if you are in your truth. If you are spending time with someone so as not to hurt the person’s feelings, it is more honest and less harmful to that person for you to say, “This is not what I really want to do right now. Do not take it personally, but I am going somewhere else,” or “No, I do not want you to be with me right now. I want to be alone, because that’s what I need.” If that person reacts, then you must simply see that the person’s free-will choice is to react instead of understanding. You can ask the person to have understanding and be at peace. But do not try to fix it for them or prove anything. Your responsibility is truthfulness, with benevolence, in every situation.

This is the way whales work together. When a whale clan comes together, you will sometimes see many of them swimming together. At other times only, a couple swim together or one swims alone. The rest of the whale clan does not become upset when one separates itself and goes off for a while. We honour each other’s free will. We honour each other’s needs. We want our brothers and sisters to do what they need in each moment, because we care about each other. So, if the person whom you choose to remove yourself from in a situation does not understand, then you must understand that this person has not come to a point at which his or her greatest desire is for you to be fulfilled. The person has not understood that and is still attached to what he or she wants. If someone leaves you, temporarily or permanently, your responsibility as a higher being of Light is to be grateful that the friend is living in his or her truth. You can heal the feeling of loss in yourself and choose to be glad that the person is meeting his or her needs honestly. The greatest love is a love that wants for others what they want for themselves.

We are happy to share this with you, and we feel that you have heard us well. We tell you: As you practice this simple process in your life your self-respect will blaze within you like the glowing light of the Sun on a clear day.

Focus on the beam of light that moves through the center of your body, through what you call your Tube of Light, what we call your divine axis. Focus on that light flowing through the center of your soul. We speak to you now from the place of the collective voice of the Intergalactic Federation of Divine Light, Creation, Maintenance, and Nurturing of Life. That is our function. All of the Elohim, all of what you might call the Supreme Beings of every galaxy, every star system, and all the members of any higher council of any system are members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light. Our responsibilities are divided in this manner: We are the ones who hold the energy of the purity and innocence of original Creation. There are beings of the Intergalactic Federation who only hold that specific energy for all of the systems. We would like you to feel that part of the Intergalactic Federation at this time, because here, in Lake Titicaca, there is a direct link to all of us. We ask you now, within your hearts, within your minds, to welcome the members of the Intergalactic Federation of Light who hold the energy of purity and innocence of original Creation. We ask you to give us permission to come to you, to anchor in the room. We will begin to restore your memory. Some of you feel that you were created wrongly or in pain. There is nothing within Creation that was originally created outside innocence and purity.

Ask to go into your cellular and soul memory and allow the impulsing from these sacred ones to reach you. Allow yourselves to remember first awakening to the understanding that you exist as an individuated consciousness within the heart and soul of the Holy Mother and Holy Father. It is a very loving experience to awaken feeling so warm and nurtured and wanted.

We wish to move the energy to the next level now. Have you remembered your first experience of confusion? Some of you are afraid to feel confusion. We want you to know that your very first experience of confusion was also born of purity and innocence. The first confusion in existence was when we asked, “How do we nurture the Creation?” It was natural to nurture it into existence in love. And yet, when each particle of Creation, each consciousness such as yourself, began to have your own responses to the Creators, the Creators had a momentary feeling of confusion. They had never nurtured Creation before. All was new. And it was a simple thought: “What do they need? How do we do it?” You know that confusion from your Creators, your Holy Mother and Holy Father. Allow yourselves to remember when your Holy Mother and Holy Father experienced this confusion. They looked at you and saw your beauty and loved you, and they knew that the way to nurture you was simply to love you and to learn from you. What a glorious moment it was-like a burst of Light in Creation, when the Creators thought, “We just have to watch and learn from them to know what they need.” And joy spread. Allow that joy to be remembered, because everything that the Creators experienced, you have experienced. So, feel the joy that came through the recognition that all they had to do was love you and learn from you.

Now allow yourself to remember the first moment when your Creators experienced overprotectiveness toward you. They saw you about to make a mistake. They saw you just about to experience something painful. It was so shocking to them to think about your being in pain that they overprotected you and rescued you. Within your consciousness was left a speck of curiosity about what would have happened if they had let you experience what you were about to experience on your own. You felt the sincerity of their love, a certain urgency in their protectiveness. Yet at the same time, you longed for the freedom to experience what you would have experienced. That was the first time a split occulted between you and Holy Mother and Holy Father. This split took place within your consciousness. Your desire to be in their warmth and nurturing, and your desire to have free will, created a paradox.

When the Holy Mother and Holy Father felt you and your confusion about whether to surrender to their nurturing and protection or whether to rebel and have your own experience, they felt confusion for the second time. All the Creators gathered together and held a council. They sincerely wanted to know what was the best way to care for the children: you. We came to the conclusion that we needed to allow you to make mistakes, as long as those mistakes did not go beyond a certain point. So, we accepted the role of guardianship without interference. We made mistakes along the way. Sometimes we protected too quickly. Sometimes we held back too long. What we ask you to feel and know now is that every decision made was from innocence and purity, from a place of ignorance. We were learning for the first time how to care for Creation. We were novices, not the all-seeing, all-knowing ones that you thought us to be. Every decision was made out of love for you.

