Akash: The Human Akash can be defined as that which represents all the energy of your past expressions (past lives) on Earth. It is often referred to as “The Akashic Record” (see below). Your personal Akash is stored in several places, the most important place being your own DNA. (Also see Cave of Creation.) It is a profound energy that is generated with each Human lifetime and contains the details of every unique life expression you have had (past lives). The Akash also represents the future – the potentials of everything that can be – your unrealized future potential expressions on the planet (future lives) (Lee Carroll).


Akashic records: A set of records stored in the causal planes of the Universe, containing virtually all accounts of souls' experiences in the lower dimensions (Rachele Sal., 2013. Soul Integration).
Akashic Record is an archive of everything you have ever done or experienced throughout all your lifetimes. It also applies to your future potentials because time is in a circle, not linear. The past, future, and present are all occurring in now time (Lee Carroll).


Arcurians are ascended beings from the star system Arcturus, who are part of a benevolent group here to help humanity. They will only help and respond to Humans that allow it. Kryon has indicated they are the parents or grandparents of the Pleiadians.


Ascension is the transition from the old space of duality to a completely new space, the Space of Love and freedom. © Inglia Amora

Ascension: translation of the spirit and physical body together to the fourth or fifth dimension from the third dimension without experiencing physical death due to a cellular vibrational frequency increase beyond the maximum number of vibrations per second at which the body can remain physical. This is accompanied by a state of spiritual enlightenment and conscious alignment throughout the nine-dimensional aspects of the individuated self (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).

Ascension in the past, the word ascension has meant “someone who passes on and raises into heaven,” but it now means something totally different. It is an enlightenment vibrational measurement where the biological Human is able to hold the entire vibration and energy of his/her entity – while staying on the planet (Lee Carroll).


Atlantis: A large land mass that existed between the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions of the Atlantic up until about 25,000 years ago. A highly advanced technological civilization existed in that region (Rachele Sal, 2013. Soul Integration). For more information, click here.


Christ consciousness: spiritual evolutionary consciousness of the purity of integrity and action, the mastery of alchemy and ascension, and the ability to know divine truth, wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, peace and mastery. Beings of Christ consciousness who are incarnate in third dimensional forms are in their divine alignment throughout all nine-dimensional aspects of the individuated self (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Christed Self: (1) that aspect of humans who have combined Earth experience, consciousness, and wisdom with that of the Higher Self and Christ consciousness; (2) same as Master Presence; (3) the composite consciousness of all nine-dimensional aspects of the individual having access to third-dimensional consciousness through embodiment of itself in divine alignment in human form (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Great Central Sun: A great being of Light in the 10th dimension, emanating from the center of galaxies (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Crystalline body of light: The crystalline form allows you to know immortality and the absence of aging. At this stage, you acquire the ability to consciously transform your body and look forever young, if that's exactly what you want (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).

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Crystalline Grid is an esoteric (spiritual) grid that lays over the planet’s surface that remembers everything that Humans do and where they do it. The energy of humanity is affecting the vibrational level of the planet in actual time. The Crystalline Grid responds to Human consciousness, but it goes both ways: it receives and gives. So it really does two things: (1) it is an esoteric grid that works with the vibration of Human consciousness, both in retaining and transmitting back to the Human DNA, and (2) it talks to Gaia, and the Gaia part talks to anything crystalline within the Earth’s crust. The Crystalline Grid is quantumly aligned with the Cave of Creation (Lee Carroll).


Crystalline Sheath: Kryon tells us that our DNA, a system of 12 multidimensional strands, has a “sheath” that is crystalline. Although somewhat metaphoric (since the full explanation is a combination of science and Spirit), there are parts of this metaphor that are physically accurate. Kryon describes the Crystalline Sheath in the following simple way: This is the memory that “talks” to the instructions sets, and it talks to them about predispositions, contracts, and karmic overlay. It talks to them about the divinity that they contain. It also tells the instruction sets how to work – and Kryon says scientists won’t find it. It’s a core memory, and it is literally at the center of the spiritual information transferred to your cells about what you came to Earth for. The Crystalline Sheath around the DNA contains all the memory of a perfect genetic code. It is the sheath, therefore, that controls Human evolution spiritually. Note: Kryon has also referred to the perfect genetic code as the Youth Template (Lee Carroll).


Divine Ka: The Ka body is your divine double, and the process of opening your Ka-channels creates a bridge between your Higher Self and your physical body, so that you may become the living embodiment of your Higher Self expressed through your physical form. (1) the divine double of the physical body that brings in higher frequency light and life force to the physical; must be fully functional in order for the Master Presence to anchor into the physical body; (2) made up of a vast network of varying sized Ka Channels, including a meridian-like system through which down-stepped higher-frequency energies enter and maintain the etheric light body aspect of your physical existence; (3) the interface between the physical body, higher dimensions, and the Master Presence, also known as the Higher Self, or Christed Self. (4) Ka energy is rarefied, down-stepped high frequency light from the higher-dimensional self (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Ego-identity: The aspect of self that identifies with the physical body, emotions and lower mind. The aspect that believes in separation that view the soul as a separate entity from other souls and the universe (Rachele Sal, 2013. Soul Integration).


Enlightenment: (1) a state of spiritual completion in which all goals for learning and evolution on a specific dimension have been completed; (2) what results when the human consciousness has become totally identified with, and aligned with, the Christed Self or Higher Self in the body; (3) reconnection with the state of impeccability of Oneness, which is sustained and never lost again (Quan Yin, Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Esoteric: Esoteric refers to metaphysical beliefs (Lee Carroll).


Gaia is the sentient consciousness of planet Earth. The core of the consciousness was created by the Pleiadians. Gaia is also known as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. In South America, Gaia is referred to as Pachamama (Lee Carroll).


Galactic Alignment is a precise astronomical term that occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. This alignment is caused by a 26,000-year wobble of the planet that starts and ends when our sun perfectly lines up (as we look at it from Earth) with the center of our galaxy. The alignment of the solstice point with the Galactic equator occurred on approximately December 21, 2012, all over the Earth (See Precession of the Equinoxes) (Lee Carroll).


Higher Self: multifaceted part of our whole spiritual being who lives in the higher dimensions and guides us toward spiritual growth, evolution, and enlightenment. As we become conscious of this aspect of our bigger selves, we can begin to integrate parts of our Higher Self into our bodies, although certain parts always remain in the higher-dimensional aspects of our hologram (Quan Yin, Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Innate is the consciousness of the body’s intelligence. It is the smart body and it “knows” information that the brain does not. Innate works in a system with the Human brain, consciousness, and DNA. Innate is very elusive because it is beyond our 3D understanding. Innate lives in a multidimensional space and responds to multidimensional instructions. Some of the ways to communicate with Innate includes energy work, homeopathy, acupuncture, tapping, kinesiology, and affirmations (Lee Carroll).


Kryon is often described as a loving entity, but in actual fact, Kryon is a group or entourage that is neither masculine or feminine. Kryon gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity, channelled through Humans. There are several Humans all over the planet who channel Kryon. However, Lee Carroll is the original Kryon channel and has been delivering Kryon’s messages since 1989. Note: Kryon has been around way before 1989, because the entourage has no beginning or end (smile) (Lee Carroll).


Kundalini - Feminine energy that comes up from the Earth and enters the base of the spine, then travels upward along the spinal column (Rachele Sal, 2013. Soul Integration).


Lemuria: A civilization that existed over 75,000 years ago in what is now Indonesia (Rachele Sal, 2013. Soul Integration). For more information, click here.


Ley Lines: Kryon’s definition of ley lines is different than many others. Ley lines have nothing to do with the magnetic grid, which exists as magnetic “lines of influence.” Ley lines are based on Human conscious action. They can be felt by a sensitive person, or located by dowsing. Ley lines are found all over the planet, but the majority of them are in the Northern Hemisphere, due to the majority of Humans who live there. They are NOT anchored to places on the Earth, and instead, move with consciousness. Some go through the Earth, and not just on the surface (Lee Carroll).


Merkaba: any vehicle made of light and consciousness in which an individual being, or group may travel through or beyond time and space as opposed to a mechanistic means of transport such as cars, airplanes, or mechanical spaceships.
Merkaba is a geometric construct that surrounds the etheric crystal light body as it is ascending into the causal planes. When the physical form reaches about 5.50 in vibration, this sacred geometry begins to solidify in the upper etheric planes and eventually surrounds the light body sufficiently to serve as a vehicle for transport through different dimensions of time and space (Rachele Sal. 2015. The Real History of Earth).


Merkaba is an esoteric field of the Human Being, which Kryon says is filled with quantum physics and amazing information. This field is filled with sacred geometry, within a base-12 system. It is eight meters wide (twenty-six feet) and surrounds a soul, even when not on Earth. Kryon says it has a glorious look, with colors, vibrations, sounds, and fractals, all intertwined. Because it has multidimensional attributes, it will someday be partially revealed with Human inventions to come (Lee Carroll).


Monad: the ninth level of being, sometimes called "master oversoul. The oversoul of the oversoul (Rachele Sal, 2013. Soul Integration).


Nodes and Nulls are places on the planet with especially profound energies. The Nodes and Nulls of the planet are part of the Gaia system created by the Pleiadians. This system features twelve major esoteric time-capsules, represented by polarized pairs that have one node and one null, found in twenty-four locations across the planet. The purpose of the nodes and nulls is a fast-track system to enlightenment, active since 2012 (Lee Carroll).