Open yourselves to feel where the feeling of betrayal by the Creators is trapped inside your body. We ask permission now to impulse you to feel within yourselves where you hold the energy of separation. Separation is created by the belief that your own Creators have harmed you, taken away your freedom, or in some way have done something that you perceived as wrong. We ask you now to give us permission to impulse you, so you know where you hold these feelings in your body, in your emotions. We believe that here, in Lake Titicaca, we can assist you in what could potentially be a final transformation of that energy into a memory that you were always loved and always cherished, and that the intent behind the decisions of the Creators was always made from innocence and purity-even when the decision might be perceived as incorrect. When experience is new, every consciousness learns through trial and error – even us.

Although you who are reading this are not at Lake Titicaca, your intention can call the same energy to you, wherever you are.

Whale: Open and feel your emotions and contraction regarding separation from the Creators, from God. Do not be afraid to feel it. With clear intention you can release it and free yourselves. Breathe. As you identify places in your body and emotions holding this old pain, anger, abandonment, betrayal, distrust, invite us to come and touch you in those places with the purity, innocence, and love of our intent. Ask us to touch you in those places, and as you feel our touch allow it to penetrate and dissolve your misunderstanding. Take as long as you need to do this.

Affirm now: “I am willing to be touched by this energy of the innocence and purity of Creation. I am willing to be healed and end all belief in, or attachment to, separation.” Some of you have been afraid that if you let the touch of the Creators in, you will be betrayed again. Please, for your own sake, release the illusion of betrayal. We ask you simply to affirm, if you know that is your issue: “I am willing to release my belief now that I was betrayed. I am willing to forgive and release the belief that I was betrayed.” Say it from your heart and solar plexus now, in a different way: “Sacred Mother and Father, I am willing to forgive you and myself for the blame I have placed on you. I ask you to help me release the thought of betrayal and the contraction of distrust that has kept us separate.” Be compassionate with the part of yourself that is afraid to let go and feel our touch. Do not allow these emotions and thoughts to rule you. You are being given an opportunity to surrender these old energies in grace. Tell that fearful part of you that it is safe to let go and receive our touch. We are still here to nurture Creation in innocence and purity while honouring your freedom to explore your own potential. When you have tired of exploration and choose to surrender into Oneness again, we will honour that choice as well, and welcome you.

Beloved ones, some of you are a breath away. You can feel yourselves stepping through the portals of Light now. We are going to open the Great Portal of Light. You will experience it as a doorway. On the other side of the doorway, you will see a great Light. Walk up the crystal steps to the doorway, but do not enter yet. This is the doorway of the separation from the Creators, from God/ Goddess, from Oneness. Before you go through the doorway, look back as if you were looking back through your entire lifetime, every lifetime you have ever experienced, to that time when you were still a spark of Light within our consciousness, within the consciousness of Oneness. We ask you to feel gratitude for everything that has ever happened. Even those things you have perceived as wrong have made you strong. They have given you the experiences you desired to have outside of us. Thank them all. Let your heart fill with as much gratitude and forgiveness as you can, and when that feeling permeates your consciousness, then turn and walk through the door. The Creators will be there to greet you. Take your time.

When you are through the door, allow us to hold you like an infant in our arms and love you with the innocence and purity of our beings. When you step through the door into the Light, it is your will closing the door to separation. If those patterns of separation begin to arise in your life, all you need to do is look to see whether you have gone backward through the other side of the door, or whether you are still in the Light of Oneness. If you have gone back through the door, all you need to enter into Oneness again is to release all blame and misunderstanding.  Forgive and feel gratitude for whatever experience has created separation again. The moment you feel gratitude, you can pass through the door into Oneness once again. In our hearts we pray you will dwell here forevermore, and yet we will not interfere with your unique process of learning, discovery, and choice.

We ask to leave around you a light of love, a light of Oneness-like a golden gossamer cocoon around your aura. This will allow the healing, nurturing, and Oneness with us to continue for a few hours. Maybe some of you came here tonight expecting a great esoteric tale or a mystery teaching.

But we tell you, the greatest teaching of all is surrender to Oneness, forgiving the past, and blessing it with your gratitude. For when you do so, all the dimensional veils are lifted, and whatever you are ready for next can be given. It is only when you live outside this consciousness that anything is perceived as being held back from you. The degree to which you are willing to understand, forgive, feel gratitude, and surrender is the degree to which you will receive your next level of awakening, initiation, and glory on Earth – and beyond. The truth is this: Whether intergalactic or galactic, whether guardians of your local Sun or the deva of a simple flower, we all hold the same goal of restoration of Divine Trust and Oneness within all of Creation. With that we leave you. We ask you to sleep in the arms of Divine Love tonight. We are always ready to hold you when you say “Yes.”

Spirit of the Holy Mother, Spirit of the Holy Father, and Spirit of the Holy Child, we are One.


Excerpt from the book “AFFINITY. Reclaiming the Divine Flow of Creation” by Amorah Quan Yin.