NOW (Time): Kryon describes Humans as being in “linear time,” and the Universe being in “now” time. A simple and brief analogy to explain this concept was given by Kryon. Imagine a train track that is constructed in a very large circle. There is a small train on it that represents you. It is always in motion, traveling approximately the same speed. The track is your linear time motion, always moving forward from where you were to where you will be. The universal entities, including Kryon, stand toward the center of the circle watching you traverse your linear time. Since the Universe built the track, and the tracks around it of other linear time events, the Universe knows exactly where the train is going, and what events will eventually come along to, possibly, break your circle and cause your train to jump to a new track (a new timeline, changing the course of the rest of your life) as a result of your reaction to the event. At any time we wish, we can look backward and forward, observing not only what was, but the potential places where your train will be in the future. This is how we can be in the static “now” while you are in motion. Free choice of the Human Being is what happens in reaction to an event on the circle, and is unknown to Spirit (Lee Carroll).


Oneness: (1) the natural state of spiritual connectedness of all things in existence; (2) sometimes used as another name for God/Goddess/All That Is, or the divine in all things (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Physical ascension: The process of converting the carbon-based mortal human body into the silicon-based immortal crystal light body. Going from fourth density to fifth density (Rachele Sal, 2013. Soul Integration).


Pleiadians: The Ancients all across the planet tell us that the Pleiadians are our spiritual parents. It is not a New Age concept. They are an ascended race from the Pleiades (Seven Sisters constellation of stars), who came to Earth and “seeded” humanity with the knowledge of light and dark. This event was divinely inspired, and came directly from The Central Source. They represent the “Adam and Eve story” to thousands of indigenous across the Earth. Kryon tells us they also created the consciousness grids of Gaia, and the Nodes and Nulls of Earth (time capsules that only would open if humanity survived past 2012). Yes, this means they procreated with Humans and the offspring then had DNA with multidimensional attributes. This is why Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes instead of the 24 pairs that all other closely-related primate mammals have. They also were the teachers in Lemuria (Lee Carroll).


Portal: A portal is a place on the Earth that has a profound concentrated energy. A portal is a kind of node. Nodes can be a portal, vortal or vortex. Portals, like ley lines, can be moved or changed with Human consciousness (See Vortal and Vortex), (Lee Carroll).


Precession of the Equinoxes: The precession of the equinoxes is an astronomical phenomenon that refers to the apparent motion of the equinoxes along the plane of Earth’s orbit (ecliptic) caused by the cyclic precession of Earth’s axis of rotation. To simplify this explanation, visualize the true shape of planet Earth. It is actually an oblate spheroid with an equatorial “bulge.” The Earth is also tilted and it rotates around an axis that is inclined with respect to the orbital plane (the plane where Earth orbits the sun). This tilt is what creates seasons on Earth, but due to the equatorial bulge, it is also responsible for the Earth’s axial precession (known as the precession of the equinoxes) and has often been described as the “wobble” of the planet. This wobble spans a period of approximately 26,000 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the Earth. The start and stop point of this cycle is known as the Galactic Alignment “(See Galactic Alignment.)”, (Lee Carroll).


Sirians are ascended beings, who are our “seed-grandparents” from the star system Sirius (Lee Carroll).


Soul: The generic definition of a soul is the spiritual essence of a Human Being. However, Kryon defines the Soul as everywhere and nowhere! Kryon tells us that the Soul splits into many pieces and parts at birth and exists in many places and time frames simultaneously. As Humans, we think we have one soul, totally individual and separate, and that everyone else has their one soul. This is based on our linear perception. Kryon tells us that when we die, we go home and that we return to the family. This is because our Soul is an eternal, multidimensional soul soup of all that is, and is part of the Creator.

Still, Kryon also says we only have “one name.” So this is quantum energy at its best, where things can be in two places at once, and still be singular. It’s tough to understand, but very honoring of our Soul (Lee Carroll).


Tantra or tantric energy: sexual energy that is moved upward through the chakras from the sexual organs and lower spine, usually accompanied by the kundalini energy rising up the spine, as opposed to sexual energy that is released only locally in the genital area and lower chakras.

Tantric sexual energy runs intercellularly, as well as with the kundalini, up the spinal channel and through the chakras. It is pure creation energy. It is the stuff cosmic ecstasy is made of, and one of the energies that has been most damaged and distorted on Earth. (Quan Yin Amorah, 1995. The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka).


Youth Template exists in many molecules, including DNA. The template itself represents everything biological in your body, and the original information of your embryonic stage of development (Lee Carroll).